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The Arrangement Part 1

Wife proposes an arrangement for her husband...
This all began almost fifteen years ago in a small town in the south. Our town was the kind of place where everyone knew one another and definitely one of those places that reminded you of Mayberry of television from yesteryear.

I moved here after college to help a college buddy set up his farm as we both went to college and studied agriculture. His parents had died in a car crash and left him some money as well as the family farm. Seeing how he was the only child, he was going to have to tend the farm which was a tall order for a guy who didn’t know a ton about actually running a real farm other than what school (yeah right) and his dad had taught him growing up.

This little town really supported my friend Jim with the loss of his parents and welcomed me into their community like one of their own. The Palmer family went back nearly 150 years in this town and county. However, most of Jim’s uncles and aunts had moved away to big cities. I suppose they found rural life too simple. Jim’s grandparents had long since passed so it was left to Jim, and me, to fill in the gap left by his parent’s untimely passing.

The Fielders and the McDonalds and their brood of kids had adjacent farms to Jim’s place. These families were great and would lend a hand to Jim with the “women's work” around the house. Yes, I know the term “women's work” will probably piss some of you women off, but this was a small town in the south and things didn’t change much there.

So, Jim and I had been there for a few months and the older ladies (in their 60’s) would stop by every couple of days, bring us food and help make sure things were tidy around the house while we toiled away farming in the hot sun for hours and ensuring that the farm was a well-oiled machine for the upcoming harvest.

On weekends, Jim and I would go to town to enjoy “the nightlife,” which doubled as a café during the day and at night, the backroom turned into a small bar with a dance floor where folks could come and kick their heels up. Of course this was tame to most places in the big city but the eighteen and up crowd from around the county seemed to enjoy having a place of their own. The old timers would come to enjoy the music, drink too much and complain about their wives and lives while enjoying draft beer, all you can eat peanuts, a juke box along with the occasional country band.

This was where I happened to meet my wife and her four sisters. Little did I know that they were sisters because they each had a distinctively different look. My wife Sara was twenty-one when we met. She has golden hair that flows past her shoulders, blue eyes that pierce right through you, an incredibly tight ass, and B to C cup breasts. She stands 5’9” tall and was all legs! I remember the first time I saw her and it is a memory that I’ll never forget.

Her sister Darcy, 18 months younger had just turned 19. She’s 5’4” tall, with brown hair, hazel eyes, a little plump butt with the same ass as her sister and C cup breasts.

The other two sisters were twins, Maria and Molly who were just under a year younger than Darcy. Although they were twins, they didn’t look that much alike. If you took the looks of Sara and Darcy and split them between the twins…that is what they looked like. The family resemblance was remarkable. “The girls,” as they were often referred to, stand 5”6” tall. Maria has sandy blond, almost brown hair with blue eyes, and the other was dark haired with hazel eyes and about the same height. They both ended up getting the D cup breasts. The trouble with Maria and Molly is that they knew they were good looking and the “assets” that attracted boys and they loved to tease most of them with this knowledge.

Although the girls each had distinctively personalities and assets that helped make them beautiful, Sara had a beautiful way about her. The way she carried herself was very proper but something led you to believe that there was a wild side to her as well. I imagined this numerous times before I got enough courage to ask her on a date. I would dream about her body and longed to be near her. Thankfully, she agreed to our first date and we hadn’t been apart since then.

As things worked out, I ended up marrying Sara and Jim married one of Sara’s best friends, Lee. I had saved enough money to buy some land a little further out of town and as time would have it, Jim, Lee, Sara and I grew further apart. It wasn't that we didn’t like each other and it certainly didn’t happen overnight, but when Sara and I found out that she couldn’t have children while Lee and Jim were working on number three, we just simply grew apart.

The sex with Sara was and always had been amazing. She definitely knew how to please a man and thankfully I learned to please her as well. We fucked like rabbits our first two years of our marriage and I enjoyed it very much. Sara and I would talk very openly about what turned us on or off and we didn’t have any hang ups about sex which made for a great relationship and we didn’t have to hide things from each other.

