The Away Game Goes Extra Innings

By Bad_4You

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Now we’re alone and I’m finally about to have some strange pussy...
We can’t enter her room soon enough. I’m so close behind her that my cock is pushing against her luscious ass and I’m breathing hard on her neck. She’s fumbling for the key. It doesn’t take long for her to become visibly flustered.

“Damn, you’re hard again already?” she says, “I can barely think straight.” She finally takes the key card in hand and slides it through the slot. I’m glad, knowing how fortune has smiled on me, that I had the prescription filled. For many years now sex has been a once, maybe twice a week affair. That is, if I was lucky. It was easy to have an ever ready hard-on. I popped one of the blue pills not long before we left the bar. I hoped against hope I would need my cock to be hard two or three times a day this weekend. I may have been a bit too conservative in my estimation!

My hands are holding her hips firmly as the door opens wide. It it’s not even closed and our clothes are nearly half gone, such is the urgency of the moment. The zipper on the side of her dress reveals more and more of my beautiful new friend. Before we’re even close to the bed nearly all of our clothes are on the floor. We stand there caressing each other’s bodies wearing just our underwear. Though it has been but a few minutes, the need to come again is extreme. The silky feel of her flesh is driving me absolutely crazy.

“So, we have all weekend long. Do you have any fantasies you’d like me to fulfill?” I ask her.

“Could we start with the first one I mentioned,” she answers.

My response isn’t verbalized. I simply lift her in my arms, walk a couple of steps towards the bed and drop her on it. Her smile is wide and devilish. While staring into my desperate eyes she reaches for her panties and pulls them to one side. Her gorgeous and slick pink folds come into view as I yank my boxer briefs down and throw them away. She watches as my throbbing cock rises and falls in cadence with my heart beat. A tiny drop of pre-cum gathers at the tip and threatens to be wasted on the carpet below. As her stare drops down to the tool she wants between her legs, she licks her lips. I squeeze the drop from my mushroomed head and force my finger into her mouth as she smiles. She lays her head down on the bed and closes her eyes, submitting herself completely to the man who stands above her.

I reach behind her back and unclasp her bra and then drag my hands down to her panties. The dark spot that centers over her love groove is pasted to her, just clinging to her wet, engorged lips. With a hand on each hip I pull them down and toss them on my briefs. She now lies naked beneath me. The satiny bedspread beneath her is the perfect compliment to what I have in mind. I pull on her ankles as her body easily slides across it towards me.

“Keep your eyes closed,” I state flatly as I lift her legs, placing her feet on my shoulders and tug on the tops of her thighs, pulling her ass close until it comes in contact with my core. My cock is dripping as I bring it in contact with her puffy lips, allowing it to slide the full length of them, up and back and up again. Her breathing is labored as she tries to relieve the building tension with a deep, sexy sigh. I begin tapping on her nub, whacking her hardened clit with the round head of my cock. Her body is growing impatient, just begging for release.

“Don’t you dare come yet girl. I’ll tell you when to come!” I say rather forcefully.

For a full minute I spank her love button with my heavy cock as her panting and moaning grows ever louder. Her body is writhing on the bed, on the very threshold of a long, hard come. I watch as her face grows distorted and her head sways slowly from side to side, just trying to hold back.

“Play with your clit for me,” I say as I remove my cock from on top of her box. As she begins to heartily play with herself, flicking her finger wildly over her clit, I ask her a question.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes! Yes, please!!! I am so ready. Please fuc...”

I shove my cock between her dreamy folds for the first time and bottom out into her. Her hole is so tight and silky smooth it is almost painful as I thrust my cock inside of her. I pound in and out of her needy hole with great abandon.

“You may come now Bambi. COME!!!” I say, my voice elevated for effect as I continue to plow hard into her. And come she did.

“Oh, oh, oh yes. YES!!! Ohhhhhh fuck me Jake. Fuck me harder. I so need you inside of me. Fill me with your hot and nasty load. Come on. FUCK ME!!!!” The last of her words are sung in perfect pitch and at 100 plus decibels. She is so hot sounding that I can’t hold out any longer. Any second now my cum is going to plaster her hot inner walls.

