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Student Body

Student Body

The sun was barely out at eight am, when the first bell rang and students rushed to their first class of the day. The students at Sunset Valley High were tired and sick of school. Even the teachers were ready for the summer vacation to begin. But there were only two more weeks left, so they would have to endure it.

John Johnson snapped the shades of the window shut, as he heard his students shuffling into his classroom. He turned around and smiled at all the tired faces as he slipped behind his desk.

“Good morning class. I’m so glad to see everyone is awake this morning. Because today we are going to have a test on the bones in the hand,” he said happily.

Some of the students groaned at the word test, while others looked completely taken by surprise and frantically grabbed for their notebooks.

Terrie Jackson swayed into class, ten minutes after the bell rang. She stopped at the doorway and looked Mr. Johnson over, the right side of her gorgeous face hidden by her long hair. Her black shirt was one size too small on purpose and was stretched tight across her mammoth breasts. Her tan skirt was shorter than short, stopping at a little higher than mid-thigh even though the rules said it should stop just above the kneecap.

A smile crept to her lips as she let her gaze run up and down the length of his body, her bedroom eyes taking everything in and apparently liking what she saw. John was, on the average, 30 years younger than the rest of the male teachers.

“I’m sorry I’m late, Mr. Johnson,” she said in a breathy, soft voice. “I was… unavoidably detained.” She smiled at him, continuing to look him up and down.

She was a little taller than most of the girls in the school, standing 5’9”, and had long, thick, luxurious black hair which she almost always wore covering the right side of her face. Her eyes were green. They were the kind that were called “bedroom eyes,” the lids open only halfway or so, giving her the look of one who had just woke up. Her face was complimented by a perfectly shaped nose and full, soft lips.

She had an hourglass figure that all of the other girls in school would have killed for – a narrow waist, firm, flat stomach, and long, shapely legs that ended in a pair of firm, rounded buttocks. But it was without a doubt her exceptionally full bust that set her apart. Her breasts were huge, full and round, standing proudly out from her chest like twin basketballs, and they swayed heavily with every movement she made. Her nipples and the surrounding areola were equally as big as her breasts, her huge nipples perpetually erect, poking out against the fabric of her shirt all the way through her bra.

She was fully aware of the effect her figure had on the male members of both the student body and the staff, and she used it to her advantage at every turn. She never bought lunch at the school cafeteria, since the male students would line up to buy it for her. She could be late to any class she wanted and not hear a peep from the male teacher; likewise, if she got too hot (which she often did) and wanted to remove her blazer in violation of the rules, she did so without a word of complaint from anyone.

The male students – and the male faculty as well – secretly looked forward to her doing so. The sight of her big, perpetually erect nipples pressing against the fabric of her silk bra and the light cotton of the shirt was always enough to silence any objection to this slight bending of the school dress code.

“That’s fine, Miss Jackson,” John replied, trying very hard – and almost not succeeding – not to stare at her breasts. “Just go ahead and take your seat, and get ready for the test.”

She continued to smile at him, her smile growing as she walked past him to her desk near the back of the room, her rounded ass swaying with her movements. The boys in the class were mesmerized by her, and they all began to shift in their seats as the inevitable reaction to her presence took place. You could almost hear the slacks getting tight in the crotch as she walked past each young man. You also could almost hear the envy in the looks of the girls in the class as well, that wanted to be her.

Once she got to her seat she turned and slowly sat down, crossing her long legs and sitting back in her seat. She continued to look him up and down and smile that smile at him for a few minutes, giving John the impression that she was sizing him up.

Terrie looked around the classroom and smiled, while she straightened her skirt. She did her best to look ready to tackle the test. She learned down and unzipped the front of her backpack and pulled a mechanical pencil out of her bag. She began to think of names of the bones in the hand.

Mister Johnson turned to his computer and began to start up the program for grades. So many of his students were getting bad grades, but had the ability to do so much better. He tried to help them as much as he could, considering they needed his class for graduation.

He pulled out his keyboard and caught a glimpse of Terrie over his computer monitor. Her shirt was so tight that he could clearly see the lace of the cup bra she was wearing. She smiled coyly at him and sat back, thrusting those twin mountains at him. He could clearly see the big nubs of her nipples pressing against her bra and shirt, and he could have sworn they got even bigger as time went by.

“My God! Is she trying to get me hard?” he thought, but he quickly pushed the thought out of his head. John started to feel ashamed for thinking about a smart young student that way.

