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Teach Me, Sir!

A seventeen old girl finally gets some alone time with her young English substitute teacher
Oh, Natalia you're so funny!

I was that girl, the one who was regard as "funny" and "smart"- despite my seventeen years I still didn't have a boyfriend. Sure I'd had some (a lot of) crushes before - but since I had been so young they were hardly worth the mention. My last relationship had been at the age of eleven.

I pressed the little send-button on my phone and sent off the message to my friend, Sarah - she'd been in a relationship for about a month and already had more than enough sex stories to go around - I on the other hand was still a virgin. I didn’t drink and I didn’t smoke – I wasn’t an easy prey.

Don't worry - your guy will be here soon enough. You're drop dead gorgeous!

I looked at the text and sighed; some call me cute or pretty but I can't really see it - I'm 5'8 and my long, curly hair and eyes have the same brown color in common - I'm no sex bomb, that's for sure. Even though I'm slender I still have that annoying bit of pudge around my stomach, I have stretch mark on my ass and my chest is nothing to brag about - not to mention my teen-skin.

"I’m gonna take a shower" was my response. I’d been in the bathroom for about a half hour but hadn’t got anything done.

I put my phone by the sink and then sank down again, looking at my wet breast. My areolas were dark and seemed big although they weren't, my actual nipples were small.

With a shrug I sank further down, the faucet was squirting out water by my feet and as I watched it I let my mind drift off to happier places. I was a virgin – sure – but there was no ban on my imagination.

I had English tomorrow.

I immediately felt a quiver run through my chest and down my stomach. It was nothing short of the highlight of my week. My regular English teacher – Mrs. Cricket, a cranky old lady in her sixties – had fallen and broken her hip or something and for the last three weeks we’d had a male substitute teacher. He was around 26 and had the most incredible face with hot hazel eyes you just wanted to be fucked by.

My finger slipped down my stomach as I thought about him watching me, his giant eyes being fixated on me… his lush pink lips being moist and separated as his breath picked up at the very sight of my naked body squirming under his every command. He’d looked at me several times during class hours; he’d even smiled at me.

“Oh, Mr. Mitro,” I moaned, not being able to stop his name from slipping through my lips. He was a Greek God in my eyes and all I wanted was for him to slip his sturdy fingers between my legs and caress my unused body. I imagined his cock slipping between my lips and reaching the spots I never could with my fingers.

Even though I was lying with most of the bathwater covering my hips I could feel my pussy being wet. I plucked up the plug and let the water run out the drain.

I dipped my index- and forefinger into my own juices and stroked my clit. My body was being extra attentive and my hips squirmed.

I moaned again, imagining his accent-faint voice whispering dirty things in my ear, saying I was his slut, I was a dirty skank for bending over and letting him misuse me. My cheeks flushed and I could feel my muscles begin to tighten up as a hard orgasm started to build up – moan after moan slipped out even though I wasn’t really a moaner.

“Oh God… oh… yeessss…”


FUCK!” I jerked and almost lost the hold of my orgasm, my legs writhed back and my chest sank. “What?!” I yelled out trying to focus on my English teacher once again.

“You’ve been in there for an awfully long time!” My mom said, knocking on the door as if I hadn’t yet noticed her.

I raised my hands to my head, my pussy was pounding but no orgasm had come, no wonderfully strong orgasm had seized my body.

“Well… well,” the moment was gone. “Fine!”
“I have something to say,” I instantly felt my juices soaking my panties as he spoke; his lips moving slowly and articulating every word. “This will be my last day; Mrs. Cricket will be back next week.”

What?!” I had said it a bit too loud and got everyone’s eyes on me, but I didn’t care. Three weeks weren’t enough! How would I be able to cum at home if I didn’t know that he would be there the next day to make me feel embarrassed?

I didn’t even notice the time pass as I sat in my chair, wishing he would just come up to me, rip my pants off and then take advantage of me in front of everyone. I didn’t do any of the assignments; I didn’t even listen to the answers. When it was time to end the class I put everything down so slowly I was left behind.

I wanted to say something so badly.


“Yes, Mr. Mitro!” I guess I was a bit too eager.

“Are you alright? You seemed a bit distant.”

“Um… no, I’m just a bit bummed out that you’re leaving,” I said honestly as I tried not to stare at his muscular arms.

“Yeah, well I feel the same way.” He smirked, looking incredibly gorgeous and making my knees weak. That wasn’t a teacher’s smile.

“Oh,” I squeaked. The non-see-through door pressed gently at my back – he was standing so close now; his breath smelt minty.

