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Temptations Of The Flesh: Part 5

An alternate ending to the series
I received a call late last night from the convent on the other side of the church, something about a plumbing problem. Could I come over and fix it? I was met at the door by Sister Katherine, who led me downstairs to the basement. Katherine led me trough the cellar door, only to be confronted by a bright red curtain. Katherine leaned up and kissed me as her hand caressed my cassock covered cock and pulled the curtain aside. I had never been here before and you can imagine my shock as I saw several nuns, undressed except for their cowls servicing two nude men, sprawled out on the floor, as well as themselves. The walls were lined with red curtains. The room was filled with the scent of excited pussy and the sounds to match. I stood there, taking in this scene of total debauchery. It was then that I saw the mother superior riding up and down on the cock of Monsignor Farrell, the priest that I had supposedly replaced because of his sexual involvement with a parishioner.

"Make yourself at home, my son." he said as he bucked upward, filling Sister Theresa with his long, fat cock, before pulling it out and sliding it up between her puffy lips, tickling her clit with the well lubricated tip.

"Don't tease me , damn you! Fuck me!" she demanded, stuffing his member back inside her, sighing as he refilled her well oiled hairy cunt. Leaning over him, she offered one of her pendulous breasts for him to play with as she ground her hips against his pubic bone. "You promised to fill me." she said, "And as a priest, you must do as you promised."

"Yes, Sister!" he said as he lifted them both off the floor. From my vantage point, I could see his penis expanding and contracting, pumping her full of him. So much so, that it began to ooze from around his pistonning shaft and dripping off her thighs.

By now Katherine had managed to disrobe me, and grabbing my stiffening penis, led me to the center of the room. She dropped to her knees and lavished kisses on my testicles before taking each one into her mouth and caressing the orbs with her tongue.

Through half-closed eyes, I surveyed the scene before me. I noticed in the corner, her face mashed against the crotch of the town mayor, was Magdalene. His hands were on the back of her head, holding her close to him, watching as she near-choked on his massive member. Looking up briefly, he noticed me staring. He nodded in recognition, letting Magdalene's head go for a moment. She turned and smiled before returning to his stiff dick and engulfing it again, just in time for him to grunt, filling her mouth with his warm seed.

Two nuns who were 69ing off to my left reached orgasms, one right after the other, their faces shiny with the honey from their pussies.
"Aren't you going to introduce us, Sister Katherine? Don't you remember that we share all our worldly goods here?" one of them said as she dismounted from the other's face.

Katherine pulled off my cock with a loud plop, and, looking at me , then her two fellow clerics, said, "Father, this is Sister Anne, and that is Sister Marie. This, girls" she said grasping my cock and shaking it, "is Father John!"

Still stunned by the massive orgy going on in the convent, I shyly said, "it's a pleasure to meet you both."

"Oh the pleasure is going to be all ours, Father! " Sister Anne said, reaching up and cupping my balls as she licked her lips. She was tall, thin, and had small, pointed breasts capped with puffy nipples that just begged to be sucked and pinched. Her mouth surrounded my helmet. Her tongue swiped a drop of pre-cum from my slit as my hands dropped to her head and my hips swayed slowly, feeding my stiffness into her stretched mouth. I closed my eyes, lost in the moment as I felt the velvet smoothness of her tongue on my dick. I let out a low moan as I face-fucked this strawberry blonde daughter of the church.

Abruptly, she pulled off my spit-soaked pole offering it to Sister Marie. Shorter and rounder than Sister Anne, Sister Marie had proud, round breasts, olive skin, almost black hair and a shaved pussy that was begging to be fucked. Already glistening from her warm-up with Sister Anne, she bent over and backed up until my cock slid effortlessly into her silken cunt.
"Oh yes, Katherine! You were sooo right! Large enough to fill, but not to hurt!" she said as she reached behind herself and guided me by the hips, in and out, in and out. Following her lead, I thrust my hips forward as she leaned back, our bodies bumping together, before separating and coming together again. I reached around her and gabbed onto her ample round breasts, kneading them as I held on to her, reveling in the tight wetness of her well lubricated pussy.
"Yes! Pinch them, pull them! Make me cum!" she pleaded as her fingers played with her clit and my swaying ball sac. Grabbing her left nipple, I twisted and pulled it as I slammed into her, our bodies smacking together.
"Yes! Yes! Oh God Yes!" she screamed as her cunt gripped and released my cock, bathing it in her essence. Nearly fainting with the force of her orgasm, Marie fell forward, rolling on the floor, clutching her still spasming pussy.
"Oh, thank you Father!" she panted, bringing her soaked fingers up to her mouth and tasting herself.

