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That's My Girl!

Amy and her dad's friends on football Sunday
It was opening day for football and Steve had invited three friends over to his house to watch the games. The three men were all members of his softball team from work. Two of the men had been friends for years and one was visiting his house for the first time. Gary and Sean were the longtime friends and Bill had recently moved into the area and was a new hire by Steve's company.

The men had settled in for the games. The first game would be starting soon. The food and drinks were well supplied and the big screen was tuned to the channel.

"I'm damn glad football is finally starting. I was getting bored with baseball this year," Gary said as he dipped his first chip into the salsa. "Steve I thought you said Amy was here this weekend. I haven't seen any sign of her."

"She's here but she's still asleep. She was at a friend's until late last night so she's sleeping in."

"Bill, you haven't met Amy yet. She's a great kid, you'll like her," Gary said.

Sean nodded in agreement. "Yes she certainly is. A very nice young lady."

"Okay I'm sure she is. I'll be glad to meet her," Bill said as he popped open a beer.

Amy was Steve's only daughter. She was 17 years old and had just begun her senior year in high school. She was a member of the school tennis team and was hoping to receive an athletic scholarship towards college.

"Linda and I are very proud of her. She is doing well," Steve said.

"Speaking of Linda, where is your better half?" Sean wondered.

"She's at her sister's house working on decorating or some such thing. Won't be back until later on," Steve said.

"I'm getting another beer, anybody else need one?" Steve asked. All three men said they'd like one. Steve walked to the kitchen refrigerator to grab the beers. This gave him a view down the hallway. "Here comes sleeping beauty now," he said as he saw Amy sleepily walking towards the kitchen.

Amy walked into the kitchen with her coffee cup. She was completely naked. "Hi daddy, thank you for making coffee," Amy said as she stopped to pour herself a cup.

"I thought you might want a cup or two," her dad said as he walked the beers over to the three men.

Amy turned towards the men sitting around the television. "Well, hello guys! Hi Gary. Hi Sean. So you dropped over to watch some games?"

"Yes, we are hoping we can cheer the 49ers to a win. I see you aren't wearing very much to bed these days," Gary said with a laugh.

"Well, I know summer is almost over but it's still warm so I don't wear anything yet," Amy said with a smile.

Gary and Sean both stood and walked over to Amy. Each of them gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Bill still sat in his chair shocked that the host's teenage daughter had walked into the room naked.

Amy was looking great. She was a petite girl just 5' 2". She had long blonde hair flowing down her back and over her tits. Her boobs were gorgeous firm C cups which looked large on a girl her size. She was very fit from a summer of tennis and running. Amy had been suntanning naked all summer and had a beautiful dark tan. Her skin was smooth and flawless with no hint of any tan lines.

"I don't think Bill is used to girls walking into the room naked when he is trying to watch football," Sean said as he looked at Bill sitting frozen in his chair.

"I'm sorry, Bill," Amy said with a smile. "If I had known daddy had invited a new friend I would have made myself more presentable".

"No, you wouldn't have," her dad said with a laugh.

Amy walked over to Bill and extended her hand. Amy's boobs were in front of Bill's face. "I'm Amy and happy to meet you."

Bill nervously extended his hand to the naked teenager. "Uh, me too, very much," he managed to say.

"Nice looking girl don't you think Bill?" Amy's dad asked proudly.

"Wow, that's for sure," Bill said still somewhat nervously.

"Turn around Amy, show Bill that tight butt of yours," Steve said to his daughter.

Amy turned around and gave Bill a nice view of her smooth, fit, suntanned ass.

"Great ass, just like her mom's. Go ahead Bill grab a cheek," Steve said. Bill hesitated. "Squeeze a butt cheek Bill, feel how firm that ass is."

Bill reached out and squeezed Amy's ass.

"See what I mean? That girl keeps herself fit as a fiddle," Steve said.

"Yes, very firm, Steve," Bill said.

