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Teacher, Sexy Teacher - Chapter II

A young student meets his teacher at her apartment after school.
“Oh my god Miss Davis, that was so HOT!” he panted out barely catching his breath.

“I’m glad you liked that Jason.” She said as she pulled up his underwear and pants, tucking his cock back inside with his help.

He looked at her with surprise, hoping they weren’t finished as she turned towards him and said, “We can’t risk getting caught here Jason. Tell you what, come to my apartment tonight and we’ll see what happens, ok?”

“Alright Miss Davis, I’ll be there.” He quickly replied.

“Please Jason, call me Kayla, but only when we’re alone. In the classroom, it’s still Miss Davis, got it sugar.” She told him.

She stood up and moved to her desk where she grabbed a piece of paper and jotted her address down. As she handed her address to Jason, he beamed a huge smile as he knew exactly where she lived. In his mind, he quickly drew up plans to arrive there with a dozen roses to express his love for his teacher, his new found lover.

She stood up, kissed him softly and said, “See you around seven my love.”

Chapter II

Miss Kayla Davis, senior class high school teacher, was driving home with her mind in a blur. She couldn’t believe herself, the fact that she acted out on her deepest secret desires. The thought that she actually aggressively dropped to her knees and gave one of her handsome students a blow job right in her classroom caused her pussy to moisten once more.

As she drove towards her home, a thirty minute ride, she found herself sliding her right hand inside her dress, slipping her fingers under her sheer panties until she found the slick feeling of her hot juices. Her pussy tingled as her fingertips grazed her swollen clit ever so slightly as she mindlessly drove closer to home.

Images passed through her mind of Jason’s throbbing cock sliding between her lips, his moan of pleasure seconds before shooting his hot seed down her throat. She moaned softly as she remembered the feeling of his firm but trembling hands cupping her breasts for the first time. She could feel her face becoming flushed as her excitement was building.

Two fingers slid inside her dripping wet pussy as her thumb pressed and rubbed her erect clit. Her breathing was becoming very heavy. God, she thought, watch what you’re doing here, you’ll have an orgasm just before you have an accident. Pulling her hand away from her aroused pussy, she laughed to herself, yeah, explain that to the policeman.

It was around 5pm when she arrived home. Just a little less than two hours before her handsome student should arrive at her apartment. Her mind was racing as the time couldn’t pass fast enough. She made herself a quick dinner, ate and cleaned up before she moved to her bedroom to get ready.

Again standing in front of her full length mirror, she peeled off the layers of plain looking school teacher attire to once again admire her well toned and voluptuous body. Standing there in only her sexy white Victoria Secret Bra and panties, she decided to grab a shower and freshen up before young Jason’s arrival.

After school Jason drove home is his new 2010 BMW M3 that his father gave him early for a high school graduation present. He was very light headed as he couldn’t believe what took place with his sexy teacher. He had so many fantasies about his teacher but nothing compared to what happened. His cock was still hard as he tried to adjust it as he drove home.

He got home around 4pm and headed up to his room. Locking his door, he turned on his computer and pulled up some of his favorite porn sites. One of his favorites was a site , where he could find so many hardcore pages to fantasize about his sexy teacher, Miss Davis. There was a sexy brunette school teacher that looked like Miss Davis only Miss Davis was so much prettier and hotter than the model in the video.

Jason stripped down, lubed up and stroked his rock hard cock for what felt like only a few minutes when actually it was over an hour. He brought himself to the edge of orgasm several times. His desires for his sexy school teacher were driven so high with so many hot web sites on the subject. He had hours and hours of jerk off material but now he knew the real thing was only a couple hours away.

He quickly got a shower and struggled not to stroke his hard long shaft to bring himself off. He got dressed and ran down stairs to grab a quick bite to eat. His dad was at the dealership late as usual and mother had dinner ready for him. He ate his dinner and rushed out the door around 6pm. He wanted to stop and pick up some roses and a card for his sexy teacher on his way to her apartment.

Kayla stood completely nude after her shower, holding up and going through her sexiest lingerie, trying to decide what to wear. It had to be something so sexy that her young student would never forget it. She finally decided on a yellow teddy with matching panties, garter belts and stockings. As she ran her finger through the sheer material, her pussy grew moist in anticipation as to what the evening would hold.

