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Step by Step - 3 - Beach Bodies

Newly-deflowered stepsister thinks the 'old her' isn't sexy enough for her first proper lover
As late Sunday night became early Monday morning, silence descended throughout the cottage but for a long time I couldn’t sleep. Instead, I lay awake in the darkness with images of every romantic movie I had ever seen rushing through my mind, along with even more memories of all Jake and I had done since we had arrived.

I still couldn’t really believe it; all those things I had watched in ‘chick-flicks’ and read about in my silly books and even sillier magazines; all those feelings I had learned about second-hand were now actually happening to me.

Me! Lanky, skinny, naïve me!

Silly little Amy really had lost her virginity and now had a proper lover for the first time in her life! It was hard to believe let alone come to terms with. I hardly dared even to think about the incredible truth that the new man in my life was my gorgeous older stepbrother Jake and that he seemed to love me in return!

I strained my ears in a vain attempt to hear Jake breathing in his room across the landing but to no avail; the house was silent and remained so apart from the constant background of creaks and groans that two hundred year old wood emits as it cools in the night air.

In the end though I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew, the sun was fighting its way through the gaps in the curtains, the noisy seagulls were making their infernal noises on the roof just outside my bedroom window and to my horror the ‘creak creak’ from my parents’ room below had started again.

I looked at my phone for the time; seven-thirty in the morning! Surely they weren’t at it already! I lay motionless and listened hard.

Creak creak…

The sounds were much softer than they had been the previous evening but were nonetheless unmistakeable, as was the muffled female voice that accompanied them.

‘For God’s sake!’ I screamed silently to myself and pulled the pillow over my ears.

Blessedly this latest bout of sexual athletics lasted only a few minutes before silence descended again.

I must have dozed off soon afterwards because the next thing I knew was the sound of the cottage front door closing and voices in the hallway below. Mum and Dad must have got dressed and gone out while I was sleeping because now the noises I could hear were those of a kitchen table being prepared for breakfast.

It was a new day! The sun was now streaming through the thin curtains and a new day in my new life was about to begin! My tummy bubbled with nervous excitement and I could stay in bed no longer.

In ‘normal’ times, I would have simply gone down to the kitchen in whatever I had been wearing to sleep in, be it a night dress or, more often, sleep shorts and an old T shirt, Now of course, the idea of letting my gorgeous new lover see me at anything like my best was unthinkable.

My first real lover! My chest went tight when I realised that in Jake I now actually had the first real, physical lover of my life. Nothing but the best would be good enough for him. I listened carefully at the door for any signs of movement before sneaking out onto the tiny landing and into the bathroom where I showered, shaved, trimmed and moisturised with an attention to detail which was way out of character for the sporty, tomboyish girl I had until so recently been.

Sneaking back into my bedroom, I towelled myself down and began to get dressed. As usual, my tiny boobs needed no bra but when I went to my knicker drawer my face fell as I found a collection of unsexy, dull, large, teddy-bear-printed and rather grey cotton!

Expecting nothing but a family holiday, I had simply brought along whichever panties first came to hand, never dreaming that anyone would get to look at them. Now of course, everything had changed. I couldn’t possibly let Jake see me in such appalling underwear – and I so badly wanted him to see me in every way!

I took out another pair of my shortest denim shorts and a white crop-top, pulled on my least unsexy panties and wriggled with some difficulty into my tight clothes. Sitting at the makeshift dressing table, I brushed and dried my hair with a great deal more attention than would have been normal and even put on a little light make-up, something I would never have done on holiday before.

I stood in front of the table mirror and checked myself out as best I could. My shorts were very short indeed – Dad would give me one of ‘those looks’ again – but they did show off my long, skinny legs; my best, possibly my only good feature.

Dad wouldn’t like my crop top either but at least he couldn’t say my boobs were about to fall out. I stared at my flat chest and sighed; those tiny pimples weren’t going to fall out of anything!

My hair shone from all the brushing and the minimal make-up did enhance my eyes. The overall result was acceptable; I had made the best of a bad job. I held onto the thought that if Jake had fallen for me as I used to look, this could only be an improvement.

I took a deep breath, opened my bedroom door and padded barefoot downstairs past Jake’s still-closed bedroom door.

Two floors down, the house smelled strongly and wonderfully of fresh coffee, something my parents had not prepared for breakfast for a long time and which could only be an indication things were going well. From all the creaking of bedsprings I had heard I knew they were going very well – at least in one respect.

I looked around; there was no sign of Jake but it was immediately apparent that something had changed. Mum and Dad were bustling around the kitchen with smiles on their faces as broad as any I had seen in years. Mum was dressed in a tight fitting sun dress that barely reached a third of the way down her thighs. She looked amazing; it was many years since she had worn anything that short or that sexy and I had forgotten what a lovely figure she had.

My stepdad was wearing close fitting shorts that reached just over his knees and a bright white polo shirt that showed off a chest that was still quite toned even at his age. Both looked a full ten years younger than they had when they arrived. As they moved around the kitchen they kept brushing up against each other with an obvious sexual frisson that in other circumstances would have made me squirm with embarrassment.

