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Terry's Bathtime

Things escalate quickly when Diane washes her stepfather in the bath.

Sixteen-year-old Diane sighed with exasperation and glanced down at her stepfather. “Come on, don’t be so silly. It’s nothing I’ve not seen before.”

“But you’re my stepdaughter. And when have you ever seen me naked?” replied Diane’s stepfather, Terry.

The predicament he found himself in at that time was, to say the least, embarrassing.

“You’ve sulked in that chair ever since you returned home from the hospital. How long has it been since you last bathed?”

Terry shrugged meekly. “Can’t remember.”

“Far too long, that’s for certain.”

An accident at work had broken both Terry’s hands, rendering them useless. Both bandaged and painful, they’d be out of use for quite sometime, and now Terry had to resign himself to the fact that his stepdaughter, Diane, was the only person who would look after him.

Diane’s mother hadn’t been around for several years. She had run off with a guy she had met online, leaving Terry to bring up Diane on his own. And that is exactly what he had done, and, in doing so, had been the best stepfather any one could ask for. Now it was time for Diane to step up to the plate, look after her stepfather in his time of need and, if necessary, go that extra mile to keep her him comfortable and content during his recovery.

Terry sighed with resignation. “All right, if makes you happy, you can bathe me.”

Diane smiled to herself.

Once upstairs Terry went to his bedroom.

“I’m going to run the bath. Do you need any help getting out of your clothes?”

He shook his head. Diane made for the bathroom.

Terry heard the sound of running taps and looked down at himself sheepishly. He shrugged and then used his bandaged hands to slide off his trousers. Sitting on the bed, he slipped off his socks and shirt, and then sat there, feeling awkward. A towel suddenly sailed towards him.

“Use this if you’re feeling bashful,” Diane called out. He pulled the towel from his head where it had landed, rested it across his lap, and then wrestled with his underpants. Terry looked up to see Diane smiling at him from the doorway, steam from the bathwater billowing over her shoulder.

“Such modesty,” she said, smiling happily. “Into the bath with you. I’ll be there in a moment.”

The splash of water and muffled sighs told her he had immersed himself as she picked up his clothes, chucking them straight into the wash basket. Terry was the in the bath, enjoying its cocoon warmth, when he heard the phone ring.

Diane’s muffled voice came through the open bathroom door as it was answered.

It wasn’t his young stepdaughter seeing him naked that bothered him, nor was it the fact that she would be washing him. His concern, however, arose from the prospect of an inadvertent erection. Due to his injuries, Terry hadn’t masturbated for quite some time and, as a result, a light breeze around his genitalia would have been enough to pique his sexual arousal at that moment in time. After all, Diane was a very attractive sixteen-year-old girl, there was no denying that, and the mere thought of her washing his naked body – between the legs especially – had started to stir his wayward member before she had even entered the bathroom.

“Oh, Jesus,” he muttered under his breath, feeling the first stirrings of arousal in his groin.

After a few moments of one-sided phone conversation, he heard footsteps crossing the hallway towards the bathroom. Diane came in with a beaming smile on her face.

“That was Beth on the phone. Guess what?” she said happily, as she began unbuttoning her shirt.

Terry gasped. “What are doing?”

“Just slipping off my shirt. I wouldn’t want to get my clothes all wet, now, would I? Don’t worry, I’m wearing a bra.”

Terry leered, goggle-eyed and slack-jawed as his adorable young stepdaughter, tantalizingly slowly, slipped the shirt from her shoulders in one fluid movement and let the garment drop gently to the floor.

“Good God in heaven!” he gasped, as he gazed upon the two plentiful mounds that stood firm and proud against his stepdaughter’s chest, threatening to spill out of the confines of her white lace bra.

Closing his eyes, he shook his head vigorously in an attempt to regain his composure.

Upon reopening them, he was greeted with the sight of Diane’s hands pulling at the zip of her skirt, letting it fall away from her body, exposing her beautifully smooth legs and white cotton panties that bulged against her swollen pubic mound.

Terry gazed in awe; seduced and stirred by the sight of his stepdaughter in her underwear, although not entirely convinced this was actually happening. It had to be a dream. The exposed flesh of her young body looked like white marble as he gazed upon her: soft, delicate, yielding marble that seemed to emit an aura of vitality and sexual energy.

He felt a stirring in his body, blood starting to rush to his centre, so that by the time Diane had tugged off her socks to reveal a mouth-watering set of red pedicured toes, he had grown so hard that the muscles of his groin and stomach had become uncomfortably taut. “Oh fuck!” he muttered under his breath.