As she slipped on the lingerie, she closely watched herself in her mirror once more. She loved to look upon her body and admire just how sexy she could transform herself. The yellow material against her deep dark golden tan in contrast to her raven black hair looked so gorgeous. Her sexy white tan lines and her pale white pussy mound with her jet black landing strip of pussy hair visible through the sheer yellow material should arouse her young student.

“Yes, that should do the trick.” She said out loud as she wrapped her shortest terry cloth robe around herself and walked into the kitchen.

It was getting close to seven now. She grabbed a bottle of red wine from the frig and poured two glasses. As she waited, leaning against the counter, she sipped on her wine, swirling the flavor under and around her tongue. He mind returned to the feeling of her tongue gliding around her young students swollen cock head. She felt her juices trickle from her pussy lips, dampening the crotch of her sexy yellow panties.

Jason stood at her door for over a minute trying to catch his breath. His cock was stone hard inside his jeans as he tried to imagine what waited for him on the other side of the door. His cock was so hard it was actually aching to be freed from the confines of his tight jeans. He was still light headed as his hand reached up for the door bell.

Ding, dong! The door bell sounded deafening to his ears. His heart was pounding where he could hear it beating in his throat. His knees trembled and shook as he rang the bell a second time. As he heard the turn of the door knob, his eyes were glued to the door.

As the door opened, his eyes fell upon the most gorgeous creature in his life. As their eyes met, you could feel the love, lust and desire each had for the other. His eyes moved from her perfect hair, over her beautiful face to her sexy terry cloth clad body and then down to the most gorgeous nylon covered legs he had ever seen. She was also wearing a pair of sexy black high heels to accent her perfect legs.

Seeing the look of sexual desire and lust in his eyes, she opened the door and said, “Come on in Jason. Are those for me?” as he handed her the roses.

“Yes Miss Davis. There’s a card with them too.” He replied as he leaned forward to kiss her softly on the lips.

“Kayla, please call me Kayla honey.” She said as she read the card and he walked past he into her apartment.

“Nice place Kayla.” He said softly.

“Thanks love, would you like some wine?” she said as she moved to the kitchen counter and handed him a glass.

“Thanks Miss Davis, I mean Kayla.” He said with a laugh as he took the wine from her hand, sexual sparks went through his body as their fingertips touched only for a second.

“Easy there young man, drink your wine slowly, savor the taste on your tongue. I see I have so much to teach you.” She said with a wicked smile as she watched him start to gulp down his wine.

They looked long and hard at each other as they sipped their wine. Kayla looked down his firm young body, across his broad masculine chest, down across his abs to the huge thick bulge in his pants. She could tell he was very hard and swollen by the thickness of the bulge in his pants. Her pussy trickled more of her juices inside her panties.

Kayla set her empty wine glass on the counter and reached for the belt of her robe. She watched her student’s eyes widen as she loosened the belt of her robe. She held the robe closed and looked into the eyes of her young man, seeing the look of intense anticipation, almost a look of torment as she teased him just a bit longer.

Slowly she opened her robe, exposing her stunning body to her eager young student, “Do you approve Jason?” she asked, knowing by his body actions the answer was yes!

“Oh my god Kayla, you are so beautiful!” his voice shaking.

As she slipped the robe from her shoulders, exposing her voluptuous womanly body completely to him, he just let out a soft moan expressing his immense desire for his sexy teacher. His eyes consumed every inch of her perfect shape, from her pale white globes of full breast flesh, her erect swollen dark nipples covered by the sheer yellow laced material.

Like studying for an exam, he took in every detail of her sexy body. The slightly hidden curves of her smooth belly under the teddy, her sexy matching panties covering her sweet pussy mound. The sight of her jet black pussy hair barely visible on her mound inside her panties was so arousing. His eyes continued down her body to her perfect legs inside the sexiest sheer yellow nylons, held up by matching yellow garter belts.

“You are so gorgeous. I knew you would look good but this is unreal.” He said softly, as he gasped for air.

“Well thank you young man. Come with me.” She said as she had to get him to her bedroom right away before she might chicken out.

