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Taking The Babysitter

Passionate fantasies of our babysitter, Debbie, become reality.
"You know dear," I blurted, "if you’re going to ogle my husband like he's a piece of meat, you may as well get a closer look."

Debbie, our babysitter for the last two years, blushed scarlet and averted her gaze. Granted, Michael was looking just fantastic tonight, flashing his white teeth and dark eyes in a grin that lit his face with burning sexual desire. That probably had something to do with me saying what I’d said. That, on top of the fact that we'd been teasing each other about her crush on him for months, plus the fact that we'd been bantering sexually all night at dinner. And I'd gone without panties. I was charged up and ready, and my pussy was doing the talking.

I stepped up to her boldly, closing the space and standing inappropriately near her, my breasts brushing against her upper arm. I whispered into her ear through her sandy blonde hair.

"He's as good as you dream, you know," I hissed. I was standing close enough to feel her slight tremble. She tried to step back but she was against the wall. I stepped with her, pressing her flat against it, my breasts against hers. Fuck, I need hot, crazy sex, and I am gonna get it from her AND my husband. "You want a closer look at him?" I put my lips to her ear and flicked the inside with the tip of my tongue. She whimpered.

I reached out my hand to Michael and he took it, and I pulled him to us. Releasing his hand, I slid mine to his ass and pulled him into us, pressing his body against hers. "Is that what you want, Debbie? You want my man? Want to see him up close?"

Michael, bless him, knew what I was about. We'd played out the scene so many times in bed. He leaned his torso into her, towering over her small frame. She put her dainty manicured hands up at his chest but didn't push back. Slowly she lifted her face to his, and Michael glared down at her.

"You think I haven't noticed, Debbie?" he growled, low in his chest. "The way you look at me? The way you want me?" She inhaled sharply and he kept it up. "You think I don't feel the same?" She looked to me for help, confused and nervous. "Don't look to Monica. She won't rescue you." He leaned into her other ear while I kissed the lobe on my side, nibbling with my lips. "She wants you, too!"

The girl practically melted for us. If we hadn't had her sandwiched between us I think she'd have dissolved into a liquid pool. Oh, I thought, this is going to be perfect!

I reached down to the front of Michael's pants and fondled his growing bulge. I'd had him hard off and on all night. My fingers found his zipper and slowly worked it down. Sliding my hand inside the fly, I snarled into Debbie's ear, rubbing my tits on her arm.

"You want to see, Debbie? You wanna see what my man has, what he fucks me with?" Inside, I wrapped my fingers around his rapidly filling shaft. I pulled, worked the head out, and pulled him free, holding his cock in my grasp. With my other hand I pushed her head down.

She gasped.

"There, is that what you want? Does young Debbie want that big man’s cock?" Fuck, this is the dirtiest thing i’ve ever done! I waggled it up at her. Michael was fully hard now, exposed and rigid for our little babysitter. "Look at it Debbie. Tell him. Tell him you love his cock. Tell him how much you want it."

She turned to me, eyes wide and dark and wet, and bit her lip.

"Yes, I want it," she whispered.

I leaned into her, kissed her hard. Her lips were soft and full and they parted as I slipped my tongue into her mouth, and then her hands were on me, gripping my waist as I stroked Michael with one hand and held the back of her head with the other. I felt her tongue against mine, timid and soft, and I shoved mine deeper into her mouth. I slipped my hand from Michael’s shaft and grabbed her wrist, pulled it off my hip, guiding it to Michael’s crotch. My fingers twined into hers, the back of her hand in my palm as I wrapped us around the throbbing flesh. She sighed into my mouth and I pulled back from the kiss.

"Tell him," I said, low and slow.

She turned, looked up at Michael. "Please, I... I want your cock," she told him.

His face broke into a devious grin and she cowered under his gaze, but didn't look away. I felt her hand under mine, squeezing him, taking his measure. Hefting the weight.

"On your knees, Debbie," Michael told her. Now it was my turn to tremble. So many times we'd teased each other about this, and now I was holding one of her hands while she held his cock with the other and sinking to her knees against the den wall, looking up at Michael so innocently and flushed with desire. She kept her eyes on his until her chin bumped his cockhead.

