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Sweet Sandi

The story you are about to read is a complete work of fiction.  None of the events depicted here actually happened.  Any similarity to any actual person, place, or event is entirely coincidental.

I promised I’d deliver the story about what happened between my daughter’s friend Sandi and myself.  Well, here it is.  Ah, memories…

The summer afternoon of Kimberleigh’s 16th birthday party was a hot one.  The sun was blazing overhead and made me thankful for the cool shade of the trees in the backyard.  My daughter and her friends were swimming and playing and splashing in the pool as I relaxed in my hammock, my eyes wandering over their firm teenage bodies in their tiny little bikinis.  My daughter was a beautiful young woman and, as usually happens, had a gaggle of equally attractive friends.  One of the girls in particular caught my eye.

Her name is Sandi.  She’s a very sexy girl – not as beautiful as my daughter, but pretty, with a fantastic body.  Red hair (I’ve always been a sucker for redheads), hazel eyes, fair skin with a sprinkling of freckles.  5’4” with great curves, perky breasts, and a tight ass.  She scampered across the deck, her ass wiggling in her tiny bikini bottom, and my eyes followed her.  I noticed that she seemed to catch me checking her out; rather than get upset, however, whenever she felt my eyes on her she seemed to put an extra wiggle in her step, an extra bounce in her movements.  Maybe it was just my imagination, but it felt like my daughter’s friend was putting on a little show for me.

After about an hour of watching the girls, getting hornier by the second – hey, I’m a guy, what guy doesn’t get turned on by the sight of nubile young women in skimpy bikinis? – I’d finally decided I had to do something about the erection that had been growing in my trunks.  I put my newspaper down and shouted to my daughter “Honey, I’m going inside for a bit.  Try not to drown each other, okay?”

Kimmie laughed.  “Okay, Daddy,” with a roll of her eyes.  “Love you!”  My daughter and I had always had a very close relationship, and I always appreciated and reciprocated the special affection she showed me.

I went into the house and headed for the bathroom.  We had a full bathroom just off the kitchen.  It had started life as a half-bath, but when we got the pool I’d had a shower stall put in, so post-swim showers wouldn’t require dripping wet people traipsing through the house leaving puddles on the carpets. 

Once in the bathroom I shut the door, leaned against the wall, and closed my eyes.  I took a deep breath as my mind called up images of my daughter’s friend Sandi, her ass jiggling and her perky young breasts bouncing in her little bikini.  I put a hand on the growing bulge in my trunks, then slowly pulled out my cock.  Ordinarily, in a situation like this, I’d take my wife by the hand, lead her upstairs, and give her a thorough dicking, but she wasn’t home.  We had a son, Ben, who was 4 years older than Kimmie, and while he seemed to enjoy the thought of being home with a group of sexy teenage girls, my wife wasn’t too thrilled with the idea.  So she went with him to the mall to shop for sneakers.  With my wife gone, my only recourse was to duck into the bathroom and jerk off.

I started stroking my cock, my eyes closed, imagining Sandi running across the deck in slow-motion, Baywatch-style.  In my mind she was running towards me, stopping before me, a gleam of lust in her eyes, a sexy grin on her pink lips.  Thinking I was alone in the house, I let out a small moan.  “Ohhhh, Sandi…”

The door opened silently and someone slipped into the bathroom.  My eyes were closed and I was paying attention to my mental imagery, so I didn’t notice until I heard the door shut and the lock click.  I froze and my eyes snapped open to discover the object of my fantasy standing there staring at me.

“Oh shit,” I said.  I quickly yanked my trunks back up, covering my hardon.  “Sandi, what are you doing?”  I was completely embarrassed.

“I heard you say my name and I thought you were calling me,” she said with a little smile.

“I wasn’t…I didn’t…” I stammered.  Then my brain cylinders started firing again.  “You heard me from outside?” I asked skeptically.

She looked down, abashed.  “Noooooo,” she admitted.

“Then how…?”

“I, um,” she hesitated.  Her cheeks started burning bright red.  “I saw you come inside and, um, I, uh, kinda…”

“Kinda what?”

“I kinda followed you.”

Interesting.  I had an idea that she knew I was checking her out.  I had no idea, however, that she had been paying that close attention.  Her eyes not being focused on me, I let my gaze to sweep over her body.  Droplets of water trickled down her skin, and I allowed myself to imagine what it would be like to lick those droplets of water from her body.  A very naughty train of thought pulled out of the station and started heading down the line.

“Sandi, why did you follow me?”

She hesitated again, obviously wrestling with whatever was going on in her head.  After a couple moments, she came to a decision.  She looked me in the eye.

“I saw you checking me out and I saw…this,” she said, stepping forwards and putting her hand on my crotch, which was still bulging.

