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Taking care of Steven

My son's best friend had a huge problem.

My son’s best friend, Steven, had been in a car accident and his parents had trusted me to take care of him. I had worked as a nurse before getting married and becoming a housewife, so I knew that I could help Steven get better. He had broken his right arm and needed some bed rest to recover before returning to school.

“I made you lunch,” I said, standing outside the guest room.

I opened the door and saw him grimacing as he sat up on the bed.

“Thank you,” he said.

I placed the tray next to him and notice that he would have a hard time eating with his left hand. I would have to feed him like I had done with many patients in the past.

“Here,” I said, bringing the fork up to his mouth.

He looked embarrassed as he ate and I told the 16-year old Steven, “Hey, I used to bathe you when you were a baby.”

He replied with a smile, “Speaking of that, I smell like crap.”

“We’ll get you showered after you finish,” I said.

After breakfast, we went over to the bathroom to figure out how he would shower.

“Get the showerhead so you don’t wet the cast,” I said.

“Okay,” he said, slowly pulling up his shirt.

“Let me help you undress,” I said.

His bare chest came into view as I carefully helped him remove his shirt. He tugged his shorts down from the left side, and I helped him by pulling down on the right side. He was down to just his boxers and ready to get in the shower.

 “I’m gonna need help,” he said, looking at the showerhead.

“Yeah, it’s a pain to soap up and rinse with just one hand,” I said.

I grabbed the showerhead and pointed it at the wall before turning on the warm water.

“Let me soap up the sponge,” I said, handing him the showerhead.

Once that was done, I gave him the sponge and got the showerhead again. I ran the stream of water on his body but was careful not to wet the cast. He began soaping himself up while I moved the showerhead around to his back and down his legs. I then came back to his front and wet from his feet up to his belly button, avoiding aiming the showerhead at his bulge.

After he soaped up everywhere he could reach, he turned away from me to clean under his boxers. I rinsed his back and legs before he turned around with a more noticeable bulge. It was hard not to look but I continued moving the showerhead to rinse all the soap.

By the time I turned off the water, his bulge was even bigger and trying to free itself from his tight boxers. I placed the showerhead back in its place and went to get him a change of clothes. I returned to see him awkwardly drying himself and it gave me another chance to look down at his boxers.

I moved my eyes away before he could catch me looking and I handed him his clean clothes. I grabbed another towel to dry his back and then knelt to dry his legs. I dried his feet and then moved to the side to dry the front of his legs and thighs, which put me really close to the enormous bulge under his wet boxers. I looked at it quickly before nonchalantly moving up to continue drying him.

“Finish off while I change your bed sheets,” I said then exited the bathroom.

I walked to the guest room but realized that the clean bed sheets were in the bathroom. I turned back to the bathroom but stopped when I saw his naked reflection on the mirror through the ajar door. He moved the towel away to expose the wonderful tool between his legs.

“That’s unreal,” I thought, looking at the size of his penis.

I had never cared about penis size, five or seven inches didn’t matter to me, but this was different. It was bigger than any penis I had ever seen and it could easily land him a spot in the porn industry. I didn’t want to look away from it, but I couldn’t have him catch me looking. I walked away with my heart pounding in my chest and feeling a hotness over my entire body.

I had taken care of him throughout his childhood and what I had just seen made me feel strange. I would have never imagined any of this and it didn’t help that the images of his tool wouldn’t go away from my mind.

I took a few deep breaths to calm down but they were of no use. I walked back to the bathroom, feeling my hands and legs shaking, and saw that he was already back in his room. I grabbed the clean bed sheets and took a few seconds before going to face him.

“Hey, I had forgotten the sheets were in there,” I said, seeing him without a shirt and feeling my face get even hotter.

“I’d help you but I can’t even put on a shirt,” he said, lifting the shirt for me to see.

I smiled and walked over to help him put on the shirt. I looked down right when he put the shirt over his head and notice the bulge was still there. I then took the pillows and bed sheets off the bed. He was standing behind me as I changed the sheets, which required me to get on the bed to reach the top-left corner of the bed. I reached lower to properly place the sheet and inadvertently gave him a perfect view of my shapely butt in my red yoga pants.

“There you go,” I said, getting off the bed.

“Thanks,” he said.

