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Star Struck in Cabo

Bree hasn't seen Ausin in over five will their age difference stop their fun in Cabo?

Chapter One

I looked at myself in the mirror. Wild strands of brown, wavy hair fell unnaturally at my shoulders. My forehead always looked too big when my bangs weren’t resting happily across my brow line. My small, tan body was dripping wet from the relaxing shower I had just indulged in. I stood there naked, examining myself curiously, as if I had never seen my own reflection before. I had never thought myself to be the pretty type, always comparing myself to the model-esque look as seen in magazines. My non-existent hips never pleased me, but others found that my overly large, perky boobs seemed to make up for my boyish body type. I was 18 years old, 5’6’’ in height, and was getting prepared for a week-long vacation with my good friend Chandler Jackson and her family.

I had known Chandler for many years now, growing up with her on the eastern coast of Florida with her three good-looking older brothers. Sam Jackson was a nineteen year old college student at Cornell who spent most of his life buried in books and prepping for exams. He was 5’10’’, had short brown hair and hazel eyes, but was lacking in muscle, due to all of his time working out his brain. Alex Jackson was a typical twenty one year old beach bum who took no interest in his studies; in fact he never attended college. He spent his hot summer days lifeguarding at the local beach, which he gained from greatly probably due to his tan, lean, swimmers body, striking green eyes, and long, wavy, dirty blond hair; any young tourist girls dream. Austin, however, was the most gorgeous. He had always been gorgeous. His dark, thick, jet black hair was worn pushed back from his tan, beautiful face. His eyes were a deep blue and when you looked into them, it was like staring into the dark sky at night, vast and full of wonders. He was 6’1’’ and his tall body always looked amazing in the tight V-necks he wore that hugged his every sculpted muscle. He was now twenty five, and worked as a vice-president for a banking company. He was very successful.

Growing up, Austin and I always shared a special bond that I never shared with any of the other Jackson boys. He would always invite me over to play video games or watch some movie, even when the rest of the Jacksons were not home. We would share secrets late at night in his bedroom when I was supposed to be sleeping in Chandler’s room, but she would never mind. I told him things that I would never share with anyone, not even his sister. He was almost my best friend, but all of that changed when he started bringing girls home.

One after another, the girls began to further and further separate Austin from me, and it was like he didn’t even care to notice. He was always friendly to me, but we lost the closeness we once had, and while his void was filled with hot sex with the popular girls from his high school, mine was left empty. Since he was over seven years older than me, I could never offer him anything more than a friendly wave or a sweet smile shot from across the lawn as he and I would simultaneously go outside to fetch the mail. I wished that one day he would take the time to come over and talk to me. But now I can’t even dream of that, since he moved away just after he got out of college, and that was over 4 years ago. Now I occasionally see him at Jackson family get-togethers, or when my family invites them to come over to our place, but he rarely shows. He is always so busy. Now he is single and living in a sweet apartment about 30 minutes from our neighborhood. Thankfully he has agreed to attend this trip to Cabo to visit their 10 million dollar beach house. This will be the first time that I’ll spend more than an hour or two with him in over 5 years.

I gathered every single bikini I owned, packed all of my summer-wear, and I was pretty much ready to go. I was extremely nervous though. I never thought that I would be spending time like this again with Austin for the rest of my life. I needed to look my best.

I looked though my closet and lingered at a hot, little black dress I had bought just the other week. I guess I will bring this, I thought, just in case. Austins face flashed through my mind, and for an instant I thought maybe, just maybe…no it would never happen. Never, not in a billion years. He probably won’t even want anything to do with me. He will just hang out with the family when he has to, then when he gets the chance, he will be gone.

I couldn’t help but get myself down with the fact that Austin probably has lost all feelings that he used to have towards me, if he even had any at all. I would just have to leave my dreams to be dreams and that is all. But I was determined to change his mind. I had to be hot. I had to be irresistible. I had to be a girl that he would want to take home.

I thought back to all the girls that I watched enter the Jackson house all those years ago. Their long blond and brown hair, their sultry high heels, miniskirts that just covered their bottoms enough to be considered decent, their boobs that filled out their chests so much it was painful for me to gaze upon. I was their age now. I had the body, the boobs, and the looks. I can pull it off. I grabbed the dress of the hanger and threw it into my duffel bag. There, now I’m ready.

I heard the horn blow from outside my two-story Victorian style home. I grabbed my luggage and headed outside to greet the Jacksons. In their 7-seater Hummer were Mr. and Mrs. Jackson in the front seats, and Chandler, Sam and Alex in the back. I climbed into the back seat while simultaneously greeting everyone.

“Where’s Austin…” I asked hesitantly, as I got settled into the car.

“Oh, he decided that he was going to take his own car, he had some sort of meeting this morning and said he would be running a little late to the airport,” answered Chandler nonchalantly. I looked at her full lips as she spoke this. She was my age, 5’8’’, had blue eyes just like her eldest brother, and had long blond hair that just brushed her lower back. I was happy to hear the blazè tone in her voice. I was very eager and nervous to see Austin again, but I didn’t want any of the other Jacksons to notice.

I had hoped that one of the guys in the car would take notice of me. I was wearing a close-fitting mini skirt that hugged my tight ass perfectly and paired with a spaghetti strap white tank top, I had to admit, if any other guy would have seen this, they would have been star-struck. But since Alex and Sam, the two younger Jackson boys, had known me for all my life, I was only their cute little neighbor Bree.

The drive to the airport was a breeze. We got there, unloaded our stuff, grabbed out boarding passes and headed into the jungle of people that crowded every turn. It was summer and everyone was eager to get on their flights to visit the mystic lands of Fiji and the Bahamas, places where they can lose themselves. Places where they can relax and forget all their worries.

I gazed down at my boarding pass only for a second and then looked up to find none other than Austin Jackson walking towards us about 20 feet away. I was taken aback by his arresting good looks. I felt my breathing slow as I watched him. His dark hair was tousled on top of his head. His eyes, dark and mysterious, watched us as everyone suddenly became aware of his presence. He flashed a smile, and his bright white teeth made me stumble over my feet. He had a bit of scruff left over from his shave, which only made me feel weaker at the knees. He wore a tight plain white t-shirt, paired with black board shorts and sneakers. Holy shit, oh god, oh god, do I look okay, is my hair okay, shit, fuck, please remember me, please don’t act like a stranger. These thoughts ran wildly through my head as Austin approached us. Finally he was there. Wow, he was stunning. Completely irresistible, in fact. I watched as he gave his parents long, loving hugs, and shook his brothers’ hands playfully. He picked his sister up and swung her around, and planted a kiss right on her cheek. Finally he stopped at me.

“Bree! How are you, cutie? Wow, you have grown up wonderfully.” He said as he then wrapped his strong, muscular arms around my tiny waist and lifted me up the way he had just lifted up Chandler. He whipped me around then placed me back on my feet. I was completely stunned, and just looked up at him with a pathetic grin on my face. Say something god dammit!

“Austin! You look…great!” I stumbled over my words, pathetically, and then tried to regain my cool demeanor I strived to give off. “How have you been?” I finally stuttered out.

“Fine, thanks,” he answered, and flashed me a devilish grin that made me blush.

He scanned me up and down, and just when he was about to meet my eyes, Mrs. Jackson called out, “Our plane is boarding, everyone!” I closed my eyes and gave out a small sigh. Whoa, I thought. We collected our belongings, and boarded the plane, that would soon be taking us to our most awaited destination.

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