“Bambi, where do you want it? I’m going to come. Where do you want me to come?” I am breathless when she finally speaks up.

“I want it inside, all of it! Fill my cunt you bastard!” she spits out.

I find her language so fucking hot and it leads to my most exhilarating come in memory. I let go of my seed and the sound of my thighs smacking her ass fills the room. My cock is buried so deep inside of her, and I am thrusting so hard, that I’m afraid I’m going to hurt her. I’m concerned, but I don’t hold back for a second. If anything, I fuck her even harder. The floodgates have opened and squirt after squirt is shooting into her. Her right hand is still working her love button as her left hand pinches her nipples. Bambi is coming for a second time. I love the way she sounds as she says my name.

“So good, so good, damn Jake, this is so fucking good...” her voice trails off as fatigue begins to set in. It takes her a couple of minutes to open her eyes again. I remain standing above her beside the bed. She smiles broadly and says, “Damn, that was the best come I’ve had in 20 years. How can I repay you?” she asks me.

“Well girl, dittos; that was hot!” I say. “You are amazing. But if you wouldn’t mind...” I lift my shrinking cock and point the tip towards her. My request is understood as she gets up from the bed and bends over, taking my dick into her mouth. She sucks out the rest of my cum and licks my shaft and balls clean. She stands up and kisses me deeply, wrestling her tongue with mine.

It’s just after midnight. I should be exhausted, having gotten up for work at 4:15 this morning, but there is the unmistakable smell of excitement in the air. Or is it just the wonderful aroma of wet pussy? I’m not even close to calling it a day and neither is my friend.

“Shall I draw you a bath?” I ask. The expression on her face is a resounding yes. We walk naked to the bathroom and find a giant six foot Jacuzzi tub beckoning us. I start the water and add the bubbles when she asks, “Are you going to join me?”

“No thanks, I prefer to watch!” I say.

It is sexier than hell when she climbs in. She lifts her legs over the extremely high sides and I watch as she spreads her legs, giving me a wonderful view of her puffy, cum-filled lips before she sits down. I sit on the edge above her head and straddle her, allowing my legs to dangle beside her shoulders into the warm water. I lean over and begin to massage them, her breasts and her torso. By the look of her nipples she loves what I am doing.

“Are you sure you don’t want to join me?” she purrs.

“No really, I’m good honey.”

“Damn straight you’re good. This feels incredible!”

The 15 minute soak has mellowed my girl into almost a catatonic state. Fortunately, I have an idea on how to wake the dead.

“Would you mind if I continue to fulfill some fantasies?” I ask.

“Your wish is my command,” she says playfully.

I help her to her feet and dry her off as she stands in the middle of the room. I help her to sit down on top of the hearty granite vanity top. She leans back against the mirror to keep her balance as her legs cascade over the edge. I reach into her personal bag and find some lotion and a razor and I look up in time to see her knowing grin.

“I hope you don’t mind but...”

Like I had done to her earlier in the night, she pushes a finger across my lips to silence them. “I know what you want, you kinky little bastard!” she laughs. “Go for it!”

She pulls her legs up, spreading them while holding onto her knees. She isn’t super hairy, but I’ve always wanted a completely bare pussy to play with. Tonight I will have one. I apply some warm water and the lotion goes on smooth. My ministrations are well received. Her breath is thickening - not to mention my cock and her labia- as I pick up the razor and make her look like a new woman. When most of the hair is gone I even stick a couple of fingers inside of her slit, tugging on her lips so I can slice the wild ones away. When I finish I reach for a glass and pour warm water down her stomach, creating a beautiful waterfall that gently falls from her abs to her clit to her groove and down to her puckered asshole. The sight is breath taking. And I want to taste my handy work!

As I lower myself down I realize that the marble floor doesn’t feel great on my knees. But what the fuck, there’s a drooling cleft not four inches from my mouth that needs my attention. I gaze up at her and her eyes close tight as my tongue slices through her slick, wet lips. She is so sensitive that her body tries to jerk back but can’t because my big hands are cradling each of her ass cheeks. I feed her cunny into my mouth and eat her raw until she screams my name out loud. Her elevated voice echoes in the hollow of this sterile room. Passionate screams flow from her tension-packed lips. Her body says it all. The sweet and musky aroma that flows from her cunny, not to mention the exquisite taste, are to die for. I lap up her bare skin, devouring her creamy treasure. I do my best to clean up all of her juices and tasty cum. The more I lick, however, the more there is to clean up. Oh to have this as my full time job! I’d never run out of work!