Jason set his wine glass down, took his sexy teacher’s hand and followed her towards her bedroom. He watched her perfect ass sway from side to side as she walked. He could see the sides of her breasts swing as they hung naturally and jiggled as he walked behind her. His cock was throbbing as he could barely contain his excitement.

As they reached her bedroom, she turned and placed her arms over his shoulders as they embraced looking deep into each others eyes, moving closer until their eyes closed and their lips touched softly. Electricity passed through them, from their lips and throughout their bodies as their kisses became more passionately.

His hands dropped down to cup her panty covered bottom, pulling her closer, pressing her pussy hard into his throbbing cock. She moaned softly in his mouth as he forced her erect clit into his hard cock. Their kisses were becoming more ravaging as their desires began to overcome them. His right hand cupped and caressed her left breast, feeling her turgid nipple pressing the inside of his palm.

He was pressing things too fast, she needed to slow him down so she pushed him back and said, “Jason, slow down honey. Let’s take this slow so we can enjoy every second, ok?”

“Alright Kayla, I just want you so badly. I’m not really sure what to do. I’ve only been with two girls before.” He replied.

“I want you too love but be patient, I’ll teach you everything you need to know.” She said smiling as in her mind she loved the idea of teaching, teaching him all her sexual turn-on’s and desires.

“Now let me undress you.” She said as she pulled his shirt up over his head.

She felt a series of sensations in her quivering pussy as she looked at his masculine chest. His chest was lightly covered in chest hair and his pecs were firm and defined. You could tell he worked out by the lines of his muscles. He wasn’t a hulk body builder like that, just very toned and firm. She never liked the huge muscle bound jocks in school.

“Hmmmm baby.” She moaned as her hands moved about his chest, feeling every inch of his young teenage body.

She leaned forward and kissed him softly on the lips, then moved to his neck. She breathed hot air into his ear as she nibbled on his ear lobe. He moaned with desire as she found something that turned him on, based on his body responses. Her soft red lips moved lower and circled his left nipple. She sucked it lightly as he moaned softly again.

Her hands moved to his belt, opening it slowly as she trailed kisses down over his firm abs. Her fingers found his zipper and slowly pulled it down as she looked up into his eyes. He was looking down at her every move, watching her closely as she began to open his jeans. He could feel the pressure on his swollen cock lessen as she began to pull down his jeans.

As he stood there in front of her, she again found his huge hard cock inches in front of her face. She could see the thick outline of his shaft inside his white cotton briefs. She leaned forward where her mouth was nearly touching his hard shaft. He could feel the heat of her hot breath warming the material of his underwear as she breathed heavily.

He watched as she opened her sweet red lips and took the head of his cock between them. The feeling was so unreal as he felt the moist heat through his underwear. The sensations the pressure of her soft lips were creating on his cock head were teasing him to a point of extreme pleasure. He couldn’t believe how something so small could create such pleasure.

“Ok honey, let’s get these jeans off.” She said softly.

She pushed him backwards until he was sitting on her bed. While on her knees, she removed his shoes, socks and pulled off his blue jeans. She stood up, pulling him up with her as she again dropped to her knees in front of him. Looking at the huge thick cock inside his underwear, her thumbs hooked under the elastic band and pulled down slowly.

She watched as his thick shaft came slowly into view. A devilish thought passed through her mind, he had such a sexy cock when it was hard and solid. As she pulled down his underwear, his thick shaft sprung free, hitting her check leaving a trail of pre-cum. His underwear slid to the floor, adding to the pile of her student’s clothes.

“Are you ready for another good cock sucking baby? She asked in a very seductive tone.

Kayla’s fingers circled her young student’s hard shaft and guided his swollen cock head to her lips. He pushed his hips slightly forward in anticipation of the feelings to come. She gave her most seductive look she could muster and looked up into his eyes as her velvet lips parted and encircled his huge purple cock head.

“Ummmm yessssssss Kayla. That feels good.” He moaned out as he watched his thick shaft disappear between his sexy teacher’s lips for the second time that day.

He watched his gorgeous teacher suck his thick shaft. She would look up at him every now and then with her sexy steel blue eyes. Looking down over her body, he swore his cock swelled up even more. The sight of a beautiful woman in sexy lingerie sucking his cock was about the most erotic sight imaginable.