Fantasies were one thing.  This was another.  “Sandi, what are you doing?”  I would have backed away, but I was already against the wall.  I was trapped there, with this delicious young sexbomb, and she knew it.

She stepped closer to me and wrapped her fingers around my bulging hardon.  “I saw this, and I knew you were hot for me.  I figured if I could be alone with you…”

Holy shit, I thought.  The brazen little wench was coming on to me!  “Sandi,” I said, “you’re my daughter’s friend.  I’ve known you since you were a baby.”

“I know,” she said, stepping even closer.  Her lush young body was centimeters from me.  Her nipples were poking up through her bikini top.  “You know, I’ve always had a crush on you.”

She stepped closer, her breasts brushing my chest.  I fought the urge to kiss her, to pull off her bikini and sink my cock into her.  “I know,” I said. 

“You do?”

“Sandi, you’re here all the time, and when you’re here you make all kinds of excuses to be near me,” I answered, trying to slip back into father mode.  It wasn’t working too well.  “You don’t hide it very well.”

“Oh,” she said.  “Well, if you already know, then did you know I’ve been fantasizing about you?  ‘Cuz I have,” she said teasingly.  “We all do.  You’re the hot dad.  All the girls want to fuck you.”

This was news to me.  I felt a rush of pride as my ego gorged itself on that statement.  A bunch of sexy teenagers want to fuck me?  How hot was that?  Before I could banish that thought, Sandi continued.  “But I got here first,” she said with a giggle.

She slipped her fingers beneath the waistband of my trunks and pulled down.

“Sandi, what are you doing?!”

She didn’t answer, just grinned a wicked grin.  My trunks fell to the floor, my erection bobbing free.  She gasped as she took in the sight of my hard cock pointing at her.  “Oh my god,” she gasped.  She looked into my eyes as she sank to her knees.

“Sandi!  You can’t…”  Words failed me as she took my cock into her mouth.

I leaned back against the wall.  “Oh fuck, this is a bad idea,” I said.  “Mm-hmm,” was her only answer.  Her tongue swirled around my cockhead and her lips slid down my shaft.  I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, losing myself in the sensation of my daughter’s hot friend giving me one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever gotten.  How the hell could a sixteen year old girl get so good at giving head?  I didn’t know but I was sure as hell enjoying it.

She stroked and gently tugged at my balls with one hand while the other slipped into her bikini bottom.  Her head bobbed back and forth as she fucked my cock with her mouth, her tongue stroking the underside, the tip of my cock hitting the back of her throat, all the while rubbing her clit and fingering herself.  She played my skin-flute like a pro, licking and sucking me like I’d never been licked and sucked before.  Even my wife, in her heyday, had never blown me like this…and my wife gave great head, believe me.

I looked down, evilly enjoying the sight of this sexy sixteen year old redhead, this hot piece of jailbait, sucking my cock.  Her green eyes looked up at me with a teasing glint in them, obviously enjoying the look of pleasure on my face.  It was too much to bear.  I felt my balls tighten as I prepared to blow my load.  “Sandi,” I breathed, “you’re gonna make me…”

She took her mouth from my cock for a moment and said “Good.  Do it.”  Then wrapped her lips around my cock again and started sucking harder.

I lost it.  One hand buried itself in her fiery hair, the other balled itself into a fist.  “Oh fuckkkkk!” I bit out as my cock tensed and blew, firing first one, then a second, blast of hot jizz into her willing mouth.  She opened her mouth and aimed my cock, taking the next two blasts on her pretty face.  There was something so dirty and erotic about this pretty young girl taking my load on her face that it wrenched a couple more shots out of me.  As she took my load on her face, she jerked a little as her fingers brought her to her own orgasm.

Finally, spent, I collapsed back against the wall.  Sandi licked the last of my cum from my cock, then scooped up the jizz from her cheeks and sucked it off her fingers.  When I opened my eyes, she was leaning against me, looking up at me.  “Did you like that?” she asked eagerly.

“Oh fuck, Sandi, what do you think?” I answered, cupping her face in my hand.  “That felt so good…but dammit, what if someone found us in here with my cock in your mouth?”

“The only other ones here are Kimmie and the girls, so…they’d be jealous?” she teased.

“Sandi,” I said with a sigh, “this shouldn’t have happened.”

“I won’t tell anyone,” she said.  “If you pay me back.”  This last with a mischievous smile.

I had an idea of what she meant.  “We should get back outside.  We’ve been in here too long, someone’s going to get suspicious.”
“Oh I didn’t mean right now,” she said teasingly.  “But one day, I want my turn.  One day,” her voice went low as she leaned in to me, “one day I want my friend’s dad’s cock in my pussy.”  She kissed my cheek and left the bathroom.

I took a deep breath and tried to settle my nerves.  One day, I thought.  One day, Sandi…one day, you’ll get your friend’s dad’s cock in your pussy.  One day, I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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