When she says she can’t take any more I stand up and just admire the beauty beneath me, her face still panting from her hard come and her gorgeous shaved cunt still leaking her creamy dew from hot, little slit. My cock is throbbing, needing some release of its own. Bambi’s eyes are closed again, weary from all of the evening’s excitement.

I look down and her plastic toothbrush holder has fallen from her bag onto the counter. A brilliant light goes on in my head.

“How about one last fantasy before bed?” I ask. Her weary eyes open and she smiles at me again. I could get used to this, a naked woman with a shaved pussy pleasantly looking into my eyes and showing both her satisfaction and approval.

“I don’t know what you have planned exactly,” she says through heavy sighs, “but once again, go for it! You haven’t let me down yet!”

I pick the plastic tube up and stick it in my mouth, rotating it around and covering it in my saliva. I look down again and see that her creamy juices have completely covered her sexy little rosebud. I look to her face again and she looks very peaceful, her sexy eyes closed. I look back to her ass. I want it! I lean down and begin to lick all along the perimeter of it as I bring the tool to her cum-soaked pussy and slide it in. The plastic is pretty small but, combined with my attention to her puckered hole, I know it’ll be just minutes before she begins to thrust her hips upward to meet it. She moans with each passing of my tongue.

“You are one dirty boy Jake...fuck!!!” she pants. Like clockwork her hips begin to fuck me back.

“You don’t know the half of it!” I say as soon as I rise from her ass. Without a hitch my improvised dildo, dripping with her juices, is pulled from one hole and slowly slid into the other. My tongue drops to her clit as my hand drives the plastic cock in and out of her ass.

“Holy shit! OMG!!! I’ve never taken it in the ass before. FUCK!!!” she yells.

Little does she know she still hasn’t taken it in the ass...yet!

I lift my face from her pussy and, having primed her ass perfectly, I remove the fake little dick and replace it with the real deal. Bambi is squealing as I slowly force my cock into her extremely tight hole. I look down and her eyes are bugged out and I just stare into them as I bottom out and begin to brutally fuck her ass. Her long-building come erupts within seconds of my entry and her body bucks wildly, almost uncontrollably. I can barely hold on, having to take hold of her thighs, but I blissfully watch as she comes and begins to squirt into the air as I make her virgin ass my own. Some of her dew lands on my belly and it is a damn sexy sight, seeing her clear nectar painting a satin finish onto my abs. I can take it no more; the sensation is just too great. My eyes close and my mouth opens as my cum fills her wonderfully tight hole. I scream out in ecstasy.

We are exhausted as we crawl into bed. It’s the first time we’ve slept with anyone other than our spouses for decades. Her arm is wrapped around my waist as her right leg lies across both of mine. I lie on my back, gently stroking through her hair. I can get used to this. It takes but a few minutes for us to drift off to sleep.

I’m a hard sleeper but it’s extremely rare that anyone ever rises before me. I must have been worn out because as my eyes open to greet the new day I’m no longer holding her. I do feel her, however, as my cock is hardening in her mouth as she and bobs her head up and down on it.

“Good morning honey!” she says as it pops out, “Bambi likes you!!!” She swallows me again and continues to give me a world class blow job. Not to be out-done, I roll over slightly and slide my hand under her hip, cupping her ass, and roll onto my back again, taking her luscious body with me. As I hold her waist above me I look down and see her aggressively sucking my dick and it looks and feels amazing. I lower her down towards my mouth and just before my mouth encases her pussy I say, “And Jake likes you!” In short order we get the other off and drink down the wonderful nourishment of each other’s cum.

After breakfast we enjoy a fast paced day that includes gathering my stuff and checking out of the other hotel. We take a walk on the boardwalk near the beach, have a great early afternoon lunch and stop when we see a very large adult bookstore and toy shop. Our two hours there is an experience within itself!