"You have some very serious work to do, Father. Come with me!" Sister Katherine said, grabbing my hand and leading me through the crowd. We walked to the far end of the room. The area was dominated by a heavy wooden table and a life size statue of Christ, his hands raised in blessing. In front of the statue was one of the nuns, who, when she stepped away, revealed an unproportionately large phallus jutting straight out from the statues loins. The detail of the wooden carving was simply amazing! The crown was made of a different wood species, complete with a vertical slit where its piss hole would be. The shaft itself had bulging veins carved into its length and its testicles, the size of small oranges, had wrinkles painstakingly carved into each. It was soaked with the oils from the nun who just left.

Katherine, crossed herself, knelt down and licked the juice slickened head before stretching her mouth over the crown, slurping up the sweet salty syrup. Pulling off, and kissing the head again, she made the sign of the cross and led me to the corner where several nuns were lavishing kisses on a young girls breasts cheeks and pussy.

"This is Sister Clarissa. She turned seventeen recently, and she wishes to join the convent. We are all here this evening to welcome her into our order." Katherine said. "She is a virgin. No foreign objects of any kind, other that our fingers have been inside her. She is to be had tonight by you, the mayor, and the monsignor. Then she will be one of us, devoted to her parishioners by day, and to the delights of the flesh by night."

I looked down at the girl. She seemed to be average in height, fair skinned, curly red-orange hair that topped her head and covered her pussy, freckles that covered her cheeks, throat and upper chest, and small, but full young breasts, tipped by large nipples. I could see anticipation and fear in her green eyes. Crouching down beside her, I gently told her who I was and that I was honored to be her first.
"I will do whatever I can to make this as pleasurable as possible, Sister."

Indicating that she wanted me to pick her up, she wrapped her arms around my neck, and said, "Thank you Father. I'm looking forward to it"

Rising with her in my arms, I carried her to the table, setting her down on her back, knees bent, legs slightly spread. Walking to the foot of the table, I placed my hands on her knees, pushing them out and down, exposing her young, damp, virgin pussy. The warm, pink flesh was bedewed with her juices. I smiled as I bent forward, breathing in her natural perfume. Extending my tongue, I licked from her sphincter to her clit, her bush tickling my nose as I tasted her for the first time. I feathered her clit with my tongue, teasing the nib to prominence, peeking out from under its fleshy hood.

Murmuring, she pressed her hips toward my face, as my tongue delved deep into the soft folds of her virgin pussy.
"Take me, please, Father. I am ready." she whispered.

Standing up, I pressed the swollen head of my cock against her puffy, orange fringed pussy lips. Pushing forward, I felt her maidenhead, and stopped momentarily, looking into her innocent face. Smiling, she nodded her consent, silently telling me to go ahead, changing her life forever. I lunged forward, feeling her maidenhead give way, as my manhood sunk deep inside her to the point where our hairs intermingled. She gasped from the pain, squirming underneath me. I held still, allowing her to get over the initial shock, my gaze alternating from the juncture of our two bodies to her face, and back again.

Mother Superior appeared by her side, kissed the tears away and whispered, "Welcome my child." and, swiping her finger through her freshly fucked pussy, made the sign of the cross on the young girls forehead before offering Clarissa a taste of the cum coating her fingers.

Turning to me, Mother Superior repeated the process, signing my forehead, then ordered me to finish fucking the young girl, "You are blazing the path that the Mayor and Monsignor are to follow." Then, smiling wickedly, she added. "Then you are to seek me out! I've heard a great deal about how well you service my girls here."

Becoming accustomed to the thick, hard cock lodged inside, Sister Clarissa began moving her hips, making my shaft slide in and out in short strokes. Getting the hint, I began to push in and out of her tight cunt with long, slow strokes, feeling the warmth of her velvet passage as it caressed my cock. My balls bumped her ass as we picked up speed. Clarissa began to babble and moan about how good it felt having a cock inside her. Reaching down I tickled her clit as my dick pistonned in and out of her tight wet hole.
"Ohh! Ohh! Oh my God! Ohh! Ohh!" she screamed as her first orgasm swept over her. Her cunt gripped and released and gripped and released its hold on my penis as she nearly fainted from the intensity. As her body began to relax, I let go, grunting loudly as my seed coated the walls of her cunt.

Pulling out, my cock was coated with a pink froth. Her cum, my sperm, and the blood from her ruptured hymen, dripped slowly down the crack of her ass, onto the sacrificial table. Two nuns stepped up, one dropping to her knees and engulfing my drooping cock, the other between Clarissa's legs, cleaning her up as well.