But not today! Today I was glad of anything that might distract their attention away from Jake and me and if that meant putting up with Mum and Dad’s flirting, so be it. At least they had the decency to look a bit embarrassed when they noticed me padding into the room, springing apart guiltily and exchanging meaningful looks.

“Hi Amy,” Mum smiled, her face and chest flushed a little pink. “We’ve bought croissants and fresh crusty bread for breakfast. What do you think?”

“Great!” I replied, smiling broadly, pretending not to have seen their playful touching and trying to keep the thumping noises from last night out of my mind.

“Coffee? Tea?” Dad asked, eyeing my choice of clothing with a frown.

“Tea please,” I replied, taking a mug and sitting at the table with my excessively exposed legs hidden from his disapproving gaze.

Mum and Dad kept up their chatter while I sat and sipped my tea. The sun was already warm, the day promised to be hot and they were planning how to make the most of their foreshortened week.

“Um... is there any coffee...?”

I span round with a start and my heart leapt as I heard Jake’s rather dopey, sleep-filled voice behind me. My heart thumped as my dopey sleep-filled older brother – the boy who had just become my first ever lover - shuffled into the room.

“Here you go!” Dad handed him a mug and he flopped down at the table opposite, smiling at me.

My heart ached at that smile and I blushed.

“Did you sleep well?” Mum asked casually.

“Not too well,” Jake replied, still dopily. “Something kept waking me up! Did you two get much sleep?”

He gave me a huge wink. I convulsed with laughter then immediately choked on my tea, spluttering stupidly as I inhaled the warm liquid. Jake flew round the table and patted me firmly on the back with his right hand as if to help me breathe again. I noticed that throughout this lifesaving act, his left hand was high on my thigh, squeezing my leg close to my groin

“Are you okay?” Mum asked anxiously.

I nodded through my giggles, noting with pleasure that Jake’s arm remained around my shoulder and his hand on my thigh for much longer than mere brotherly concern would have justified.

Breakfast was light-hearted and fun; we were all pleased to be in our favourite seaside place, the cottage was lovely and the week stretched ahead of us. I tried hard not to make too much eye contact with Jake, partly to avoid giving our secret away but mostly to prevent him reducing me to tears of laughter again as he kept up a steady stream of innuendo in his conversation, directed at our parents and their overtly sexual behaviour.

I failed in this, giggling frequently, much to Mum and Dad’s bafflement.

Later, when I had calmed down and our eyes met over the croissants, the look in Jake’s eyes could have melted me on the spot and I felt his hand on my thigh under the table again.

I looked into my gorgeous stepbrother’s eyes and was struck by the unfairness of life. Not wanting to disappoint my new lover, I had gone to great lengths to look my best as I have explained but, apart from an admiring rise of Jake’s eyebrows and a scowl from my Dad, no-one seemed to have noticed.

Jake on the other hand had come down directly from bed having pulled on a pair of jeans and yesterday’s rumpled T-shirt, his hair untouched by brush or comb since leaving his pillow, his unshaved chin slightly blue and rugged.

And he looked simply amazing! It was so unfair!

Then the memory of all we had done washed over me again. I felt my face burning as my body reminded me how it had felt when we had made love, how it had felt to have his amazing erection inside my inexperienced body.

I felt myself lubricating wildly as the images rushed in on my, my tiny panties and shorts pressed tightly against my vulva.

“Are you sure you’re okay, Amy?” Mum asked again.

I nodded and took another bite of croissant and tried desperately to keep my mind on the food and off my groin as the others planned our day.


An hour or so later we were all shopping in the large town closest to our holiday cottage. There were inevitably a few things that Mum simply couldn’t manage without and of which the local stores didn’t have quite the right variety so we were combining a bit of seaside sightseeing with a trip to the shops as we had many times before.

Despite being a chore, to be honest it was actually very pleasant; the sun was shining, the coast was beautiful, the ice creams exactly as I remembered them and, although there was nothing I could do about it, I was with the boy I loved.

To my surprise, I had been obliged to change my knickers after breakfast. Even the little light touching that had taken place over breakfast had resulted in too much lubrication to be ignored. As I pulled on the second pair in only two hours I wondered whether this was to be the pattern in future.

Since my defloration I was becoming aroused much more easily and to a much greater extent than ever before; even looking at my gorgeous stepbrother as we walked through the town was having a real physical as well as an emotional effect on my rapidly-changing body.

But who could blame me? Jake had donned the long summer shorts that showed off his firm buttocks so well and another tight T-shirt over his muscular chest. To my jealous mind it seemed as if he was attracting the attention of most of the girls as we went about our business.

To be fair, my micro-shorts and long legs seemed to be attracting at least some of the boys too but that didn’t reduce the feelings of jealousy that from time to time washed over me. I wanted to hold his hand romantically as we walked, to put my arm through his, to feel his arm around my waist. I wanted to show them all that Jake was mine; that I was the girl he had chosen and that they could forget any ideas of taking him from me.

But of course I had to play the ‘little sister’ role as convincingly as I could; not an easy thing to do when my mind was full of the momeory of how his body had looked above mine and with my body craving his wonderful erect penis inside me once again.

It didn’t help that Mum and Dad kept reminding me by touching each other ‘accidentally’ and holding hands.

