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Taboo High - Runner's Ass

Brady enjoys the benefits of traveling with students.

Brady closed the door to his hotel room and let out a sigh of relief. It had been a long five hours in the school van. Brady was in his first year out of college and working as a biology teacher and cross country coach. This year he was lucky enough to have two incredible female runners on his team that made it to the state meet. The meet was being held two hundred and fifty miles away and with only two students qualifying, he drove them himself in the school van.

The trip over had been anything but peaceful. He had hoped the girls would do like they did on most team trips, put on their headphones and ignore the world. The trip started that way but after a while, Jennifer took off her headphones and started talking to him. As a senior in high school, she was starting to look at colleges and was being recruited by A-State, his alma mater, and wanted to know what he thought of the school. Eventually, Brooklyn turned off her music and joined the conversation. 

After a while the conversation turned to parties and who was sleeping with who. Brady tried to steer the conversation away from this topic but Brooklyn was having no part of that.

“Come on coach Mac, It has not been that long ago since you were in high school. Don’t you remember those good ole’ free-spirited days of sex, booze, and parties?” Brooklyn asked.

“Oh, I do, but it is not a topic I care to discuss with my students.”

“What, are you afraid of getting all turned on and hard?”

Brady could actually feel his dick getting hard but would not admit that. “Ah no, it is just not appropriate.”

Jennifer then blurted out, “Have you ever slept with one of your students?”

“No,” Brad replied.

“I bet you have wanted to,” said Brooklyn.

“Ah no, I like my job.” Brad retorted.

“What if I told you there were other teachers sleeping with students?” asked Brooklyn.

Despite his best efforts, this piqued Brady’s curiosity. “Yeah, like you would know about it.”

“I do," replied Brooklyn, "Jake Johnson screwed Ms. Murphy at his house.”

Jo Murphy was another first-year teacher and Jake was the quarterback of the football team.

“How do you know this?” Brady asked.

“Jake's girlfriend Shelby told me about it,” replied Brooklyn. “Apparently Ms. Murphy likes it rough. She let Jake tie her up. Shelby and Jake are thinking about Jake calling her back to his house again so the two of them can fuck her.”

“Shelby is bi?” asked Jennifer.

“Oh yeah,” replied Brooklyn. "She and I have enjoyed each other’s company several times. Would you like to hook up, Jen? I am sure coach Mac would love to watch”.

Jen looked shocked. “No, umm, I… That just doesn’t interest me.”

“Suit yourself,” replied Brooklyn.

Brady turned on the car radio to shut down the conversation and left it on for the rest of the trip.




Brady changed into a t-shirt and running shorts and headed down to the hotel gym for a run. He ran for an hour before deciding to head back to his room. It was 11:15 pm and he hoped the girls were asleep in the room next to his. Once in his room, he took care of his evening ministrations, adjusted the pillows on his bed and was getting ready to climb into bed when there was a knock at the door. Getting up, he realized it was the door connecting his room to the girls. 'Shit, he did not need this!'

He started to slowly open the door before Brooklyn quickly pushed her way in. He stood where he was, staring at her in total shock. She was wearing a pair of pink and red plaid shorts with a matching red camisole. The shorts were extremely short and barely covered her small tight ass. At five-foot-two-inches, her legs were not long but they were incredibly nice shaped from all of the running she did. When she turned around he could see her nipples poking through the thin material of the camisole. Her tits were not large but appeared to be very nicely shaped and if he had to guess about a B-cup. With her curly red hair tied up in a bun, Brady admired her pale porcelain skin with a few freckles on her shoulders and face.

“Brooklyn! What do you think you are doing? You need to go back into your room and get some sleep for tomorrow's meet.” Brady stated.

“I can’t sleep. Close the door so we don’t wake Jennifer,” replied Brooklyn as she turned back around and walked over the chair in the corner of the room.

Brady closed the door and sat down on his bed near Brooklyn. “You realize I could lose my job just for having you in my room?”

“Relax, no one is going to know, besides I am horny and we know Jennifer will not help me with that,” Brooklyn said.

Despite his best efforts, Brady felt his cock twitch and begin to harden with that comment. “Brooklyn, please go back to your room and we will pretend this never happened.”

“I don’t think you really want me to do that,” replied Brooklyn as she slid off the chair and knelt on the carpet in front of him. Her beautiful blue eyes looking into his, she slid her hands up his thighs and into the legs of his shorts. Brady sucked in his breath and let out a sigh as her right hand found his cock, wrapped her fingers around it and squeezed. 

