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Sports Reporters Fuck Teenage Gymnasts

Teenaged high school gymnasts fuck black and white reporters.
Gymnastics is a very popular sport in the metropolitan area where I’m located. Several of the newspapers include extensive coverage of both the boys and girls high school teams. I am a sports reporter for one of the larger papers and have been covering gymnastics teams and other sports for many years. I try to be balanced in my coverage between the girls and the boys, but I have to admit a bias favoring the girls.

My name is Ed and my wife Kim and I were both forty-two years old at the time of this story. We previously had two children in a high school with a very competitive gymnastics program. So I was especially interested in researching and reporting on one of the white girls on their team named Kayla.

Kayla had just turned sixteen years old and was going into her junior year of high school. She had been taking gymnastics since the first grade and was one of the best gymnasts in the state. I had gotten to know Kayla and her parents from the many meets that I attended and had unusually easy access to her for being a reporter.

One of my most time consuming duties was attending gymnastics practices and meets. Anyone who has kids in gymnastics knows that the meets can take up whole days or weekends, with a lot of down time between the events.

Kayla’s school is on the fringe of the city and definitely isn’t an inner-city school. But it was still about half African-American and half white. There is a black reporter named Carl who works for another paper who was following one of the black gymnasts named Ayana.

Kayla became close friends with Ayana and they live only four houses apart in the same neighborhood. They studied together and spent a lot of time at each other’s homes, and they were so alike in many ways.

Both of them are very pretty and petite at five feet tall, and weighing one hundred pounds. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I noticed recent changes in Kayla and Ayana. It isn’t unusual for girls in gymnastics to have delayed puberty. It seemed that in the last few months Kayla and Ayana caught up and now had firm and full D-cup breasts, which were unusual and a liability for gymnasts. They also had prominent pubic bones and very thick labia, which were very noticeable on their otherwise lean bodies.

Carl and I lived only a block apart and not that far from the girls. As I attended more and more practices and meets, I got to know Carl much better. He is a big, black guy at six feet three inches tall and I’m guessing two hundred and ten pounds, and is very fit. I found out later that he was a star linebacker in college. I’m not really a little guy, at six feet tall and one hundred and eighty-five pounds, but I felt small next to him. We became good friends and would often go out for a drink or coffee when there was a long wait until Kayla and Ayana performed again. It was unusual for me to have a black friend because I grew up in an area without many black people.

Our good relationship had developed over a period of a year or so. Then one day our relationship started to change. I had ridden with Carl to one of those long Saturday meets. When we found out that the girls wouldn’t compete again until 2:00 pm, we decided to go to a bar that we could walk to for lunch. We had barbeque sandwiches and two beers each. I was feeling a little tipsy, since I didn’t usually drink. We still had about thirty minutes before the girls were up again and decided to go to the restroom at the bar to take a piss. This was one of those old-fashioned bars with a trough instead of urinals and we stood next to each other to piss.

I’ve got a bit of a shy bladder. So I was having a hard time getting my urine started when I heard Carl’s piss splashing noisily in the trough. I would normally never look over at another man at a urinal. But the stream of pee seemed so heavy and I was still a little tipsy. So I looked over at his cock. I could hardly believe my eyes! His soft, uncircumcised, thick cock was hanging out of his pants at least eight inches. He had also pulled out his huge, egg-sized, hairy balls which were hanging heavily in front of him.

A voice in my head was telling me not to stare but I just couldn’t pull my eyes away from that huge cock and his heavy stream of piss. I had never seen a black boy or man in the showers at school and I was mesmerized by the size of his black meat. I finally regained enough control to look away just as Carl tucked his cock and balls away in his pants, with a smile on his face.

We got back to the school in time to see the girls compete on the balance beam. As reporters we had seats on the front row not very far from the beam. Several of the other girls went first and I was nervously waiting for Kayla’s turn. No matter how many times I have seen her on the beam at practice and at meets, I was still scared for her and worried about her falling and getting injured.