Eventually I managed to make an excuse and slipped off alone into the town’s only Department Store, relieving the sexual tension for a few minutes. Quickly finding the lingerie department and getting over the shock of the prices, I found half a dozen pairs of knickers which were sexy without being too tarty and which I could just about afford.

I also bought a new bikini. Although I thought I looked slim and sporty in my one-piece, it was hardly designed to appeal to a lover and I really wanted to look good for Jake when we went to the beach. The bikini I chose looked a bit small on the mannequin but still just about within the bounds of decency and was within my budget so I quickly grabbed one that appeared to be my size.

As I ran downstairs to meet Mum again, it did cross my mind that the bikini was rather smaller than I was used to but there had been no time to try it on so it would have to do.

We had lunch in a cliff top restaurant overlooking the bay. It was wonderful if a bit too crowded and we were jostled by passing diners more than once. This annoyance for Mum and Dad did provide enough distraction for Jake to take my hand under the table and squeeze it twice then fondle my right thigh unobserved.

I of course blushed and giggled; Mum gave me a puzzled look more than once.

During lunch Mum announced that she and Dad wanted to spend the afternoon visiting the stately home in which Dad had proposed to her. She asked whether we wanted to come with them but the expression on her face told me clearly that our presence would not be appreciated so I said casually that Jake and I would get the bus back to the cottage on our own and take the shopping with us.

Mum smiled broadly and mouthed the words ‘thank you’.

Jake’s whole body tensed alongside me and his fingers slipped between my thighs.

I shivered and felt myself go warm between my legs. I silently prayed that I wouldn’t lubricate so much that it showed through my shorts.

Dad smiled innocently and hoped we’d have a nice afternoon.

We waved them goodbye at the bus station.

The bus back to the cottage was hot and stuffy but the views through the window were amazing as we trundled along the coast road. Less than an hour later we were back on the quay near our holiday home in the sunshine and the crowds, wending our way back home up the steep stone steps.

The cottage looked impossibly pretty as I held the low gate open and Jake carried the bags to the cottage door. He put them down and began searching through his pockets.

“Have you got the key?” he asked, puzzled.

“No, I gave mine to Mum when we left them.”

“Shit! I gave mine to Dad.”

I called Mum and Jake called Dad on our phones but they were clearly out of range – not surprising given they had gone up on the moors. We were stuck!

“I’d kind of hoped we could spend the afternoon I bed together,” Jake confessed.

The same idea had occurred to me throughout the bus journey. I hadn’t said so for fear of appearing too keen but make no mistake, I was very keen indeed.

“So what shall we do?” Jake asked.

The day was hot and bright and wonderful.

“How about we hit the beach,” I suggested. “it’s a perfect day and we haven’t really been there yet?”

“Brilliant idea,” he replied with genuine enthusiasm. “I can’t wait to see you in your new bikini.”

“You’ve seen me on the beach before,” I protested, pleased with his obvious enthusiasm.

“Yes but I’m seeing you... differently now aren’t I, Sexy Amy?”

I blushed but glowed with pleasure as we walked back down the narrow cobbled streets, along the busy waterfront and down to the long, narrow beach that stretched out to the west, Jake nobly carrying both our bags.

We pulled off our trainers when we reached the water and I skipped along next to my gorgeous brother until we reached a less busy patch of beach. It wasn’t too far away from the cafe and, thank goodness, the single public toilet. The sand was warm beneath my feet, the sea unusually blue for Yorkshire and the sun hot on my back. It was a great idea.

“I’ll just nip in here and get changed,” I beamed excitedly at Jake, nodding at the loo.

“Okay, as long as you’re quick,” he grinned back then pointed at his groin. “I’m under a bit of pressure down here; beer at lunchtime was a mistake!”

I laughed and stepped inside the cubicle, closing and locking the door. Dealing first with the pressure on my own bladder, I made myself more comfortable and began to get changed into the few beach clothes I had with me. Stripping off my short shorts, ugly old panties and crop top, I grabbed my new bikini out of its bag, tore the price labels off without thinking and stepped into the bottoms, pulling them roughly up my legs.

When I had difficulty putting my feet through the elastic waistband I realised they were small.

When the material scraped hard along my skinny legs as I pulled them up, I realised they were very small.

When I saw the way they barely covered even my tiny bottom, I knew they were seriously revealing.

I silently thanked God that I wasn’t very hairy ‘down there’ but it was a close run thing; I promised myself I would deal with the bikini line situation as soon as possible that evening.

The top proved to be equally insubstantial but, thank God again, my tiny boobs needed little to protect my modesty and it just about kept me decent.

What it would do for a woman with ‘proper’ sized boobs and buttocks made my mind boggle.

Surely this couldn’t be right!

Puzzled, I checked the torn label; it was definitely my size. Perhaps it was supposed to be this revealing. It didn’t feel too small a size, it just felt… much too small!

I turned from left to right in front of the tiny wall-mounted mirror, unsure.

“Amy! Get a move on will you? I need to get in too, know what I mean!”

Jakes’ voice coming through the door sounded slightly desperate. I told myself that I was being silly; the bikini was great – I had only worn a one-piece swimsuit for so long that I wasn’t used to how a bikini felt.