And then she stared at it, up close and personal. I scrambled to my knees next to her, wanting to share in her moment.

"It's lovely, isn't it, Debbie?" I whispered to her, wrapping my arm around her waist. "Give it a kiss, sweetie, go ahead." I held my breath as she pursed her lips and met his glistening plum, smearing the drop of pre-cum. When she pulled back the drop coated her lips and stretched between them. I squeezed her.

"Do it, Debbie." I kissed her cheek. Her lips parted and she moved her head forward, letting the tip inside. She inhaled slowly and opened wider, taking the whole fat spongy head inside her mouth. Her eyes closed in reverence and wonder.

I felt a chill run through me unbidden, as the pretty blonde girl sucked delicately at the flesh, her cheeks caving in as she drew him inside. I stroked her back, played with her hair, and touched her face. My fingertips trailed along the meeting of her lips and shaft. She pulled back, licked his length and swirled her tongue around the head.

"There's a good girl," I cooed, "love his cock, baby, I know you want to." I brushed her hair behind her shoulder and kissed the tender skin of her neck, below the ear. I wrapped my fingers in the hair behind her head as I trailed kisses up her neck, breathing hotly into her ear. "Suck his beautiful cock, Debbie."

She opened, took him inside and I pushed her head firmly. She resisted a little as her head moved towards Michael, who pressed forward to meet my pushing hand, as though a choreographed dance. Debbie's eyes sprung open wide as she felt the head push against the back of her mouth.

"Shhh, let it in, baby, it's okay," I urged, and she gagged a little but allowed us to push her onto him. I watched as Michael’s cock disappeared into her mouth, heard her whimper, watched her neck bulge as the head pushed into her throat. My breath quickened as hers blew out through her nose. I reached to her chest and cupped a breast, squeezing and kneading it. Small and firm, a little bigger than a tennis ball. She coughed and a line of drool ran down from her open mouth and hung off her chin in a delightful display of wanton desire and surrender. I shuffled on my knees, moving my body against her, one hand on her head and the other fondling her young breast. I moved my legs apart, my skirt hiking up as I pressed my pulsing wet cunt against her hip.

Ah, contact!

Michael pulled back and I watched his spit-slicked shaft emerge, glistening and gorgeous, a monument to desire. A thick strand of saliva stretched between his balls and her chin. And then I was kissing her again, her lips wet and puffy from sucking cock, and my tongue delved deep inside her mouth, meeting hers, her mouth open wide to accept me. I slid my hand down her belly to the crotch of her jeans and rubbed her mound, feeling the moist heat emanating from her. I scraped a single fingernail along the seam, teasing her through the heavy fabric, hearing her moan into my kiss.

Damn, I was hot for her!

Michael and I had been dreaming of this day for weeks, from the first time I'd mentioned her sweet little sexy body while riding his cock. His eyes had opened wide, dumbstruck. We'd talked dirty about her all through that fuck, and almost constantly since then. The idea of us having her, seducing her, had been on my mind almost incessantly, and today as we'd gone out, it was the thought of her that made me leave my panties off. I'd known before she'd arrived that tonight would be the night.

Her nubile young body squirmed as my fingernail made several slow courses across her pussy through the denim crotch. I broke the kiss and stared into her face. Her pupils were wide and dark, her eyes glistening, lips wet and slightly parted. Michael, my wonderful, sexy, hung husband, had taken the moment as we'd kissed to strip his pants off, and he reached for her head, turning her face to him and shifting forward, cock raised. He rested his thick shaft alongside her nose and pressed his big shaved balls to her mouth. I panted at the sight as her tongue slipped out, dividing his ball sack, the heavy globes shifting as her tongue pushed between them. Her neck elongated as she traversed the underside of his stiff rod, from balls to tip.

"Yes, you've been dreaming of this, haven't you, Debbie?" I cooed into her ear. I lowered my voice to a whisper and confided in her. "So have we, baby. You’re so sexy, Debbie, so gorgeous and sexy." I trailed the tip of my tongue inside her ear as she sucked one of Michael’s balls into her hungry mouth. "We both want you," I hissed.