He slowly laid down on the bed and rested his head on the pillow. I sat next to him and noticed that his position made his bulge tent his shorts and it was impossible for me not to look. I looked away from it and for some inexplainable reason I looked directly at his eyes.

I broke the eye contact and said, “Sorry.”

“No, I just can’t help it,” he said.

“It’s okay, not the first time it happens to a patient,” I said, looking down at my feet.

I remembered the many patients I had sucked off back in my days as a nurse, ranging from boys his age to older men.

“It’s just embarrassing,” he said.

“It happens, it’s common for guys with broken arms and such,” I explained.

“Yeah, I bet,” he said with a forced laugh.

“You should get some relief before it starts hurting,” I said in a professional tone.

We made eye contact again and his eyes told me everything I needed to know. I got up to lock the door, but he must have thought I was leaving because I saw his left hand grabbing his bulge through his shorts when I turned back.

“Don’t ever tell anyone,” I said, reaching for the waistband of his shorts.

Giving oral sex was something I loved doing but my husband wasn’t into receiving it or much less giving it. Using different techniques to make a man orgasm was so much fun for me, especially if he was a patient of mine needing some help.

I freed his huge tool and looked back into his eyes before grabbing his shaft with both of my hands. I opened my mouth and that was when I realized just how big he was. I could barely fit his thickness in my mouth but couldn’t take enough of his length for my lips to touch my hand. I stroked him with both hands while I tasted the precum on his head. I then gently squeezed his shaft and slapped his head against my flat tongue.

I opened my mouth so wide around his head that my jaw hurt, but I was determined to fit in as much as I could. I slowly took in more and more but took him out of my mouth when I felt like I was going to gag. I licked from the base of his shaft all the way up to his head and went back to taking him deep. I forced myself to take as much length as possible and this time I did gag. My eyes watered as my juices soaked my panties.

I returned my hands to stroking his thick shaft, which reminded me of using one of those shake weights. I sealed my lips tightly around his shaft and then took him out of my mouth with a loud pop. I repeated that a few times, which got him groaning in pleasure. I licked all around his head with my flat tongue then took him back into my mouth.

I switched the motion of my strokes, with one hand stroking out to the right like in a counter-clockwise motion and the other hand doing the opposite. I was in a nice rhythm sucking on his head when we heard the front door open. My son was home!

“The door is locked,” I told Steven, “But let’s finish up.”

My hands jerked him faster while my mouth went back to work on his head. His throbbing cock felt so good in my hands but I didn’t have more time to keep enjoying it. His precum tasted delicious and it was time for me to get the full load.

Moments later, we heard my 16-year old son knock on the door and say, “I’m home.”

I took him out of my mouth and yelled, “We’ll be out soon!”

He pushed his hips slightly upwards and I let go of his shaft so he could fuck my mouth.

“I’m gonna cum,” he said as he continued thrusting into my mouth.

I looked at his face and it filled me with lust to see him enjoy my mouth so much. I sealed my lips tightly around his head and once again returned my hands to his shaft.

“Ahhh!” he exploded into my mouth.

I continued sucking his head and stroking him while his delicious cum shot into my mouth.

“Are you going to make lunch?” my son asked from outside the door.

I swallowed and told Steven, “That was my lunch.”

We smiled at each other then I kissed his cock before helping him put on his shorts and boxers. I turned to look at my reflection in the mirror and felt him squeeze my ass.

“We’re gonna have to wait till tomorrow,” I told him before exiting the room.

“What were you doing?” my son asked, standing in the hallway looking down at his phone.

“I was giving Steven some physical therapy,” I lied.

Later that afternoon, the three of us were in the living room watching a movie and it was hard to concentrate on the screen with Steven sitting next to me. We had a blanket covering our lower bodies and the thoughts of what I had done with Steven earlier wouldn’t go away. Those thoughts made me want to reach for his cock, but I didn’t want to run the risk with my son sitting next to us.

That kept playing in my mind until my son went to the kitchen to grab a snack. I took the opportunity to move my hand under the blanket and place it on Steven’s thigh. He turned to look at me, and I gently squeezed his thigh to give him a hint of what I was thinking.

When my son returned to the couch, I raised my left knee to tent the blanket and shield my hand movement from my him. I looked at my son from the corner of my eye before moving my hand over Steven’s cock. I rubbed his erection lightly, careful not to attract my son’s attention our way. Feeling his cock made me want more and it made my pussy hot and wet like it had been earlier in the day.