Of course it felt revealing; it was supposed to be revealing; Jake would love to see me in something revealing! Besides, it had cost a small fortune for me and I had already torn the labels off so I couldn’t take it back.

Anyway, it had been displayed on a mannequin so however small it felt, it must be the height of fashion, mustn’t it?

“Come on Amyyyyy! I’m getting desperate!”

He sounded desperate too.

“Commmingggg!” I called cheerily.

I grabbed my sun dress and pulled it over my head, straightening myself out as best I could before stepping back into the sunshine, my tummy bubbling with excitement.

“Just in time...” Jake said as he pushed past me and slammed the loo door.

Five minutes later we were back on the sand, walking hand in hand looking for a suitable spot to make our own. The further we walked from the town, the less crowded it became until we found a sunny but secluded dog-free, litter-free place close to the low cliff and put down our bags.

Jake immediately pulled off his T shirt and laid it on the sand. I gasped into my fingers at the sight of his slim, fit body; toned shoulders, impressively muscular arms and hard, flat tummy. His skin was a little pale but it was hard to believe this incredibly good looking boy had lived in the same house as me for so long without my really noticing.

Once again I began to wonder what a boy like this could possibly see in a skinny, flat chested girl like me. My confidence wobbled further as I pulled my shorts out of the bag and laid them down next to his shirt. They were pathetically small; no use at all as a place to sit but I plonked myself down on them anyway, knees raised defensively under my chin.

“Why don’t you take off your dress?” Jake asked cheerfully. “You won’t get a tan like that!”

“In a minute,” I replied, stalling for time.

“Well sit on my shirt then,” he offered, nodding at my short-shorts. “Those things didn’t cover you when you were wearing them; they’re even less use now!”

I smiled and shuffled over until my bottom was on his shirt, squinting up at him in the sunshine despite my sunglasses. He grinned and sat on the sand next to me, his slightly hairy but very masculine legs under his chin, mimicking mine.

“Lovely though it is, this isn’t what I hoped we’d be doing next time we were alone,” he said with mock sadness in his voice.

He gave me a leery grin and I chuckled.

“If I agree with you, does that make me too easy a lay?” I asked coyly.

“Not if it’s me you’re saying it to. Anyone else…”

I laughed and held out my hand. He took it in his and planted a line of kisses from my fingers up my arm to my face where our lips met and we kissed for a long time.

“Good job no-one’s looking,” I said when we finally came up for air.

“Speaking of looking,” he said, his eyes bright with mischief. “Can you believe those two?”

“Which two?”

“Mum and Dad, dumdum; behaving like two teenagers again. Last night was bad enough but they’re all over each other today too. It’s embarrassing!”

“I suppose they’re still in love,” I pondered aloud then shamelessly fished for a compliment. “I don’t suppose you know what being in love feels like?”

He looked at me sideways and pulled a face.

“That question fully deserves the wrong answer, young Lady!”

I blushed.

“But as you ask, I’ve been in love several times. There was that tall, blonde, really pretty girl in high school – you hated her as I recall. There was that dark haired girl with huge boobs in my first year at Uni – she was hot stuff but I think you hated her too!”

I frowned hard at him.

“And I suppose there’s that girl I met this summer. She looked a bit like you but she was much sexier!”

“In what way?” I demanded, frowning dangerously.

“Well she had a really good figure; a bit skinny and almost no tits but she made up for it by being really good in bed. She wouldn’t be seen dead wearing a sun dress on the beach when she had a new bikini on underneath.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean it’s time to show me that new bikini, Sexy Amy,” Jake said, grinning broadly. “You can’t stay in that dress all day!”

And with that he launched himself at me, rolling me onto my back and off his shirt, kicking up a cloud of sand as his strong hands grasped the hem of my dress and began to force it up my body. I squealed and wriggled in an attempt to keep myself covered but he was just too strong and within a minute my dress had been pulled over my head and thrown to the side leaving me in nothing but my new microscopic bikini.

“Jesus Amy!”

“What?” I panted as I struggled to my feet, brushing the sand from my hair and body and looking for my sunglasses in the mess of clothes. Eventually I found them and stood upright in front of my tousled, sweating big brother.

“Where did you find that bikini?” he asked, his eyes wide, his mouth open.

“What’s wrong with it?” I demanded, feeling suddenly very self-conscious and instinctively trying to cover my modesty with my hands. I grabbed my dress from the floor and held it over my front.

“No! Don’t do that,” Jake exclaimed.


“Amy, you look incredible! Amazing! I’m sorry if I frightened you but… well, you look… I mean I never dreamed…”

“It’s... it’s not too small?”

“Well I wouldn’t go to the supermarket in it but on the beach… you look like a model! I’ve never seen anything so sexy in real life!”

He took my hands in his and lowered both them and my sundress, taking it from my fingers until I stood almost naked before him. I was blushing bright red by now; surely he couldn’t mean what he was saying, after all wasn’t I still was the same skinny, breastless girl I had been yesterday.

“Jake please…”

“Relax! Trust me, you look absolutely incredible; amazing. You just need to get used to it a bit more.”

He pointed along the beach.

“Look! The girls up there are all in bikinis too.”

“I suppose so. They’re not as small as this though.”

