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Taking Her to New Heights

The journey continues with my beautiful lover…
We had missed each other so much, my lover and me. It seemed like forever since we were last together. It seemed like it but it had been a matter of days.

Ours is an exciting relationship, a wonderful combination of loving tenderness filled with raw, passionate sexuality. Soon she will be walking into our hotel room, reserved once again for the day. And there she is, as beautiful as I’ve ever seen her.

I take hold of her hand and draw her to my lips for an initial kiss. Damn, she is delicious…every single, fucking time. Soon the tenderness falls prey to the urgent passion.

I startle her when I pin her arms to the wall above her head, holding them down by her wrists with a single hand. My other hand begins to take liberties, slowly feeling her up belly and then caressing her luscious ass encased inside her tight yoga pants. Soon my hand slips beneath the fabric and finds her glorious mounds and now, the exploration is on.

“Hmmmmm, you shaved for me….good girl!” I hiss as my fingers slide through her moist pink folds.

“Yes Sir, that’s exactly what you requested…” her breathing is labored as she stares into my dark eyes.

Her juices are flowing as I ensure that she’s good and ready for our day. As I remove my fingers and draw them inside my lips her eyes close tightly and a low moan escapes her lips. My hand now rests on her hip then rises over the top of her workout shirt, pinching and caressing each pointy nipple as it passes by. Finally I reach her gorgeous face and her smoldering eyes once again capture my heart. I pass over her cheek, sliding to the back of her neck, grabbing it firmly then forcing her mouth to mine. This is my lover and yes, I am her Master.

I release her lips just as I undo her tied down hair, allowing it to flow down and cover her fit, golden shoulders. I grab her hair harshly and it shocks her when I pull her head back and sink my teeth into her neck, nibbling on her flesh.

“Go! Take your shower and get ready for me!” and quick as that she is off and running. Within seconds the water is flowing and the sultry sound of her beautiful voice is filling the bathroom as she sings her heart out.

In preparation for today, I asked her to wear three things: a silky, sexy nightie, panties and very high heels. When she reenters the room she is dressed to the nines. She looks ravishing. It surprises me to find that she’s wearing four items...the three I requested and the earrings I had given her last week. Damn does she look gorgeous!

I walk her over to the window and ask her to look down at the busy street below. As my cock rises beneath the lingerie and bounces excitedly against her sex, I wrap my arms around her breasts and waist. It is there that she finds a construction crew, four men preparing the sidewalk area for new concrete. Apparently on a break, they stand munching on goodies and drinking their coffees, talking and laughing. We can hear them faintly through the glass.

“Do you see them baby?” I ask as she stands in front of me at the window. My hand is slowly stroking her taut belly and perky breasts.

She nods her head in reply.

“Do you see the guy on the far left, kind of looks like Ray doesn’t he?” Ray is one of the guys who works for me. He’s always been fixated on her - thinks she’s so damn hot - and she knows it.

“Yeah, he does,” she says, staring down with squinting eyes.

“And what was it again that you told me about Ray? How did you say it?” I’ve got her hardened nipple beneath my thumb and forefinger, twisting it, practically crushing it just the way she likes it. She can barely breathe as she answers me.

“I told you that whenever he looks at me I can tell he’s undressing me with his eyes...He wants to have his way with me…”

“Yes you did. Can I ask you a question baby?”

“Yes Sir…”

“Have you ever wanted men to watch as you were making love?” My hands have settled on both sides of her lingerie now and I’m slowly peeling it over her head. I swear she’s either going to come or she’s going to faint.

She moans loudly...lewdly...“Oh baby...please...”

I check her panties and, as expected, they are soaked. What catches me off guard is how her nectar is also streaming down the inside of her thighs.

“You didn’t answer me...” SMACK! My hand lays hard into her ass.

“Ahhhhh...Yes, yes Sir, I’ve often dreamed of having others watch me get fucked!”

Her response sends blood rushing to my cock. I pound on the glass loudly until all four of them are gazing up at our window. With lust-filled craze they are staring at my nearly naked lover, her breasts heaving as she gasps with excitement. I make her step back a little then guide her to bend at the waist until she is leaning against the window frame. Her sweet ass, with the aid of her five inch heels, is jutting up into the air. I drop to the floor and crawl beneath her.

“Keep your eyes on them baby,” I tease. “Just smile at them baby as they watch you come!”