Amy walked over and picked up her coffee. "Well I'll leave you guys to your games. I'm taking my coffee and be lazy in bed a little longer."

She turned and walked toward the hallway, the men enjoying the motion of her naked teenage body as she left the room.

As she walked away Sean said, "Amy may I follow you in?"

His friend Bill looked at him with a confused look.

"Well, Sean, I don't want you to miss your football," Amy said from down the hall.

"It's okay, the 49ers aren't on until one."

"Okay then," Amy said.

"Okay guys," Sean said." Catch me up on the scores when I get back." Sean walked towards Amy's room unbuckling his belt as he walked.

Gary and Steve began watching the television drinking beer and eating chips. Bill was still speechless in his chair wondering if Sean actually was going to Amy's room and what he was going to do when he got there.

Soon there was no question Amy and Sean were fucking. Bill was amazed that they hadn't even bothered to close the door! The men could clearly hear Amy and Sean's sounds of pleasure and sex talk through the open door. The bed springs were squeaking loudly and the headboard could be heard hitting the wall.

The telephone rang and Amy's dad answered.

"Oh, hi Beth. How are you? Yes, she's here," Steve said to the caller. "Just a minute I'll get her."

Steve walked down the hall and entered his daughter's room and walked towards the bed. Amy was on her back with the now naked Sean on top thrusting in and out of her. Sean was supporting himself above Amy and her dad could see her big firm tits moving back and forth to the rhythm of his humping.

"Honey, Beth is on the phone," Steve said to his daughter..

"Oh ,we are going running later. Hand me the phone for a sec will you, dad?"

Steve handed her the phone. Sean stopped fucking and paused with his big cock fully inside Amy. "Let's make it about five, okay Beth? It'll be cooler then," said Amy.

Amy handed the phone back to her dad. "Thanks, daddy."

"You're welcome, baby," Steve said as Sean resumed pounding Amy with renewed energy.

Steve left Amy's bedroom and walked back into the front room. He sat down while opening a beer.

"How are they doing in there?" Gary asked with a smile.

Steve laughed. "Sean is giving her a good hard fucking. I think she needed it. That useless boyfriend of hers hasn't really been taking care of her I don't think."

The sounds of the two fucking were loud as the three men watched the game. Bill was still quiet not really knowing what to think of the mornings events. Steve felt he should explain. "You see, Bill, Amy has been taught to not be ashamed of her body around others. She doesn't wear clothes around the house very often. Also, she is not shy about sex with people she or I know well. Sean for instance has fucked her and been sucked by her a number of times. In fact he popped her cherry after her sixteenth birthday party. So her getting fucked by him or other friends of the family is a normal thing here."

"Oh I see," said Bill. "That's very... uh ... open of you for sure."

The sound of the bed springs squeaking and headboard hitting the wall began to increase. Sean could be heard moaning louder and louder. Sean was cumming in Amy's pussy. Steve and Bill were smiling as they listened to their friend empty his balls into Steve's daughter.

After a short time Sean was dressed and walked back into the front room. "What did I miss?" Sean asked.

"Not much, the 49ers haven't started yet," Gary said. "Sounded like you and Amy were having a good time."

"She's such a little hottie," Sean said. "Such a perfect little body and that pussy is so very tight."

"That's my girl!" Steve said.

Just then Amy walked into the room. She was naked of course. "Sean, you seemed so horny today. Doesn't your girlfriend ever fuck you?" Amy said with a laugh.

"Well, Amy, you are such a great fuck. She can't compare to you," Sean said as he walked over to give her a hug.

Amy gave Sean a little kiss. "Awww thanks, Sean, you're so sweet." Amy started to sit down but stopped. "Hand me that towel to sit on daddy," she said to Steve. "Sean really filled my pussy today. He's leaking all over."

Steve handed her the towel and she sat down in the chair across from the men

"Oh gosh just look at this," Amy said as she spread her legs wide open towards the men. Sean's cum was oozing out of her pussy.

"Damn, honey," Steve said. "Looks like Sean really loaded you up."

