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Temptations Of The Flesh: Part 3

The Priest takes another step toward damnation
It has been over a month since the young slut named Magdalene entered my confessional, changing my life forever. I have become addicted to the scent and taste of her sex. When she appears, all I want to do is please her, knowing that my reward will be a glorious orgasm, in her mouth, on her breasts, or in her pussy. Feeling her warmth and wetness as I explode inside her luscious body. I look forward every Saturday to our unholy meetings, my cock hard and ready, anticipating another depraved sexual adventure that will bring me ever closer to an eternity in hell.

The church bell chimed, signaling the 5 o'clock hour. Confessions were ended, as I looked around the empty building, and locked the door for the night. I was disappointed, but relieved, that my newfound mistress had not shown up as promised. My loins ached in anticipation of our scheduled meeting, but, I knew I could remedy that problem after dinner in the confines of my room. Perhaps my trial was over and I could get back to tending my flock. From behind , I heard the familiar, soft voice, "Bless me father, for we have sinned. It has been a week since my last confession."

I turned. There she was in her black cape and boots, " Yes Father, it's me, Magdalene! I have been a very bad girl, Father. I need your forgiveness, yet again. I need your manhood inside me to drive out the evil within." That said, she opened the cape and invited me to worship at her heavenly gate.

Almost automatically, I dropped to my knees, crawled forward until my face was inches from the smooth, hairless lips of her moist sex. Before my lips could come in contact with her pouty pussy, she stepped back, and, pointing at her mouth, said, "First, you kiss these lips."

Rising, I tentatively pursed my lips, expecting a brother/sister brush on the lips. As I got closer, I noticed her chin, nose and lips were wet. Then, I detected the unmistakable scent of another woman. She grabbed my head, and, pulling closer, thrust her tongue into my mouth. As our tongues fenced with each other, swirling around inside each others cheeks, I tasted this other female. I tried to pull away, but she grabbed my hands, guiding one to her damp crotch and the other to her breast, continuing the deep, soulful kiss. My palm felt the heat of her nipple as it stiffened under my touch. The fingers of my other hand slid effortlessly inside her pre-moistened passage, curling and uncurling as they sank deeper and deeper within.

Breaking the kiss, she smiled and said, "There's someone I want you to meet. And, yes, we just made love before we arrived. You tasted her on my lips. Did you like her flavor?"

Turning me around, she presented me with her recent partner. My jaw dropped! I was speechless! There in front of me was a short, full figured young woman in a nun's habit.

"Hello, Father! How are you?" she said, smiling innocently.

"Sister Katherine! What are you doing here?" was all I could say, still in shock at the sight of this young novice in the company of my slutty penitent. I could see a hint of moisture around her mouth and chin, and, putting two and two together, came to the realization that these two women had just had sex. I found the thought disgusting and exciting at the same time. But my manhood only registered the excitement and twitched in my cassock.

"I came her to confess my sins as well, Father." She sank to her knees and reached under my garments, grasping at my stiffening penis. "Forgive me, Father, for I have been weak. I have given myself over to the sins of the flesh more times than I can count. While I have yet to lay with a man, I have tasted many, many women." Before I could reply, I felt her lips wrap around my shaft, enveloping me in the warm sheath of her mouth.

Involuntarily, my hips swayed, pulling my stiffened dick from her mouth, only to press forward again, sinking my spit soaked member back into her face. My hands held her head in place as I slowly fucked her sensuous mouth, my eyes riveted on her ovalled lips, as they stretched around the base of my painfully erect penis.

"Now Sister, don't get too greedy! After all, don't you want him to empty himself in your virgin pussy?" came a voice from behind me. Turning my head, I saw Magdalene standing with two fingers in her pussy, plunging in and out of her well lubricated cunt.

"Yes Mistress, you are right." Sister Katherine answered, somewhat reluctantly, removing her lips from my stiff pole. "But I did want to taste him."

"All in good time, Sister. Now hop up on the altar so he can have you."

The young novice did as instructed, opening her habit, and baring all her ample charms in the process. She lay back, legs spread, her moist pussy, fringed with black hair, open for me to see. Her proud, large breasts wobbling as she breathed.

I stared at her crotch, wondering if I should kiss it first, before violating it.

"Just fuck her, Father! You can kiss it later!" Magdalene said, reading my mind and pushing me forward.

I opened my cassock, revealing my cock, and pointed it toward the wet, slightly parted lips.

"Don't worry, Father, there will be no pain. She has had numerous objects in there, just no cocks. You will be her first!"

I pressed the bulbous tip of my prick against the soft, hot flesh of her wetness. Pushing forward slowly, I sank into the depths of her womanhood, listening to the escalating moans escaping her lips.

"Play with her clit, Father! Maybe she’ll cum for you!" Magdalene said as she leaned over the novice nun and sucked on her left nipple.

Picking up the pace, I fucked her tight, wet pussy, watching as my honey coated cock slid effortlessly in and out of the writhing, moaning young girl, my thumb circling her clit.

