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Stepping over the line..Chapter 2

fantasies discused and a chore list is discused....
This is chapter 2 of a nice little fantasy thing I have going. I hope you enjoy.

“Are you coming to bed, silly?” Laura said.

That’s all I heard. At least that’s all I remember hearing, as I dried myself off from the soothing shower I had just enjoyed.

“On my way babe,” I slid on my boxers and headed for the bed.
“Would you get me a glass of water, I’m thirsty?” Laura asked.

“Sure Babe,” as I changed direction and headed down the hall to the kitchen. I returned to bedroom with a glass of Ice water and handed to Laura. As I climbed into my side of the bed my body settled in quickly to my comfort zone.

It had been a long couple of days moving my wife's sister Katie from her apartment across town to one this side of town, and it seemed I was always the guy doing the heavy work. Sure Katie had her share of guys willing to help but for some reason my wife and I were called upon quite regularly to help her in these moving endeavors. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy helping Katie and my wife has always been close to her sister so helping family has always been high on our to-do list. In fact I had always been drawn to Katie and I am sure my wife felt my attraction for her sister, but always addressed our flirtatiousness to each other with a quick raised eyebrow and a “watch it you two”.

Until today, Katie and I had never shared anymore than a quick wink or flirty remark. But that changed with our sharing some time over a box of her personal bedroom toys, panties and some racy pictures of her and a friend. She had gave me some alone time with the box and directions to enjoy and leave some of my personal manhood in her panties, and following her orders, our close relationship just got closer. As we had finished up her moving project today, she thanked me with a peck on the cheek and a wink. A hug to my wife and a promise of a home cooked meal for the two of us as soon as she got herself settled in. Laura and I headed home soar and ready for a shower.

Climbing into bed, my wife had already planned her next move. I settled in to my side of the bed when almost immediately I felt my wife’s hand fall a cross my belly. Her touch was soft and her fingers slowly circled my navel. She nibbled a little on my shoulder while her fingers did there magic on my navel.

“Thanks for helping move Katie,” she said. “You know Katie really appreciates all the help you do.”

“No problem Hun, anytime I can help,” I sighed as the caressing she was doing was having an effect. “Any time she needs a hand she can call.” The thought of Katie and the softness of Laura’s touch were straining my boxers, and my wife’s hand had moved its way to the elastic just below my navel.

“I shouldn’t tell you this but Katie is always talking about you.” My eye’s opened. My wife nibbled her way down to my chest. “You know me and Katie share stories don’t you?” She nibbles on my nipple as it hardened, her fingers settle under the top of my boxers and my penis bounced from the closeness. “Do you fantasize about her? Tell the truth I won’t be mad.” I was confused. How do I answer this? I love Laura and would never want to hurt her.

“You know I have fantasies but their just that, fantasies.” I said rather unconvincing.

“Do you have fantasies about me?” Laura asked.

“Everyday.” As my hand started to caress the back of her head. She kissed down my chest to my navel and gently slides her hand out of the top of my shorts and into the flap of my boxers.

“Are they better than your other fantasies?” She asks as she now holds my penis in her hand. Nibbling at my lower belly she pulls me out of the flap. Slowly stroking me I caress her hair.

“Yes” I sigh. “You’re my dream.” Laura adjusts herself just a little and starts to slowly twist as she strokes me. Her face is now only inches away from my penis and as she continues to slowly stroke me she blows air onto the head of my penis. My head spins. She gently licks the precum off my penis and my cock flinches.

“Does Katie do this to you in your fantasies?” This catches me off guard a little.

“No, only you.” I lie. I caress her lower back with one hand and her shoulders with the other.

“What does Katie do to you in your fantasies?” I breathe heavy, as she now has taken the head of my penis in her mouth, still twisting and stroking. I am in unfamiliar grounds, Laura has never asked me questions like this let alone fantasy questions during sex. I struggle with an answer. She pulls away from my cock. “What, no answer?” She strokes me faster.

“I, I can’t remember,” I stumble across the words. She lowers her head once again, this time taking me in to the half way point. Moving her head up and down, she pulls at my shaft with her hands. I rub the small of her back and slide my hand over her silk panties. Gently, I fill her ass and slide my fingers over her crack. She adjusts herself so I can get a better fill and I can now reach between her legs and from behind caress her pussy through her now wet panties. She moans with my cock in her mouth. I am so close to finishing I shudder as she pulls her mouth away.