She approached the bathtub, her plump breasts jiggling as she moved, her body ripe and lush, blissfully unaware of the effect her exposed flesh was having on her stepfather.

“N-n-no, I’ve changed my mind. I’d rather wash myself, if it’s all the same with you,” he stuttered.

Diane laughed, flicking water into her stepfather’s face. “How are you going to that? You’re not allowed to wet your bandages, silly.” Leaning forward, she turned off the taps and then stirred the water with her hand, mixing the hot with the cold.

Then her hand inadvertently brushed over the tip if her stepfather’s raging erection.

They gasped simultaneously.

Diane diverted her eyes, pretending not to notice.

Terry looked at his stepdaughter in unconcealed disbelief. He couldn’t believe this was happening, he was dreaming, he had to be. He could neither believe that his teenage stepdaughter had just touched his erect penis, nor that her radiant and young, curvaceous, scantily clad body was stimulating his arousal to such eminence. His entire groin area now throbbed and ached with an urgent demand for gratification.

Terry stared at Diane, drinking in her natural and breath-taking beauty. She looked spectacular. She really was a very pretty girl, all wide eyes and long black hair that she was forever tucking behind her ears. Although heavy-breasted, her body was slight in build. The well-developed, voluptuous curves of her supple body were appealing enough to turn heads. The pale, milky flesh of her lascivious body seemed to glow with a youthful radiance.

She knelt by the bath and rested her arms on its edge, smiling into stepfather’s eyes; she noticed anxiety there. It made her giggle. He opened his mouth to speak, but she pressed a finger to his lips, then reached for the flannel and wiped the moisture from his face.

Terry closed his eyes and let Diane bathe him, her hands soft and caressing, smoothing the soap over his body then round to his back. He leaned forward, his upper body clear of the water and, as Diane’s hands moved sensually over his back, the two lusciously ripe watermelons inside of her bra hung enticingly close to Terry’s face, giving him a tantalizing close-up view of her soft, radiant cleavage. Groaning inwardly when he caught sight of the tiny, risen pink points of her nipples through the flimsy material of her bra. He couldn’t help but notice the fullness of her breasts – his head began to spin.

He breathed her, capturing the air around her, secretly inhaling the gorgeous, alluring, scent of her body that was so strong now she was close. Her overpowering redolence began to envelop his senses and stir his emotions. He couldn’t help but breathe the natural, intoxicating fragrance that only a beautiful young girl in her prime can generate. Terry sighed with delight.

Once she’d finished with his back, she pushed him back into the water, gently but firmly. She dipped her hand into the soapy water and trailed her finger along his thigh. Terry moaned and closed his eyes as he felt Diane’s fingers brush against the tip of his aroused penis once more, sending a tingle up his spine, the taut muscles in his groin and stomach strained to the point of snapping. Diane gasped and giggled, innocently unaware of the effect her touch was having on her stepfather.

She stroked the inside of his thigh, his legs parting slightly to allow her access.

He murmured in soft appreciation as her hands reached the top of his legs, then he drew in a long, deep breath, as Diane began to wash his penis.

She clasped her palm around its girth and felt the magnificent beast throbbing and pulsating with urgent demand, almost as if it had a heartbeat and a life all of its own.

The ambiance changed in the room. The very air around them had suddenly become electrically charged with an air of sexual tension.

Diane suddenly realised what her stepfather wanted, what he needed, what he yearned for.

Her slippery, soapy, clenched palm moved down the length of him and back again in a regular, steady motion. Terry groaned quietly and squirmed in the water.

She kept her fingers there for a while, stroking, fondling, moving the soft outer skin against its hard rigid core in a steady motion; occasionally playing with the tip, massaging soap into it, squeezing it, running her nails over it to heighten his excitement.

She dipped her free hand into the water and tugged gently at his testicles, fondling them, caressing them with quick, nimble fingers, causing him to once more draw in a sharp, deep breath.

“You don’t mind me washing you there, do you?” she asked tentatively.

“Oh fuck!” he squeaked, his body shuddering and squirming with each and every languid movement of her hands.

“Do you like that? Do you like how it feels?”

He sat up and kissed her cheek softly and then her lips hard as she turned her head towards him, her hands increasing the pressure on his genitals. A shiver coursed through his body. Before the shudders became frantic and the eroticism too exquisite, he withdrew himself from her hand and breathed heavily with barely suppressed excitement.