Finally Kayla had her turn and I couldn’t have been prouder. She had a perfect routine and I noticed how good she looked in the Lycra leotard, actually too good. Her big tits and hard nipples were on display for all to see. The leotard was so tight in her crotch that I could plainly see her prominent camel toe, and even a little bit of the inner folds. When she was finished, Carl put his arm around my shoulder and whispered in my ear, “Damn Ed, I’d love to stick my big cock into that sweet, white pussy and fill her with my cream. Look how puffy her lips are and how big those titties are.”

Even though I was still a little woozy from the beer, Carl’s comment really pissed me off. I grabbed him by the arm and led us back to a corner of the gym so no one would overhear our conversation. Then I said, “What the fuck are you saying Carl. Don’t you know that I am good friends with Kayla and her family? What makes you think you can make that kind of comment about her?”

Carl seemed to back off a little and said, “Oh shit Ed, I forgot for a minute that you’re following her. I guess those beers have me a little messed up. Sorry man, I didn’t mean any harm. I guess I was just feeling a little aroused from the way you were staring at my cock at the urinal.”

I didn’t know if his last comment was just a way to deflect my anger, or if he really saw me staring at his cock. But it had the desired effect when I changed the subject saying, “I didn’t mean to stare at you Carl. It’s just that I’ve never seen a black cock before and no cock of any color that big.”

Carl laughed and said, “Don’t worry about it Ed. A lot of white guys are amazed at my cock. If you think what you saw is something, you should see it when it is hard. Shit man, we’re friends, so just let me know if you want a closer look at my hard eleven inch cock.”

I have to admit that I was impressed with the size of his cock and secretly probably wanted to see it again. But I also had to fully understand his comments about Kayla. So I said, “Carl, I need to know why it would even cross your mind to make those kinds of comments about a sixteen year old girl like Kayla. What kind of man would even think such things about girls that age?”

Carl then got a serious look on his face and said, “I’ll tell you what is going on if you swear to never tell anyone else about it. Kayla and Ayana look a lot alike, except for the obvious difference in color, especially their figures. Well, I saw Ayana’s rapid sexual development over the past several months since she turned sixteen. Quite frankly she really gets my cock hard. My wife Cassandra has lost interest in sex for some reason, and I have become obsessed with fucking Ayana. I keep seeing her gorgeous body at practices and meets and just love looking at her fat pussy and big tits. Then one night after her practice I was hanging around in the parking lot waiting to talk with her. That’s when I found out that her parents didn’t come to pick her up. I offered her a ride home. I told her how beautiful I thought she is, and she and said that she had been watching the lump in my pants. One thing led to the next and we have been fucking ever chance we get since then.”

I could hardly believe what I was hearing, but then he continued, “So now I am fucking Ayana every chance I get. Since I see Kayla and Ayana together so much at practices and meets it is easy to see that she has also developed sexually. Now don’t get mad, but I told Ayana that I’d love to fuck Kayla, and Ayana loves the idea. So since then we sometimes fantasize that Kayla is in bed with us with me fucking both of them, and the girls also playing with each other. After having those beers at lunch today, I forgot who I was talking to for a moment and said that to you. I’m really sorry, and I hope that we can still be friends.”

My cock was hard listening to Carl’s story. I would have never believed that hearing about an adult having sex with a teenager would turn me on. Heaven help me, but I was actually visualizing Kayla being in bed with Carl and Ayana, and her sucking and fucking his black cock. So I decided to let Carl off the hook for now and said, “Okay Carl, I can see now how you could have gotten confused about it. So yes, I would still like to be friends, even though you have been thinking about Kayla in that way.”

After the meet we left and headed home. We had gotten most of the way home when Carl said, “Come on Ed. Let’s stop at the bar near home and have a few more beers. We’ll be able to walk the couple of blocks home if we need to. I feel like I owe you something for my comments earlier.”

I was still feeling the beers from lunch a little and was pretty relaxed, so we went to the bar near home. We talked and drank beer for another two hours and just before we were going to walk home, we went to take a piss. I have to admit that I was really tipsy at that point. This bar didn’t have the trough type urinals, but the partitions between them were low. Carl was a little wobbly and hanging onto the fixture for support when his strong stream of piss started again.

