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The Arrangement Part 2

Wife gets sister-in-law together with husband
I stood there and tried to regain my composure. I saw Darcy’s plump ass scamper out the door. My cock leaped at the thought of getting to be with her.

I then made a dash upstairs to clean up and as I rounded the corner into the master bedroom, Sara was emerging from the shower. Her body glistened with only a towel on her head. I always enjoyed just looking at my wife’s body. As usual, her pussy was neatly trimmed and her boobs hung at the most perfect angle. I felt like taking a picture, but had no camera, so the camera in my mind would have to suffice.

Our eyes met, she gave me a wink and walked across the room and kissed me on the cheek. My hand instinctively moved to her ass and I bounced each one of her buttocks playfully as she motioned me to the shower to get cleaned up.

I started the water and the water streamed across my body. It felt so good, my muscles were tired from a long day’s work on the farm along with our escapades downstairs. Despite all of this, my mind wandered to Darcy. I let the water wash over my face and daydreamed about Darcy. She had a warm smile, tan body and I had longed to see her naked probably since the first day I met her. I wondered what her nipples looked and tasted like. I pictured a smoothly shaven pussy. I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to taste and penetrate with my tongue fingers and slide my cock inside its warm, juicy walls.

As the water flowed over my body, I began to feel renewed and my cock was feeling the effects as well, stiffening as I continued thinking about my sister-in-law. The session earlier with Sara was amazing and as my entire body began to relax, my mind continued to wander back to Darcy as the soap cascaded down, cleaning my skin and rejuvenating my body.

Sara poked her head in bathroom and her eyes immediately went to my crotch. She giggled and said, “Better hurry up, mister. I’ve got your favorite dinner planned…ohhhh….I see someone is coming around to the fact that this is whole plan is a good idea.” She gave me a wink, shut the door and went back to cooking dinner.

I toweled off and I got ready for dinner, and wondered how would react at dinner tonight. “Keep it together,” I said inside my head. I smoothed my hair and headed downstairs and waited for Sara to broach the subject.

In the kitchen Sara and Darcy were busy getting dinner on the table. They had cooked one of our favorite meals; country-style steak, gravy, mashed potatoes, biscuits, green beans and a chocolate pie for dessert.

I entered the kitchen to the wonderful smells and scurrying around of two beautiful women. Sara smiled at me as Darcy continued whatever she was doing and didn’t make eye contact. I began setting the table as Darcy bent over to open the oven and retrieve freshly baked biscuits from the oven. I had to admit that her ass looked amazing. She arched her back, I think on purpose, as the fabric from her sun dress draped across her haunches. Of course I noticed that she was likely not wearing underwear. Sara caught me looking and winked at me; I winked back, finished my job and took my seat at the table.

“Well, this is a treat…our favorite meal with my favorite girls,” I said as Darcy and Sara joined me. “Let’s eat.”

We all dug into the delicious meal. I felt like it tasted even better that it had in a while. There was the normal chit-chat as everyone offered the latest gossip from town was along with what they did that day. Sara and Darcy were always good conversationalists and I always enjoyed their take on life. As I finished a second helping of mashed potatoes, Sara began with this statement:

“Darcy, Cal and I have talked about the arrangement and he is in total agreement.”

“Yeah, what guy wouldn’t be?” Darcy chimed in sarcastically.

“I think it’s great that you want to help us Darcy,” I said as I took her hand and Sara’s at the same time. We held hands tightly. My eyes met Darcy’s, then Sara’s. They looked at one another and then back at me. Without warning, Darcy leapt across the table and gave me a kiss like none I’d received from her ever. I wasn’t sure how to react as I’d never kissed another woman, let alone my sister-in-law, like this since Sara and I were married six years ago. Sara just squeezed my hand. I sneaked a peak at her while Darcy continued kissing me hard on the lips. Tears were welling up in her eyes, not from sadness, but from joy of seeing her happy and knowing that the dreams of having a family of her own began to fall into place.

“Honey,” I said, “you okay?”

“Yes dear,” Sara replied, fighting back her tears. “I am so happy that we can all be happy. I’m so thankful that I’ve got such an amazing sister and an incredible husband. I am not sad at all…this is my idea and I can’t wait for us all to be together.”