“You’ve been a really good student… my best one in fact.” I quivered in front of him and he probably felt it because his smile grew wider. “But today’s slip made me worry that perhaps you’ve missed something important. I suggest you come over to my flat and let me give you some tutoring.”

I gulped and nodded, not even thinking twice about it; after all there wasn’t much to think about when his lips were literally inches away from mine. Being the giant that he was he even had to bend down – something that few of the boys in my class had to do as majority of them were an inch or two higher at best. The fact that I felt so small next to my teacher made me even hotter.

“I suggest you tell your parents you’re going to be away for a bit longer.” Mr. Mitro’s voice was by my ear now and his chest pressed against mine and I moaned.

“Yes, sir.”

My oh-so-gorgeous teacher gave me his home address, it wasn’t far away, and then let me slip out of the classroom. He’d instructed me to come over to his building after my last class, a class that could not be over soon enough.

After school I ditched my friends with a short “bye!” and walked the mile in a fast pace, rushing by people I knew without acknowledging them. All I had in mind was my teacher’s tough body and strong arms.

I had to stop myself in front of his door and catch my breath, in my chest my heart was racing at the mere thought of my exquisite teacher. In a text to my mom I had declared that I was going over to Sarah’s place – why I had lied I didn’t really know. Sex wasn’t on the table, not officially.

As my finger pressed down on the bell I suddenly became very nervous. I remembered that my legs had not been shaved in ages and that my longing pussy was rarely smooth.

“Natalia,” oh God.

“Mr. Mitro,” I tried to sound mature as he turned his back and walked farther into his home. His ass looked so good in those jeans.

“Please, call me Aleksandr,” I sighed as I heard his voice and quickly dropped my bag onto the floor and hung up my jacket over his.

His flat was pretty big, with a big lounge and kitchen, the entire place smelt sweetly of him. Mr. Mitro’s – Aleksandr’s bedroom door however was closed. I could feel my limbs aching for his.

My teacher sat down on his sofa and watched me look around.

“I love the place.” I didn’t really care; I wanted him to toss me down on the floor right now.

“Thanks,” he patted the seat next to him and I carefully walked over, sitting down at the edge.

“So,” he scooted closer to me. “You’re good at English.” He leaned forward towards the table and I looked at his hair that curled at the neck.

“Well, you’re the teacher.” I chuckled in an attempt to make it seem funnier.

“Yes, I am.” He looked at me and I tried not to squirm. “I’m your teacher… and you’re my student.” Aleksandr’s hand touched my neck and a thousand little shocks bolted down my neck and to my stomach.

“Let’s get serious.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I told you to call me Aleksandr.” My face must have looked somewhat shocked but on the inside I was turned on by his irritation.

“I’m sorry,” his face relaxed and he leaned in towards me, brushing his lips against my jawline. “I didn’t mean to sound so rough.”

“It’s ok.”

You can do anything you want to me.

“Now say my name,” he huffed in my ear, making my panties feel awfully moist.

“Ah…” I moaned.

“Say it.”


“That’s right,” I heard the smirk in his voice. “Now tell me Natalia, you’re my best student; you wouldn’t lie to me, right?”


“Are you a virgin?”

I started to shake my head but he just leaned backwards and gave me a strict look that made me nod instead.

“I think we can fix that.” His rough hands gripped my neck without even asking and he forced me to meet his lips, something I did with delight.

Aleksandr’s lips were soft on my lips and I could feel his tongue slip through and brush my tongue. One of his hands found its way underneath my shirt and caressed my left nipple. As I was about to moan he removed his hands and instead gripped mine and pulled on it. He made me put it on the inside of his thigh.

My heart was racing as I let it slide farther up, I hesitated for a moment but my own moan made me continue. His stiff jeans didn’t do a very good job in hiding the hardness underneath the zipper and it only grew harder as I gently massaged the bulge.

“Ahhh…” Aleksandr kissed my neck and gently forced me down on my back. My legs parted and let his body fit in between them. The sensation of another body on top of me was unbearable and his grinding hips made my body ache with desire. It wasn’t long until my pussy responded with delightful contractions and sent me into a shiver.

Aleksandr laughed at me and pulled back. “Well, aren’t you a horny little school girl.”

I dared to flash a smile at him, a smile that soon turned into an expecting face as he unzipped his jeans.

“I’d like for you to do me a favor. Have you ever gone down on a man?” I shook my head. “Then I’ll teach you how it’s done.” He pulled down his jeans a bit and flashed a black rim on a pair of Calvin Klein’s. “Come here.”

I let him grip my wrist and pull me towards his body.