“Maybe not. Maybe they haven’t got your amazing figure, Amy!”

“Jake...” I protested.

“It’s true! I could sit and look at you all day. I’d rather be doing something else with you though!”

I would have preferred to be in bed with him too but I didn’t say anything.

“It feels odd because it’s not what you’re used to,” he continued persuasively. “You usually wear that godawful one piece you use at school.”

“Is it really that bad?”

“I suppose it shows off your legs quite well but it hides everything else anyone might want to see!”

His jokey talk had relaxed me quite a lot by now so when he took my hand and led me towards the water I followed happily. To be honest, the new, skimpy bikini sort of fitted in with the new, deflowered me. Inexplicably, now that I had experienced real, loving sex and had enjoyed it so much, I felt more entitled to wear sexy clothes – in front of my new and only lover anyway.

The sun was warm on our bare backs as we paddled along the waterline towards the town, the water cold around our ankles. I noticed the girls watching Jake as we passed and a bolt of jealousy passed through me. They were all much fuller-figured than me with the rounded, prominent boobs I could only dream of. I tried surreptitiously to see whether Jake was looking at them in return but to my frustration couldn’t tell.

“They’re all looking at you, Amy.”

Jakes’ voice was low and conspiratorial. I looked up at him and he nodded towards a group of half a dozen boys whose beach football had stopped entirely as we passed. Even I couldn’t deny it; they were staring at me.

I looked at Jake; Perhaps I wasn’t the only one feeling uncertain and a little jealous!

As we came closer to the main family beach the crowds gradually grew denser and I became more nervous about my bikini. Now not only teens like us were looking at me, there were fathers and grandfathers with their families staring rather unnervingly at my tiny top and the miniscule triangle covering my vulva.

Then it happened; I stumbled slightly on a half-built sandcastle and had to take a giant step to stop myself from falling. Jake nobly caught my arm as I stood upright again and we walked on hand in hand. It was only a short time before I felt it; I had a wedgie, and not just any little wedgie, a humongous front wedgie where the triangle of my bikini had slipped deep between my outer labia and was grinding along my slit.

To my horror, I realised that my outer lips must have been fully on show!

I fidgeted; it was really uncomfortable but I couldn’t stop in front of Jake and all these strangers to pull the tight material out of my vulva.

But then I couldn’t leave it there either; it was far too uncomfortable and I didn’t want anyone seeing my most private place in such an embarrassing situation.

What could I do?

We walked on a little further. The material began to chafe my inner lips and clitoris in a way that was very uncomfortable but to my astonished embarrassment, very arousing at the same time. As we approached the sea walls, the crowds were thick, families all around. In my discomfort, it felt as if every male eye was trained on my groin. I began walking oddly, knees close together in a hopeless attempt to conceal my problem.

“What’s the matter?” my brother asked, clearly nonplussed by my behaviour.

“Everyone’s staring at me, Jake,” I hissed.

“Well you’re something worth staring at, Sexy Amy,” he grinned and slipped his arm around my waist.

“I feel awkward. Can I have my sun dress back?”

Jake looked and sounded genuinely disappointed.

“If you really want it. But you look amazing and…”

“Please! I really want it. Please Jake,” I begged, turning my face and flagrantly exposed groin towards the sea and away from prying eyes.

Jake smiled, shrugged and dropped to his knees on the sand. He opened the bags and rummaged through them for a moment before handing me my rumpled sun dress. I pulled it over my head as fast as I could, tugging it firmly down over my bottom to hide my embarrassment. I made sure that my fingers dealt with the painful wedgie on their way down.

I was just standing upright again feeling physically and emotionally relieved when I heard an exclamation.

“Hey! What’s this?” It was Jake who was delving deep into one of the shopping bags.

Misunderstanding him, I thought he had found one of my sexier clothes purchases and mumbled embarrassed.

“It’s something I bought… I thought you might like me in it…”

“No,” he interrupted, standing up with a grin and dangling something metal in front of my face. “It’s the spare set of keys. I must have dropped them in the bag and forgotten about them. Dad hasn’t got them after all, we have!”

The look of glee and excitement on his face was extraordinary. It took a few moments for the implication to sink into my confused brain but I finally understood when Jake looked at his wristwatch, looked me straight in the eye then said slowly and meaningfully:

“It means, my Sexy Stepsister, that we have the cottage to ourselves for at least an hour – maybe two.”

My stomach churned with excitement mixed with anxiety. My heart thumped with anticipation, my insides melted with unfamiliar lust.

“Okay let’s go!” I smiled broadly.

Jake took my hand and led me almost in a run through the busy, narrow streets back to the cottage. No more than ten minutes later we were standing face to face in my bedroom kissing deeply and passionately as if trying to make up for lost time.

Bright sunlight streamed in through the open skylight along with the smell of fish and chips from the nearby restaurant as our tongues intertwined and our mouths opened wide as if to take in as much of each other as possible.

I was still nervous and uncertain but to my relief, Jake took control again. His hands were all over my skinny body, from my bottom to my boobs, down my arms and across my tummy before lifting the hem of my dress and slipping into my bikini panties.

There wasn’t much room for them in there and as his hands tightened the gusset between my thighs, I felt the wedgie return and winced slightly.