After all that we had discussed I didn’t hesitate to look down this time. I saw his huge cock just hanging heavily out there shooting a strong stream of piss. Carl looked over at me as I was staring at him and he said, “Go ahead and touch it if you want to Ed. You’ll be able to feel how thick and heavy it is.”

I was tempted to touch his cock, but instead just turned away and headed for the door. We were walking home and almost to our street when I said, “Hey Carl, if Cassandra won’t mind, why don’t you stop in at my home for a few more beers. Kim is out of town this weekend. I could use the company. But I have to tell you that I have never touched another man’s cock, and I don’t intend to start now.”

Carl agreed and we went inside to watch some sports on TV and drink some more beer. Then when we were both pretty drunk, Carl leaned over and took my hand and placed it on the considerable lump in his pants. He held my hand there as he said, “Come on and rub my cock for me Ed. You know your want to. I like to show it to white guys who are impressed by its size. And I have to piss again anyway, so you can come with me to the bathroom and hold it for me while I pee.”

My mind was in a fog and I seemed outside myself as I followed Carl to the bathroom. I wanted to resist but at the same time I was curious about his big cock. He stood in front of the toilet and pulled down his pants and underwear to his knees, and pulled my hand back to his cock. I could hardly believe how thick and heavy it was. He used my hand to pull back the thick foreskin so he could piss.

Then the strong stream of urine started and I felt the vibrations of the flow in his cock. Carl removed his hand from mine and I slowly started to pull his foreskin back and forth as his cock hardened. Then he said, “I can tell that you like holding and stroking my cock. So why don’t you get on your knees and get a closer look at me pissing. A lot of white men like to watch me piss up close like that.”

My mind was still in a haze and I did as Carl said. I was soon on my knees with my face just inches from his thick cock spewing that beer piss. His cock continued to harden. By the time the flow was lessening I was holding an eleven inch cock in my hand and it had to be at least six inches around. I had never seen or touched a foreskin before since my cock is cut. I was captivated by the color, weight and thickness of his fuck meat.

He stopped the flow of piss momentarily as he turned towards me and said, “It’s okay if you want to taste the remainder of my piss. I’ve got just a few squirts left in me so it won’t choke you. A lot of white guys have sucked my meat and they just love it, especially when it is dripping with cum or piss.”

I had never touched another man’s cock, much less sucked one or taken piss in my mouth. But here I was on my knees, feeling myself drawn to suck him. It was like I was powerless to resist his dominant presence. When he placed his hands behind my head and pulled me towards him, I opened my mouth and felt that thick, piss-wet head stretch my lips and slip into my mouth. I instinctively started sucking as he released his piss. I swallowed it as he moved his hips, fucking that big cock into my mouth. I have to admit that his piss didn’t taste so bad.

The scent of his musky groin and the taste of his cock and piss were amazing. I liked having him in my mouth and worshiping his massive cock. Carl smiled and looked down at me and said, “That’s it Ed, keep sucking my cock and you will soon be rewarded with a mouthful of my thick cum. After the way you were looking at my cock at the bar, I just knew that I could get you to suck it for me, and join a list of other white cock suckers who just love my meat. And it got me turned on explaining my relationship with Ayana. If you think you like my cock, just wait until Kayla gets a taste of it.”

The thick foreskin felt rubbery in my mouth and I could feel the thick veins covering his cock as he slid over my tongue. I ignored his comment about Kayla for now as he held my head and fucked my mouth like a cunt. He must have been turned on because it only took him a few more minutes to stiffen further. Then I felt and tasted his thick semen flooding my mouth as I swallowed to get it all down.

His cock finally stopped throbbing and I felt the remainder of his cum oozing into my mouth as he said, “Ah fuck Ed. That was a great suck job for your first time. I’m going to enjoy having a neighbor’s mouth to take care of my cock for me when I get horny. Next time I want you to spend some quality time sucking my balls too.”