She looked at me from the corner of her eye, a hint of wariness on her face. My hand cupped her mound, the heel pressing her clit firmly, and she moaned. "That’s right, baby, me too."

Her eyelids flickered and her whites showed as her eyes rolled back, her cheeks sinking in as she sucked the fat testicle. I pulled my hand away, grabbed her purse from the floor where she'd dropped it, and dug her phone out. I pulled her off my husband’s balls, watching one pop from her lips, wet and shiny.

"Call home," I told her, "tell them you'll be late, that we were delayed, we’re running late and you’ll will be home later," I directed. Then I smiled and added, "Let them know you might stay here, sleep over, that we said it was okay."

She whimpered.

As she punched the buttons, I sucked Michael's cock, wet with her saliva and relishing the idea that my mouth was where hers had just been. He stripped off his shirt and shoes and stood naked now, in all his masculine glory, his flat stomach, his hairy chest and broad shoulders. As I sucked his fat cockhead and listened to Debbie calling home, I extended a hand to her chest, slipping it inside her blouse, inside her bra, cupping her warm handful and gently kneading, feeling her erect nipple pressing into my palm. Fuck, I want that little nub in my mouth! I knew she was watching me suck, watching me enjoy and wanting to have another turn.

Soon, I thought.

When she said goodbye she put the phone away and I pulled off my husband’s slick shaft. I helped her to her feet and the three of us made it to the bedroom. She looked so timid and overwhelmed as I laid her on her back on the bed. She looked at me with frightened, wild eyes as I unbuttoned her shirt. Her white lace bra came into view, looking so delectable, offering me her breasts. I sucked in a breath. She turned away, looking past me, biting her lip. I smiled at her. I knew Michael was opening her jeans.

"Hush, baby," I soothed, undoing the front clasp and lowering my head as the cups fell away. "Just enjoy." Her breasts were luscious little mounds of pure white flesh tipped by hard pink nipples. I trailed my tongue up the underside of one while my fingers found the opposite nipple and pinched, feeling the firm rubbery nub give and resist. My lips descended on its twin and I felt her shift as Michael pulled her jeans down her legs.

The firm fleshy nub felt so perfect in my mouth and I swooned a little, finally feeling what I'd desired for so long. My pussy gushed in response, releasing my juices as I knelt over her, sucking and pulling her pink buds, her tiny squeals sending electrical charges through me. I felt her knees pressed up against my side and I looked up at her, nipple held between my teeth. I knew it was Michael, behind me, opening her legs wide, and I wanted to see her face as it happened.

I wasn't disappointed. Beautiful innocent Debbie gaped at me, her eyebrows lifting, her mouth dropping open in surprise, wonder and eager anticipation.

She probably thought he she was getting the cock right away. Not so fast, my sweet little girl! I watched her face as she watched him over my shoulder, seeing his smiling face in her expression as he lowered his head between her legs.

She let out a little squeal before closing her eyes and throwing her head back. I knew Michael had his tongue inside her and she was delighting in his work. Seeing her enjoy the sensations flooding her, I made my move. I released her tiny pink bud, hiked up my skirt and knelt upright, throwing a leg over her chest, my back to my husband. I poised there, my wet pussy open and dripping just inches from her chin, and waited until she opened her eyes. I wanted her to see me, see my cunt waiting for her.

I wanted to see her want it.

It took only a few seconds before she opened her eyes, crying out as my husband flicked her clit. She gasped and her lids flew open. I think she was expecting to see the top of his head between her legs, but all she saw was my aching, open slit, inches from her.

"But," she managed to squeak, "but I thought..."

"Oh, no, sweetie," I assured her, lowering my hips. "We both want you. You want me, too," I assured her as I lowered my cunt closer to her face. Her expression was uncertain, but flashes of desire crossed her face as Michael continued his oral work on her. I wanted her to do the same to me, but as much as I wanted to shove myself in her face and make her do it, I waited. Waited for her to want to do it. I looked down at her, my eyes pleading, my brain urging silently.