“Mm, I think someone wants to come out and play," Brooklyn said with a chuckle. 

Not waiting for his response, Brooklyn pulled her hands out of his shorts and grabbed his waistline to pull down his shorts. Giving up on resisting, Brady lifted his hips to allow her. As soon as he was free of his shorts, Brooklyn removed her camisole exposing her breasts. Her areolas were the palest of pink, just a shade darker than the skin around them. Her nipples, hard with arousal were a darker pink and stood out beautifully.

Brady reached out and pinched both nipples between his thumb and forefinger feeling their hardness. Brooklyn gasped and leaned back, moaning as her breasts were pulled out from her chest. Brady knew this had to hurt but did not let up but instead looked into her blue eyes.

“Does that hurt?” Brady asked.

“Yes,” Brooklyn replied. 

“Do you like the pain?” Brady asked while looking into her eyes intently. 

“Yes,” Brooklyn replied but it came out as a moan.

“Do you find pleasure in pain?” he asked. 

“Yes!” she moaned.

Brady pulled back on her nipples, using them to pull her to him and into a deep embrace. As they kissed, tongues dueling, he let go of her nipples and grabbed the bun at the back of her head and pulled. Their eyes locked again as he used the bun to push her head down toward his waiting cock. Brooklyn knew what he wanted and using her right hand she adjusted his cock so that he could push into her mouth. She pushed back before his cock slipped between her lips and snaked her tongue out to swirl around the engaged head licking the precum off the tip.

This time it was Brady’s turn to moan as he again pushed down, forcing himself into her mouth. Brooklyn’s lips closed around him, her tongue continued to work its magic on the head and underside of his cock. Neither of them broke their eye contact as Brooklyn began to suck his cock into her mouth, releasing the pressure as she pushed back against his hand, only to suck him back in. Brady could not believe the pleasure he was feeling. Her tongue never seemed to lose contact with his hard cock. It pressed against the sensitive underside of his cock as she sucked him into her mouth. When he pulled out, her tongue would swirl around the head and tease the opening looking for a treat.

After a while, Brady began to lose control of his lust. He let go of her bun and grabbed onto either side of her head. Taking control, it went from Brooklyn giving him a blow job to him fucking her face. He pushed his cock deeper into her mouth with each stroke. Brooklyn amazed him by letting go with her hands, giving him total control. After several minutes, she was deep throating his entire cock. Brady loved the feeling as he held her down on his cock until she pushed back hard gagging. As she pulled back off his cock, a stream of gag juice ran from her mouth to his cock.

“Do you like forcing me down on your cock? ” Brooklyn asked?

“Yes, Jake replied, still holding her head in his hands. “Do you like it?”


With that, she opened her mouth and Brady shoved her down on his cock again. Brady loved rough sex and treating Brooklyn this rough was no exception. For several minutes he continued to fuck her mouth, pushing down her throat until she pulled back gagging. Feeling an orgasm building deep in his balls, he picked up the pace. Finally, he let out a growl, shooting cum into her waiting mouth. Brooklyn swallowed as much as fast as she could, semen still leaked out the corners of her mouth. Brady let go of her and slumped back on the bed, watching in amazement as she continued to suck him dry and use her tongue to clean him off.

Once satisfied with her work, Brooklyn climbed up on top of him and kissed his neck, working her way to his ear.

“I hope you are not done for the night coach, I still need some satisfaction,” she whispered in his ear.

“I am just getting started,” he growled as he rolled out from under her and stood up.

Brady quickly rolled Brooklyn over onto her stomach and moved her to the edge of the bed, pulling her up onto her knees and pushing her head down to the mattress at the same time Once he had her positioned, he pulled her shorts and panties down to her knees where he left them.

On his knees behind her, Brady enjoyed the beautiful view of her waiting womanhood. The outer lips of her pussy were covered with a thin layer of pale red hair. Her inner lips were swollen, open and slick with desire. He rubbed his hands over her ass cheeks. Early in high school, he had discovered the beauty of a female runner’s ass. They were always very tight and toned like no other. Brooklyn’s ass was no exception.


He hit her ass hard and she let out a loud yelp in both pain and surprise.

“Shh, we don’t want to wake the neighbors,” he said as he rubbed her ass again admiring the redness created by his palm.