He loved how sexy her one hand held the base of his cock while the other cupped and softly kneaded his balls. His eyes followed her arm up to the sensual lines of her shoulders, her raven black hair flowing over them off to one side as her head was slightly tilted to one side.

Looking farther down, he watched the soft swells of her breasts, her hard dark nipples all swollen and puffy looking inside her sheer lingerie. The finest view was of her boy shorts panty covered ass. Her heart shaped ass was absolutely a stunning view from above looking down. She was an absolute gorgeous woman who happened to be his young teacher.

“God Kayla, you are so beautiful.” He moaned out as she looked up and sucked his cock a little bit faster.

She sucked his cock harder and began to stroke his shaft in time with her in and out movements. She could feel his cock swell inside her mouth as his orgasm approached. She slowed to keep her young stud from cumming too soon. She held his huge cock head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it, driving him wild with desire.

She repeated this sequence several times until his knees were feeling weak. He finally had enough, he had to get his throbbing cock inside his sexy teacher. As she sucked his cock, he reached down and started to pull her teddy over her head. She got the hint and slowly stood up, helping him remove the piece of lingerie.

She was such a gorgeous sight, standing there in only her panties, garters and nylons. He reached out to cup and caress her bare breasts. His sexy teacher had extremely nice tits, large soft and natural breasts, slightly upturned and absolutely perfect. As he kneaded her breasts, she moved in and kissed him softly.

“Undress me and lick my pussy Jason.” She seductively instructed him.

He immediately became very nervous. He had never done that before. He knew how from watching porn on the internet but this was different, this was a real life opportunity to lick his first pussy, his sexy teacher’s pussy. He dropped to his knees before her and unsnapped her garter belts. He rolled down her nylons over her long tanned legs. He then trailed soft kisses up and down the insides of both her soft thighs.

She watched him as he tentatively pulled down her panties with her garter belts still attached. The gorgeous contrast of her yellow lingerie against her dark tanned belly was so enticing. He took his time as hidden under her panties he could see pale white skin slowly becoming exposed. Her dark jet black pussy hair looked so arousing in contrast to the white skin of her pussy mound. He couldn’t take his eyes off her gorgeous pussy as he slid her panties down to her ankles.

He looked at the sexiest pussy, actually the first real life close up pussy in his young life. Her mound bulged up and was a pale white in contrast to the deep golden tan of her thighs and belly. He could smell the musk aroma of her excitement, he could see her labia glistening as her erect clit protruded at the top of her wet opening. He suddenly had the strong urge to smell her wet pussy and moved closer. As he inhaled, the strong musky scent emanating from her arousal caused his body to shudder.

Sensing his uncertainty, she said, “Don’t worry honey, I’ll teach you just how I like it done. You’ll do just fine, ok.”

“Alright Miss………….Kayla, I’ll do my best.” He replied softly.

She stepped out of her panties and moved back onto her bed, all the while guiding her student between her legs. She smiled inside as she was taken by his innocence and the awkwardness that went with it. He didn’t know what to do and she was really turned on by this, she didn’t understand why but her pussy was soaking wet with excitement.

It must be the breaking of the teacher and student taboo bonds that was exciting her. The same feelings that excited her growing up like when she had sexual thoughts about her sexy brother and her handsome father. Forbidden and taboo sexual subjects always aroused her immensely. Although she would never act on it, the taboo thought of incest always got her pussy dripping with excitement and having sex with her student affected her the same way.

As she slid back towards the headboard of her bed, he followed between her gloriously sexy thighs. His cock was hard as granite, swinging between his legs, leaving trails of pre-cum on everything it touched. He slid over the soft sheets between her legs as she placed each thigh on his shoulders, putting her pussy just inches from his face. He moved his arms to her sides where he softly caressed her, causing her to moan out softly.

She moved her right hand down to her pussy and moved her middle finger up and down until it was covered with her juices. She slowly dipped her finger inside her hot folds, pulled it out and moved it up and around her protruding clit. He was watching her every move, his face only inches away as she explored her pussy right before his eyes.

She held her finger out towards his lips, “Taste my juices baby.” As he sucked her finger clean before she moved it back to her pussy again.