All of the sex made it interesting because her sisters were around all the time. They caught us more than a few times, but Sara didn’t seem to mind at all. Although I was attracted to all of her sisters in one way or another, nothing ever happened and we all would have a good laugh about them catching us during our mating rituals from time to time. Of course in our fifth year of marriage, they were all of age and I would imagine they had each seen enough nakedness to be able to handle the occasional glimpse of my cock. I really never thought anything of it.

On one particular occasion, Darcy caught us while Sara was giving me a great blowjob in the kitchen. Darcy walked in on us just as I was shooting a giant load of cum into Sara’s mouth. I had just stood from our couch in the living room to unload in her waiting and open mouth when the screen door slammed and I caught Darcy’s eyes widening like saucers while her mouth nearly dropped to the floor. Of course, I couldn’t stop so I just finished while Sara just laughed as my splooge covered her face and ropes of cum streamed into her waiting mouth.

I liked to think that Darcy wouldn’t have minded sucking on my seven inch cock even though it was still covered with juices from her sister, but she quickly backed away, and ran down the hall laughing as the last bead of cum emitted from my cock an onto Sara’s tongue.

“Who was that?” Sara asked.

“Darcy…again,” I said trying to laugh it off. “She sure is walking in on us a lot lately,” I said to her.

“C’mon, Cal, you know she doesn’t have a boyfriend right now, so I’m sure she’s horny as hell and can’t help herself!”

I couldn’t believe that those words were coming out of Sara’s mouth. I shot her a look and then shrugged my shoulders thinking that there might be more to that comment than met the eye. I then brought Sara to her feet, kissed her and bent her over the couch, and we fucked like wild animals right there.

Sara enjoyed having me take her from behind and an occasional swat on the backside would send jolts of electricity through her body as she would take all of my inside her. As I continued to pump in and out of her, Sara turned around and looked at me and said,

“Cal, I want to have kids!”

“Honey, you know we can’t…the doctors have confirmed all that,” I said to her slowing my pace a little in shock that she had said it.

“No, I really want to have kids and I don’t want to adopt a baby. I think Darcy might be willing to help us out,” she said as she turned around, pulled me close to her and guided my cock back inside of her. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me as deeply inside of her as she could and looked me dead in the eye as we continued the rhythm.

I didn’t say a word to her. I just looked at her as I continued to make love to my sweet wife. The tears were welling up inside her as I stroked her hair and wiped the tears that had collected on her cheek away.

“Oh, sweetie, I want to have kids too! What can Darcy do to help us?” I asked.

Just then, Sara quickened the pace and looked at me like she’d never looked before. I could tell that she was beginning to cum. The muscles in her pussy walls tightened and strained begging my cock to cum inside her as hers grew in intensity. I looked away and pounded her, harder and harder, in and out and then placed all of my body weight to my crotch putting as much of my inside her as possible.

She then let out a huge yell as she finally climaxed. We both came very hard and glob after glob of cum exited my cock. I could feel Sara’s juices stirring more and more as she let out a whimper. She squeezed me tightly and pulled me to her…we kissed deeply and passionately as the last beads of cum slowly oozed inside her.

I began to gather my thoughts, Sara looked up at me and said, “Honey, I know that Darcy would help us as a surrogate and deliver us a child. She offered the other day.”

I pulled Sara close to me and held her tightly to me as if to let her know that anything she wanted, I would do. “Sweetie, I’ll do anything for you. You know that, right?”

Sara looked up, smiled widely and said, “Honey, I love you and I want this as much as anything in the whole world.”

“Well, I guess we need to go see some doctors and get the procedure started,” I said as I began to ponder all the bills associated with invitro fertilization. My head was spinning a bit thinking through the bills that would be coming and I’d even started thinking about what other jobs I could take to help pay for the procedures that could possibly wipe our life savings. However, nothing was too good for my sweet Sara. I would crawl to China and back to make her happy. She was after all, the light of my world!

