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Technical Virgin

A sixteen year old christian girl who saves her cherry for marriage, but gives everything else away.
Nancy described herself as a virgin. When pressed or called on it by her friends who knew better, she'd admit that she was a "technical virgin." When pressed further for a definition of the term, she'd admit that she'd never had vaginal intercourse.

"You know, I've only done oral and anal," she'd say. "I'm saving my cherry for my husband. Because that's what it says in the Bible."

Nancy was a devout Christian, raised from childhood as a Lutheran by her devout, God-Fearing parents in Bloomington, Minnesota, a small suburb just outside of Minneapolis. She was a good student who always got straight As, was on the cheerleading squad, attended church every Sunday, and refused to have premarital sex because her parents, pastors, and the Bible told her it was wrong.

“So I'll only go down on a guy," she told her friend Sally one afternoon after they finished their home work and sipped on a bottle of Captain Morgan rum Nancy had borrowed from her father's liquor cabinet. "And if I really, really like a guy after a few dates, I'll let him fuck me in the ass. But nothing else until I'm married."

Nancy felt comfortable talking to Sally about this, not only because the few sips of rum made them both feel so calm, but because Sally looked up to her so much and seemed fascinated. Sally admitted that she had only ever jerked some guys off, never being brave enough to do what Nancy had. Nancy liked feeling respected, and honestly believed she was helping Sally out by teaching her life lessons and the dos and don't of sexuality. After all, even though they were both just sixteen, Nancy had always felt more mature and grown up compared to Sally and her other friends.

"I never used to jerk guys off," Nancy told Sally, "because the Bible says that masturbation is wrong. But then Derek came over to study with me one afternoon, and he told me that masturbation was just when you do it to yourself."

"How did that ever come up in conversation?" Sally asked with a giggle.

"You know Derek," Nancy said. "He's always trying to be funny and saying weird sex stuff. He was all like, 'Damn, you look so hot I'm getting so turned on.'

" 'We're supposed to be studying,' I said. 'Stop being weird.'

" 'All I can study is your body,' he said. 'You're dressed so hot, it's hard to concentrate.'

" 'I started to feel bad. I had changed when I got home from school, and maybe I was dressed too comfortably. I was wearing a tank top and a mini skirt. I wasn't wearing a bra or panties because it was so hot and my parents won't let me use the air until after six at night, but I tried to make sure he couldn't tell. But we were stretched out on the floor and looking at each others' books, so he probably did see some stuff. And maybe I should've made him wait outside my room while I changed. I dunno.

" 'Should I put on more clothes?' I asked because I didn't want to make him uncomfortable. We were friends not dating.

" 'It's too late,' he said, and then showed me the bulge in his jeans. So he told me I needed to jerk him off. That's when I told him I don't do that, since masturbation is wrong. I was about to offer to go down on him, but that's when he told me that masturbation is just when you do yourself. He even showed me the wiki page where it says it. That made me happy to hear because there are lots of guys I've been out with whose dicks I didn't really want in my mouth, so jerking them off seemed like a much easier way to end a date, especially if I didn't really want to go out with them a second time.

"So then he told me that because he was already so hard I had to jerk him off or let him masturbate himself or else it could hurt him, which is true because a lot of guys have told me the same thing."

"Guys have told me that too," Sally said, nodding in agreement. "It's, like, a medical thing. Blue balls."

“It's not called blue balls, silly,” Nancy said with a laugh. “That's just the slang for it. There's probably some latin term for it.”

“Right,” Sally said, nodding.

"Right," Nancy said, nodding back. "So I didn't want him to jerk off since it's a sin, so I helped him out. He kept moaning so I had to keep telling him to be quiet because my mom was downstairs. She would've been mad if she knew we had stopped doing our homework.

" 'But it feels so good,' he told me, which was so sweet because it was the first time I had done it. I just pretended my hand was my mouth and moved it like I was going down on him with it. I told him to tell me when the stuff was going to come out, because the Bible says you can't spill your seed on the ground.

" Gonna come,' he said after a while, so I cupped my hand over his dick and I think I caught it all without spilling. I quickly wiped it off my skirt."

“Wow,” Sally said, her eyes wide and full of admiration.

