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Teenage Girl Loves to Fuck Older Men

My thirty-seven year old neighbor is my first lover and I end up fucking him and much older men.
There have been stories in the news recently about the importance of kids having stable homes with loving mothers and fathers. I was blessed with just such a home, except that my parents were both very busy with their careers and related social events with other adults, and had little time for me. I know that I was loved, but not enough for them to pay much attention to my personal life.

My name is Tori, and I was sixteen years old when my parents moved to Portland, Oregon so they could accept their big job promotions. They bought a nice home on the fringes of an old suburb and I did my best to deal with the change. I was always shy and found it hard to meet new people. There weren’t many kids my age in the immediate area anyway. I did meet a few nice kids in school but we lived too far apart to allow much interaction.

I spent most of my free time at home alone. I eventually met and became friends with our neighbor Dan, who was a bachelor and thirty-seven years old at the time. I started hanging out at his home, especially when it was warm enough to use his nice pool. Dan’s house was u-shaped with the pool in the middle of the u, so it was very private. He was always polite and a gentleman with me, and I never felt at risk around him. His girlfriends were also around a lot of the time. They became role models for me.

They made sure that I did my homework and gave me the kind of advice that my own parents didn’t have time for. Being around them must have matured me emotionally, and I felt very comfortable being around Dan, his women friends, and some of the other older guys that came over from time to time. They treated me like a young lady, and not a high school girl. I’m sure that made me act more mature as well. I felt very comfortable around all of them, and there were never any sexual overtones in any of our interactions. Dan was protective of me and would have stopped any of his friends even if they did try to approach me in that way.

Things changed though when I matured physically in every way the spring and summer I turned sixteen. By the middle of the season I ended up with a sexy, rounded, and prominent ass and D-cup breasts. I was five feet and seven inches tall and weighed one hundred and thirty-five pounds. I wasn’t just some skinny high school girl. I was full-figured with very alluring curves. That’s when Dan started to pay more attention to me, and I know that he liked my body.

My parents didn’t allow me to wear skimpy bathing suits or other revealing clothes. They also didn’t like me wearing heavy makeup. So Dan bought me a couple of bikinis and some other fashionable clothes that showed off my womanly assets. I only wore those clothes when I was at Dan’s home.

In the beginning the women helped me with my makeup and clothes. It felt so good to be treated as a grownup around them. However, that help didn’t last long. They began to notice that Dan was giving me most of his attention, and the women stopped coming by. Of course his men friends liked the way I looked and hung out as often as they could. I think they were jealous of Dan for having a luscious teen like me hanging around all of the time.

Dan and I became just about as close as a teen girl and a mature adult male could be. He started treating me almost like a girlfriend and I was very attracted to him. He never tried anything sexually with me, at least not until one day towards the end of summer.

We were alone by the pool and I was wearing one of the skimpy bikinis that he had given me. The top barely covered my big areolas and my big tits were squeezing out all over. The bottom was little more than a thong and accentuated my thick, hairy camel toe and ass very well.

I was standing in front of Dan talking to him when he said, “Tori, I don’t want to embarrass you honey, but that bikini would look even better on you if you trimmed up your bush a little. I personally like it hairy, but if any of your friends ever come over they’ll tease you about it.”

I knew that my pussy hair was poking out the sides of the thong and it hadn’t been a big deal to me. The way Dan was staring at my pussy and his comments had a definite sexual overtone and I felt my pussy getting wet. So I was in a sexy and playful mood when I smiled and responded, “You’re right, Dan. I have been meaning to trim down there but it’s kind of hard for me to reach. Would you trim it up for me?”

Dan looked surprised at my request and he continued staring at my bulging camel toe. Then he said, “My goodness yes, Tori, I would love to help you with that. I’m not so sure that is a good idea though. You are a very beautiful and sexy girl and I might not be able to keep myself under control.”

I was half serious and half teasing when I responded, “Oh come on, Dan. You’ll do just fine. And besides, who says that I want you to be under control anyway?”

He tilted his head and gave me a funny look before saying, “Okay, Tori, let’s go into my bedroom and I’ll get my razor and some shaving cream.”