I pulled Sara in and we all hugged each other. I loved the feeling of being with these women. They were both amazing women and I choked back a few tears as I knew this arrangement would be one that brought us closer together. I released the girls and we began clearing the table. Once we got the dishes settled, Sara suggested that Darcy and I go for a walk and talk.

Darcy took my hand as we strode outside and began to walk up the dirt road on our property towards a point where we could see a good part of the county. Darcy held tightly to me as we walked. I loved the feeling of her skin. My hand moved to her back from time to time and rested in the small of her back and pulled her closely. It was strange how natural I felt with her.

We continued our stroll as the moon began peering just above the trees in the distance. We talked about the arrangement and how she and Sara had worked out the sleeping arrangements for me. For the next month I would spend each night with Darcy in the hopes of getting her pregnant with our first child and then we would alternate weeks moving forward.

“You know I’ve always been attracted to you,” Darcy said as we stopped on the path up to a small hill that overlooked our small town.

“I never noticed,” I said to her as I caught a very naughty smile that Darcy tried to hide from me. I laughed and took her in my arms.

Darcy squirmed herself from my grip and ran up the hill giggling the entire way.

“C’mon silly, I’ve got a surprise for you,” she said as her voice became more distant. I quickly added chase wondering what she had in store for me.

When I reached the opening in the trees, I saw lanterns in one of the big trees that surrounds my favorite place on our property which illuminated a large picnic blanket, wine, cheese and crackers. It looked wonderful and inviting.

“Isn’t it great,” Darcy said excitedly. “Sara and I set this up, earlier today. When I saw you two and ran out of the room…this is where I came.” With those words she paused…looked at me very intently and continued. “I’ve wanted to seduce you for a long time…and now I don’t have to keep it a secret,” she added much lower and more seductively. She sat gracefully in the center of the blanket, poured us both a glass of wine and offered me one.

I moved towards her and the blanket and took the wine from her. Darcy sat there and I stared at her beautiful eyes. She looked so beautiful in the moonlight along with the light from the flickering lanterns.

As our eyes continued their gaze, I took a swig of wine. It tasted so good on this warm summer’s night. In one swift motion Darcy pulled her arms through her dress, removing the top and revealing the most delicious breasts. As the fabric fell from her shoulders, I gazed upon them wantonly. She quickly stood up and I leaned in to take her in my arms. I felt the warmth of her body as our lips finally met.

My hands wandered her back and felt the smoothness of her warm skin while our tongues explored each other’s mouths, swirling around each other. My hands moved to her sides and allowed the cottony dress drop to the blanket below. I worked my kisses from her mouth down to the neck as she pulled closer to me. Subtle gasps escaped Darcy’s mouth as I worked my way to my knees exploring her nipples. I slipped one inside my mouth, kneading the other and then alternating back and forth. She had perfectly sized areolas that fit entirely in my mouth, swelling gently against my tongue as I suckled each of them.

Darcy’s breasts were a sight to behold. Her young body allowed their girth to slightly sag yet still magically defy gravity. Her beautiful stomach and belly button were perfectly shaped. A small buxom pooch just below her belly button led down to her smoothly shaven slit. Her labia were exposed slightly, inviting me forward to taste, already glistening with anticipation.

My cock swelled and strained against the fabric of my pants. Darcy moved her hands down and took the bottom of my shirt and quickly pulled it over my head, exposing my chest to her. She held my head in her hands, leaned forward and our mouths and tongues connected again and swirled around each other. My hands wandered up and down Darcy’s sides and over her, smoothing the goose bumps as I pulled her to the ground beside me. Never breaking our embrace, my hands continued to caress her beautiful body.

As we kissed, Darcy finally moved her hand to feel my bulge. A gasp escaped her mouth between our kissing. I looked her in the eyes and she smiled widely as she unbuttoned my pants and began pulling them from my body. My cock sprung free and I flung my pants away as quickly as possible.

I saw her eyes widen as she took my cock in her tiny hands and worked down to the base of the shaft feeling its girth. My cock leaped at her touch. A look of pure lust appeared on her face. She slowly moved her hand up and down the shaft. Our eyes connected. I offered my tongue to Darcy again and she sucked it quickly in her mouth and then began kissing her way down my abdomen.