“This is my clit honey. When you’ve licked my outer labia for awhile, insert a finger or two and lick my inner lips. Then when you have me really excited, move up to my clit, lick up and suck it between your lips. That should do the trick baby, you ready to give it a try love?” His sexy teacher asked him.

He looked at her sweet pussy, then up over her gorgeous body, her smooth tanned belly, over her full round mounds of breast flesh to her absolutely gorgeous face, glowing with sexual anticipation waiting for what was to come. All he could do was smile as he moved closer and began to slowly lick his sexy teacher’s pussy lips.

“Ummm yes baby, that’s it, slowly, yes that feels good baby!” she moaned out as his tongue glided over her juice covered pussy.

As Jason listened to her sexy words of encouragement, his confidence grew as he began to lick her pussy from top to bottom. He used his fingers to spread her open in order to delve his tongue inside her opening. By her positive reactions, he could tell she enjoyed when he did that so he wiggled his tongue back and forth inside her.

“Oh my god Jason! Ohhhhh yes! Are you sure you’ve never done this before. That feels so good baby!” she moaned out gasping as her pleasures increased.

He flattened his tongue out against her labia and ran it up one side, lightly across her clit and down the other side. He had two fingers probing the inner walls of her pussy, feeling every ripple and nub inside her wet opening. He knew by her ever increasing moans and words of pleasure that he was doing something right.

She was so aroused and when she got this way, the words just flew out of her mouth, obscenities of all sorts over and over. Jason thought this was so fucking hot, as hot as any porno movie he had ever watched and now it was happening to him. He was pushing his fingers in and out, now three inside her tight pussy, stretching her opening as he licked and ran his tongue all over. She tasted so good as he lapped up her juices.

“Oh my fucking god Jason, yes baby, that’s it, right there, oh yessss, uggggh, oh yeah baby, lick right there, ohhhhhhhhhh shit yessssss!” his sexy teacher moaned out loudly.

“That’s it baby, suck my clit, oh fuck, oh fuck yessssssss!” she hissed as he began to pay more attention to her swollen clit.

Her hips began to move up and down, side to side as he had to actually hold on to her in order to keep his mouth over her pussy. As he sucked on, nibbled at and flicked his tongue across her erect nub, she was quickly feeling her orgasm building up deep inside her body. Her thighs pressed in and out, squeezing his head between them.

“Oh yessssss, Oh yessssssss, ughhhhhhh, oh god, I’m cumming baby, yes baby, oh fucking shit yesssssssss!” she groaned out louder.

Like a fuse burning down, her arousal began to consume her body until finally she arched her back, pressing her mound hard up into his face and began to shudder all over. Her hips bucked wildly as he tried desperately to keep licking her pussy. She was hotter than any porn star he’d ever seen as he watched her facial reactions as pure sexual bliss covered her gorgeous face.

Her thighs squeezed his head hard as she experienced wave after wave of intense orgasmic pleasures. As her hips began to slow, she could no longer endure his touch of her extremely sensitive clit. Her hands pushed him away as he began kissing his way up her body. He kissed around her belly button, up over her smooth abs, the sides of her rib cage until her glorious breasts were right before his eyes.

His hands moved up and cupped each breast, more than a handful and Jason had very large hands. Her nipples were very dark and extremely swollen and puffy looking. He could feel his thick swollen cock rubbing against the soft insides of her thighs. He brought his mouth down to her left nipple, sucking it between his lips and caressing it softly with his tongue.

“My god Jason, you licked my pussy as good as any lover I ever had. Ummmm, that feels good too baby!” she moaned softly as he licked her nipples, first one then the other, back and forth.

Her nipples were so sensitive, almost like they were directly linked to her pussy. As he licked and suckled one nipple, then the other, she began to feel the deep tingling begin again between her legs, building deep inside her body. He could feel her nipples getting harder, growing between his lips as her arousal once again began to consume her body.

She could feel his thick throbbing cock rubbing the insides of her thigh, spreading his juices. She began to move her hips from side to side, rubbing his huge cock back and forth as he continued to lavishly lick her nipples. Her body was tingling all over, she had to feel him inside her, inside her now!

“Jason, fuck me now, please baby, I need to feel your cock now baby!” she moaned softly into his ear.

“My pleasure my beautiful Miss Davis!” her moaned back into her ear as he shifted his hips upwards.

