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The Adventures of Marie and Nick

Marie wants to have a quiet weekend, but her sisters boyfriend has other plans.
I sit down at the table, waiting for something interesting to happen. My parents were out of town for the weekend, and Jessica was about to leave on a week-long vacation with her boyfriend. I was gonna be home alone. Being a good little Christian, I am still a virgin. Of course, I'm only 17. But that didn't stop my sister. I've read her diary. Simply put, she's a whore. She lost her virginity freshman year of highschool and has gone to hook up with many guys after that. Now, at age 22, Jessica has stayed in a year-long relationship with Nick, some guy from her sociology class. I don't doubt that they've had sex; in fact, I heard them last night.

Anyways, I was sitting in the table, wearing a pair of jean shorts and my sports bra, when somebody knocked on the door. I got up, assuming that it was one of my friends, but opened it to Nick. I stood there speechless while he looked me up and down. "Hey, Marie." He said, acting as if it was no big deal. "Is Jessica home?"

Still surprised, I just shook my head no.

"Well, do you know when she'll be home?"

Swallowing, I said, "Probably an hour."

He sighs, "Can I come in to wait for her?"

I nodded and he brushed past me. As soon as he reached the kitchen, he opened the fridge and pulled out a beer. He looked over to me and asked, "You drink?" I shook my head no and caught a beer that he tossed my way. "Well, you should."

I nodded, going along with him. I took a sip of the drink and nearly gagged, but kept drinking anyways. I didn't want to seem like the wimpy sister.

Nick motioned for me to follow him, and we went into the living room. He sat on the couch and I sat next to him, beer still in hand. My parents weren't big believers on TVs- there wasn't a single one in our house since the last people that lived here, 25 years ago. We sat there awkwardly for a few minutes, only drinking our beers. I took tiny sips of mine.

Finally, Nick broke the silence. "So, Marie, how's school going?"

"Fine," I said. "Besides the fact that it's Summer."

He rolled his eyes. "Well, obviously."

We talked some more. He cracked a few jokes, I laughed. On his latest joke, I laughed so I hard that I spilled my beer all over me.

"Shit!" I yelled, jumping up. Nick jumped up with me and followed me into the kitchen. I started dabbing my arms with paper towels, while Nick got my back. He slowly went down my back, sending shivers down my spine. Lightly, he said, "God, you're so wet."

I mumbled, "It's all because of you." We stopped, noticing the joke, and cracked up laughing together.

Wiping tears from his eyes, Nick said, "God, Jessica never laughs at things like that."

I finished laughing, just in time to fully hear him say, "And that's why I like you better."

Abruptly, I looked up at him. "Wha-?"

He pushed me up against the kitchen wall, kissing me. I didn't push him away. It felt too right.

A few minutes into out session, he stopped and look at me. "Don't tell Jessica, okay?" I nodded, and we went back to doing what we were doing. He slid his tongue slowly into my mouth, and I returned the favor gladly.

After about 10 minutes of making out, Nick picked me up and laced me on the table. He started fiddling with my jean shorts all the while kissing my neck. I moaned. He grabbed my shorts and pulled them off, leaving me in my black underwear. Well, I thought, at least I didn't wear the bright pink ones. He slid his hand into my underwear, feeling my bare skin due to the fact that I had to shave for swim team. He found my cunt and, slowly, stuck in a finger. I moaned loudly. I had never been touched there before. Nick only laughed. "You're so tight, you can barely take my pinkie finger."

He slid his finger up and down my cunt too fast for me, and I cummed within the first me. He only laughed and kissed me more. It felt good. It felt needed.

He picked me up and placed me on the ground. He sat in my place and pulled me up onto him, straddling his lap. We kissed passionately, and he began thrusting. I went along with his hip movements and could soon feel something very large poking me.

Finally, he said, "Fuck this. I'm taking you too a bed." He through me over his shoulder and ran up the stairs with me. I giggled happily.

He threw me down onto my queen sized bed and started to take off his pants. I slipped my sports bra over my head when he pulled out his huge dick. Jesus Christ! I thought. I looked at his feet. They did him no justice.

Quickly, I yanked off my underwear. As soon as the were off, Nick laid down onto the bed and pulled me on top of him. I felt the head of his dick slowly enter me, and I moaned loudly with pressure. Nick moaned as well. "God, Marie. You're so tight."

It hurt. It hurt like hell. But hey, 7 inches of pleasure. I started going up and down on his dick, and he moaned greatly. We cummed at nearly the same time, both enjoying the experience. I laid down next to him, relieved and feeling wonderful. His phone rang. He looked at it and mouthed 'Jessica' to me. I had an idea.

Nick sat up and answered the phone. "Hey babe, what's up?" She answered, and he answered right back. "Just hanging out at your house, waiting for you to come home." I knelt before him, smirking. He had an odd expression on his face. "Oh, that long?" As he ended his sentence, I put my mouth around his head. He bit back a moan and mm-hmmed into the phone. I began moving my mouth up and down his dick. I don't have a choke reflex, so this would be good for me too. A moan finally escaped his mouth and he covered it up with an, "Okay, bye babe," he dropped the phone and grabbed my hair, pushing me closer to his balls.

He let an elongated moan of my name out, and I knew I was doing well. Pretty soon, he came into my mouth. I swallowed it all, despite the salty taste.

I got up on his still-up boner and said to him. "So, when will Jessica be home?"

I heard a door slam. "Right about now." He got up to the door and tossed his clothes into her bedroom. "She told me to meet her in the bathroom. I told her that you were at a friend house. Is that fine?"

All I did was nod and smile. He smiled back and went into the bathroom. The door opened downstairs and Jessica rushed upstairs, into the bathroom. I doubted that she was wearing a lot of clothes. I heard the shower turn on and the door lock. I quietly closed my door. For the next hour I heard seven orgasms in probably many different positions. I thought about me and Nick. I thought about how he was the one I lost my virginity to, and how nobody would ever be as good as him. On the seventh orgasm that I heard (obviously, from the high pitched screams, it was my sister), I thought of something.

Shit, I thought. What if I get pregnant?

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