Terrie felt eyes on her and she looked up to notice Mister Johnson looking at her. She wiggled her fingers in a polite wave and smiled at him.

She was the first one done with the test. She breathed deeply for a moment and stood up to hand in the test. She returned to her seat and sat for another ten minutes before she heard the bell ring.

The next day when she came into class, she moved from her usual place in the back of the room to the center of the front row, right up where she could see him and vice-versa. John could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her mammoth breasts swayed heavily back and forth as she dropped her backpack on the floor, threatening to rip the shirt wide open. Her nipples were huge and erect, poking out hard against the thin cotton of her shirt, and through the shirt John could see the large circles of her areolas.

Once again, the shifting of the young men in the class could be clearly heard as they got fleeting glimpses of her spectacular figure. She sat straight up in the chair, hands clasped on the desk in front of her, breasts pushed out towards him, smiling that coy smile at him for the rest of the class. He tried to hide his growing erection from her but didn’t quite manage it; he saw her looking down at it and saw her smile widen as she noticed the bulge in his pants.

The next day when Terrie sat down at her place in the center of the front row, John was surprised to see that her shirt wasn’t as tight as usual and she was wearing a bra. But he knew she was up to something, and about fifteen minutes into the period he found out what it was.

He had been writing on the black board and when he turned around the first thing he saw was that Terrie had propped the heel of her right shoe on the book rack beneath the desk, lifting her knee up, and had her knees spread wide apart. Her short skirt was out of the way. John could clearly see Terrie’s smooth-shaven outer lips and the small dark patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair. Her smile was bigger than ever as she moved her right knee back and forth slightly, letting him know that she knew he had seen that she wasn‘t wearing any panties.

For the next several days, Terrie alternated between teasing him with her huge braless tits or her naked mound. She was wearing him down, and he knew that it wasn’t going to be long before she got what she wanted – him. And he had a feeling that would be the end of his career at Sunset Valley High.

He was already surprised that the faculty hadn’t said something to him about what was going on, as they surely must have heard about it by now. He had thought about bringing it up himself, but to be honest about it all, he liked being the center of attention of this sexy young nymph, and she was certainly worth looking at!

As if she had read his mind, the next day after class he found a note that simply said, “Don’t worry, my pet. No one will ever know!” He couldn’t figure out how she got the not on his desk without seeing her put it there.

John was at the end of his rope. His desire for Terrie had been growing with each day that he was subjected to her considerable feminine charms, and he wanted her desperately. The only thing that had been holding him back was the thought of losing his job, and now she had just taken that doubt away from him – or at least made him not care about that any more.

The next day during class when he turned around from the blackboard again he saw that Terrie had propped her knee up again and was surreptitiously rubbing her mound with two fingers, smiling at him as she did so. He smiled back, turning to hide his growing erection again.

When the bell rang Terrie began to collect her things. Carefully she moved in a ladylike way so she would not reveal that she wasn’t wearing nothing underneath to the rest of the class. Then she grabbed her backpack.

Mister Johnson looked over and noticed that her attempt to be ladylike was to no avail. While she had succeeded in hiding what was not directly underneath her skirt, the small slit in her skirt had caught on her thigh and ripped all the way up to her waist. She looked startled at the sound and dropped her backpack, instantly turning a shade of crimson and grabbing her skirt. She quickly pulled the two frayed halves together.

“Mister Johnson! What am I going to do. I’m so embarrassed,” Terrie cried.

John quickly rushed over and slipped a protective arm around her, pulling the unexpectedly revealed side of her towards him,so no one would see the tear in her skirt.

“It’s okay Terrie, I have plan period next hour, you can wear an extra shirt I have around here and I’ll get some gym shorts from the athletic department. Meanwhile call your mother and have her bring you some more clothes,” John said.

“Thank you so much! This is so embarrassing,” Terrie smiled and began to giggle a little at the situation.

Mister Johnson threw her an oversized shirt toward her. She went into the closet to put it on while he ran to the gym coach and asked for some shorts. When he came back to the room, Terrie was sitting cross- legged in his chair. She was trying to reach her mother on her cell phone.

“It’s no use, Mister Johnson, my mom must have already left for work,” Terrie said.

“Sorry, kid, just put these on and maybe the knitting class can sew up the tear in your skirt,” He said, as he looked at her apologetic and headed her the shorts.

Terrie once again stood up and walked into the closet to put on the shorts. Mister Johnson watched her walk away and unintentionally admired her slender frame and round ass as she walked. He breathed deeply and quickly sat down in his chair so he could hide the obvious erection growing between his legs.