At first contact my tongue just sweeps over her slick panties, taking in her musky warmth and sweet taste. I soon grow tired of the barrier and pull them down and off her gorgeous legs. Slowly my tongue rolls across her body, from her tight brown hole, through her steamy folds up to her hardened nub. As soon as I reach her clit her body convulses in a world class come and I take hold of her legs both to steady her and to drive my tongue deeper. It is unclear what they are saying but the men outside are in an uproar, yelling and laughing.

“Did they like that baby? Did you like coming for them?” I tease. She places her hand behind my head and tries to gently, yet firmly, guide me back to her pussy.

“Yesssssssssssss....please, PLEASE don’t stop Sir!”

With wild abandon my mouth reengages with her cunt. The angle isn’t great so I scoot back closer to the wall and slide two fingers up her snatch. Her G spot is easy to find and she responds immediately. As my tongue sucks on her thimble and my fingers fuck her, she practically collapses on top of me in a heap as her body loses control again. In spite of the pounding in my ears and her ragged, uneven breathing, the sound of cheering erupts from outside again. I clean my fingers first - I can never get enough of her sweet pussy - and then lick up her thighs and finally clean up her honey pot until it is as dry as it’s going to be. I stand beside her, placing one hand on her belly and the other on her juicy ass. Her skin is moist, hot... She is staring blankly out the window and when I look down at the men they erupt into cheers yet one more time. She looks so damn beautiful...absolutely breath taking...

“I’m not done with you baby” I say, moving the lounge chair over. I stack pillows on top of it, and place it directly in front of the window. I guide her to lean her torso against the high back rest until her breasts are hanging over the top of it. I push her belly down until it is being caressed by the deep bed of pillows.

“Are you good baby?” I ask, patting her lovely ass and sliding my hands down her long tan legs.

“Yes....I’m so good!” she says breathily.

“Yes you are!”

I take her left wrist, attach the restraint and then secure both of her legs by her ankles. In her right hand I’ve placed the big vibrating toy and told her to hold it to her pussy. I don’t need to tell her twice. Her beautiful, submissive body is crawling toward another orgasm as her body humps her hand and the chair beneath her. We are positioned perfectly in front of the window again. Taking both ass cheeks in hand and spreading them wide, I lean in just as she’s about to lose it on her fake cock. I extend my tongue and bathe her anal ring with long, circular strokes as she screams out her come. I hold on tight to her hips, she’s flailing around so much, her body shivering and quaking in pleasure. I take the Astroglide and lube my cock, preparing myself by kneeling down behind her. Once I’m ready I lean in close to her ear and whisper in it.

“Hmmm...those nasty boys just texted baby. You know what they want now?”

“No Sir, what have they requested?” she says faintly, her body still spiraling out of control.

“Oh my baby!” I hiss as I grab hold of her neck, pulling her head back to me. “They want me to fuck your ass!” She is moaning like a banshee when I push my slick thumb right up her ass. Her body’s ability to orgasm is beyond belief. She is pounding her cunt as she readies for yet another release.

“Oh fuck, Michael! FUCK YES!!!”

“Yes baby, that’s exactly what I intend to do!” I growl as I pull the drapes completely open and look down at the men. My hard cock is knocking at her back door as she begs me to take her ass and fuck her good. When my mushroomed head is leaning on her puckered hole, a deep moan reverberates throughout the room. Slowly I creep inside her pleasure packed hole. Inch by inch I lose my cock into her until I’m completely buried inside and pounding her ass mercilessly. And yes, I can feel the large vibrating toy that has filled her cunny, shimmying against my raging cock.

“Fuck yes baby, you feel so good…Damn!!!”

Somehow she is squeezing my cock with her rectal muscles, effectively milking her man into some sort of euphoric frenzy. Holy shit, this feels good.

“I’m going to come!” My right hand is swatting her meaty, lovely ass, jiggling with each blow as I leave a large imprint of my hand. The other is still holding onto her neck. Now I’m biting her earlobe as I scream that I’m coming as shot after shot fills her sexy ass. Along the way, my precious lover has joined me in a come or two of her own...

We spend the remainder of our time lying in each others arms, talking, petting and cuddling the day away until alas it was time for us to go. We love each other and we love sex. We love to play together and we love to fuck. We are so loving and tender towards one another it is scary. Before the day is over she hands me a beautiful card – an amazing card. I think it might be the most precious gift I’ve ever received...

And so concludes another bucket list day, a day I will not soon forget. As a matter of fact, everyday with her is an unforgettable day. Yes Sir, it’s been one helluva ride...

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