We left the bathroom and went back to the family room and I was a little embarrassed at having just sucked my friends’ cock. I was trying to think of something to say when Carl spoke up and said, “Now that you’ve sucked my cock, I think you can see why my Ayana loves to fuck it so much. And I’m betting that Kayla will also love it. I’m going to do you a favor. The next time I fuck Ayana I’m going to talk with her about including Kayla in our fun.”

Carl burped loudly and continued, “Ayana can also talk to Kayla about the joys of fucking you. That’s right; you can have some of her young cunt too. Then we can get together with the girls and have a fuck fest. I can even invite some of my big-cocked, black friends to fuck the girls. You might really like some black pussy if you’ve never had one before, and I’m sure that my friends will enjoy fucking your mouth too.”

Things were really moving too fast. Even though I was still in a daze from the beer, I tried to protest to Carl about where all of this was headed. So I said, “You need to slow down on all of this Carl. What makes you think that you can just fuck Kayla like that? Why do you think I would want to fuck her anyway? And just how and where do you think you’ll be able to get together with girls that age?”

He laughed and said, “That’s pretty easy to do Ed. My wife Cassandra travels out of town all of the time for her job. I know that Kim travel a lot too so you should be able to go out. Each of the girls just needs to tell their parents that they are sleeping over with the other girl, and we can bring them to my home.”

I had a disgusted look on my face and Carl continued, “Listen cock sucker, now that you’ve had a taste of my cock and cum, I know that you’ll be begging me for more. You’re my bitch cock sucker now and I know that Kayla will also become my little whore. When Kayla comes over, I will give Ayana some booze so they can get very relaxed before Ayana tells her about our sex together. Then I’ll have Ayana bring Kayla to me to experience my big cock. She will also convince Kayla to fuck you, and that should get things going. I might even call you over when I’m fucking her to help you get started.”

My mind was trying to protest Carl’s aggressive behavior, but my cock was agreeing with it. After observing Kayla’s body over the last several months, I was warming up to the idea of fucking her, and even looking forward to it. And Carl was right about my desire for his cock too. I could hardly wait to suck him again, and as often as he demanded it. There was just something about the thought of me being submissive to a dominant black man with a huge cock that got me sexually aroused.

The next week started out normally, but then on Wednesday I learned that Kim would be out of town for the coming weekend, and Carl called to tell me that Cassandra would also be out of town then. So Ayana and Kayla would be inviting each other over to spend the night on Friday night.

I was a nervous wreck and deep in thought sitting at home wondering if Carl would be successful at fucking Kayla, and I was startled when the phone rang at about 9:00 pm. It was Ayana on the phone and she said, “Hi Ed, Carl wanted me to call to invite you over to our house. He wants you to see petite little Kayla getting fucked by his huge, black cock, just the way he’s been fucking me. So hurry on over and I’ll have a surprise for you when you open the door.”

I was already dressed so I just had to throw on a pair of shoes before heading out for Carl’s home. I rang the doorbell and Ayana was standing behind the door as she opened it for me. When she closed the door I saw that she was totally nude, and her big, black, perfectly-shaped breasts were bobbing and swaying in front of her in a very seductive way.

Just like with Kayla, those big tits looked even bigger on her petite and muscular gymnast bodies. She also had the most beautiful, puffy labia, and I could see that she must have already been fucked by Carl. Globs of thick, white cum were leaking down her inner thighs. And the whole scene of seeing a naked black girl for the first time was very arousing. Then she took my hand and said, “Come on Ed, let’s go upstairs to find Kayla and Carl. By the way, I hope that you don’t mind me calling you Ed since we are going to get to know one another so much better tonight.”

We went to Carl’s bedroom, and no amount of warning could have prepared me for the sight on the bed. Here was Carl, a big, black muscular man, lying on his back with petite, white Kayla on top of him. Kayla was slowly fucking herself on his huge eleven inch cock while his massive balls hung down on the bed. I saw her white labia stretched to the maximum around that black fuck stick. It looked like she was taking his entire cock, and he must have been bottoming out and pressing his massive cock head into her young cervix. Then I wondered if she was on birth control. I was worried about her getting pregnant from Carl’s big load of seed.