Just then, the door to the closet opened and she walked out. Her shirt was completely open and knotted beneath her massive breasts, and for the first time John saw her firm, flat stomach and the glittering belly button ring she wore. She was braless again, her massive breasts exposed by the open shirt, her hard nipples poking out through the fabric. Her breasts swayed heavily and seductively as she walked towards the desk.

“John… may I call you John?” she said in her breathy, sultry voice, sitting down in the chair next to his desk. She leaned forward, placing her elbows on the desk and resting her head in her hands. Her massive breasts lay on the desk top, bulging out at John. The framing effect this caused around her breasts was stunning.

“Of course,” John replied, his eyes transfixed by her beauty and utter sexuality.

“Good!” she said again, still smiling at him. “So tell me, John,” she said, her voice low, still holding her head in her hands, “Do you think you can handle me?”

“I think I can,” he replied. “As a matter of fact, Terrie, I’m sure of it,” he said, noting that she smiled more when he called her by her first name. “But the question I have is, can you handle me?”

“Oh, a challenge!” she said, sitting upright and placing her hands on the desk in front of her. “I love a challenge! But what makes you think I wouldn’t be able to handle you?” she asked.

“Because there’s something about me that you don’t know,” he replied, “something that no one here knows,” John replied.

“Really?” she said, lifting one eyebrow in a quizzical look. “And just what might that be, my pet?” she asked, her curiosity aroused – among other things. She could already feel her pussy getting wet and tingly at the thought of what was about to happen.

“You’re not the only one here who is – shall we say – bigger than average,” John said, sitting back in his chair and crossing his arms, blatantly looking at her huge breasts and then up to her eyes as he said this. “I, too, am bigger than what most people would call ‘normal’ in a certain part of my anatomy.”

“You mean…” she said breathlessly, hoping what she was thinking was true. She looked down at his crotch and then back up to his eyes, her eyes hopeful and filled with desire.

“Yes, I mean just that.”

“How big are you?” she said, breathless again with excitement.

“Ten and a half inches, fully erect.”

She gasped as she sat back in her chair, her eyes wide, her mouth falling open in surprise, her eyes dropping down to his crotch. Then she began to smile and raised her leg up, and propped her foot up on his desk. She began to rub her pussy with one hand as she spoke.

“Mmmmm, that sounds just wonderful!” she said, rubbing her mound. “I’ve never had a cock that big inside me before!”

“Well, I think all that’s about to change,” John replied.

“Yes, it most certainly is!” she said, standing up in front of him and reaching under her breasts to untie the knot holding her shirt in place. “But before that happens, I want to see just how hard I can get you!” She pulled the shirt open and her massive breasts fell free, the huge nipples hard and erect, the areolas surrounding them dark and crinkling with excitement.

Now it was John’s turn to gasp. He had never seen such immense, round, and perfectly formed breasts before. Her areolas were very large, surrounding her equally large, erect nipples, and were just dark enough to give a good contrast. As he ogled her breasts, she slid her hands under them and lifted them up towards him, tweaking and pulling at both nipples with her fingers. She looked down at her nipples and then up at him, keeping her head low as she gazed at him, her lips in a smile. John could feel his cock quickly hardening, and shifted his position to give it room to grow.

“It’s working, isn’t it?” Terrie asked, her voice husky with growing passion. “You’re getting hard, aren’t you?” John just nodded in reply; Terrie smiled at him and pulled on her nipples harder. “Do you like my breasts, John? Do you like my big, hard nipples and the way they stand up for you?” she asked, pulling and twisting on her hard nipples. All John could do was stare in amazement and lust, and shift his position again to give his now fully erect cock as much room as he could inside his pants.

She walked over to his chair and stood in front of him, still holding her breasts up, tugging on the nipples. She slid her hands back and pressed her breasts together, offering them to him. He grasped the huge globes in his hands and pulled one to his face, sucking the hard nipple into his mouth.

Terrie moaned, slipping her hand around to the back of his head, pressing his mouth against her massive breast harder. John sucked hard, pulling the hard nub into his mouth and nipping it with his teeth. He released it and did the same to its twin, making Terrie moaned again. She slid a hand down to her mound and began to rub herself as he worked her nipples over.

