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Teen Itch

Tags: teen, taboo
She had an itch only I could scratch
This is my story and I'm sticking to it. I know nobody's gonna believe this really
happened, but I'll tell it anyway. So here's how it went down, I got a 2 bedroom
condo all to myself, lots of room to chill out for most of the day which is what
I do. I don't have to work so I have time to work out and keep fit, which is
important at my age, 50. There's a pool that most of the young people take advantage
of so it's not that uncommon to see lots of young female flesh just walking around
in a skimpy little nothing of a bikini.

So here it is, late in the afternoon and I hear my doorbell ring. There at the door
is my neighbor's 16 yr old daughter looking all red and agitated. At first it looks
like she got too much sun, but on closer inspection she's getting hives, having
some kind of allergic reaction.
"Hey, can you help me I think I ate something that I'm allergic to and I need help."

"Sure come on in I think I got some pills you can take."

I come back with some allergy pills and I see she's itching her skin all over, her
legs, arms, stomach, trying to avoid the 'personal' parts like her young boobs and
ass, which I'm sure also itched but she didn't want to touch herself in front of me.

"How long before the pills start to work?"

"Pretty soon I think, is there anything I can do to help in the meantime?"

"Well I guess you can help me scratch my back, it itches so bad and I can't reach."

I sit next to her on the couch, she turns her back to me so I can scratch her back,
her skin is so smooth and perfect I don't want to leave welts on it so I'm do more
rubbing than actual scratching, being a little rougher than if I were just feeling
her up, which is all I'm thinking about right now.
My hands are roaming all over her back, her shoulders, her arms, she sighs with
contentment at my touch.
She starts to squirm in place, I figure the allergic reaction is really kicking in
she can't seem to keep still.

"What's wrong honey?"

"I got an itch in a place I can't get to"

"Where is it?"

"I can't say, its too embarrassing"

"Oh come on, tell me, let me help"

"I feel it up inside me 'down there' it really itches bad"

That's when things go crazy, she starts to pull at her bikini bottom to dig her
fingers inside her pussy, I can see her juices glisten on her fingers, she is
frantic now, she has 2 fingers inside herself jamming them in deep.

"Damn it itches so bad my fingers can't reach"

She's sweating now, really in a panic. I tell her to close her eyes and lay down.
She does as I ask. That's when I pull my sweatpants down, my 7 inch hard on free
at last. I climb over her and push my cock inside her.

"Oh yeah, that's it, you're hitting the parts that really itch that I couldn't reach,
keep doing that."

(Like I was gonna stop)

"Go faster and harder, please don't be afraid of being rough it really itches and
what you're doing is hitting all the right spots."

Just then she rips her bikini top off, now she's completely nude.

"Please mister, scratch my tits they itch so bad"

I grab her young soft firm tits as I continue to fuck her, the sweat dripping off
my face onto her body.

"Squeeze harder and all over, really feel them up."

I feel like I've died and gone to heaven as I drill her tight teenage pussy and
have full access to her tits...all with her permission and insistence.

"Honey, I feel like I'm ready to come..I'm gonna pull out and come on you"

"NO, COME IN ME PLEASE!!! It itches so bad inside I want you to come in me
to ease the itch."

She wraps her legs around me so that I can't escape, I can't hold back any longer.
I jam it in one last time as deep as I can and let myself go.

"OOH I can feel it throbbing in me, yeah that's it, it feels so much better now."

I make sure ever drop goes as deep as I can put it.

"Keep it in there until it gets soft."

"OK sweetheart but after that you've gotta get going."

"Yeah I know I gotta be home soon, thanks for everything!"

As she leaves my window is open and I can hear her talking to her friend who
met up with her outside my apartment. Its obvious they aren't aware I can hear
everything they say.
"So how did it go?"

"Yeah, he fell for it, I got him to fuck me and come in me and everything!"

"See, I told you how easy it is to get these old guys to have sex with us,
they can't help it, we're so young and soft and irresistible, they just can't say

And I can hear them giggling as they walk away.

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