“Are you okay?” he asked, taking his hand out of my panties to my relief.

I nodded and kissed him again, feeling his hands on my bare bottom, fumbling for the hem of my dress. A moment later our kiss was broken and his strong, slightly awkward hands were lifting my sun-dress up my body.

I’m sure he was trying to strip me dramatically in a single smooth movement but of course the straps got tangled around my shoulders and hair so it was only after a lot of wriggling and giggling that I found myself wearing only my bikini and standing face to face with the boy who I so badly wanted to feel inside me again.

His pathway to my body all but clear, Jake seemed to gain confidence because the next thing I knew, our mouths were pressed together again, open wide, tongues entwined and his fingers were fumbling with the clasp of my bikini top.

Jake’s dexterity with bras far exceeded that with dresses; within seconds I felt the clasp yield and the tiny cups fell forward. A moment later I had wriggled myself free of the tiny straps; a second after that I felt his hands on my boobs, cupping their pale pointed flesh and fondling my nipples.

I sighed into his mouth as his fingers kneaded my tiny globes and toyed with my teats, making the so hard they ached and making my tummy ache too with desire. I could feel the hard swelling in his shorts pressed against my lower belly and knew myself to be lubricating already, even before my vulva had been touched.

Something told me I should be responding; should be touching his body in return but I didn’t know what to do. My hands rose of their own accord to his waist, then up his back to his powerful shoulders, stroking them admiringly and adoringly.

It was enough; sensing my new, if rather hesitant participation, Jake took control completely. My top fell to the floor; his shirt followed it. My hands rose to his well-developed chest, stroking his flat tummy and tracing the outline of his well-defined muscles as he stroked my face, hair and bare boobs with his fingers.

We kissed once more and I felt myself being steered towards the bed as I had been on that first, amazing night. The edge of the mattress touched the back of my calves, halting our progress then Jake took my hands in his, my knees gave way and he lowered me to the sheets.

I looked up at the boy who was about to take possession of my body once again; the desire, love and lust I felt for him at that moment could have made me cry and might have done so had Jake not suddenly grabbed the waistband of my bikini bottoms and pulled them firmly down my legs, over my knees and around before throwing the knot of cloth into the corner of the room.

“Oh Jake…” I mumbled, my mind spinning, words coming only with difficulty.

“Don’t worry, Sexy Amy,” he grinned. “I won’t keep you waiting long!”

Jake pulled off his own shorts and pants in a second then climbed onto the bed. I could hear the seagulls’ coarse cries coming through the open window as his body rose above mine. Relaxed beneath the boy I now loved madly, my legs parted automatically and soon he was kneeling between my thighs, leaning over me.

Everything felt natural and yet was new exciting at the same time. I looked up into my step brother’s strong, handsome face; the huge blackness of his pupils, the softness of his smile, the strength of his chin with its rugged stubble. My tummy churned with emotion; I wanted this wonderful boy to take me, to make me his in every way, to possess my skinny, still-inexperienced body and feed me more of the warm glow I had so far merely tasted.

He smiled.

“Are you ready?”

I couldn’t think what to say so I just smiled back and nodded.

“Okay then, Sexy Amy…”

His hands dropped out of sight and I heard a rustling of clothing followed by a soft tearing sound. Jake must be opening another condom. I raised my head and watched as my gorgeous brother clumsily rolled a long latex sleeve over his dark, swollen head and down the shaft of his erect penis.

The delay that this process caused could have killed our passion but for some reason, watching my brother preparing his body for the express purpose of penetrating mine had completely the opposite effect; I felt even more turned on; even more desperate to feel that shaft inside me again.

His hand went out of sight again and he leaned over me. A moment later I felt the smooth, firm head of his cock being rubbed between my legs, high up until it parted my outer lips. My tummy rumbled and fluttered and I gripped the sheet in my fists.

Jake slid his cock up and down my slit for a minute. At the time I wondered why he was being so slow but I now understand he was waiting for my lubrication to flow – which it began to do copiously making my belly and hips feel warm and tight.

Again in my inexperience I felt unable to play any role other than to try and relax and let my wonderful lover take me on the journey he desired. Jake must have been satisfied with my state of readiness because the next thing I knew he was working the tip of his erection between my inner lips. He paused at my entrance; my whole body went tense in anticipation and I gripped the sheet even tighter.

“Are you ready?” he grinned. Again all I could do was nod.

Jakes body tensed, his hips moved and… Oh my God! He was inside me once again. My brother’s long, amazing erection had penetrated my inexperienced body. For only the fourth time in my life and with my only lover, I was having full, proper sex.

It felt incredible; I felt incredible. This wonderful, gorgeous boy wanted me enough to make me his and I wanted to belong to him so badly. My body had lubricated so much that Jake’s long, thick erection sank its full length into my body without pausing; reaching deeper and deeper into my body, penetrating my soul until finally I felt the pressure of his hips against mine and his wonderful progress came to an end.

Jake wriggled his waist from side to side as if adjusting the lie of his penis within my vagina and a thrill rippled through me.

“Did you like that?” he grinned. I nodded.

He did it again and another ripple of pleasure passed through me as the wonderful stiff erection moved deep within me.