When she could take no more teasing, she pulled her breasts away from him and then stepped forward, lifting her massive breasts and wrapping them around his head. She squeezed them together, trapping his face between them as he reached around with both hands and squeezed the firm globes of her ass. She wrapped her arms around his head, holding her breasts in place with her arms, and squeezed her breasts around his head by pressing her elbows towards each other.

He squeezed her buttocks harder in return. His face was completely enveloped in the soft breast flesh of Terrie’s massive bosom, and as she held him there he found that he couldn’t breathe. But he really didn’t care!

“Do you like that, my pet?” she asked, pressing her elbows together to press her mounds tighter around his head. “Can you breathe in there? Do I let you out, or just keep you in there and smother you between my breasts?”

Just as John thought he was going to pass out from lack of oxygen, Terrie released his head from between her “man-killers” and stepped back, walking backwards to her chair. She sat down, her hair still draped over one side of her face, looked at the large bulge in his pants, and then motioned him over to her with her curled finger.

“Come here, my pet,” she said.

John stood up, and the large tube of his hard cock could be clearly seen pressing against the cotton khakis he wore. He walked over to Terrie, who never took her eyes off of his erection, and stopped in front of her. She slid her hands up his thighs to his zipper, quickly sliding it down. She reached inside his trousers and then inside his boxers, gripping his cock with one hand.

“My God, this thing must be huge!” she said, looking up at him, squeezing his shaft in her hand.

“See for yourself,” he replied.

Dropping her eyes back to his crotch, Terrie pulled his fully-erect cock from his trousers, her mouth falling open and her eyes widening as she saw it for the first time. She began to smile a slightly evil smile as she pumped it with her hand, forcing a large clear drop of fluid to pop out of the tip.

“Oh, my God!” she exclaimed, her hand flying to her mouth again. “Mister Johnson, it’s huge!”

“Told you,” he said, looking down at Terrie; he was actually enjoying showing his big cock to Terrie, and the effect it had on Terrie made him feel good and excited him anew. He felt his cock growing quickly to its full length and girth as she looked at it. “Eleven and a half inches long.”

Terrie was stunned speechless as she watched her teacher’s huge cock grow and expand right before her eyes, the shaft getting longer and thicker with each passing second. It throbbed as it grew, the head rising up and pointing at the ceiling as it stood up straighter and straighter until it was standing up proudly from his body at nearly a 45 degree angle. Her eyes grew wide as she looked at the mammoth cock in front of her face, the huge, bulbous head bobbing as it throbbed with the blood coursing through it. The veins were big, standing out clearly against the hard shaft, and she let her eyes travel down the length of his shaft to his balls. They were smooth-shaven, as was the base of his cock, and they were big as well, bigger than any she’d ever seen before. They hung heavily beneath his cock, stretching the skin of his sack as they hung, heavy and full.

She also knew what she wanted – what she needed – to do next, and she felt her pussy flood with anticipation. Bringing his cock level with her face, and looked up at her teacher for a moment.

Then she looked back down at his long, thick, veiny cock in front of her, and without hesitation

“Mmmm, candy!” she said, looking back down at his long, thick, veiny cock in front of her, and without hesitation she pulled his cock down until it was pointed at her lips. She slipped her tongue out and licked the drop of pre-cum from his cock, swallowing it. She pumped his cock again and was rewarded with another drop of pre-cum, which she also licked off and swallowed. Then she stood his cock up straight and slowly, teasingly ran her tongue all the way up the underside of his shaft, from the base of his cock up to the tip, swirling her tongue around the bulbous head. She pumped it again, and when the drop of fluid appeared she slipped her lips around just the tip of his cock and sucked hard, pulling more fluid from him. He shuddered as she did this, and shuddered again when she slid her wet mouth down over the head of his cock.

She worked on his cock for several minutes, taking more and more of it into her warm, wet, sucking mouth until nearly half of it was disappearing between her lips. She sucked him hard, her mouth a vacuum around his shaft. He had never had any woman suck his cock this hard before! His shaft glistened with her saliva, and he knew that if she kept this up he would soon blow his load down her throat.

She knew it too, as evidenced when she slowly slipped her mouth from his cock, gripping it with her hand and pumping it slowly and firmly. She licked her lips and looked up at him as she spoke.

“I could make you cum like this, my pet, but I’d rather have you cum inside my pussy!”

Slightly gasping for breath, John replied, “That’s good, because I cum a lot…buckets, to be honest, and I’m afraid you’d drown!” Terrie smiled as she replied, standing up and moving over to his desk.