We went into his bedroom and I lay back on the bed as he went into his bathroom to get the shaving supplies. While he was gone I removed my bikini top and bottom and spread my legs while waiting his return. When he came back into the room and saw me lying there completely nude, he stopped in his tracks. Dan stared at me for a few moments before stepping closer to the bed and saying, “Fuck, Tori, you’re being a very naughty girl. I know that I won’t be able to control myself around you now.”

He still had his bathing suit on and climbed up on the bed and lay down beside me. Then he leaned over to kiss me while he started rubbing my breasts. I had no previous experience with either boys or men and this first sexual experience was amazing. After kissing passionately for a few minutes he slid down a little and began sucking my breasts. Then before I knew it he was licking and sucking down my stomach to my hairy pussy.

Dan moved between my legs and just looked at my puffy labia before saying, “Oh fuck Tori, I just have to taste your beautiful, hairy pussy.”

Then he covered my pussy with his mouth and began sucking and tonguing me there. I quickly had my first orgasm and sprayed my vaginal fluids into his mouth. I knew that he wanted to be sucked too when he took off his bathing suit and turned around on top of me while still sucking my pussy. Dan’s was the first cock I had ever seen and it looked to be eight inches long and was very thick. His big, golf-ball-sized balls were hanging down in his hairy scrotum. I wasn’t sure what to do but I took the circumcised head of his cock into my mouth and began sucking him.

The feeling of what he was doing to my pussy, coupled with the thrill of sucking my first cock was overwhelming to me. I was having another orgasm as I closed my thighs around Dan’s head to hold him in place as he began to grind his cock into my mouth. Then he lifted his face away from my wet pussy for a moment to say, “I’ve just got to fuck you now, Tori. I hope you are on birth control. I don’t have any condoms and I’d love to fuck you bareback.”

I wasn’t on birth control for a very good reason. My mother took me to the gynecologist when I turned sixteen and I found out that I have a rare condition called polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). That makes it very unlikely for me to get pregnant. Surprisingly, birth control pills would tend to make me fertile. I didn’t want to tell Dan about my condition so I said, “I’m a virgin Dan, but I want you to be my first fuck. I’m not on birth control but I know that I’m in the safe part of my cycle.”

Dan quickly turned around on top of me and said, “I’ll take it slow, Tori. Tell me if it is painful for you and I’ll stop.”

He cock head pressed between my labia and it felt so good having his cock inside of me. He continued pushing until his cock was pressing against my hymen. Even though I had no previous experience with fucking, I thought that it would be less painful if he broke my hymen quickly. So I said, “Just thrust your big cock into me, Dan. That way it will only hurt for a second.”

I wrapped my legs around his ass and pulled him into me as he pulled back slightly and rammed his cock through my hymen. It was less painful than I imagined. He held himself in me without moving as I recovered from the pain and my vagina became accustomed to his thickness. I swiveled my hips to take more of his meat and he knew that I was ready to fuck.

Any momentary pain that I experienced was soon replaced with pleasure that I can’t even begin to describe. He fucked me hard and fast and I had a huge orgasm just as I felt his cock jumping and pulsing in my pussy. He was cumming in me with the head of his cock pressed against my cervix. I sure hoped that the doctor was correct in saying that my chances of getting pregnant were slight to non-existent.

Dan rolled off of me and we were coming down from our orgasms as he said, “Tori, you are amazing. I would never have imagined that I would be able to fuck a beautiful, young woman like you with my bare cock, and you being unprotected. Just the thought of what we did makes me almost ready to cum again.”

We fucked two more times that afternoon and almost every day since. We would be totally naked using the pool and even when sitting around his home. His men friends came by often and they fucked me too. Deep down I knew that I was just being used by those men and I enjoyed it. Something in my psyche made me feel true joy in providing the sexual and other needs for those men. And I know it’s unusual, but I must have matured beyond my years because I especially liked serving the needs of older men.