Darcy’s touch felt so good. It had been such a long time since I’d had a woman other than Sara touching and kissing me. I allowed myself to fall back into the blanket as Darcy’s mouth continued its journey southward towards my rock hard cock.

She finally reached her destination. I looked up to see her just admiring it and gently stroking it up and down. She placed her tongue on the tiny slit that was oozing pre-cum and lapped it up. I jolted because it was such a sensitive area.

“Ummmmm,” escaped her lips. She then ran her tongue down the side and back up the underside of it. She savoured the taste of my freshly washed cock and then slid it all the way in her mouth. The feeling of her tongue gliding across the underside and sliding into her warm and wet mouth was nearly too much to take. My cock and body jolted from the excitement.

The sight of Darcy’s head going up and down on my cock was beautiful. I loved watching this gorgeous woman enjoying herself so much. My hands went to her head and pushed her hair back from her eyes. She stopped and popped my cock from her mouth.

“I love this cock,” she exclaimed as she sucked it in and went all the way down. I felt her tongue caressing my balls. She grabbed my hand and placed it on the back of her head, coaxing me to push her down further and further. She finally got it all the way inside her. I could feel the back of her throat opening as the head pushed the muscles back as she swallowed.

“Ummm…all the way down sweetie,” I said holding her for just a second in that position and then allowing her head to come back up releasing my shaft. I pulled her to me and kissed her hungrily.

I grabbed one of her legs and pulled them across my face, allowing us to please each other orally. The sight of her sweet slit staring me right in the face was almost too much. My hands moved to her haunches pulling them apart as my tongue traced her slit up and down and then parted her sweet lips exposing the pink, sweet center to me. I found her clit protruding from the folds and sucked it in my mouth. Darcy’s hips jolted and bucked and slammed down on my face.

“Ohhh….yes,” Darcy yelled into the night air as I slid one finger inside her and my tongue swirled around and sucked her clit in my mouth.

I could feel her juices running down my face and she returned her attention to my cock gliding it in and out of her mouth. Her hand held the base and she began a rhythm of up and down as it slid deep in her mouth and down her throat and then back out slapping the head against her outstretched tongue.

I gently parted her sweet pussy with my fingers and managed to work one inside her. It felt tight and warm as my middle finger slide inside. My index finger worked her juices to her little asshole where I applied just a tiny bit of pressure.

“Ohhhh,” Darcy exclaimed with a mouthful of my cock.

I then took those two fingers and slid them in and out of her pussy. The feeling was amazing. I licked her clit furiously wanting to bring her off as I felt my orgasm begin to well in my own balls.

I could feel her body writhing and felt her pussy muscles expand and contract taking my fingers in and out of her. My tongue circled her clit over and over again until Darcy’s hips began bucking uncontrollably.

She spit my cock out of her mouth and between her panting and bucking screamed, “I’m gonna cum!”

With that I focused all of my attention on her clit and pounded my hands furiously in and out of her until I felt her muscles clam down holding my fingers in position. Her juices flowed over my hands and dribbled on my face.

At that point I let go of my own orgasm and my cum must have splattered across her face. I’m sure she tried to catch the gobs of goo emitting from the bulbous head which she sucked in her mouth and took the rest of my load. My body was nearly convulsing along with Darcy’s. It finally subsided long enough for her to roll off of me and onto her back on the blanket.

We lay there catching our breath and my handheld hers for a minute before I adjusted so we were now laying side by side. Darcy scraped the globs of cum form her face right into her mouth using her fingers and then grabbed her dress to clean the rest.

She laughed then said, “Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard from someone eating my pussy. You’ve done this before?” She laughed again as did I.

I retorted, “A few times,” and pulled her to me and kissed her. I didn’t mind the taste of my own cum on this beautiful woman as I’m sure she didn’t mind the taste of her own juices that were still smeared on my face.

We lay there in silence for a few minutes. I caressed her body and Darcy’s hands rubbed up and down my chest when she broke the silence and said, “Ever since you started dating my sister, I’ve wanted to do that! I’ve so admired that long cock of yours and wanted it for my very own.”