“What?” Sara said. “What are you thinking about?” she asked.

“Nothin',” I replied sheepishly and tried to not catch her eyes.

“Oh, sweetie, I don’t think you understand what I mean. I’m not implying that we have to go to a bunch of doctors and get the procedure done. I’m thinking that we just do this all very naturally,” Sara said very lovingly. A wide grin appeared on her face as she tried to coax me into understanding her wishes.

I directed a “puzzled husband” look her way. You know the one, the “dumb husband look!” Sara had grown accustomed this look after our years together. My eyes then met hers as I was still trying to contemplate the words. Then, it clicked!

There was one part of me that thought this might be some kind of trap. But as I looked at Sara and she didn’t wipe the grin off her face I begin to soak in what I thought might have only been just a wild fantasy for me to masturbate to on a lonely night. But as I caught Sara’s eyes she smiled very widely and said, “I want you and Darcy to make love. Make us a baby and Darcy wants to live here with us and help us raise our child. It’s the best for everyone.”

Another look of puzzlement came across my face again and then I smiled at Sara and replied, “Is that what you want? And you don’t mind?”

“Of course not, sweetie, she’s my sister, I love her very much. She’s confided in me before we were married that she wanted you too. Why do you think she keeps on catching us fucking,” she exclaimed.

“I’ve been telling her how hot you are for several years and then one day when you were out in the field, she and I came up with this plan. We’re both very excited about it and we were hoping that you would be too."

Sara looked to the ground, slowly glanced at me from the corner of her eye and said, “So you’ll do it!”

“Yes, I’ll do it for us,” I said as the wheels began to turn inside my head. I smiled widely at my lovely wife and I couldn’t believe the fortune I’d had at finding such an amazing woman. She was basically begging me to invite her sister to live with us and to bear a child that we could all raise together.

“This way, we all get what we want. She wants you for her husband. I want you as my husband and the father of our children. So, we’ll just live here all together,” she stated in a very matter of fact tone.

At this point I was still shocked at the whole thing. I had always noticed awkward moments, aside from her catching Sara and I in the throes of ecstasy, where Darcy would shoot me a look, wear a little more revealing top or shorter than normal skirt. But, I just figured she was messing with me and going somewhere to find a man of her own.

“Sara, you’re okay with this?” I asked inquisitively.

“Sweetheart. Yes, I’m completely okay with this. I love you very much, she loves you, she loves me. Frankly you’re getting a dream come true. You get to be the man of the house to two lovely women that love you, want you and want to stay with you forever. It’s the best of both worlds! You get me, another woman and we all get to live the dream with the man of our dreams.”

I couldn’t believe my luck. Here I was with the woman of my dreams and she’d arranged for me to impregnate her sister, on our behalf, and furthermore, she lived in our house and loved me too. Hmmm, my head was spinning. Then, I began to think of Darcy in a whole new way. Someone whom I trusted, had known for years and yet I now looked at her differently. All those coy and shy looks, those short skirts, were all directed at me.

And now, with the approval of my wife, I felt a freedom like I’d never had before. I started to get hard again. My cock slowly sprang back to life and Sara noticed.

“Ummm….I see some parts of you are getting very excited about this arrangement.”

Sara rubbed my chest and pulled up and began to suck on one of my nipples. Her hand touched my cock and then played with my balls. The caress of her hand, the warmth of her mouth against my chest was almost too much to handle. I looked at Sara and her deep blue eyes. She smiled warmly, then closed her eyes and moved forward to kiss me.

Our lips met and my hand moved to her sweet breasts and across her nipples. I caressed their fullness and then grabbed the nipple lightly as my hands moved back and forth. I kissed Sara on the cheek and brought her up from the couch in front of me. I slipped from the couch to the floor on my ass and positioned myself in front of her sweet lips.