“Oh Jake…” I sighed, feeling the weight of his body on mine and the pressure of his huge erection within me. “That feels so… amazing!”

“And you’re so… beautiful,” he whispered. From the look on his face I really believed he meant it.

Slowly, teasingly he drew himself back until just the head of his cock was inside me. Then he thrust himself back into me with a sharp slap.

“Oooh!” I gasped, surprised by the suddenness of his thrust.

He pulled back slowly and thrust hard again with a similar result, only this time it felt like I had been punched in the belly. He did it again then again and I realised the thump must be the end of his erection hitting me hard in the cervix.

“Ooouch!” I gasped again.

He thrust again, then again, each time a little harder and faster than the last until he had established a wonderful, steady, penetrating rhythm, his hips slamming into mine with a passion that both hurt and delighted me.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

As the room filled with the wet sounds and earthy aromas of sex, my mind struggled to take in the incredible the new realities.

The source of the sound was between my own thighs; it was my body welcoming Jakes amazing cock over and over again; it was my vulva from which the pungent, still-unfamiliar juices were flowing.

Me! Skinny little Amy!

Jake’s thrusts grew faster and harder still, forcing my legs wider and wider until my hips hurt, driving the small of my back into the sheets over and over again. My hands flew to his waist in a vain attempt to reduce the force of his thrust but it was hopeless; he was far too big and strong and my resolve was far too weak.

I wanted him too much; I wanted him to take me and if that meant it had to hurt then so be it!

My hands rose from his hips to his arms, shoulders and chest, stroking the gym-trained muscles as they bunched to support his powerful upper body as his legs drove his cock into my vagina relentlessly.

“Ohhhhh Jake… that’s ammmaaaaazzziiiinnngg!” I heard myself hiss.

The warm glow had returned, growing stronger and stronger as Jake thrust steadily and rhythmically into my soft, unresisting body. The heat filled my inner thighs then spread across my lower belly and lapped against my chest. The feeling wasn’t new but it was stronger than I had felt before, making me gasp and pant as my lower back and buttocks were driven hard into the bed sheet.

My hands returned to my brother’s chest, stroking its sparse downy hair then passing lightly over the taut, strong muscles of his powerful shoulders and arms again.

I looked up into his sweet face, into those eyes that melted my soul and made long to be his forever. My sweet stepbrother really was gorgeous; how had such a wonderful boy fallen for a skinny virgin like me, sister or not?

Something this wonderful just couldn’t be true, and yet there we were, making love for real – not just in my dreams! We really were naked in bed, he really was between my open thighs; his cock really was plunging in and out of my body.

“Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!”

Jake grunted softly in time with the increasing pace of his thrusts.

“Oh yes! Oh Jake yes!”

My body seemed to have taken control now; my mind merely a spectator as my wonderful stepbrother made even more wonderful love to me. The speed and power of his thrusts increased further, forcing my legs even wider apart, leaving my helpless beneath his onslaught.


A feeling of complete surrender came over me, as if like a flower my whole being was opening up for him; as if there was nothing either inside me or outside me that I wouldn’t willingly give.

And as I felt myself surrendering, I felt that warm glow spreading through my belly and into my chest.


“Yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!” Was that my voice?


‘Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!’

‘Slap-slap-slap-slap! Slap-slap-slap-slap!’


And then I felt the increasingly familiar sensation of Jakes’ rhythm breaking, his thrusts becoming wild and erratic and his face contorting horribly as his climax overwhelmed him.

As I stared up into my brother’s deep brown eyes I felt something deep within my swell quickly, making me feel even more full. Then the swelling softened and his shaft began to throb and pulse within me as, once again, the latex sleeve within my body was filled with my brother’s seed.

The feeling was incredible, almost life-affirming as a woman, as if receiving a man’s sperm - even with the horrible condom in the way - was what I had been created for.

“I love you! I love you! I love you!”

Those three words were all I could say, over and over again as Jake’s climax and ejaculation continued. The flood of emotion on top of my incredible arousal almost made me faint.

“I love you! I love you! I love you!”

And yet as I lay there, happily and totally surrendered to my brother’s desires, I knew there must still be more to experience. The warm glow still had more to deliver; my body still had more to experience at my lover’s hands.

And I had yet to touch Jake’s wonderful body in return for the incredible things he had done to mine.

I felt his thrusts gradually slow then cease and the pulsing in my belly grew fainter before finally stopping. Jake lowered his body on mine, crushing my hips into the mattress. Instinctively, I wrapped my legs around his as if to hold our bodies together, to keep his softening erection within my most private place as long as I possibly could.

“You’re amazing, Sexy Amy,” Jake eventually said, smiling, his voice slightly slurred from his powerful orgasm.

“Did I do alright?” I asked, still insecure both in my ability as a lover and in my new relationship with my lover. “Was it good for you?”

Jake kissed me on the forehead.

“It was perfect! You were perfect!”

I looked again into that handsome face merely inches above my own; into the dark brown pools of his eyes. My stomach churned with love and desire for this extraordinary boy, but also with fear.

Even as Jake’s penis softened inside me then slipped from my body, I felt vulnerable. My soul was now exposed; for the first time in my life I was so in love that another person had the ability to hurt me more than ever before.