I continued the light touching for a couple of minutes then I asked my son, “Can you make some popcorn?”

I used that as an excuse to get my hand under Steven’s boxers and grab his shaft. I looked at my son in the kitchen and gave Steven some good stroking.

“I’m so wet,” I told Steven.

His left hand found its way between my thighs and rubbed my pussy over my yoga pants.

“I wanna fuck you so bad,” he said.

We continued pleasuring each other until we heard the microwave beeping. Steven moved his hand away, and I slowed down the movement of my hand on his cock. My son brought the popcorn to me and I placed it between my legs so Steven and I could eat while I played with his cock.

I reached for his head and felt it was lubricated with precum. I ran my thumb and index finger over his head to get them wet with precum then brought my hand out from underneath the blanket to lick my fingers. It had a nice taste but it didn’t compare to the load I had swallowed earlier.

Steven looked at me in surprise then returned his hand under the blanket. This time he went for more, as he moved his hand under my yoga pants to rub my pussy over my soaked panties. He rubbed circles over my clit before moving my panties aside and touching my bare wetness. Like I had done, he removed his hand from underneath the blanket and brought his fingers to his mouth. It was incredibly erotic to see that, especially since I had just done the same with his precum.

I looked over at the kitchen clock and lied, “Steven, it’s time for your other therapy.”

We left the living room and made our way to the guest room.

“Therapy, huh?” he asked with a smile.

I looked down the hall to make sure my son was still in the living room and then I locked the door while Steven got in bed. I then walked over next to him to free his cock from his shorts and boxers. I took him into my mouth and sucked him a little bit before turning around to pull down my yoga pants.

“You’re beautiful,” he said, caressing my ass.

I smiled and kissed him on the lips before getting on top of him in the reverse cowgirl position, which would be the most comfortable since his arm was broken. I moved my lace thong to the side and reached around my back to grab his thick shaft. I rubbed his head over my clit before aiming it at my wet opening. I eased down on his tool inch by inch, hearing him groan and feeling my pussy stretch to accommodate his length and thickness. I hadn’t been penetrated in over a year and it felt wonderful to sit on Steven’s cock.

I took a few seconds to get used to the feeling of having him completely inside of me before I leaned forward to place my hands on the bed. I slowly moved up and came back down his length, enjoying the feeling of fullness inside of me.

“Ohhh,” I moaned.

He spread out my left ass cheek to get a better view of how I was riding his cock and that made me want to make things even hotter. I moved up his length, only keeping his head inside of me, and held that position for a few seconds to tease him before dropping back down. I repeated that one more time and then began riding him faster.

I lustfully bounced on his cock like a porn star, not caring that my son was home and that I was cheating on my husband.

“Uughh,” he moaned.

I kept bouncing on his cock, increasing our pleasure and getting us closer to a delicious finish. I could feel a deep orgasm building and it gave me the feeling of wanting to urinate. I had gone too long without such pleasure and my body was reacting like it would be my last time having sex.

The feeling inside me kept growing and it was impossible to hold it back. I brought my right hand over my mouth and sat on his entire length.

“Ahhhh! Mmmmnngg!” I muffled my cries with my hand as I experienced squirting for the first time.

“Uunnggh!” he exploded inside of me while my long stream of juices ran down to his body.

I slowly raised myself off him and noticed that my juices had left a wet spot on the bed. My legs were shaky but that didn’t stop me from bending over to clean his cock with my mouth. It was delicious to taste his cum and my juices on his cock.

“You’re unbelievable,” he said. “I’m coming here more often.”

“Please do,” I said with a smile.

I helped him get dressed and then took off my thong.

“You can keep it,” I said, handing him the soaked panty.

We smiled at each other then I turned around to pick up my yoga pants. He gave my bare ass a light slap and then grabbed me by the waist once I had pulled up the pants. He pulled me closer, pressing his hard cock against my ass.

I turned to kiss him and rubbed his cock through his shorts. “I would love a second round but my husband is about to get home,” I said.

Later that night, I was in bed with my husband sleeping next to me and the guilt started weighing heavily on me. I felt bad for cheating on my husband with my son’s friend, but I tried justifying myself with the fact that I had known Steven since he was a baby and that I cared for him. The truth was that what was done was done and the only thing I could do was control my next move. I would surely keep questioning myself but the answer was already between my thighs.

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