“Please, I am so close,” I moan. From this position she is able to take her leg and swing it over my chest. Straddling me, I have the perfect view of her pink silk panties less than six inches from my face. She leans over and licks the head of my cock. She hesitates and than takes the full length with her nose resting against my balls. I moan and pull her ass two me, nestling my nose in the fabric covering her anus. I push my nose hard against the fabric and lap at her pussy area enjoying the moistness. She adjusts her legs again and we are now in the 69 position, one of my favorite.

“I need to get my panties off,” she sighs.

“No, please leave them. They turn me on.” I say as I slide the panties aside having licked them tell the wetness was from the front of her pussy to the top of her anus. She moans as I continue tasting her folds as my nose pushes into her anus. I stick my finger slowly into her pussy, sliding it in and out, and with my other hand I push gently on her anus hoping for an easy entrance. She leans farther back into me. As my fingers in her pussy gain momentum I slide my thumb into her ass. She moans. I feel her shudder.

“Oh god that feels so good. I want you inside me,” she says, trying to catch her breath. She pulls away from me positioning her self over my wet penis. My cock slides between her pussy and anus, slowly deciding witch direction to go, sliding through this wetness I watch and shiver. A panties pulled aside she finally guides herself over my penis. She’s facing away from me now and I watch my cock sliding into her pussy, slipping past her panties. She shakes as I thrust into her. As she meets me we both can’t hold on any longer and climax together.

After several moments she slides of and cuddles into my chest, arm stretched over my stomach.

“You’re the best,” Laura says.

“I love you,” I say. As she steels away to the bathroom, I can’t get out of my mind my where this whole sis-in-law thing is going. I hear the shower and as I get up to go to the restroom I notice Laura’s panties, still wet from her, lying on the floor. I pick them up and hold them to my face, tasting her. The silk, the wet, I think of Katie’s panties left in the box.

“ Hey Hun could you do me a favor?” Laura asks from the shower. Startling me.

“What’s that?” I ask.

“Could you get my phone out of my purse? I forgot Katie was going to call me. She was talking about you helping her out with hanging some shelves or something. You don’t mind do you?” She said over the shower.

“No problem, if I have time, what’s another chore.” I thought a second, was this really happening?

“We need to talk, you and I, about your fantasies.” Laura said. I breathed deep. Here comes the sis-in-law fantasy thing for sure. “I didn’t know you liked my silk panties?” the shower stopped. I set the panties down.

“Oh that. I think it’s something new,” I said walking into the kitchen to get her cell phone. Walking back into the bedroom the phone rang and looking down I realized it was Katie.

“You want to answer that for me?” Laura said. “It’s probably Katie.”

“Sure,” Hey Katie” I answered.

“Hey stud, what you up to?” Katie asked. “You being good, I hope?”

“You no me Katie, always trying to do my best.” Feeling a little awkward, I said. “More chores?”

“You no it, as long as you don’t mind spending the afternoon with me.” Katie said with a hint of seductiveness.

“I’m free on Wednesday, will that work?” I said . There was a long pause.

“Shoot, I have to work that day so you’ll have to go it alone.” Katie said. “You’ll have to be on your own. You don’t mind being alone in my house do you?”

“Just leave me a list and all wing it.” I said, “Will that work for you?”

“I can hardly wait. I’ll start on your list tonight. Maybe a few moving boxes will be left out for you to help me with…hint, hint…” Katie said with a come-hither tone.

“All right than, I’ll try to be over there around noon. Laura gets off at 4pm on Wednesday so I’ll try to get it done before than.” I said, trying to stay focused.

“Oh, no hurry, you and Laura are coming over for dinner and wine that night. I owe you guys that for all the help you two have giving me.” Katie said. “Any way, is Laura available? I have an idea I want to go over with her.”

“Sure Katie, hear she is.” I handed Laura the phone as she walked by in only a towel. Shutting the door behind her, I heard Laura lay on the bed.

“Katie do I have a story to share with you,” I overheard Laura say to Katie. Laura said they had shared things. I could only wonder what they were sharing now. I felt like the odd man out suddenly. What was happening here? And did I have any control or was I just along for the ride?

“Well I guess I’ll know more on Wednesday,” I said softly to myself. I than my mind could only wander.

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