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Stepdaughter Surprise2

It finally happened
After that awesome night with Nat and Molly things changed very little, at first. My 17 year old stepdaughter did not discuss it, and I was not going to push my luck. However, Nat did begin to be more of a tease around the house. In a subtle fashion, she would give me little smirks, rub against me in passing, and displayed more laxity in what she wore. She often would wear a tee shirt with no bra that had her tiny tittie’s nipples poking out. Under her tee shirt, she now wore only panties and didn't think twice about how she would bend over to give me a peak. Once in the kitchen, after she squeezed by me at the counter in a way that seemed not so necessary, I gave her a pat on her ass with a cupping fashion. She quickly turned her head and gave me a sneer that let me know it wasn't going anywhere.

One day I came home to find Nat on the family room couch under a cover with a buzzing coming from down low. She quickly fumbled for the off switch, but it was obvious she knew she was caught. I sat down in a nearby chair and told her she might as well finish and that I wouldn't mind. She called me a "Perv" and then gave me a smirk and not a sneer. She confirmed with me her mom was still at work and the turned back on the toy. She closed her eyes and went to it under the throw, but I could make the outline of her hand around the tool as she rubbed and inserted. I rubbed my now rock hard member through my pants.

She opened an eye and saw what I was doing and began to lightly moan with her eyes closed again. My rod was now in my palm and I squeezed with passion as her titties were now exposed and she grew closer to her peak. She told me she was close in an almost guilty whimper and I told her I was also. As she shuttered I exploded and she looked me in the eyes as we both finished our orgasm. She got up from the couch and pulled her shirt down and didn't say a word as she walked by and dropped her panties in my lap and returned to her room. I balled them up gave them a whiff and used them to clean my cream off my stomach.

After that Nat still was a tease towards me until that one day I will never forget. She had failed a test at school after staying out past curfew and her mom had taken away her car keys. With her mom away at a seminar she came at me with those titties poking and panties showing telling me she wanted to go up state to her boyfriend's college.

"Please tell me where the keys are" she whispered in my ear as I was pouring my self a screwdriver feeling her titties on my back.

I turned and told her I wasn't having any of that. She again pleaded. I told her with a stern voice that I was tired of her teasing me with tee shirts and panties. I grumbled that she headed out of the house when decked to the hilt, made up like a beauty queen, smelling with perfume that lingered long after she was gone. I told her I was going to take a shower and she should make herself more presentable if she wanted me to hear her questions about keys.

When I got out of the shower, I wondered what I would find as I put on my PJ's. When I walked out of the bathroom I found Nat on my bed, on her knees, drinking my Screwdriver. She was wearing a short flimsy skirt, a camisole top, and black high heels. She had made up her face like a model and smelled like a pole dancer. She had her blond hair down and hanging some in front of her shoulders. Her cherry red lipstick was thick and her tongue was licking the drink from the corners of her mouth. Her nipples pressed like erasers against the white top and I could see the red panties with the way she spread her legs.

"You're going to give me those keys!"

"No, well maybe"

She said she would do anything to get the keys, and I questioned her sincerity. I asked her to touch herself and she asked where. I told her to begin with her belly and chest. I stood next to the bed as she began rubbing her breast through her top as her other hand fingered her belly button. I told her to lower hand from her stomach and she followed my hint and put her hand down her skirt. She asked again about the keys. I told her to concentrate on what she was doing and not the keys. I asked her if she was a good girl. She said yes, but with a puzzled look. I asked her to tell me what she was touching.

She said it was her “Cooter.” I asked what else it called. "It's My Muffin." I asked for a dirtier name. She stroked deeper and said "My pussy!”

"Yes,” I said, as I rubbed my dick through my PJ's. "How many boys have been in your pussy?"

With my questions, she told me she had been with 5 boys and many girls. She told me Steve was the first boy in her and that Kevin was the first cock in her mouth. My cock was now in my hand as she told me her friend Lori was the first to taste her and how they had learned together to use their tongues to make each other climax. I asked her again to tell me what she was touching. She said it was her pussy. I asked if it was a slutty pussy.

"Yes it is a slutty pussy. It’s your stepdaughter's slutty pussy!" She said as she rubbed her clit. I began to rub her knee with my cock.

With her skirt now completely lifted up, Nat asked me again about the keys as she fingered her hole. Instead, I told her to taste her finger. She sucked her finger and pulled at her nipples with her top now pulled down over shoulders to her belly. I guided her hand off her titties and it began working on her love box.

I guided her left hand away from her juices and I began to suck her wet finger. She moaned a little and didn't flinch as I began stroking her inner thigh. She didn't move when I told her she could stop me at any time. I moved my hand up and down her thigh and my thumb felt her wetness as I touched her mound. I moved her red wet panties to the side. She looked me in the eyes as she grabbed my dick. I sucked her fingers harder and begin to insert my finger. I could not believe I was touching her forbidden fruit. She moaned as I went deeper and I had to have more. I laid her back and pulled her closer to the side of the bed.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked.

"No” she said with a whisper.

I had her almost off the bed and put my cock half way in. It was nice and tight, but so wet. Her green eyes stared at me as she now had both hand squeezing her breasts. I started pumping and must have been grinning ear to ear as I was finally deep in my little step teases muffin. She moaned with pleasure and I squeezed her ass and even slapped it a few times. I told her it was about time she gave me more than her teasing. I turned her over so I could see her cute ass and entered from behind. Her high heels did not quite reach the floor as I had her bent over the side of the bed. Her skirt and top were both in the middle of her skinny torso. As I pounded, she turned my dick even harder as she sucked her thumb with one hand and gripped the covers with the other.

She was moaning and we repositioned on the bed with her on top and she was bouncing so hard I thought my rod would break. I rubbed her hard little ass and spread her pussy juices into her crack and inserted a finger. I sucked her breast as she bucked and she whimpered as she began to climax. I continued to work my finger in her ass and then turned her over.

I asked her if she has ever had anyone in her ass and she told me only Lori's tongue. I positioned her on her knees bent over with her ass in the air. It was tight even with all her pussy juices, but before long I got the head in and was working back and forth.

"Oh my God" she said, and began fingering herself. I pumped my wife's daughter's ass until I was deep. I pulled her bleach blond hair to arch her back more and got even deeper. She moved her ass like I have seen her do with her booty dancing. I asked her if she liked her step dad’s dick.

"Yes, fuck my little ass!"

I now turned her on her side, but stayed in her ass. I could see her face and titties as I fucked her bunghole. She sucked her thumb gain and I bent down and nibbled on one her nipples. She moaned and held my head to her as I licked, sucked, and chewed all I could get out of those little treats.

"I am going to come in your tight little ass" I said

"Yes cum in my little ass!"

"Whose ass is it?"

"It’s your ass daddy, It’s your little slut's tight little ass!"

I blew my load deep and was still coming when I pulled it out. I then pressed my cock shaft between her cute little buns and squeezed all I could onto the small of her back.

“That was so good!”

She sucked me dry and I went down on her bringing her to another orgasm. She slept with me that night and when I asked about the keys, she said she didn't need the keys that I had given her what she needed. She then asked how much time we had before her mom got home and gave me a smirk.

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