So slowly, her lips parted and she lifted her mouth to me, placing a small, hesitant kiss on my pussy lips. Electricity coursed through me like a power surge and I heard myself gasp. She looked at me and smiled, her face lighting with the reaction. Her tiny pink tongue slipped out and touched my labia, teasing between them and traveling slowly up my slit. I felt my juices spill out and saw on her face that she tasted me. She grazed near my clit before pulling away and I resisted the urge to shove myself at her face. But, fuck, I needed her bad!

I heard slurping sounds behind me and her mouth opened and her eyes widened. Michael, I knew, was sucking her clit and flicking it with his tongue. I felt a sudden pang of jealousy that he was enjoying her and I wasn't, that he was making her feel good and I wasn't. Her face eased and she gazed at me with a devilish smirk.

And she took my cunt with her mouth.

Oh, fuck, it was glorious!

I stroked her hair, caressing her head as her tongue slipped inside my opening. My pussy opened for her, welcoming her lips, expressing its need into her mouth. I felt her lips pulling, her mouth sucking, her tongue, her lovely little tongue, exploring and licking and delving and stroking. I threw my head back and wallowed in the waves of pleasure she pushed through me, sating my need, meeting my desires and exceeding them.

I'd been excited for hours, on the edge all the way home, and on a hair trigger from the time we'd begun our game. I'd resisted touching myself because I was so close. I'd felt the tingle, wanted desperately to cum. And as I looked at our pretty babysitter Debbie, licking my pussy (her first, I assumed) I was ready to explode in seconds. When she puckered her lips over my clit and suckled and stroked the dam burst so suddenly it was like an assault. I felt my insides turn out, my body shaking and trembling as I came into her mouth, holding her head and calling out her name.

She stopped licking halfway through my climax, crying out her own as Michael gave her what she'd given me. Needing the stimulation I stroked my dripping crotch over her chin and nose, muffling her cries as I rode the ending of my orgasm. When I was done, I pulled away and watched her face, the beautiful face of a pretty girl, flushed and wet and glowing in her delight.

I stretched my body over her, squashing my breasts on hers, grinding my cunt into her as I pushed Michael’s face back with my butt. As I kissed her, tasting myself as I sucked her tongue, my sexy man pushed his face between my butt cheeks, his tongue tantalizing my back door.

"Fuck, Debbie," I mumbled through our wet kiss, "Michael is licking my asshole, baby, it feels so good!" She whimpered at my words and kissed me harder, her hands pulling at my head as her tongue speared my mouth. We slobbered and moaned and shared my juices as we squirmed against each other, my cunt rubbing hers as Michael rimmed me. I was in heaven!

I pulled away suddenly, lifting myself on my arms, looking deep into her arms. "He's going to fuck you," I told her, and she nodded, biting her lower lip. "He's going to fuck us both with his big cock, baby," I continued, "but before he fucks your tight little cunt, I want some." I was panting, my tongue licking my dry lips. I rolled off her and turned in a flash, pulling my ass off Michael’s loving tongue. I shifted her across the bed, sideways, pulling her head towards me, near the edge. I looked at Michael. He was kneeling back on his feet, knees parted, his magnificent shaft rigid and standing tall between his thighs.

"Me first," I told him. He winked at me and climbed off the bed to get behind me as I threw myself head first between Debbie's raised knees, my pussy above her face. I wrapped anxious hands under her thighs and pulled them up, rolling her hips up to meet my mouth. As my tongue took the first swipe of her cum I felt the fat plum probing me.

"Put it in," Michael told her. "Spread her for me and put it in." I buried my tongue into her slit, tasting her wonderful pungent flavor, smelling her, admiring his perverted creativity. Fuck, he's making her put his cock inside me, so he can fuck me over her face! I pushed my face deeper, feeling her juices coating my cheeks from her wet thighs. Her pussy was sweet and her nectar flowed into my mouth, and I drank her gift as I felt my cunt filled with stiff flesh. Her fingers were on my labia, stroking next to his plunging cock, her tongue at my clit intermittently. I knew she was licking his shaft, licking his balls, licking him and me as Michael fucked me. I licked across her clit, heard her moan. I licked and sucked her slit, sucked her fat swollen labia, feeling the soft flesh between my lips, delicate and delicious. I tickled her pee hole. I puckered my lips at her opening and sucked madly, drawing out her young girl juices.