Being afraid of spilling the seed was why Nancy usually preferred to blow a guy instead of giving him a handjob, since it was too hard to make sure every drop either went into her hand or her mouth. When she went down on a guy, she knew she could swallow the entire load. It was especially hard in a car, which is where most of her dates ended. After saying goodbye to a guy and telling him you'd had a great time (or pretending that you did), it was just easier to lean over and take his dick in your mouth than it was to fumble with your hand and hope you didn't spill any seed on the interior. And when she wasn't really crazy about the guy, going down on him avoided any awkward eye contact they might make during a handjob.

If the date went really well, however, or if she just really liked the guy, she'd often start with a handjob, usually after they started making out. While they were kissing, her tongue as far into his mouth as possible, she'd reach down, unzip his fly, and pull out his dick and rub it, still exploring his mouth and teeth with her tongue. After a few more minutes, she'd pull away, smile sweetly, and then lower her mouth onto his dick. The guys she liked best were the ones with dicks so long she was able to rub and lick each half of the shaft at the same time. She wondered what that kind of dick was going to feel like in her pussy on the night of her wedding.

Depending on the guy, she'd let them do more after the second or third date. It took her a while to really warm up to anal, but after she did it a half dozen times, she started to love it, especially the hot feeling she'd get when the guy would fill her ass up with his come.

The first boy she had let enter a hole other than her mouth was Travis, the quarterback of her school's football team. After she took on the role of head cheerleader at the start of her senior year, it become her responsibility to suck Travis's dick after every winning game. It was just an unspoken but well known and respected school tradition, and a responsibility Nancy took very seriously. She prided herself on her ability to give a great blowjob, and knew the prospect of getting one helped the team to fight that much harder for a victory. When she was new to the team, it was her job to go down on one of the other players, so it was a great honor when she was elected head of the squad and entrusted with the role of satisfying the quarterback himself.

After the first big win of the season, she met him in the locker room afterward, giving him a moment to shower and rest before she greeted him. Since they were both the leaders of their respective teams, they were allowed to have some privacy in the corner of the locker room, a few rows away from where the other girls were jerking off and going down on the rest of the team. Travis put his towel down on the bench in front of the row of lockers and spread his legs, inviting her to kneel in front of him and start sucking. She obliged happily, excited to finally be able to perform her most important duty as head cheerleader.

Travis was big and thick, so she really had to stretch to fuck it with her mouth. She'd had bigger, of course, so it wasn't a problem, but she always made sure to make every guy feel as though his was the biggest she'd ever seen.

"Wow," she'd tell every one. "It's so big! I didn't know they got this big!"

After ten minutes or so going down on him, playing with his balls with one hand and taking his dick all the way to the back of her throat, Travis moaned and said, "be careful or you're gonna make me come..."

She pulled herself off his dick and looked up and him. "It's ok. You can do it in my mouth. I like the taste."

"I'm the quarterback, babe," he said sweetly. "I need more than just a blowjob. Quarterbacks need to fuck."

Nancy frowned and explained that she couldn't fuck. She was a virgin who was saving herself for marriage.

"I'm a virgin too!" he said with a smile. "So I also don't have sex. I'm talking about fucking."

"What do you mean?" Nancy was confused, but glad that he sounded hopeful about a solution. She really didn't want to have to step down as head cheerleader.

And then Travis explained that sex was when a man put his penis in a woman's vagina, something he was also saving for marriage.

"So I just fuck girls in their asses," he said.

"And that's ok?"

"Yeah," he nodded eagerly. "It doesn't count as sex since it's not in the vagina and can't make a baby."

"Ok," she said, happy to give him what he wanted. After all, she trusted him completely since he had been an alter boy for years and still sung in his church's choir. He was a catholic and not a lutheran so obviously they couldn't date, but she was excited to fuck him all the same.

Travis helped her up and then told her to bend over the bench. He came around behind and put his hands on her hips, admiring the view of her perfect, round ass.

"You have such a beautiful body," he said.

"Thanks," she said with a blush. She thought to herself that most guys who were eager to fuck her probably wouldn't have stopped to compliment her first. Travis was sweet that way. "I work out every day."

"It shows," he said. "No tan lines too."