Her big tits were also swaying as she moved on him, and he was sucking them. Once she noticed that I was in the room, she continued fucking Carl without missing a stroke and looked back at me saying, “Oh hi Ed. Ayana and Carl have taught me a lot of things tonight, and I’m anxious to fuck you too. But Carl also told me how, just like me, you have already sucked his beautiful cock. So I’d like you to come over here and worship his balls while I fuck him, just to thank him for making my pussy feel so good. Then after he ejaculates into me, I want you to clean my pussy of all of his cum with your mouth. That shouldn’t be a problem since you already swallowed one of his loads of cum last week.”

Ayana helped me take off my clothes before I walked over to the bed. She looked down and smirked at my six inch dick and said, “That’s a cute little dick Ed. At least it’s pretty thick and might be fun for us girls to fuck. But we’ll always want my Carl’s big one to really stretch our cunts.”

I was then sliding up onto the bed between Carl’s legs, when I decided that I just had to find out if Kayla was protected from getting pregnant. So I said, “Kayla, please tell me that you are on birth control. I know that the way Carl’s big cock is pressing against your cervix, and the amount of cum he produces, you could get pregnant fucking him bareback like this.”

She looked around at me and said, “Oh, I know that there is some risk but Ayana and Carl told me that I would enjoy this so much more without protection. Ayana isn’t protected either. Just the risk of getting pregnant makes it so exciting. I asked Mom to put me on the pill when I turned sixteen, but she didn’t want to even think about me possibly having sex. So now, we’ll just have to see what happens.”

I was frightened for Kayla being at risk for getting pregnant, but at the same time the risk element was really turning me on. The thought of her getting pregnant with a black baby from Carl’s thick, black cock got my dick hard. So I continued up between Carl’s legs and lifted his heavy, hairy balls with my hand and started sucking them. His crotch was musky and I tasted the remainder of his cum and Ayana and Kayla’s pussy juices as I sucked one and then the other testicle into my mouth.

It was so obscene to be sucking the balls of a big-cocked black man while he was fucking Kayla’s unprotected cunt. But that made me enjoy it all the more. The more I sucked his balls, with Kayla’s ass and pussy pressing into my face on each down stroke, the harder I sucked him. I was actually worshiping his testicles and rubbing my face in his scrotum. And I was also looking up as she slid up and down on his huge pole. The contrast of her tight, muscular little ass, and her little white cunt being impaled on that thick black cock was amazing. It was hard to believe that her little body could take such a massive piece of cock meat.

Carl was able to last a long time since he had previously fucked Ayana. But after another fifteen minutes of constant fucking, he put his hands on Kayla’s hips to hold her firmly impaled on his cock. I could feel his balls draw up as I sucked them. The base of his cock was pulsing and I knew that he was pumping her womb full of his thick, virile cum. I was overwhelmed with emotion as I sucked on his balls, as he was pumping her full of his seed.

He held Kayla in place for another five minutes, and then he said, “Oh fuck Ed, her little white cunt is so tight on my cock. It felt like her pussy was sucking the sperm right out of my balls and into her womb. Now I want you to get even closer to her. Roll over on your back between my legs. Kayla will pull off of my cock and sit on your cunt face. I want you to suck her little cunt for as long as it takes to drain my cum from her. Then you can have your turn fucking her.”

I had a mixture of emotions as Kayla lifted herself off of Carl’s cock and moved down to sit on my face. As she lowered her pussy to my mouth, there were already big ropes of cum flooding my open mouth. And then when my lips touched her pussy for the first time I was over whelmed with lust. I sucked hungrily on her swollen labia, and his cum and her juices continued to flow into my mouth. The position she was in allowed her to look down at my face as I cleaned her cunt of Carl’s cum.

She was smiling as she said, “Ed, it feels so good having you clean all of Carl’s nasty cum from my pussy. I have always thought of you as a man’s man, and I was surprised to hear from Carl that you were a cock sucker. Even worse, you let him piss in your mouth. I didn’t believe him at first, but after the way you sucked his balls while we were fucking, and now seeing you swallow our fuck juices like a human douche bag, I can see that he was right. It’s going to be nice having you to suck and soothe my pussy with your mouth after Carl and his black friends fuck me.”