I pulled her hips up tighter and craned my neck. My mouth trailed kisses past her cunt, across her taint. I heard her cry and whimper as I found her delightful crinkle, rubbery and sweet. I flicked across it and circled it as she squirmed and cried out. Then suddenly my cunt was empty and her cries turned to muffled moans and a gagging sound. I pushed my tongue into her tight starfish as Michael pushed his fat cock into her mouth, letting her suck my juices. Her muscle tightened and loosened and tightened again as I tongue fucked her ass, then I was filled again, penetrated deeply several times, my cunt stretching around his fat shaft. Then I was empty and wanting, then full, then empty as Michael repeatedly switched from my cunt to her mouth, over and over.

I stretched an arm around her thigh and my fingers found her clit, hard and eager under the pads of my digits. I stroked her magic button, feeling her twitch and writhe under me as I licked out her backdoor. I felt her shudder under me, and I rubbed faster, wanting her to cum from my hands and tongue. Her hips began bucking up into my face. Just as she began to cry out her climax Michael pulled out again and stuffed her mouth with his cock, stifling her squeal into a high-pitched muffled sound that sent chills up my spine. I heard her choke, and I knew my husband’s cockhead was pushing deeper into her throat. Her pussy spilled it’s cum, soaking my chin, sliding down her crack where I lapped it from her clenching asshole.

Then suddenly she was vocal again, moaning loudly as she rode the crest of her orgasm. My eyes opened when I felt movement on the bed, something soft and firm at my forehead. Fuck, yeah, I want to see this! I pulled my head up and held her pussy open with my fingers, looking up at Michael's intent expression.

"Do it, baby," I encouraged, "give her the fuck of a lifetime." He tapped the head of his cock against her clit and she wriggled under me, still sensitive from her orgasm. I tore my eyes from his face and watched as he lowered his giant red cockhead to her opening; letting it settle into her slit. Fuck, I thought, measuring with my eyes, he's going to ruin her! I inhaled sharply as he aimed the tip to her tiny cute channel, a seemingly tiny red hole surrounded by her lovely pink wetness, held open by my fingers.

He pushed slightly. She gasped. Her slick delectable flesh pushed open, stretching to accept him, resisting and welcoming at once. I felt her hips shift, trying to lift to meet him, trying to pull away from the invasion. I had dreamed of this moment, fantasized of him taking her, filling her with his big cock. And here it was, inches from my face, really happening! At last! I released her labia, watched them surround his shaft as he pushed again, spreading her open, and then the head popped inside, wrapped tightly in the ring of her pussy. She squealed and then groaned. I kissed her clit, rubbed the sensitive skin surrounding her pretty little cunt, knowing the strain and delight she was feeling.

He went slow, inching his cock back and forth, each time sliding a little bit deeper, filling her more. I watched as his fat shaft disappeared inside her, listening to her whimpering sobs and moans as her cunt stretched to accept the fleshy monster filling her. She let out a little yip when he touched bottom, stretching her depth and pushing against her cervix. I knew from experience that she would need practice to take all of him, he was only three quarters inside. I dashed my tongue across her tiny red pearl, inhaling her fresh scent, teasing the tiny nub to distract her discomfort as her body adjusted.

Michael held still as I licked and she relaxed. When her hips began to press upward into him I got off and knelt beside her. Michael took her legs in his hands, holding them up and open, and began slowly extracting his shaft before sliding back in to refill her slick channel.

I leaned over her, softly caressing her lovely breasts and toying with her nipples, watching her face as ecstasy and wonder and delight flashed across it.

"It's incredible, isn't it, Debbie?" I whispered to her. "Is it everything you dreamed? Everything you hoped?" Her eyes met mine at the questions, pleading and brimming with tears. Her parted lips moved, but no sound came out. I heard Michael groan as he re-entered her and her mouth opened wide.

"Oh, Debbie, you look so beautiful getting fucked, baby," I told her. "I want to watch you, see you enjoy it, watch you cum for us."