"Tan lines are gross," she said. "I like to lay out naked by the pool after school to do my homework before my parents come home."

"This might hurt at first," he said, abruptly changing the subject.

He eased into her slowly, just sticking the head of his massive dick into her ass. She bit her lip hard.

"Is it ok?" he asked.

"Yes," she said. It hurt, but it was ok. She was so excited to have such a sweet, god fearing guy's dick inside her. He started slow, easing the shaft of his cock down her ass like a boat drifting into the Tunnel of Love at a country fair. He slowly worked his way in until his balls were pressed against her skin. He pulled out just as slowly, then repeated and repeated.

"Is it ok, babe?" he asked, tenderly.

"Yes," she moaned. "You can go faster. Please go faster."

So then he went faster. He held tight to her hips and drove his dick into her, as deep and fast as he could. He started slow, but as her squeals of delight encouraged him, he sped up with every thrust, until he was close to knocking her off the bench as he fucked her ass deep and hard.

"Fuck me!!" Nancy screamed, not caring about the teams of guys and girls just a few rows away on the other side of the locker room. "Fuck me!! Fuck me!! Fuck me!!"

Travis kept fucking her, hard and fast. His balls slammed into her pussy with each thrust, making her scream every time. After a few more minutes he threw back his head and moaned. He grabbed her tightly and pushed himself into her. She felt his warm sperm shoot inside her and fill her up. It was warm and wonderful.

"Fill me up, baby," she said over her shoulder, loving the look of pleasure on his face as his stuff kept shooting out. "Fill me up."

After a few more thrusts and spurts, he was done. He pulled out of her and sat down on the bench. She turned around and sat down next to him, putting her arms around him and letting him make out with her. They were both dripping with sweat.

"That was amazing," she said, looking up into his beautiful blue eyes. "I think I love fucking."

They both laughed.

"Yeah, it's fun," he said. "You liked that? It didn't hurt too bad?"

"A little at first, but then it felt so good" she said. "I loved it. I love fucking. You can fuck me again if you want."

"I'd love to, but I have to go," he said, standing up and collecting his stuff. His dick swung between his legs, teasing Nancy as she watched it. She kind of wanted it back in her ass. "I'm having dinner with Jenny and her parents. They're taking me out to celebrate the game."

"Fun," Nancy said with a smile. "Tell Jenny I said hi."

"I will," Travis said, wiping off his dick with a towel before stuffing it into a pair of briefs. Jenny was his girlfriend, and she was just as beautiful and popular as Travis, even though she was a brunette and he was blonde. Sometimes opposites attract.

"Just make sure you keep leading the team to victory and you'll get to fuck me some more," Nancy said with a mischievous grin.

"Seemed like you liked it just as much as I did," Travis said, smiling back.

"Maybe I did." They both laughed again.

"You know, you don't have to save it for when I win," Travis said. He put on a white shirt and then a long sleeved, button down flannel. "We can fuck whenever."

"I don't think Jenny would like that very much," Nancy said, her tone suddenly turning serious. She was floored by the fact that he wanted to fuck her again, but she knew he was dating one of her best friends. "She might get mad at us both if she thought we were fooling around for real, instead of just giving you your reward after winning the games."

"You're right," he said, tucking the shirt into his jeans. "I don't know what I was thinking. Just had my brain clouded by your beauty."

"Thanks," she said, and let him kiss her good bye. He reached down and fondled one of her still naked breasts as they made out.

"Sure you don't want to fuck me again before you go?" Nancy asked. "It's still technically after the game, so Jenny can't get mad if we have a second round. Just do me nice and fast."

"Ok," Travis said, opening his fly. "Roll over."

She giggled and turned over, offering him her ass one more time. He just stuck his now massive hard on through the fly of his jeans and pounded her hard for a few more minutes, making her scream with pleasure until they both came hard.

Travis pulled out, zipped himself back up, and said goodbye again, winking at her as he left. Nancy's ass tingled as she watched him go, and her heart skipped a beat. Jenny was a lucky girl to have such a sweet boyfriend, especially since he was so good at fucking. She sighed and thought about how wonderful it was going to be when she finally got married and was allowed to have sex.
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