"Oh my fucking God!" she said, "I never thought it would feel so good! Fuck me Father! Fuck me deep! Fuck me hard! Cum inside me! Please?"

Her encouraging words drove me to work faster, harder, my balls slapping her ample ass, my fingers caressing her sensitive clit. My other hand cupped her jiggling breast, my fingers kneading the flesh.

"Pinch them! Twist them! Let her feel the pleasure-pain of a good deep animalistic, wanton fuck" Magdalene ordered as she bit gently on the girl's other nipple.

Sister Katherine responded to the fresh assault with more moans, wriggling under my attack on her oozing cunt, clit and nipple. The scent of sex permeated the air as did the sounds of uncontrolled carnal pleasure. "Oh God! I'm cumming!" she screamed, her voice echoing throughout the church.

And cum, she did! Her cunt rippled, squeezing and releasing my cock as she incoherently babbled about how good it felt to have a man inside her. "Empty your holy scepter inside my unworthy cunt, Father! I need to feel the warmth of your seed in my womb!"

Her encouragement was all it took, and with a great grunt, my cock spat its contents deep inside the quivering nun. Three healthy squirts filled her with my essence, some of which squeezed out around my still pulsing shaft, dripping onto the altar.

"Get on the altar in her place! Then, you may drink from her!" Magdalene ordered. Pulling my shrinking penis from her leaking pussy, I helped her stand up, watching as my semen oozed from her ravaged cunt. Taking her place, I invited her to sit over me, so I could drink from her dripping slit. Helping her swing her thigh over my head, I licked at the juices dripping from her. The sweetness of her honey, mixed with the saltiness of my man-juice tasted divine. I no longer thought of my career as a priest, only of the intense feelings that I brought forth from this sweet, young woman, and those that she released from me. I spread her pussy open and nestled my face deep within, drinking the nectar of our unholy sexual union.

Surrounded by the soft flesh of her womanhood, and concentrating on giving her as much intense pleasure as possible, did not clearly hear Magdalene's instructions to the young novice, but I did feel Katherine's lips as they surrounded my flaccid cock. I felt, more than heard, her moans of pleasure as I grew inside her mouth. I began to ache with the desire to fill her cheeks with my seed, gently thrusting my hips upward each time I felt her lips slide down my hardening shaft. I also felt a warmth around my left testicle, wondering, at first, how she could get her mouth around both my shaft and my nut, then realizing that Magdalene was sucking on my nut as Katherine slid her lips up and down my cock, slurping as she went.

Amazed at the intensity of my feelings, I wrapped my lips around her juicy clit, swirling my tongue against the stiff nubbin, determined to have her come for me. Her hips began to move, pushing against my face, and her pleasure moans filled the church with an unholy joyful noise. Alternately sucking and licking her clit, I felt, then tasted the reward for my effort. She oozed, fresh, warm juice all over my lips, my nose and my tongue as she wailed loudly, orgasming under my oral ministrations.

After cumming on my face she restarted her blowjob, her tongue gliding around the swollen head of my cock. Eagerly, she tried to suck more cum from my re-animated prick, moaning as she did so. I responded by thrusting my hips upward, matching her down strokes, filling her throat with as much of me as she could handle.

I, too, was moaning with intense pleasure as she rolled her hips, smearing the leftovers from her orgasm onto my cheeks, nose and chin. My tongue stabbed in and out of the warm pink cavern of her pussy, as I worked toward giving her another screaming orgasm. I craved the sweet taste of her juices as we worked each other toward a mutually satisfying conclusion.

"Cum in her mouth, Father! Let her drink the life-giving juices from your testicles!" Magdalene ordered, as Katherine and I nibbled and sucked at each other. As ordered, I gave up the effort to make her cum before me, and, grunting like an animal into the soft wet folds of her young cunt, poured myself into her mouth. Bucking my hips upward, I shot my hot semen down her throat, nearly gagging her in the process.

Pulling off my limp dick, she panted her approval. "My God, Magdalene! You were right! It's so wonderfully different from you. I can't wait to do it again!" Lowering her head, she licked the remnants of my ejaculation from my glans, shaft and balls.

While still riding my face, her weight shifted, making it difficult to breathe. "Make me cum, Father!" she pleaded, opening her legs and her pussy lips as she ground her hips against my head. Then I heard both women mewling with pleasure as they shared my load, passing it back and forth, until there was none left.

Finally, my ministrations to Sister Katherine's cunt, paid off. She wailed as her pussy contracted, a wave of ecstasy rolled over her, another orgasm wracking her body. Her cunt oozed the sweet, musky, thick reward, and I drank as much of it as I could before she rolled off me, clutching her hand over her ravaged clit.

"I think, the good Sister will be calling on you to hear her confession on a regular basis, Father. And, I'm sure you won't want to disappoint her, now, do you?" Magdalene said, as she redressed herself. "Now , come Sister! I want to partake of you again before vespers"

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