"Mmm hmmm," she managed, her eyes glazing over and her face going slack as her slim body was filled with erotic sensation. "So big..." she whimpered, "so good..."

"Yes," I agreed softly, soothing her passage from young innocence to cock lover. She was no virgin, for sure, but this, this was an experience she'd never forget. "You're so hot, baby, so sexy," I cooed, stroking her perfect breasts. I leaned to kiss her face, up her cheek, to her eyes, tasting a salty tear that had spilled from her. "Such a good sexy girl," I whispered between pecks. "Take his big cock, let him fuck you good, sweetie."

I pulled my head back, watching her, holding her eyes as she bit her lower lip and nodded. Then, appearing as an angel in euphoria, her eyes closed and she settled her head back on the pillow.

And Michael went to work, doing what he does like no other man.

I held her hand in mine between my legs, watching her tiny breasts jiggle, admiring the way her hips lifted to meet his, the way her thighs shook slightly each time he plunged inside her. I absorbed her tiny sounds until they grew, expanded, becoming cries and yelps, answering with encouragement and assurance as her precious cunt was fucked into oblivion. I watched her stomach ripple as she came, crying, tears spilling down her face. I leaned over her, kissed her tears away, felt her breath hot on my face as she climaxed again, and then again, rolling her orgasms into one continuous stream of ecstasy, unbearable and beautiful to behold.

I spread my knees, pressed her fingers to my cunt, rubbing myself with her limp digits. She was in no state to do it herself. I twined my fingers in hers, guided them inside me, pressing her fingertips into my g-spot. I moaned with her, echoing her delight, watching her cum, wanting to cum when Michael filled her. His grunting increased and I knew he was close. I glanced down, saw his balls glistening with her juices as his cock stroked in and out of her swollen red cunt. Fuck I want that, I thought, and the desire swelled inside me. I rubbed my clit, fucked myself with Debbie's fingers, and urged Michael.

"Fill her, baby, cum inside her, fill her pretty cunt with your hot cum!" I rubbed faster, urging my own explosion, feeling the itch, the undeniable need to get there, get there! I pushed her fingers deeper, stretching myself, slapping at my clit. My entire body strained and tightened, and then Michael cried out.

"Fuck!" he barked through gritted teeth. "Cumming!"

And the lights exploded and I was screaming. The pressure inside me released in a massive explosion and clear fluid shot from between my legs as I squirted my cum across her chest as my wonderful husband filled her cunt with his copious semen. His body was jerking, mine was twitching and shaking, and Debbie flopped like a fish out of water, impaled deep on his jetting cock. Limbs flailed, voices screeched, and I collapsed.

I opened my eyes to see Debbie's angelic face, serene and smiling and rosy, flushed with her accomplishment and experience. I looked down her body, seeing her gentle curves glistening in a sheen of sweat and ladycum until my eyes came to rest on Michael's flat stomach between her raised legs. My insides did a small flip as he began to slide out of her, his cock streaked in his cum and hers.

I dove for it.

I had just wrapped my lips around his tasty cummy fuck meat when I found Debbie's face next to me, kissing my cheek and lips as I sucked Michael's sticky miracle. I looked at her from the corner of my eye and gave her a sly wink and tried to smile. She beamed a huge grin and moved her pretty mouth down to the base of his cock to lick the base, lapping her own cum and his as I crammed my mouth full of his softening girth. Together we sucked and licked him clean as he ooh'd and ahh'd and stroked our hair. Debbie rubbed my back and fondled my breasts as she sucked his balls.

With his cock still in my mouth I reached behind her, slipping a hand down her ass to her pussy. Her sexy cunt was still swollen and now leaking cum down her thighs. I slipped two fingers into her, playing in the steamy swamp, and drew them out as I pulled off his cock with a wet pop. I wiped my cummy fingers across his cockhead and grabbed the base, pointing it at her.

"For me?" she chirped coyly.

"All for you, sweetie," I smiled at her, "you earned it." I watched her suck him, looking up dreamily into my husband’s face.

"So, Debbie," I asked, nibbling her ear and imagining the delirious antics we could get into, "would you like to stay the night?"


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