I continued my lifestyle of being little more than a whore for those men until Dan moved away during the summer after I graduated from high school. That’s when I made the decision to attend the community college to study to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). I studied hard and made good grades. Because of my previous experiences with Dan and his friends, I was also attracted to and fucking several of my older professors. I was surprised at the sexual stamina that those fifty-something men had. All I had to do was flirt with them a little and they couldn’t pass up the chance to fuck a large-breasted eighteen year old like me.

After graduating and obtaining my LPN license I got a job at an adult rehabilitation center that was affiliated with an adjacent hospital. The patients in my unit were all men and ranged in age from fifty to over seventy. They suffered from a variety of ailments including dementia, hip replacements, knee surgery, heart attacks, diabetes and other problems.

I was nineteen years old when I started at the rehab center and had just started a romantic relationship with a twenty-eight year old man named Jeffrey who I met at the college. He had been dating a divorced woman who had a four month old baby girl by her previous husband. She was still nursing the baby and Jeffrey loved sucking milk from her big boobs. So he asked me to begin lactating for him.

I took the necessary hormones and bought an electric breast pump so I could induce my lactation and keep it going. Jeffrey was also eager to suck my breasts dry at least twice a day. Every time he sucked my milk-filled breasts my pussy tingled to be fucked. I had plenty of stimulation and my breasts grew to a full DD-cup as my volume of milk increased.

I was producing so much milk that I signed up to be a breast milk provider for the hospital. They paid ten dollars for every eight ounce bottle. I was producing eight bottles a day for them, depending on how much Jeffrey drained from me. That supplemented my forty thousand dollar salary very nicely.

The men in my rehab unit openly flirted with and teased me. They didn’t even try to hide staring at my tits and ass. I liked the attention and flirted back with them. Somehow, even those much older men were attractive to me. I had been working there about a month when things changed for the better. I was changing the sheets and blankets on a bed for a knee-surgery patient named Robert. He was sixty-four years old and sat behind me in a chair in his hospital gown. I knew that he was getting a good view with my ass almost in his face.

I was just about finished with his bed when I felt his hands on my ass. I pondered for a few moments whether to scold him in a nice way to make him stop, or in some way encourage his behavior. I made up my mind and turned to face him saying, “Whoa there Robert. Don’t start something with me that you can’t or won’t finish.”

Robert obviously read my comment as an okay to proceed. He brazenly moved his hands to my big breasts and said, “Don’t worry about me, Tori. My knee might still be healing, but I think I’m man enough for a pretty, young girl like you. Just help me back into bed and I’ll show you what I can do.”

I helped him back into his bed. When I leaned in to fluff up his pillow from the left side of his bed he had a close-up view of my ample cleavage. He wrapped one arm around my back to hold me against him, and started undoing the buttons on my blouse with the other hand. I never wore a bra, so my big breasts were soon exposed and right in his face.

He leaned over to latch onto my left nipple with his mouth. It only took a few seconds for my milk to flow into his mouth. He pulled back for a moment and said, “Damn, Tori, I had no idea that you were lactating. I loved to drink my wife’s breast milk after she had our kids.”

I was getting aroused having him suck me that way and reached under the sheet to rub his cock. I was pleasantly surprised to feel his rock-hard cock under his gown. He was surprised when I pulled my tit from his mouth as I leaned down to suck him. He was uncircumcised and about eight inches long, with a thick, vein covered shaft. His precum tasted good to me and that was my first uncircumcised cock. I loved the taste and feeling of his foreskin in my mouth.

After sucking him for a few minutes he was panting as he said, “Oh my, Tori, that feels so good. Climb on up here and fuck me darlin’. You are on birth control aren’t you?”

I quickly took off my skirt and underwear and straddled him on the bed. I leaned over so he could continue sucking milk from my breasts as I got ready to slide down onto his big cock. I knew from fucking Dan, his friends, and the professors at school that older men liked to fuck girls bareback when they knew she was unprotected. It somehow stirred their primal urges to spread their sperm and populate the world. So I wanted to get him even more excited and said, “I’m not on any birth control Robert, but I’m probably in my safe time. Don’t worry, if I mess up and get pregnant that will be my problem, not yours.”

