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Taken by My High School Gym Teacher

Gym teacher does the nasty
I was 16, a junior in high school, and yes I had a very bad attitude! I easily earned A's without even trying but I gave every one of my teachers such a terrible time that they probably all turned into drunks having to deal with the extra stress! All except my gym teacher, he dealt with me in a different way.

While my other teachers would send me to the counselor's office when I acted up, he would make me run laps or do sit-ups or push-ups, until one day he came up with a better punishment for me. I had gym last period of the day and today I was in an exceptionally bad mood, I had had a fight with my boyfriend at lunch and I was going to take it all out on poor Mr. O.
Mr. O was definitely the youngest teacher in the building, probably no more than 28 at the time and yes he was HOT, we all talked about his great bod and some of us lucky ones had caught occasional glimpses of his cock and balls through his shorts.

At the end of class Mr. O told me to meet him in his office, my friends patted me on the back and said they would see me later, the boys made disgusting noises as if Mr. O was going to pump me in his office. After I showered and changed I walked as slowly as possible down the quiet hallway leading to his door, I could hear him on the phone, it sounded like to his wife he was talking in a very low sexy tone and I thought I heard him say "I love you".

I stomped on in and he motioned for me to sit down. He ended his call and went over and shut and I thought lock his door. "T, all year you have been riding my ass doing everything possible to be disruptive and just a real pain, it has GOT to stop! You are such a bright, beautiful girl, why are you such a smart ass?" He continued on with his lecture while sitting on the front of his desk right in front of me. I stared at the floor, the ceiling, my shoes, my new nail polish, basically anywhere but at him which was further pissing him off. "Okay come over here NOW!"

He said in a low, cold voice as he grabbed me by one arm and dragged me around the other side of his desk. He picked me up and sat me on top of his desk and then he sat in his chair in front of me. "Mr. O if I tell my dad what you just did to me he will KILL you!" I said in shock.

"You won't tell anyone anything, you are going to shut up and do exactly as I tell you from this moment on," he said with a very cocky smile. He pushed my short skirt up and pulled my panties down and off. Now I was scared, he was bigger than me and no one else would be coming back to his office at this time of the day.

I thought I better just keep my mouth shut, he was just trying to scare me and if I was quiet he would let me go. Mr. O started running his hands up from calves to my thighs and down again, it really felt good how soft he was doing it, my boyfriend never did that to me and I was getting wet. Then he reached between my legs and started touching my pussy lips and tracing my juice up onto my clit and giving it quick rubs. I was starting to squirm on his desk noticeably and I could see he had quite a hard-on straining through his pants.

"What are you going to do to me Mr. O?" I asked still pretty afraid.

"First I am going to start licking your pussy and then I will decide after that." And he spread my legs and started to finger me while teasing my clit with his tongue. GOD he was good!!

I knew I was going to cum quickly! My boyfriend was nowhere near this good and he usually had to use a vibrator on me to make me cum. I was really pushing my pussy against his fingers and tongue and then it happened I came SOOOOOO hard! He looked up at me and smiled. "Now will you promise to be a good girl for me in class?"

He stood up and pulled out his cock, he was about to shove it in me, then decided to get me off the desk and have me bend over it instead. He started to pump me hard when we both heard someone trying to open the door.....

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