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Teacher's Pet

Class let out and Tina said her obligatory goodbyes to her students as they left.  As usual, the students bantered back and forth and joked as they left the classroom; but they left in an orderly fashion.  As the students were leaving, Tina noticed one young man hanging back near his desk.  

Konner was one of her better students.  Six-feet-two and sandy blond,  he was also one of her better looking students.  He was an athlete but also a very good student, Tina never had an ounce of issue with him.  If she were to be honest, she may have even lusted after him periodically.  It was hard not to: he played hockey and stayed in fabulous shape. 

Tina was taken aback slightly when she noticed Konner approaching her desk after all the other students had left.  She knew he wasn't having any academic issues and, as far as she knew, everything was good with his personal life. Why on earth would he be acting in this manner?  She had a question, but she certainly wasn't going to argue if he wanted to talk.

"Konner, is there something I can help you with?" Tina asked as Konner approached her at the door.  She noticed he was looking at his phone.  Konner responded, "Ms. Tina, I think you are a really good teacher and I like you." He added, "So I'd hate to see you get in trouble."

The last statement stunned Tina and she took a minute to respond.  "Okay, Konner, thank you.  What are you talking about?"

Konner didn't answer.  Instead, he held up his phone, which was playing a video.  Tina's heart sank.  The video was clearly shot outside the principal's office, through a glass door.  It was small but clear.  There, on the principal's desk, was Tina, locked in a very tight 69 with the principal!

Roma Jones had been principal for a couple years.  Prior to that, she had been a teacher.  Slightly older than Tina, she still possessed a body some women of fifty-three would kill for. She ran daily and played racquetball.  At five-foot-six, with long, flowing black hair, and 34B tits, she could be a model.  Tina had long admired Roma Jones as an educator and administrator, but she had no idea that on that October day, her admiration would turn to lust. It was a simple mid-marking period review.  It should have taken only ten minutes.  But after chatting about topics other than school; including their mutual attraction to each other, the two acted on their passion. The encounter didn't last nearly long enough for Tina's taste, but it was one of the most amazing sexual experiences she had ever had.  She hoped the adventure would continue, hopefully in her bed.

And now, on one of her students' phones, she was watching the experience all over again!  She wondered how much Konner had seen, and how much he had recorded.  The thought of being watched intrigued her and frightened her at the same time.  There, in a very compromising position, as an orgasm rocked her body, she was being video recorded.  She could hear her moans of desire as the lady principal pleasured her pussy with a tongue obviously sent from the heavens.  While she was apprehensive, she also noticed the nipples on her 34C tits were rock hard and probably showing through her red blouse.  She also noticed her pussy getting increasingly damp as the video continued.  

"I, uh, oh shit Konner," was all she could manage to croak out.  The video ended just as Roma Jones had changed positions on top of Tina and they were now kissing.

Konner shut the video off and slid his phone into the front pocket of his jeans.  As Tina watched him do that, she noticed a very pronounced bulge.  "Fuck," she thought to herself, "He is definitely proportionate to his height.  And we'd been talking about proportions in math, oddly enough."

"This gets out and it could be bad, huh Ms. Tina?"  Konner asked very confidently; a trait that Tina loved in a male.

"Well, Konner, yes.  Yes, it could be very bad.  Professionally and domestically"

"What do you intend to do about it?"

Damn, the kid is not only confident but aggressive too.  The kid played life's game like he played hockey.  Tina found herself on the verge of orgasm right then.

She began unbuttoning her shirt, "You are a smart kid, Konner, I'm sure you know the answer to that."

She had her shirt off and was unclasping her bra as she locked the classroom door and closed the blinds.  When she returned to Konner, he had already taken off his jeans and shirt.  His sculpted body clad only in his boxer briefs.  

"My god," Tina thought, "I must be living right," as she noticed a very sizable tent had formed in Konner's briefs.

Her bra off and tits exposed, Tina immediately dropped to her knees in front of Konner.  When she lowered his briefs, she gasped again.  "Holy fuck, I have proof of the proportion equations right here," she told Konner before engulfing his long and very thick cock into her mouth.  Before she knew it, Konner's hands were on the back of her head and his cock was being forced into her throat.  She didn't really have time to gag because it seemed her gag reflex was completely bypassed in that stroke.  She was able to recover and began licking the mushroom shaped head.  She sucked and fluttered her tongue over the pee hole when Konner pulled out of her throat.  She began massaging his balls as she remembered the times when she looked out over her classroom and saw him at his desk, wearing his number 9 hockey jersey.  She knew she felt a tingle in her pussy, but never realized how much she craved him.  And now she had his cock in her mouth, licking, sucking, and stroking.  

She moved to suck his balls into her mouth as he was fondling her tits.  He certainly had strong hands and she was dripping as she felt him squeeze her firm, full tits.  She continued stroking as she felt his balls tighten in her mouth.  She knew he was close, and wanted the young man's seed in her mouth.  She licked up his shaft and got it back into her mouth as he exploded.  His cum was thick and the load was huge.  She swallowed quickly and continued to suck, eventually swallowing every drop.

She HAD to feel that beautiful cock inside her and thank god teens can get hard quickly.  She bent over her desk, flipped her skirt up over her ass, and lowered her thong.  She looked and felt like such a slut in that position, but she didn't care, she needed this cock. Konner took his cue and entered her pussy from behind. 

"Uhhhh, my godddd," Tina moaned out as she felt the young man stretching her. They both knew there was hockey practice and now was not the time to be subtle.  Konner began fucking her with full, fast, and deep strokes.  

"Oh fuck, you've been trained well.  Fuck me my young stud,"  Tina tried to say as she felt her pussy being pounded; her tits swaying and bouncing off the desk with every stroke.  His balls bounced off her aching clit and she was rocketing toward an orgasm.

Konner reached around and stuck two fingers into her dripping pussy.  Having them lubed, she felt him spread her ass cheeks.  Oh my, she thought as he teased her ass hole.  "OH FUCK!" she said when she felt the digits enter her ass.  Konner was two knuckles deep in her ass when he slammed balls deep into her cunt, and then reached around again and squeezed her clit.

"UGGGG," Tina grunted as she squirted all over her desk and floor.  Just about the same time, Konner dumped a second load into her married pussy.  She felt like a slut and a whore, but was unbelievably excited.  Her pussy was still throbbing as Konner pulled out and wiped his dick on her ass.  She collapsed on her desk as her new stud left for hockey practice.  She realized she wanted to go to practice and learn all there is to know about hockey...



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