“Are you getting out now,” she asked innocently, her hand now resting on his stomach, before gliding her fingers downwards and through the coarse forest of hair that surrounded his aroused organ.

“Err, yes. Your bra won’t get wet, will it, sweetie?” he said, laughing nervously.

Diane reached behind her, unsnapped her bra and pulled its straps down her arms, pulling it down away from her body, freeing her plump breasts. She stood up, the colossal orbs at her chest bouncing together with the sudden movement. “It won’t now,” she said.

He took his time to drink them in with his eyes. They were so naked, so sensual, like enormous, perfectly formed spheres carved in marble. Standing there, wearing nothing but a pair of panties, she was the most desirable female he’d ever set eyes on.

Her body was firm and slight and her breasts, although soft and their tips a pubescent pink with no visible areola, were mature and perfectly formed. He felt no shame anymore, for the taboo desires that encompassed him easily overwhelmed his guilt – his senses were too much in turmoil, his fascination too strong to resist. Maybe the guilt would envelop him later, but right then the eroticism of the moment was impossible to resist, too powerful for him to reject.

She drew him from the water and gently patted him dry, pulling the towel over his aroused penis, then beneath it, spending more care and attention on his genitals than necessary. Dropping to her knees, she used the towel to rub and squeeze and fondle his testicles without too much force but nevertheless causing him to gasp and draw in his breath sharply.

She stared at his penis, her face inches from the tip; her love for her stepfather stirring her desires, enticing her face towards his member. His penis had grown so hard and rigid that the foreskin had retracted fully, exposing its most sensitive part. Then she kissed him there, on the swollen tip, sending an intense orgasmic tingle up Terry’s spine, causing him to groan loudly. Diane licked her lips, tasting the saltiness of her stepfather’s seeping arousal.

His penis rose quivering with excitement. Once more she kissed him there, allowing his twitching member to enter her mouth, engulfing it in a warm, wet cavern; its soft interior containing a silky-smooth, ever-moving animal that smothered it in its welcome.

He cried out loudly and blissfully as Diane suckled on the head, drawing the first drops of sticky fluid from it, holding on to his hips as they began to gently sway.

“Jesus…Fuck…Good Lord!” he gasped with delight.

His entire body shuddered at the sensation and his bandaged hands rested on her shoulders, moving with her, dictating the pace. Diane closed her eyes tight and smiled inwardly as she pleasured her stepfather with her mouth. Her lips, soft and moist, travelled up and down the full length of him, her bobbing head movements settling on a consistent and pleasurable rhythm.

“Fuck! Diane!” he gasped, his balls bubbling with an impending orgasm.

He felt her silky-smooth tongue encircling the swollen tip, smothering it, caressing it, teasing it, and then lashing against it with an urgency born from determination, nudging him dangerously close to the edge. Terry was in fever of excitement. He looked down at his stepdaughter’s head moving backwards and forwards in regular rhythm, fascinated. Who would have dreamed his teenage stepdaughter would be willing to perform oral sex on him, and so satisfactory, too? She was like an experienced woman.

As he felt his orgasm begin to pulsate he felt his legs weakening, almost giving way beneath him. He hadn’t ejaculated for quite some time – this was going be messy. He felt a warm bubbling deep inside his loins, a frenzy looking for a release, and his swaying become more languid, more stretched, more powerful.

“Oh Jesus! Diane! I’m gonna make a mess now, princess!” he screamed as the pleasure encompassed him, becoming too exquisite, reaching its exquisite climax.

She withdrew him from her mouth and clasped him in her hand as the liquid began to gush, the initial release crashing against her face, causing her to shriek and jump with shock. “Oh God!”

She gasped, squeezing his erupting penis, giving another little shriek as the second jet splashed across her ample breasts. The third, finding her slightly parted lips, entered her mouth, causing her to jump once more, her hair tangling down over her face. Then, as his orgasm subsided and the very last dregs of semen hung from his deflating member, he pulled her semen-covered face up to his, kissing her lips hard and passionately, tasting his own bodily secretions that lingered around her mouth.

“Oh princess,” he gasped, breaking their kiss. “I can’t believe that just happened. But I’m sure glad it did.”

“If I’m gonna look after you, I’m gonna do it properly. And if that means gratifying your urges from time to time, then I’m more than willing.” She walked towards the bathroom sink and began washing the semen from her body. “Now, you get dressed and I’ll put dinner on.”






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