"Yes, he sure did, daddy," Amy said. "Sean always shoots like a fire hose. When I give him a blow job its hard to swallow fast enough."

All the men laughed.

"Don't worry about me, Amy. I'll just sit here and watch the football," Gary said as he looked sadly at the floor.

"Oh you poor thing," Amy said as she stood up and then knelt on the rug facing Gary "Drop your pants and get over here."

"Hey, don't block the television," Steve jokingly said as Amy began to suck Gary's hard cock.

Amy was sucking Gary across the room while the other men watched the game. Bill couldn't resist glancing over at Amy expertly blowing Gary as she apparently had done many times before.

The front door opened and Amy's mother Linda walked in.

"Hi hun, I didn't think you'd be home until later," Steve said.

"Sorry to interrupt football day guys. I forgot something for my sister's house. I'll only be a minute."

"You know we are always very glad to see you, Linda," Sean said with a smile.

"Thanks, Sean, it's good to see you guys too." Linda looked over at her daughter busily working on Gary's cock with her mouth and hands. "I see our daughter is entertaining our guests," Linda said with a laugh. Steve nodded his head and chuckled.

"Gary looked over at Linda. "Hi, Linda. you are looking great as usual."

"Thanks Gary, looks like Amy is doing a nice job on you," Linda replied.

"Amy is the best cocksucker in the county, no doubt," Gary said. "Well, maybe tied for best with you Linda."

Amy stopped sucking and backed off Gary's cock. She was still playing with Gary's balls in her hand. "Hi mom. Are you going running with me and Beth later?" she asked.

"No, I'll be at your aunt Sarah's today. Let's run five miles after work tomorrow," Linda said.

"Okay," Amy replied. She started sucking Gary again. She was showing off her deep throating skills, slowly taking Gary all the way in down to the balls.

"Sean, have you had a chance to get yours yet today?" Linda asked.

"He sure did," Steve said before Sean could respond. "I would have thought you could hear him getting off all the way to Sarah's house."

"I wasn't that loud," Sean protested.

"I couldn't even hear the television," Gary said as he laughed.

Sean shook his head. "You idiots are so full of crap."

Linda picked up a box of arranged flowers from the corner. "I'm going to get going. By the way, who is this?" Linda said as she looked towards Bill.

"It's Bill from work," Steve said.

"Welcome Bill. Sorry to say hi and leave. I hope you're having a good time," Linda said.

"Pleasure to meet you, Linda. Yes, it's been very, very enjoyable," Bill said. Linda waved to everyone again as she left.

"You can see where Amy got her looks from can't you Bill? Sean asked.

"That's for sure. Your wife is beautiful, Steve," Bill said.

Steve nodded in agreement. "Thanks, Bill. Yes, I'm very lucky."

After a little while Gary was moaning and grimacing as he was getting close to a finish. Amy paused for a moment and looked up at him. "Have you got something for me, Gary honey?" She was smiling in that sexy way that only she can. Amy started sucking again and Gary groaned and came in her mouth. Amy swallowed as Gary's cock spurted the load.

"My gosh, Gary, that was a big load. Do you feel better now?" Amy said as she wiped her mouth with a towel.

"Yes, thank you, Amy. That was great," Gary said.

Amy laughed "I know it was, Gary. Who do you know that sucks cock better than me?"

"Nobody," Gary quietly said. "But your mom is a close second."

"I don't know, Gary," Sean said."Linda is a truly wonderful cocksucker, maybe she rates a slight edge over Amy." Sean ducked just in time as Amy threw a pillow that sailed over his head. "Dammit Amy! I nearly spilled my beer."

"I won't miss next time,Sean," Amy said as she tried to give Sean a menacing glance without smiling.

Amy's dad was laughing. "I guess Gary was horny also today, don't you think, Amy?"

"So what else is new? My mouth and pussy are always sore when those two are around!" Amy said as she looked over at Bill and gave him a sexy wink.

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