“Take it out.” I had never been as nervous as when my hand slipped down into Aleksandr’s boxers and felt the hardness of his dick. It felt big in my hand and looked even bigger as I pulled it out.

“Stroke it,” he instructed and I did so without arguing. My hands worked swiftly, running up and down his big dick as it grew harder.

“More pressure,” he said. “Faster.” His eyes were closed and his hands were behind his head. “Awhh,” he murmured as I did what he asked.

I gently bit my bottom lip as I swayed my hips from side to side, then I opened my lips and leaned in. My tongue on his dick made him twitch a bit.

“Did I do it wrong?”

“Ha, no… keep going.” He opened his eyes to look at me as I let my tongue swirl over his hard-on. I lay my lips around the tip and even managed to get it in two or three inches but then I had to pull back so I wouldn’t gag.

“Stroke while you’re doing it.” Aleksandr’s cheeks had begun to flush a bit but he didn’t seem too bothered otherwise. Saliva dripped out of my mouth and worked excellently as a lubricant.

I managed to look up at him as I gave him his blowjob, my inexperience didn’t seem to put him off at all. It was the opposite if anything, his smile washed off a bit and he got a more fixated expression. Next thing I knew his hot cum squirted into my mouth. It had an oddly sweet and salty taste, not knowing what to do with it I lurched backwards and swallowed it in one gulp.

“Well aren’t you a good little slut.” He pulled up his boxers but pulled off his jeans. “Get up and take off your shirt.” I did so without questioning him. Every part of me wished for him to fuck me, I would have put on a leash and a collar for him if that was what he would have wanted.

As I worked my way out of the shirt he unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down over my legs and made me step out of them. He didn’t seem to be the least bothered by my imperfections and poorly maintained bikini line. This only made me so much hornier.

Without him requesting it I snapped of my bra and got back down on him with my thighs on each side of him. I unbuttoned the shirt that he had to wear as a teacher and tossed it on the floor.

My teacher.

Then I pulled his undershirt over his head.

“Please, teacher…” I said in a hushed voice. His straightforwardness had made me a bit blunter. “Show me how it’s done.”

He got up off of the sofa as if I weighed nothing and I wrapped my legs around his hips. This was the moment I had been waiting for, the moment I had been fantasizing about in the shower. He was going to fuck me and I wanted him to.

Aleksandr opened the door to his bedroom and dropped me onto the bed, then he climbed on top of me and started kissing my neck, my chest, my stomach… he went all the way to my panties that were soaked since long and ripped them off. His fingers ran through the soft tangle of pubic hair without a word and he rubbed my clit for a moment, then his finger found my wet entrance.

My hands pulled him towards me and then I rolled around so I was laying on him. I lowered my pussy onto his clothed boner and gently rubbed myself on him. My hands rested on his chest and I closed my eyes.

I gently glided up and down on his hard dick and felt the soft tingle of an oncoming orgasm. I rubbed faster and faster and felt his underwear get wet with my juices – then I stopped and let it roll over me.

“Now let me do something for you,” Aleksandr said and forced me to go down on the bottom again. His lips on the inside of my thigh made me giggle nervously. I bet he enjoyed it as he plunged into my lips and licked hard on my clit, he sucked it in and played with his tongue and he went further down.

His hands moved down to remove his boxers. His huge dick flashed in its full glory.

Aleksandr reached over my head and grabbed a condom on his nearby nightstand and easily ripped it out of its container and put it on.

“Relax,” he said and kissed me on the lips. His right hand slid over my left leg and forced it upwards. His dick rested against my pussy, slowly rubbing it up and down and up and down and making me groan for him to enter.

“Fuck… me,” I huffed. “Fuck me like a teacher, Aleksandr.” I kissed him. “Fuck me the way I’ve been dreaming about.”

“I will, sweetheart.”

Aleksandr pressed his dick into me; there was only a faint resistance before his slid into my pussy that seemed just a bit too tight for a moment.

He slowly pulled out and then pushed back in again, making my body rock back and forth in his pace.

“Come on,” I said. “Faster… faster!

He chuckled and started to press into me faster and harder, my heart was pounding and so was my wet pussy as he breathed heavily and fucked me with hard and fast strokes.

I could have watched him fuck me for hours: his flushed cheeks and those sultry hazel eyes were focused on me and every now and again his pink lips would brush against my. He bit my bottom lip once but that only made me hornier.

I had never had such a strong orgasm by myself before as when he rammed my unused pussy, my nails dug into his back and hair and forced him down harder on me – his seventeen year old student.

Oh what a great teacher he was.

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