Kayla rolled off of my face and I saw Carl and Ayana lying next to us, smiling at what they had seen me do. He was sucking her tit and she was stroking his big cock. Then Carl stopped sucking her tit and said, “Oh fuck, that was hot watching you clean my cum from Kayla’s cunt. We can all see that you really have a hunger for black man’s cum. I agree with Kayla that it will be fun to have you around to clean the girl’s cunts after my friends and I fuck them. But for now, I’d like to see you fuck Kayla so you can have the joy of fucking your friends’ daughter. I want you committed to being a cock sucker and pussy sucker for my friends and me. After you’ve fucked Kayla it will be hard for you to deny us. You can fuck Ayana too, and I know you’ll enjoy sucking your first black cunt.”

My dick had been hard the whole time I was sucking Carl’s balls and sucking Kayla’s pussy clean. So I just moved over to Kayla and slid between her legs. It was another emotional moment for me when I pushed my cock into her pussy. It felt so good to be in her warm, wet vagina. I also leaned down to suck her big tits as I started stroking my dick in her. It was almost overwhelming knowing that I was actually fucking the lean body and tight pussy of a sixteen year old girl.

I unfortunately didn’t last very long since I had been so worked up from before. I soon stiffened up and shot my biggest load of cum ever into her teenage cunt. Then Kayla said, “That felt good Ed, but not as good as Carl’s huge cock. So you can maybe fuck me when we are alone, but when we’re here with Carl and his friends, I’ll just want you to suck my pussy clean and suck their cocks to get them hard for Ayana and me to fuck. Now get down there and clean up your messy cum so Carl can fuck me again.”

I did as Kayla said and got between her strong legs and sucked my own cum from her pussy. It was amazing to me how in such a short time I had gone from being a normal guy who just liked to fuck pussy, to a submissive man willing to be dominated by teenage girls and virile black men. While I continued sucking Kayla’s pussy clean of my cum, I heard Carl on the phone with one of his friends.

I could obviously only hear his side of the conversation as he said, “Hey Max how are you doing. Good, I’m glad to hear it. Listen, if you’re not doing anything tonight, you might like to come over here and fuck some sweet white pussy and Ayana’s sweet cunt again too. No, I’m not kidding. That white friend I told you about who sucked my cock last week is a friend of the white cunt’s family. He just loves to suck black cock and clean our cum from pussies. Yeah, no shit man. Of all the white guys who have sucked our cocks, this guy has to be one of the nastiest. He even took a few squirts of piss from me the first time he sucked my cock. I bet he’ll drink a full load of piss if you want to feed it to his cunt mouth. So come on ever. No man, I’m not shitting you. Even better, give Wendell a call and bring him with you. I’d like to break this white cock sucker and his cunt friend in right.”

Carl got off of the phone just as I was finishing cleaning Kayla’s pussy, and he said, “Listen Ed, I’ve got a couple of my black friends coming over. I don’t want you to embarrass me in front of them by disobeying me. I am in control of you and Kayla, and you two need to do everything they say and obey them, no matter how you feel about it. You’ll enjoy their big cocks. My friends and I have been dominating white folks for many years, and I plan to be getting my big cock into your wife’s cunt too before long. When I tell her that you’ve already sucked my cock and cleaned my cum from Kayla’s cunt, she’ll want to fuck me just to spite you. And once she gets a taste of black cock, my friends and I will be able to fuck her whenever we want. I knew when you were staring at my cock at the urinal last week that I’d be able to train you to serve us. Some white people just love being submissive to black men and women, and doing everything we say, no matter how disgusting.”

Max and Wendell must have lived pretty close by. They knocked on the door only minutes after talking with Carl. Ayana and Kayla answered the door nude for them, and they all came back into the bedroom. Both men stripped, and I was impressed with their bodies. Just like Carl, they were both tall and muscular, and they both had huge soft cocks and heavy, hairy balls swinging between their legs.