As I stepped back, the Mayor took my place, rubbing the fat blunt tip of his prick against the swollen lips of Clarissa's ravaged cunt, before shoving his member deep inside her. It slid in easily, greased by Clarissa's orgasmic juices and my sperm. The Mayor placed his hands on the young girls breasts, squeezing them as he rode her hard and deep, stretching her pussy with his fat cock.

The nun who had licked the fuck juices from my cock remained at my feet , wrapping her breasts around my shaft and sliding it up toward her face, kissing the head as she tit-fucked me to hardness as I watched Clarissa being ravished my the Mayor.

Clarissa, writhing under his assault , was working up to another orgasm as the short, fat, man replaced his hands with his lips, sucking voraciously on the nipples of the young nun, biting and sucking the young orbs. She cried out again as she felt his organ spitting its contents inside her, his grunts muffled by her chest.

Panting as he pulled his deflating penis from her, the Mayor stepped aside, attended to by another nun, just as I had been. Taking his place at the foot of the altar was Monsignor Farrell. He stepped forward pushing his monstrous prick inside the girl, whose legs were now pressed against her chest. Inch by inch, he disappeared inside her, his girth stretching her, his cock completely filling her.

The nun who had been caressing my manhood with her breasts, took my hand and led me to the Mother Superior, who had been watching the ravishment of her latest novice with great interest.

"Show me what you can do, Father." she said, spreading her legs and indicating that I was to lick her pussy. I was relieved and excited to know that I was not the only member of the clergy to succumb to carnal cravings.

"Of course, Sister Theresa." I answered. Eager to please, I pressed my face into the well fucked folds of her womanhood, tasting the leftovers from her tryst with the Monsignor.

Paying particular attention to her prominent clit, I soon had her moaning with pleasure as my lips caressed the tender flesh and my tongue teased the sensitive tip. Grabbing my head and pulling me into her, she ground her pelvis against my face as she began her ascent to another orgasm. My left hand reached up and grabbed hold of her ample breast, kneading the abundant flesh and rolling her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. My other hand slid up under her buttocks and I slid three fingers deep inside her cum filled cunt. Moaning loudly she urged me to continue my assault, using my whole fist. Slowly my hand sunk deeper and deeper within until I was wrist deep in her birth canal, churning the cum and honey within to a frothy white. Her grip on my head intensified and my hand felt the muscled walls of her cunt pulsate as she orgasmed, singing out, "Yes! Oh God Yes! Make me cum!"

As her violent orgasm subsided, I was able to extricate my hand from inside her, covered from fingertips to wrist with a generous coating of her sweet juices. Grabbing my hand she licked the elixir from my fingers before asking me to masturbate on her. Using the hand that had just been inside her, I stroked slowly, standing over her as she stared intently at my penis and swaying testicles as it slid through my fist. It became rapidly evident that I was approaching an orgasm of my own when Mother Superior told me she wanted to taste me. Opening her mouth directly underneath the shiny head, she waited for me to lose control.

Stroking faster, wanting to please her, I finally grunted, squeezing the shaft and feeding healthy squirts of cum onto her tongue. Wordlessly, she smiled, the semen running out of her mouth, down her chin and onto the upper slopes of her pendulous breasts.

Two nuns rushed to her lapping up the warm white cream from her breasts as Sister Theresa pulled me down to her and kissed me deeply, sharing my cum as her sperm laden tongue snaked in and out of my mouth.

Just then, the room was filled with a great roar as Monsignor completed the defloration of Sister Clarissa. His copious discharge leaked out beside his rampant cock, soaking the altar with a mixture of her juices and his. Leaning over her, he began licking up the oozing mixture bringing the young girl to yet another mind shattering orgasm. She lay panting, near exhaustion, as the old priest lifted his cum covered face from her gaping, oozing pussy.

"Now for the final act!" he said, indicating that several of us pick up the limp body of the young girl. Carrying her over, legs spread, to the statue, he had her impaled on the wooden phallus, swaying her slight frame back and forth, stretching her young cunt even further, while we played with her nipples and clit, bringing her to a final, screaming orgasm. Dismounting the quivering girl and laying her on the altar, we each took turns blessing the young novices pussy with gentle, probing kisses, followed by a blessing of the statues appendage, licking the dregs of the evenings wanton acts from the wooden penis.

Monsignor Farrell turned to me and said, "Now you are forever one of us, a servant of God by day, and a slave to this by night." pointing to the wet, hairy crotch of Sister Theresa. Then he turned and left with Mother Superior, retiring to her quarters, undoubtedly for further debauchery. The Mayor took Magdalene to the guest quarters, leaving me with Katherine and four other nun's all vowing to take good care of me for the balance of the night.

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