She moved forward and exposed her clit to me begging me to suck it in my mouth. My tongue darted out and I tease the sweet bud. Our scents mingled together to create a sweet aroma. I sucked the nub inside and Sara opened herself more to me. I then slid my tongue down to the sweet hole and penetrate her with ease. I tasted some of the cum mixed together as the ridges of my taste buds slip in and out of her sweet hole.

Sara began to twitch on the couch and pushed my head further into her sweetness. I loved her smell, her neatly trimmed bush with just a trace of a landing strip. I gently glided my tongue across her sweet labia and then across her clit again.

Sara’s body jolted and then slammed back into my face as my tongue continued its handy work. “Ohhh…so good baby,” she exclaimed as I continued the oral assault.

My tongue quickened the pace as I slid one finger inside her and she leaned back against the couch and lewdly exposed her sex to me as I inserted another finger inside and worked quickly at swirling my tongue across her pearly pink bud. I knew this would make her cum and cum quickly.

“Ohhhh…yes…that’s it…you know how to make me cum,” she said wildly as I felt the passion inside her build.

She looked at me most intensely as the first waves of pleasure began to wash over her body. Her eyes were squinted as she tried to prolong the pleasure that continued to well inside her. “Uhhh,” she wailed finally and loudly causing the fixtures on the coffee table to rattle. Her juices sprayed against my hands as I stuck them as far inside of her as possible. I glanced up to see her body writhing at the will of my hand as she grabbed her hair with one hand her nipple with the other flicking it every second or two.

I then caught Darcy peeking ever so coyly from across the room and around the corner. I just caught her eye once and then she didn’t look again. As Sara’s passion subsided, she pulled me to my feet in front of her as she sat on the couch. My cock was nearly about to explode as she took it in her hand, gave it a couple of tugs and then sucked the head into her mouth. The warmth and wetness felt so good as my angry cock longed for some attention. I strained and held back my cum as long as I could and was surprised at how quickly I was able to recover from my massive explosion not ten minutes before.

I then saw Darcy poke her head out and look in awe as Sara continued to work on my swollen member. She inhaled my cock and my eyes caught Darcy’s. Her mouth was agape as she watched her sister inhale almost all of my seven inches. I heard the slow moan and gagging reflex kick in as she exhaled it and laughed. I loved to feel her tonsils caressing the tip of my head as it glided in and out of her mouth.

She gave it a quick stroke and the licked the shaft and caressed my balls with her nimble little fingers. She sucked one ball into her mouth and I took my cock and slapped it gently across her cheek. She then teased the head again and opened her mouth and demanded that I squirt my load into her mouth. She held her head about three inches from the head and I began to furiously stroke my cock.

Darcy continued looking with amazement. I could tell she was horny as my wife begged me to cum in her mouth and to squirt my load across her face and into her waiting mouth. Sara played with her nipples and I then placed the head on her waiting tongue and slapped it a few times against it. Darcy was instinctively opening her mouth as well as if she wanted to taste my seed as well.

In that one moment all of my horniness flowed straight through my body as the cum began to spew into Sara’s waiting mouth. I held it as long as I could and then let go and a massive gush exploded and covered Sara’s face and dribbled onto her tits. She kneaded them together as the gush subsided and Sara sucked the final few drops out of the head of my raging cock. She laughed gleefully as Darcy disappeared around the corner hiding.

“Umm…I love your cum…I know Darcy will too.”

With that said, Sara got up from our comfortable couch and rushed upstairs to get cleaned up. She yelled from the top of the stairs, "I can’t wait to tell Darcy…she’ll be so excited.”

I yelled back, “I sure hope so.” I stood there naked in our living room my cock was starting to fall flaccid against my leg and happy from its recent exploits.

I looked around the room to see Darcy step out from around the corner and said, “My, my, my….we are going to have some fun, you and me.”

With that, she disappeared out the back door to do some chores before Sara would get dinner started and we would officially discuss our new arrangement.

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