“Oh, I don’t think so,” she said, scattering a few objects from the top of his desk. She bent over and giving John a good look at the firm, rounded cheeks of her ass from behind as she did so. “We’ll find out about that soon enough,” she said as she turned around to face him. Gazing at him with her hooded eyes, she immediately hooked her thumbs into the sides of her shorts and pulled them down her hips, then slid them down her legs and stepped out of them, her heavy breasts swaying with her movements, the nipples hard and erect. She held the shorts out to the side, still looking in his eyes and smiling a half-smile, as she deliberately dropped them onto the floor, never taking her eyes off of John.

“But right now I have something else in mind!”

With that, she lay back on the desk, propping herself up on her elbows, her mammoth breasts jutting up proudly on her chest. She spread her long, shapely legs wide and lifted one foot up onto the edge of the desk, revealing her pussy to him as she opened her thighs wide, exposing her young, smooth shaven pussy to him. Her pussy lips were swollen and John could see them glistening with her juices. His cock stood out in front of him, pulsing and throbbing. The scent of her musk was heavy and thick in the air. He wanted Terrie worse than he’d ever wanted a woman before!

“Well,” she said in her sultry, breathless voice, “Are you going to just stand there, or are you going to come over here and fuck me?”

Without a word, John moved over between Terrie’s smooth, firm thighs, positioning his cock over her mound. She opened her thighs wider, then reached down and parted her lips with two fingers. Her opening was slick and ready for him, and she was panting slightly with anticipation; her mammoth breasts heaved with her breathing.

He grasped his cock with one hand and pointed the head down to her pussy, then rubbed the head up and down her wet slit. His cock was literally drooling pre-cum, and it only took a moment or two for her slit to be coated with his juices. Terrie moaned as his cock slipped over the nub of her clit, and she gyrated her hips in passion, grabbing her breasts and squeezing them hard.

“Stop teasing me and give it to me!” she whispered, and John did just that. He slid the head of his cock down until it was nestled in her opening, then pushed forward. The head of his cock disappeared into her tunnel, and he felt her immediately contract her muscles around it as it slid inside. He grabbed her by the hips and pulled her towards him as he worked his cock into her tight pussy, sliding more and more of his cock into her with each push. She was incredibly tight, and even as wet as she was it took some effort to penetrate her.

He watched her face as it contorted into the look only a woman got when she was being given the best pleasure of her life.

“God DAMN, your cock is so big!” she moaned, panting for breath as she looked down at the tube of his incredibly long, incredibly thick cock pointed down to her pussy, the head now inside her. The sight of the head of his cock trapped tightly inside her young pussy excited him, and John was anxious to continue.

“Oh, yes, Mister Johnson!” she moaned, sliding her hands up over her breasts and squeezing them as he slipped deeper and deeper into her tight, wet tunnel. “Oh, God, that feels so good! Give it to me! Push your big cock inside me!” She moaned loudly as he slipped the last of his cock inside her and buried it to the hilt, his balls pressing against her ass, the head of his cock pushing hard against the end of her pussy. John could feel her inner muscles shifting and working around his cock, squeezing it as she adjusted to its size.

“Oh, my God, you’re so big!” she gasped, looking down over her breasts to see his cock disappearing into her pussy. “The biggest I’ve ever had, and it feels so good!” She gyrated her hips slowly, working on his cock with her muscles as he held her in place. He began to thrust in and out of her, moving in long, deliberate, firm strokes, pulling nearly completely out of her and then sliding all the way back into her until the head of his cock bumped the end of her tunnel.

“Yes, my pet, that’s it,” she said, throwing her head back and squeezing her breasts harder, pulling and tugging on her engorged nipples. “I’m so horny for your big cock that I’m gonna cum as soon as you start to move!”

“Then I guess you’re just gonna have to cum,” he said as he started to move, pulling his thick, long cock slowly out of her tight, wet pussy until just the head was inside her, then pushing it back in just as slowly. She gasped as he began to move, and her breathing quickened with every stroke of his cock in and out of her tunnel. It only took three strokes for her to cum.

“I’m cumming, Mister Johnson, I’m cumming!” she cried, grabbing the edges of the desk and clamping her legs hard around him. She came then, hard, crying out as the waves of erotic pleasure broke over her. John could feel her pussy clamping down on his shaft as he continued thrusting, deep as he could, egging her orgasm on.