She reached down with her right hand between them and gently gripped his swollen cock. She stroked him softly as she pressed his cock head teasing around the opening of her pussy. She rubbed the head against her erect clit, pressing it from side to side, enjoying the direct contact and teasing him agonizingly for another few seconds before she pushed him into her wet love tunnel.

In one smooth long stroke, his thick eight inch cock slid up deep inside her. She wrapped her legs tightly around his back and held him there as her pussy enjoyed the feeling of a real live hot throbbing shaft inside her once again. It had been too long, far too long since she had last enjoyed this feeling. Her toys were nice but nothing compares to the feel of a big thick cock stretching deep inside her body.

“Ummmm yes Jason, fuck your teacher good baby! Your cock is so big baby! Ahhhhh yes, that’s it, fuck me lover!” she moaned out loudly as he began to slowly pull his cock outward, until only the head remained inside, then he slowly thrust inward until buried deep inside her once more.

Her legs were still wrapped around his lower back, holding him tight as he pushed his thick cock in and out of his sexy teacher’s tight pussy. He fucked her slow and hard, grinding his pubic bone hard into her, hard against her swollen clit on each inward thrust. Her body shuddered slightly every time he did this, bringing the sensations of an intense orgasm rushing quickly throughout her body.

Just as she felt like she was ready to explode, he stopped, held his cock still, throbbing deep inside her until her feelings receded, he then started all over again. For being an inexperienced young lover, he was quick to learn to sense her reactions, quick to feel her body respond to his every move. It was like he knew just what to do next to hold her at the highest state of arousal he possibly could.

“Jason, you’re driving me crazy baby! Fuck me harder, please baby, fuck meeeeeeeeeeee!” she pleaded as he complied with her commands.

He began increasing the pace as he drove his cock in harder and deeper with each thrust. Faster and faster as soon she was thrusting her pussy upwards to meet his every downward thrust. He angled his hips slightly, slamming a new set of nerve endings on one side of her pussy wall, then the other.

Soon she was moving her hips from side to side, up and down, but they keep this perfect unison, like they were lovers for years, each knowing exactly what the other was going to do. The sounds of their lovemaking filled her bedroom, his heaving breathing, occasional grunts, her deep moans and erotic words of encouragement for her loving student.

“Oh yes baby, ……….god your cock feels soooooo good! …………Ummm yes, right there, …………oh fuck me, …….. Yes baby!” she moaned out between his thrusts and gasps for air.

Hearing her moaning out, he began to fuck her for all his worth. He was using his cock like a battering ram, driving it deep inside her, harder and harder until she was babbling out obscenities over and over. She clenched the sheets with her hands as she thrust her pussy upwards hard into him as her body exploded with such an intense orgasm, she nearly couldn’t breath.

All she could moan out was “Cummingggggggggggggg!” as her body thrashed about.

Feeling her body tense up, her pussy gripping his shaft so hard as she began to quiver and shake all over, he thrust hard and deep inside her and erupted the biggest load of his hot cum ever in his young life. She pulled him close, wrapped her arms around him as she bit into his shoulder softly. Her hips were moving back and forth as her body trembled and shuddered as wave after wave of intense orgasm consumed her.

As their mutual orgasms passed, they looked deep into each others eyes as only true lovers can. A feeling passed between them, an intense feeling of love for one another. They both felt the same thing as if their hearts and souls were now connected forever. At that moment, no words were needed as he leaned forward and kissed her softly on the lips.

Her response was simple, she opened her mouth and soon their tongues were passionately, playfully chasing each other. With his cock still deep inside her, in a semi-hard state, she rolled him over and was now sitting on top of him. A few subtle moves of her hips and she feel him hardening inside her again. A smile crossed her lips as she began to ride her young students cock.

“I want to feel your hard cock all night baby! You think you can keep up with me?” she asked him with provocation.

“My teacher, my sexy teacher………..yes Miss Davis, for the rest of my life.” He pulled her towards him and whispered softly in her ear.

That night was four years ago, he thought as he stood at the church alter, watching his beautiful bride walking down the aisle towards him. She was the most beautiful woman in the world to him. He was watching his gorgeous teacher, Miss Kayla Davis walking towards him to become his wife, forever and forever………………………………..

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