My comments really got him excited, and he thrust his hips into me just as I was sliding down on his cock. He was sucking my breasts and fucking into me like a man possessed. I so enjoyed fucking him and was surprised when he ejaculated into my womb after only about five minutes on him.

I also had a small orgasm but wanted more of his thick meat. So I kept fucking him until his cock totally deflated in my cunt, as he continued to drain my breasts. Then I got off of the bed and leaned down to suck his cock clean with my mouth. I put my underwear and skirt back on and loved the feeling of his semen and sperm running down my inner thighs as I left his room to attend to my next patient.

Robert and I never talked about him keeping quiet about our fucking, and I was actually hoping that he would tell some of the other men about it. So the next day at work I wasn’t surprised when Bill, a sixty-eight year old man suffering from sporadic dementia, made a move on me. He also had erectile dysfunction (ED) but that wasn’t something we were treating him for.

I was helping him back into bed after changing his sheets when he said, “Robert told me what a nice thing you did for him yesterday. I can’t fuck you like he did but I would sure enjoy sucking those milky tits and your pussy.”

He reached out to me and I unbuttoned my blouse and leaned over to feed him my tits. He sucked hungrily as my milk started to flow. Then I pulled away to lower the head of the bed flat. I stripped and lay down next to him in a sideways sixty-nine position. He sucked my hairy cunt as I pulled up his gown to find his dick. He had ED but his soft cock was very thick and about six inches long. I sucked his fuck meat into my mouth and I loved the taste and soft thickness of his dick.

At one point I slid down a little to suck his big balls. He loved me sucking him there and used that as an opportunity to move down push me down a little farther as he spread my legs with his arms. Then he began sucking my ass, which was a new experience for me. I decided to return the favor and lifted his big balls out of the way and I sucked his ass too. I loved everything about sex and this old man had taught me something new.

Then I got hungry for his cock again and took his soft meat back into my mouth. I only had to suck him for a few more minutes before he ejaculated a surprisingly large load of cum into my mouth. The ED sure didn’t stop him from getting his rocks off. We got cleaned up and as I was leaving the room he said, “Thank you so much, Tori. Next time I’d like you to visit my room after you finish with Robert. I‘d love to suck your pussy right after he has fucked you.”

Several of my other patients approached me for sex that day and my attitude was to do anything they requested. All of them wanted to start by sucking milk from my lactating breasts. Then some of them just wanted to fuck me while others wanted either solo or mutual oral sex. One of the men was just happy to have me sit on his face with my big ass for a few minutes while he sucked my hairy pussy. Before long some of the men were tipping me for having sex with them. That really did make me a whore.

The next day my first patient was a seventy-two year old man named William. He was in the center for intensive care following a heart attack, and would be going home in a couple of days. I made him wear his heart monitor when we fucked so we wouldn’t get him too excited. He was my favorite lover so far due to his very thick, ten inch cock and his enthusiasm using it. We fucked for twenty minutes that first time, while he sucked milk from my breasts.

Our rehab center was going to provide some home care for William and he requested that I be assigned to his twice-weekly visits. I gladly accepted the assignment and agreed to stop by his condo on the way home from work on Wednesdays, and on Sunday afternoons. I fucked him every time we were together and continued seeing him even after he was discharged from our service.

I was living with my boyfriend Jeffrey and it took him quite a while to figure out that I was fucking all of those older men. I always tried to immediately take a shower and rinse out my pussy when I got home. On the few occasions when he wanted to eat me out before I could clean up, he just commented that I was very juicy that day. Then something happened that brought an end to our relationship.

Jeffrey was very close with his seventy-five year old grandfather Melvin. It hit him hard when Melvin fell gravely ill and was in a nursing home. Melvin’s boyhood best friend Randolph, who was also seventy-five, was in town for a week visiting his old friend Melvin. We agreed to let Randolph stay in our spare bedroom to help him save money on the trip.

Randolph was very spry and energetic for his age and I always caught him staring at my tits and ass. One night when Jeffrey had to work late, I was in my bedroom pumping breast milk when Randolph opened the door. He saw me sitting on the bed with my huge breasts exposed and said, “Oh shit! I’m so sorry for barging in, Tori. I heard that pump running and wondered what was going on. But damn, you are really a well-built girl.”