She gritted her teeth and squeezed her eyes closed as his cock thrust in and out of her pussy, the waves of pleasure crashing over her as he moved, and he could feel her inner muscles gripping him as she continued to cum. He kept stroking her pussy with his big, thick cock in steady, even, firm strokes, pushing it in deep with each thrust of his hips and pulling it nearly completely out before pushing it back in again. She came long and hard, her pussy flooding with her juices.

He felt the familiar stirring in his balls as she pulled him closer with her legs hooked around him, her pussy gripping and squeezing his thick cock as he fucked her, the sight of her body in front of him and the look of ecstasy on her face driving him quickly to orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum, baby,” he warned, breathing hard as he gripped her big breasts firmly in his hands, continuing to drive his huge cock in and out of her tight, wet pussy.

“Give it to me, Mister Johnson,” she gasped, looking up at him as her orgasm faded. “Cum inside me, fill me up with your hot cum, please, give it to me!”

So he did. Her words triggered his orgasm and he felt his cock widen for just a moment, and judging from the look on her face she felt it as well, just before his cock erupted inside her pussy. He moaned and thrust his hips forward as his cock erupted, pumping and throbbing as it spewed stream after stream of his hot cum deep inside her tunnel. She cried out as his cock drove deeper than ever into her, and she gripped the edges of the desk with both hands again as the tidal wave of pleasure roared over her body once again.

She kept her legs clamped around him to keep him from backing out. She could feel his enormous cock throbbing and pulsing inside her as it pumped stream after stream of his cum deep inside her, and she felt the excess cum slipping out of her pussy and sliding down her ass to pool on the desktop beneath her. She held him tight with her legs and her pussy as his cock pumped its usual huge load of cum into her, moaning as his cock throbbed within her.

Seven, eight, nine times his cock pumped his cum into her tunnel, until the spasms running the length of his cock finally began to slow; he pushed forward and held his cock deep inside her as his cock pumped the last of his cum into her and making her gasp, then she clamped down on his cock with her pussy to squeeze the last bit of cum from him. He was gasping for breath, his knees a little shaky from the intensity of his cumming, and he opened his eyes to look down into the smiling face of his sexy student, her hair hanging around her face.

“That was fantastic!” she said in her husky voice. “I’ve never cum that hard, or that many times!”

“It was pretty intense for me, too, I must say,” John replied, pulling a handkerchief out of his shirt pocket and wiping his forehead with it. “I’ve never felt a pussy as tight as yours before!”

“And you’re going to feel it again, Mister Johnson,” she said, relaxing her legs but keeping them locked around him, “As many times as you want, whenever you want, wherever you want… I know a good thing when I feel it, and baby, you are most definitely a good thing!”

“Thanks, I appreciate that,” he said, putting the handkerchief back in his pocket.

“I need to borrow that, my pet,” Terrie said, nodding at the handkerchief, “Unless you want one hell of a mess on your desk when I sit up, that is!”

“Oh, yeah, right!” he said, pulling the handkerchief back out of his pocket and handing it to her. She released him from her legs and he stepped back, slipping his softening cock out of her. The air was cool on his shaft as he quickly stepped back into his pants and pulled them up and fastened them.

Terrie dropped the handkerchief onto the puddle of cum and then slipped off the desk, rolling onto her hip to avoid sliding in the puddle of cum, that flooded out of her pussy. Then she turned and wrapped her arms around him, molding her body to his from the knees up and holding him close – as close as her massive chest would allow, that is. He could feel the huge globes pressing into his chest as she closed her eyes and placed her full, soft lips on his in a gentle, sensual kiss.

Their lips parted, and her delicate tongue snaked out of her mouth to dance with his. She placed a hand on the back of his head as she French-kissed him, keeping her fantastic body molded to his. The kiss lasted at least a full minute, and when she finally released him he was nearly breathless. It was easily the most erotic, sensual, and exciting kiss he’d ever had in his life. His cock felt it, too, because he felt it stir.

When the kiss ended, Terrie put her clothes back on and walked over to the door and placed her hand on the knob, then stopped and looked over her shoulder at him.

“Do you like to ‘sixty-nine,’ Mister Johnson?” she asked over her shoulder.

“Absolutely,” he replied, smiling at her. “I love it!”

“Good! I have plenty of clothes I can pretend to rip.” she replied, smiling back at him as she opened the door. She turned to him as she walked through. “See you in class tomorrow, Mister Johnson!” she said, and closed the door.

I’m sure I will!’ John thought to himself, as he recollected the pile of scattered papers on the floor just as the bell rang, dismissing them to the third hour of school.

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