After hitting each cheek, her ass is a nice cherry red with visible imprints of his hand. Admiring his work, he was amazed by Brooklyn’s reaction. Her face was wet with tears and her pussy wet with excitement. Not only that but she never moved or flinched as he spanked her. Instead, the only visible reaction was her clenching the bed sheet tightly in her hands.

“Mmm, did you like having your pretty little ass spanked?” asked Brady. Brooklynn clenched her tearing eyes shut tightly and nodded her head yes.

Brady slid his hand down her ass and across her swollen pussy. Letting his middle finger slip between the wet folds, he asked: “Did it turn you on and make you want to come?”

Again Brooklyn nodded her head in agreement. “And to think you questions my stamina or ability to please you.”

Brady then pulled her shorts and panties completely off. Brooklyn responded by spreading her knees wide enough for him to slide between her outstretched calves. Leaning forward, Brady gently kissed each ass cheek before grabbing them with his hands and spreading them apart to reveal the inner folds of her wet pussy.

Brady blew gently into her wet opening and across the swollen nub of her clit, enjoying the sound of her gentle whimper. Wanting to taste her, he extended his tongue out and slid it between the folds of her pussy as Brooklyn whimpers even louder. Brady, not able to hold back any longer, begins to explore every micron of her pussy with his tongue. He alternated between licking with his tongue, sucking her lips into his mouth, and occasionally sucking on her hard clit. Brooklyn responded by moaning until an “Oh God” escapes her lips. Brady sensing her approaching orgasm backed off and again blows on her yearning pussy.

Brady continued with this cycle until Brooklyn was crazy with desire. Now that he had her where he wanted her, he slid two fingers into her wet opening as his tongue worked its way up to her tight little asshole.

He felt Brooklyn tense up in his grasp. “That is my butt hole,” she said, in what was almost a panicked voice.

“I know,” he replied before returning to his efforts.

After a few minutes, Brooklyn began to relax again as he continued to tease her openings. As he sensed an orgasm building in her, he pulled his fingers out of her pussy and began to rub one around her asshole. Brady held her in place with his left arm, as he slid one finger into her pussy and teased her asshole with another finger.

“Oh, fuck,” groaned Brooklyn as her body began to shake in orgasmic bliss. Just as she went over the edge, Brady slid his index finger into her asshole. Brooklyn clinched the sheets with her hands as she bit down on her forearm to keep from screaming. Watching her orgasm, Brady continued to pump his fingers into her openings.

After a few minutes, Brooklyn’s breathing returned to normal and she attempts to lie flat on the bed. Brady does not let her but instead, he held her in place with one hand as his other hand rubbed his erection up and down between the folds of her wet pussy.

As Brady began to slip inside, Brooklyn looked back, their eyes once locking. “Yes,” she moaned.

Brady pulled his cock back until it was barely inside her. He knew what she wanted but wanted to hear her beg.

“Oh, God, Please” Brooklyn moaned, pushing back against his hands.

“Please what?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

Brooklyn whimpered at the question but does not say anything for a moment. “Please fuck me” she finally begs.

Brady slowly pushed his cock into her. Once he was all the way in he stopped again waiting for her.

“Please fuck me, coach,” Brooklynn moaned again.

At last Brady began to fuck her. His strokes are long and slow. Brooklynn responded with whimpers and moans of pleasure. As Brady picked up the pace of his thrusts, Brooklyn cried out, “Oh, God yes!”

Again, concerned about disturbing others, Brady picked up Brooklyn’s wet panties from the bed and shoved them into her mouth, “I told you to be quiet” he growled.

As Brady picked up the intensity, Brooklyn responded by pushing back hard against his thrusts. Brady was surprised when she reached back with both hands, grabbing for his. Once she found his hands, they lock wrists and he pulled Brooklyn’s upper body off the bed leaving only her knees touching. Using each other for leverage, the two of them fucked like caged animals in heat, the sound of their bodies slapping together filling the room.

It did not take long before Brady felt another orgasm building in his balls. Just when Brady thought he could not hold back any longer, Brooklyn squeezed her eyes shut and groaned in orgasmic pleasure as her pussy clamped down on his cock. That was all it took to throw him over the same edge, pumping Brooklyn full of his come before collapsing on top of her.

After a few minutes, Brady rolled off Brooklyn and they curled up together in the center of the bed.


“Coach Mac, it’s Jennifer, I cannot find Brooklyn."






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