Max immediately pulled Kayla to the bed and started sucking her tits and fingering her pussy, at the same time that Carl started fucking Ayana again. He was soon on top of her pushing his eleven inch, thick cock into her tight pussy and started aggressively fucking her. And then he said, “Fuck Carl, you are right. This is the tightest little white cunt I’ve had in a long time. I can hardly wait to fill her with my cum and knock her up.”

I was sitting on the bed and Wendell stood in front of me. I took his big, stiffening cock in my hand without him having to say anything. I began sucking his big, uncut cock as he stiffened to his full twelve inches. After a few minutes sucking him, he pushed me back on the bed with my head in the bottom corner. Then he sat on my face, pushing his huge, smelly balls into my mouth. He was soon moving back and forth over me and I was sucking and tonguing him from his sweaty scrotum all the way to his ass.

I know that I should have been humiliated being face-fucked by his nasty crotch, but I could feel my dick getting hard just from the thought of serving him this way. After several minutes of this he said, “That’s a good boy cleaning my balls and ass like that. Now I need to use your mouth for something else. I heard that you liked piss, so maybe you’ll like to drink my full load of piss to wash down my cum. Get up here and suck my cock boy. It won’t take me long to cum for you.”

After I sat up Wendell pushed his massive cock into my mouth and I sucked him as he held my head in place and fucked my mouth like a cunt. I was surprised how much of his cock I could take in my mouth and throat. He was fucking me so aggressively that I felt his heavy balls slapping against my throat and his pubic hair pushed against my face. It only took him a couple of minutes before I felt his cock pulsing and throbbing as he flooded my mouth with his cum.

I kept sucking him as his cock softened. I was then able to get all of it in my mouth. Then he stiffened his grip on my head to hold me in place as he said, “Damn Carl, this white cock sucker really does like to worship black cock. Now I’ve got a new experience for him. If he likes my black cum, he’ll just love my tangy piss.”

I then felt his cock flex as the flow of piss started. He was spraying forcefully into my mouth and I had no choice but to swallow as fast as I could. At first it was disgusting and I was ashamed of myself as Kayla watched me swallowing his urine. Then I realized that I liked the feeling of his fluids shooting into my mouth, whether it was cum or piss. The flow finally stopped and Wendell said, “Fuck Carl, this cock sucker swallowed a pint of my beer-piss without even choking. You have found a good one for us to use here. I’ll soon have him tonguing my dirty asshole.”

Wendell pulled his cock from my mouth just after Max tensed up and filled Kayla with his big load of cum. I immediately crawled between her legs to clean up all of the cum. Then as I finished cleaning Kayla, Carl had just finished fucking Ayana. I sucked her pussy clean of his cum. That was my first taste of a black cunt, and it was just as sweet as Kayla’s.

Those three, big-cocked black men fucked the girls for another three hours and I cleaned their cunts after each ejaculation. I also sucked those cocks to clean them, and each of the men pissed their full piss loads into my mouth and stomach. After Max and Wendell left, Kayla and I stayed in bed and spent the night with Carl and Ayana. I woke up in the morning with Carl fucking Kayla again as Ayana was just starting to suck my dick.

This was just the beginning of our very active sex life with those black men. I didn’t always know Kayla’s schedule, but found out that she was being fucked at least ten times per week, and sometimes a lot more. I was with them as often as I could be to clean the cum from her cunt. Since Carl, Max and Wendell all lived within walking distance; there were many opportunities to get together for sex. And as Carl said, he was soon fucking my wife Kim

None of us were surprised when we found out three weeks after the first time Carl fucked Kayla that she was pregnant. I was certain that Carl had to be the father since the first time they fucked he pressed his massive cock head against the mouth of her cervix, and flooded her young womb with black sperm. Carl was excited at the prospect that he had impregnated a teenage white girl with his black baby. But Kayla lost the baby in the second month. That just got the black men excited about trying to impregnate her again, since they knew that she wasn’t using any birth control. So while those men also repeatedly fucked Ayana, they liked fucking Kayla’s white cunt in hopes of impregnating her again.

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