I had been fucking and being sucked by so many older men that it didn’t faze me a bit when he walked in. In fact, I was still horny since I wasn’t able to get fucked that afternoon at work. I turned off the pump and smiled at him saying, “No harm done Randolph. You can even help me out if you want to. Have you ever tasted breast milk before? Close the door and come on over and try it if you want to.”

He quickly walked up to the bed and sat beside me. Then I pulled him down across my lap until his mouth latched onto my right nipple. As soon as my milk started flowing my pussy got wet and I wanted to fuck him. He was surprised when I reached over to rub his hardening cock and sucked me even harder.

I unbuckled and unzipped his pants and reached into his underwear to grab his then-hard cock. He was at least nine inches long, vein-covered, and very thick, with a huge, mushroom cock head. I pulled my tit out of his mouth as I leaned down to suck his cock, as he pulled up my skirt. We then sucked one another in the sixty-nine position until I was ready to fuck him. I said, “Come on Randolph; let’s see if you know how to use this big cock of yours on a young cunt like me.”

He climbed on top of me and shoved his big cock into my wet pussy in one thrust. Then we fucked for about twenty minutes. I was impressed with the hardness of his cock and his stamina for a man in his seventies. I was just beginning my third orgasm as I felt him tense up in me and his cock started to throb and pulse as he shot his load of semen and sperm into my womb. Then he collapsed on me and said, “Holy fuck, Tori! You sure are one hot little cunt. Does Jeffrey know that you are such a fucking slut?”

Randolph was still on top of me fucking me with his softening cock as my bedroom door opened. Jeffrey was standing there seething with anger when he saw Randolph there between my legs, with his cock still buried in my pussy. He shouted, “I have suspected that you were fucking behind my back. But I can hardly believe that you would fuck an old man like Randolph. I want you to pack up your shit and move out of here by the end of the day tomorrow, you fucking whore!”

We were living in Jeffrey’s house and I had no choice but to leave. I called my old fuck buddy William and he agreed to let me stay with him until I could make other arrangements. With my salary, money from my patients, and the extra money I was making selling my breast milk, I was easily able to afford a small apartment near the rehab center.

Many of the men were at the rehab center for only a week or two, while a few were there for much longer. So there was a constant turn-over in my patients. All of the patients eventually became aware of the special services I was providing the men. My supervisor was happy with my work and the many compliments I received from my patients. I was in demand and that pissed off some of the other nurses who had no idea what I was doing with the men.

My normal schedule was to provide nursing services for twelve patients per day. The schedule rotated so I saw my patients every other day, so I had twenty-four men that I was taking care of. I learned that the men all had slightly different sexual desires and needs and I tried to accommodate all of them. As I said before, the one common theme was that all of the men loved my big breasts and wanted to suck them and swallow my milk. Some days I had only four bottles of milk to sell to the hospital because those men were so hungry for it.

Because of the variety of health conditions, all of the men couldn’t fuck me. I averaged being fucked five times per day. Some men just liked me to give them blow jobs, and they loved it when I swallowed their loads. Others just wanted to suck my pussy and ass. As the admissions and discharges occurred, there always seemed to be at least a couple of the men who love having their faces pressed into my big ass.

Of course I enjoyed sucking their cocks and swallowing as much cum as I could. The men with ED were especially appreciative of having me suck their cocks and balls for as long as it took to make them ejaculate into my mouth.

After several months of having sex with those men I came to appreciate and look forward to the large variety of sizes and shapes of their cocks. I still remember one of my favorites. Wendell has a six inch long cock that is obscenely thick. It is about eight inches in circumference, or just about the size of a beer can. I enjoyed feeling his thick meat stretch my pussy to the limit as he gave me continuous orgasms while fucking me.

The rehab center wasn’t the only place I was getting a steady diet of cock from older men. There were several men in their sixties and seventies who lived in my apartment building. It all started one late night after work when I was in the laundry room of my building. I was wearing a pair of thin, flimsy shorts and an old t-shirt with no underwear. I didn’t expect anyone else to be there. My down-the-hall neighbor Monroe came in to wash his clothes, just as I was taking my clothes out of the dryer and folding them.