His cock now soft and dangling, Jake rose on his knees between my spread thighs, reached across to the bedside table and pulled a tissue from the box. Then he lifted his leg over mine to perch on the edge of the mattress.

His hands were active between his thighs. For a moment I felt puzzled then realised he must be dealing with the full condom. I blushed at the thought but then he slipped back under the duvet alongside me and we cuddled contentedly, the whole of my skinny, trembling body pressed against his reassuringly powerful frame.

“I love you too, Sexy Amy! I really do love you!”

His voice was soothing; his words were what I needed to hear. I felt his nose in my hair and his hot breath on my cheek before I fell asleep in my lover’s arms.


When I awoke, it was to find Jake also dozing. I looked at the bedside clock; it was far too close to the time Mum and Dad were due back for us to spend any more of the day in bed.

“Jake! Jake! Look!” I hissed, waving the clock towards him.

“What? Oh shit!”

Jake groaned in pain as he woke to find his arm – the one I had been sleeping on – little more than dead meat. I raised myself to release it and watched amused as he tried to massage some circulation back into his bicep.

We kissed again, our naked bodies pressed together then Jake reluctantly rose to his feet and went back to his room. A short while later I heard the shower running.

Alone in bed, I lay back and let the whole incredible experience wash through my dazed brain. I could still barely believe all that had happened in such a short time and was excited about what might happen soon.

Gradually however I became acutely aware of the aches, pains and soreness that pervaded my body but instead of making me regret all we had done, they felt strangely good; almost like trophies which would remind me of our most recent sexual adventure – until the next one arrived!

When it was my turn in the bathroom, I stood for a long time in the shower, feeling the warm water on my body and imagining its warmth was my brother’s fingers on my sensitive skin.

With a large beach towel wrapped around me, I returned to my room and changed into clothes more suitable for an evening than for the beach which on this occasion meant my stretchy short shorts and a vest top.

The shorts needed no panties and my tiny boobs needed no bra so apart from flip flops that’s all I was wearing when our parents returned only a few minutes later.

Jake had pulled on his jeans shorts too and a sleeveless top that showed his physique off so well it made my knees go weak.

We had opened the windows upstairs to let the overpowering smell of sex and sweat escape but had only been partially successful. My sheet was badly stained too – it seems that rather more fluid escaped my body during our encounter than either of us had realised – and for the second time in a couple of days Jake and I had to hand-wash a bedsheet.

Fortunately the weather was so warm that it dried within the hour in the window of my room, before either of our parents could see it. Nonetheless I made a mental note to put down towels next time.

Fortunately the smell of cooking soon overwhelmed any remaining aromas of sex upstairs and the evening passed pleasantly with dinner and a game of cards over the table afterwards.

“Shall we have a walk to the end of the pier?” Jake suggested once Mum had started to yawn.

I saw Dad shoot her a very suggestive glance which she returned with a look so openly sexual that in earlier days it would have made me want to vomit.

“What is it with you and late night walks?” I asked in a voice as close to my former ‘irritated little sister’ tone as I could manage.

“Nothing,” he replied, giving me a quizzical look. I winked back at him and he got the message. “I just found a bag of change I’d forgotten about. I thought we’d all go to the slot machines and…”

“I’m too tired to go anywhere but bed,” Mum protested, holding Dad’s hand in a way that could only mean she had some other bed-based activity in mind.

“You two go,” Dad insisted. “I’ll tidy up here and look after your Mum.”

I tried not to look too pleased and for extra effect made one last protest to Jake.

“Haven’t you grown out of those machines yet?”

“How about if I buy you an ice cream too?” he offered.

That was enough protesting. Out we went into the warm, moonlit night.

My hand was in Jake’s before we reached the corner of the street and as soon as we were in the dark alleyway leading to the waterfront, he drew me into a doorway and we kissed for a few minutes before going down to the town to do all the things real lovers do in such a romantic place.

We walked hand in hand to the end of the pier and watched the waves smashing against the sea walls. I cuddled up to my brother against the wind – though there was none – and he helped adjust my top – though it needed none.

We walked arm in arm through lamp lit streets past ancient cottages and up to the top of the cliffs.

We kissed secretly in the lea of the ruined abbey close to where our first physical contact had taken place. Jake’s hands explored my body as our mouths moulded to each other and eventually I found the courage to try and explore his, though in a clumsy naïve way.

There were very few passers-by but I definitely heard one of them snort when they became aware of the two of us locked in intimate embrace in the shadows.

I could feel Jake’s chest tremble as he began to giggle.

“What is it?” I asked, taking my mouth from his but keeping him in my arms.

“I was just remembering Mr and Mrs Misery,” he grinned, his eyes sparking in the moonlight.

It took a moment for the meaning to register but then I remembered our first walk together on the clifftop.

“You mean Mr and Mrs Sexual…” I began.

“…Shenanigans!” he completed my sentence. “Yep! We’ve probably had more sex in the last forty-eight hours than they have in the last forty-eight years.”

I grinned, wriggled my hips against my brother’s waist and added:

“And we still have three full days left!”

“I love you, Sexy Amy,” he laughed then kissed me slowly and deeply.

“I love you too, Gorgeous Jake!”

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