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Stranger Sex - Part 1

Arthur's night time calls lead to an unexpected encounter...
Arthur was staying up late again.

At 34 he knew he should be in bed spooning with his wife of ten years.

But tonight, like so many nights, the thought of her warm curvy sleepy body did nothing to offset the need to follow his curiosity with the women who like to stay up late in the chat rooms.

Never one for typing, these weren't the web chat rooms but the premium phone lines. And though he was having hell hiding the bills, it was worth it!

Making an illicit connection with a stranger and seeing what transpired was becoming a hard habit to break.

It only happened every now and then, but when it did it was worth every guilty hidden penny. And tonight was one of those nights.

She was 27. Living in Fulham, in SW London and had already cum once on the other end of the phone. Arthur was only average looking but his way with words was as strong as his drive to make strangers cum in the middle of the night!

In only 20 minutes of traded messages, he'd already learnt that Sheena was an accountant. Her boyfriend was away in the states on business. And that she had, in her own words, had her hands down her knickers all day. The lack of her man in her bed this past week had sent her searching the phone lines and Arthur knew he wasn't the first person to have made her cum on the phone today.

She'd been very, very eager.

Sometimes he did most of the talking and just listened to her breathing deepen and then the sense of rising tension and the sighs and cries of a woman he'd met only minutes earlier, thrilled him as he listened to her cum deep and hard in his ear.

He was hooked.

Tonight Sheena had taken a while to get off. They had started discussing her body. He knew that she was slim with smaller breasts than she'd like but with nipples that were almost always hard; usually restricting her choice of tops for work as they so often gave her away, revealing too much of her frustrated arousal.

He'd had her pulling gently on them while he talked her through how she should be stroking her clit and opening the folds of her cunt to prepare herself for his verbal assault.

He asked her to stand and open the curtains of her apartment. To press her nipples against the cold glass and slide a finger inside herself while she pushed hard against the window.

He got her to describe what she could see out of the window, to turn an extra light on so her silhouette was completely obvious from the street.

Sadly it was late and it was quiet out, so he sent her to the kitchen on her cordless phone. The fridge lacked his usual vegetables of choice. Together they decided they would make do with cherry tomatoes.

She laid on her back, taut with filthy pleasure and pushed small cherry tomatoes inside her pussy. She tried to push one into her arsehole but it wouldn't fit and splooshed against her frantic fingers.

As it burst it all got too much and Art listened to her coming hard on her kitchen floor.

She complained about the mess but was clearly delighted with the service he'd given her, as the tomato juice spilled out of her sopping hole across the kitchen tiles.

Sometimes they hung up when they came, but Sheena clearly was very very sexed up tonight.

"God I wish you were here to see this mess," she said, "And to clean it up with me, with our tongues."

Art wondered about it. If he dared leave the house at 1am without waking his wife. This seemed too good a chance to miss. Fulham was only 25 minutes away...he could be there and back in an hour if they made it quick.

Dare he?

Sheena moaned into the 'phone, "Fuck I need your cock inside me."

"Alright", he said. "I'm coming. I'll be with you in half an hour. I want you to be in your front room. I'll call you when I'm outside, and I want to watch you. I want you to put on a show for me. To show me just how sexed up you are tonight. Do you think you can keep it going for thirty minutes?"

"I can, I will," she panted.

"Good." he said.

"While I'm watching you I'll come close to the window. If you like what you see invite me in and we'll see what happens. If not you can watch my cock cum all over your window. I'll leave it up to you as to whether you want to clean it off before your man gets home at the end of the week."

"Do it!" She replied without a moment's hesitation.

He rang off, crept down the hall and peeked in at his sleeping wife

This was an enormous risk, but the risk just made him hornier, and the hard on he'd been playing with for over an hour, needing to enjoy this stranger who had just pushed fruit in her cunt for him.

He left a note on the hall table that he'd gone out to get some milk for the morning (taking the milk with him from the fridge, just in case she awoke while he was out), grabbed his car keys and started a drive that never quite dipped below the speed limit !

He found the place easily, his cock throbbing with each passing mile, anticipation building so much he felt sick to his stomach.

He crept into he front garden. The light was on, the curtains open, the sash blinds were nearly the full height of the bay windows.

He phoned her.

"I'm here"


"I'm going to watch you are you ready?"

"Come and see for yourself."


Was she ever ready!

Laid back on her couch with one leg resting on the back of it and the other foot on the floor, she faced the window with her legs spread about as wide as she could. Eyes closed and forcing a dildo in and out of her swollen, open cunt.

Her other hand was frantically grasping her tits, nipples burningly sore.

He got his cock out, struggling to take in the scene before him, and tapped on the window.

She stood then.

She was pretty fit. He wasn't expecting the glasses, but they looked hornily incongruous. She walked up to the window, glanced into his eyes but fixated on his cock.

She bent down and.pulled the sash window upwards.

"I think you better come in", she said.

He climbed through the window. She walked to the couch and knelt on it pushing her arse up into the air.

"Do you want my cunt or my arse, Art?"

He hadn't expected this. What a choice.

"Arse please".

He didn't know that these would be the last two words he ever said to her...

She threw a condom pack at him and pulled her arse cheeks apart. He slid straight in and realised that the dildo had been fucking more than just her wet snatch.

Her butt was fully lubed and that dildo had been in there already.

He grabbed her waist and pulled her back hard onto him.

"God it's been so long", she said.

"My boy refuses to fuck my back."

God, Arthur wished he could make this a permanent arrangement, but after all the playing and the anticipation he was getting close already after only moments inside her tight, tight butt.

Sheena felt it building. She pushed the dido hard back into her cunt and fucked her vagina while Arthur slammed into her arsehole.

He grunted and then shook with the force of his orgasm, and slumped across her back. She continued wanking her wet pussy frantically until she too shook under him.

"Leave now", she said. "And don't say a word. I want to remember tonight as the night I fucked a complete stranger whose only spoke to choose between my holes... Now go!"

Arthur left, dumping the condom in her trash can at the end of the path.

Head spinning with how outrageous this had been he pulled into a service station to wash the smell of sex off his hands and his cock. He couldn't help but stand in the cubicle and cum quickly again over what had just happened.

He had just cheated on his wife in the middle of the night with a complete stranger.


And as he snuk back in to their apartment later and put the milk back in the fridge.

He looked at the phone in the living room and wondered.

Was she so sexed up tonight that she would have gone back to having just been fucked in the arse by a complete stranger? AGAIN?

He couldn't resist. His wife was still asleep. He had to find out.

He turned towards the living room and picked up the phone...

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