He put his basket down on the work table next to me and was staring at my large bra, which I only seldom wore. I knew that Monroe was married, sixty-eight years old and he was very handsome, lean, and rugged looking for a man his age. He looked at me, smiled, and said, “Wow, Tori, that’s some big bra you’ve got there. I’ll bet your boyfriend is happy having you around so he can suck on those big melons of yours.”

He probably figured that because of the age difference he didn’t have a chance at having sex with me anyway, so it couldn’t hurt for him to say something outrageous like that. I saw this as a great opportunity for having sex since my breasts were full. I was planning on pumping when I got back to my apartment and they were starting to hurt a little.

I smiled at him and replied, “Thanks for the nice compliment, Monroe. But I don’t have a boyfriend anymore to help me take care of these big things. I’m lactating and would love it if you’d be a dear and help me relieve some of the pressure.”

He hesitated and just stood there stunned as I hopped up onto the table in front of him and pulled my t-shirt up over my tits, exposing myself to him. That put by breasts right in line with his head. When he still wasn’t moving towards me I held his head in my hands and pulled his mouth to my breast. He started sucking me like a man possessed as he fondled both of my huge tits. My pussy was wet and tingling with lust as it usually did when my milk-filled breasts were being sucked. I cradled his head to my bosom with one arm as I reached down to rub his crotch with the other. His cock was already hard and felt big in my hands.

I wanted to further tantalize him with coarse language. So after he had sucked both breasts and while I was still rubbing his cock, I leaned down and breathed heavily into and licked his ear as I said, “Come on, Monroe, and fuck me with your big cock. I just love it when older men plow my cunt with their fuck meat. Your wife probably won’t mind if you get some young pussy on the side.”

He pulled his mouth off of my breast and asked, “What about birth control? Are you on the pill or anything? I’ve never used condoms and don’t have one with me anyway.”

I was really horny and wanted to give him a bigger thrill. So I said, “I’m not on birth control, Monroe, but I want to feel your thick, bare cock and cum in my pussy anyway. I might be fertile right now but it’s my problem if you knock me up.”

He just stared at me as I lifted up and removed my shorts. That left me sitting on the table right in front of his crotch. I started to unfasten his belt and then he helped me as we pushed his pants and underwear to the floor. His cock looked to be about nine inches long and was very thick and meaty.

I wrapped my legs around his ass and pulled him into my pussy. It was easy to tell that he hadn’t had any pussy in a long time. As soon as he felt the hairy wetness of my vulva and vagina he sighed and closed his eyes in ecstasy. He gasped and moaned saying, “What a hot, wet little cunt you have. I can hardly believe that I’m fucking a teen girl like you. You must be one easy little fucking slut if you’re fucking me this way.”

Monroe continued to pound my pussy, with me still sitting on the table, as he cradled his head on my shoulder. I licked and blew in his ear again and said, “That’s right, Monroe, I am a whore for older men who have experience and really know how to fuck a girl. So hurry up and shoot your big load of baby batter into my womb.”

He quickened his strokes and was soon spewing his big load of semen and sperm into my unprotected cervix. After he was finished and his cock began to soften, I hoped off of the table, dropped to my knees, and sucked his cock clean of his cum and my juices. Then I stood up and said, “Okay, Monroe, it’s all nice and clean for you and the wife will never know what we did. You’re welcome to stop by my apartment anytime if you want more. And be sure to tell the other old men in the building about me as well. I can never get enough old cock and cum.”

It only took a few days for the word to spread in the apartment building. I soon had six of the older men fucking me in the evenings after work and on weekends. Once a week or every several days was all that most of them could handle, but I was still being fucked by at least one of them each night and usually several times on the weekend days.

I’ll have my twentieth birthday in a few days and plan to celebrate it with as much old cock and cum as I can get from the men in the rehab center and my apartment building. I don’t really know what the future holds for me, but for now I intend to enjoy bringing happiness and sexual fulfillment to as many old men as possible.

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