I smiled at her and kissed her passionately.

“You and Sara make me very happy. I love that we can be together like this. I’ve dreamt of having you and now that we can,”

Darcy kissed me. She kissed me hard and climbed on top of me.

“I love you, Darcy,” I managed to say in between her kisses.

By now my cock was springing back to life. I loved the feeling of her breasts against my chest. I could feel her nipples hardening as my hands wandered her beautiful body.

“What have we here,” Darcy said with a snicker and took my cock and placed it at her entrance.

I looked at her passionately as I could feel the head slowly disappearing inside her. Her eyes were fixed on mine as she slowly lowered herself onto my cock. It slipped in more easily than I expected. Darcy steadied herself by placing her hands on my chest whole my cock sank deeper and deeper inside of her.

“I love you, Cal,” she added as my cock finally slid all the way inside.

“I will never take you and Sara for granted. I love you and I love Sara,” I added, pulling her torso close to me and kissing her passionately. My cock slid in and out while our tongues mingled together. I grabbed her haunches and pushed her forward. I wanted all of me inside her. She began bucking, riding me with long strokes. I loved seeing her breasts sway with her motions and I cupped them in my hand as we began to make love.

“Ohhh…soooo deep,” Darcy exclaimed beginning to quicken her pace.

“Ummmm…you are so beautiful,” I immediately added.

With that I flipped her over so that I was on top. My cock had made its way out of her entrance. She opened her legs widely to me as I got on top of her and then guided my cock back to its rightful place. Her legs moved around to the small of my back and I eased back inside. The feeling of her pussy walls expanding to take my girth inside her was exquisite. Her muscles pulled me in and then relaxed.

I looked down at Darcy and her eyes were trained on me. The look on her face told me to go faster. I could see her mouthing the words over and over again until they became audible.

“Faster! Oh yes! Faster,” she said.

Each time she uttered the words I quickened the pace.

She then wrapped her fingers around the back of my neck and dug her heels into my back pulling me forward. Our eyes never once strayed from each other’s.

“Oh yes, Cal. Fuck me with that big cock of yours!” she yelled at me as she pulled.

The sounds of my balls slapping up against her insides as my cock literally impaled her over and over again were too much to handle.

“I’m gonna cum inside you!” I yelled at her.

“Cum inside me. Unleash your load inside me! I want to feel it empty inside me.”

I’d never heard words like that come from Darcy’s mouth and with that, the cum quickly welled up inside me. I was surprised I had anything left after the day’s events. Somehow, I came. I came hard.

“Ohhhhh…..yesssssss!” I muttered closing my eyes and concentrating as I erupted inside her.

“Oh yessssss,” Darcy screamed, digging her heels into me and pulling me forward so that my entire shaft was inside her.

I could feel the cum splashing inside her womb. I released my payload and collapsed on top of her.

I tried to catch my breath along with Darcy and our bodies heaved and we sighed together. Her pussy muscles still milking my cock for every last drop of sperm was inside her.

“Oh my God! You are so fucking hot,” I said to Darcy as I pulled myself out and lay beside her.

“Ummmm…I love that feeling,” Darcy added.

We drifted off to sleep together for an hour or so. When I woke up, Sara and Darcy were lying beside me whispering to each other. They noticed my eyes opening and Sara kissed me.

“Hi, sweetie,” she said.

“Darcy loves your cock! Did you have as good a time as she did,” she questioned with a smirk on her face.

“As if you needed to ask,” I replied stretching and lifting myself up.

Darcy giggled as the sisters looked at each other and laughed.

“I do love his cock too, sis,” Darcy added as I’d finally reached my feet, she reached over and kissed my cock.

They both laughed.

“Okay, big fella,” Darcy replied. "I think we’d better head back to the house." 

With that, I put my clothes back on and walked in the middle of Darcy and Sara holding both of their hands and pulled them close to me from time to time kissing them on the tops of their heads.

That night was amazing, strange and beautiful. I’ll never forget the feeling of having these two beautiful women by my side and just how lucky I was to be able to have this arrangement. I think I’ll get used to it.

This was just the beginning of our escapades together.

(to be continued)

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