After indulging ourselves on some very fine food in a local hot spot, we begin to walk back again to her hotel. Our time is nearly over and our countenance has taken a bit of a hit. Neither one of us want our time together to end. We can’t stand the thought of going back to indifferent spouses who have no desire for the kind of sex we’re enjoying. However we both realize, like the great Bob Seger classic says, “We Got Tonight.” We commit to make the most of the little time that remains.

My wife has grown tired of kissing. I love to have my lips all over my woman. As soon as we cross the threshold of our door I am all over her, my mouth exploring every unclothed part of her body. The passion is so extreme that we nearly rip the other’s clothes off. Soon we stand naked in the middle of the floor, hands and mouths running their own independent expeditions. Once again the need is great; we both need to come.

I recall her twice-spoken fantasy as I set out to fulfill it. I push her body so that it lies resting over the back of the sofa and fall to my knees, eating away at her steaming twat. She is panting hard when I grab one of our purchases, a nice long dildo complete with a bubble-top head and veiny shaft. As soon as it slides past her soaking wet lips her hips begin to fuck the big dick. Meanwhile, my tongue has a mind of its own, rimming the brown haired beauty to a sofa-moving come.

As she looks over her shoulder back at me, she pulls out the rubber cock and sensually licks it clean. “Fuck me! I need your cock inside me!” she says.

I’m not inside of her but for a minute or so when she turns back again saying, “This feels great but I thought you were going to manhandle me Jake. This is false advertisement!!!” Damn she looks sexy as she spits out the words.

I’ve always wanted to take control, to dominate my woman. Tonight’s the night. I pull out of her and swing her around to face me. Placing my hands on her shoulders I take control.

“Get on your knees!” I demand as I push her to the floor. Reaching for the still wet dildo I drive it into her cunt telling her, “Fuck yourself with this while working your nasty little clit!” As soon as I see she has a rhythm going with the tool and her fingers I just stare at her, waiting for her to make eye contact. Finally, with ragged breathing, she looks up as her hips join in the chorus of movement.

“So you want it rough do you?” I ask. Her face shows both excitement and fear.

“My husband would never treat me like this but damn, I love it!”

I reach for the back of her head and force my slimy hard cock between her lips and down her throat. If she wants it rough, she’s going to get it rough. I fuck her face hard, using the hair on each side of her head to pull myself deeper and deeper down her throat as I use my hips to thrust inside her. She is practically gagging but that sound is mixing with the moans of another impending come. As her body begins to shake and her face struggles to hold onto my cock without biting it off, I pull it out.

“Ohhhhh, ohhhhhhh, FUCK!!!!!!” she repeatedly screams. I’m stroking my cock towards her, ever closer to blowing my wad. As she begins to descend from her come I tell her to open her mouth. Her glazed over eyes are to die fucking sexy.

“And my wife would never go for something like this!” I moan.

Several streams of cum starts to fly from the tip of my engorged cock, shooting all over her face and hair and into her insatiable mouth. She licks it all up, panting from the hard come she’s had and the excitement of forbidden lust.

We’re satisfied for the moment but we are far from being done. Later that night I pick her up. I’m standing with her legs wrapped around my waist, and I impale her tight pussy as I fuck her hard against the wall. It seems the more aggressive, the more rough I get the more she gets off. All toll, by the time we check out on Sunday, I’ve come eight or nine times. She’s had two to three times that many. It will be hard to wipe the smiles off of our faces anytime soon.

As we walk out to the parking lot sorrow begins to creep in, the feeling you get when you’re just about to walk away from something significant. She feels it too and sees it in my face.

“Cheer up, we’ll do this again sometime!” she says cheerily.

The pessimist in me rears its ugly head. “You think so? It’s not like either of us have ever done this kind of thing before. What are the chances this will ever happen again?” I ask as I hold her, just rubbing her back as my cock pokes her stomach.

A broad smile greets me as we break out of our hug and I look into her lovely eyes. “I tell you what,” she says. “How about we meet again next weekend, only we’ll travel a couple of hours further south? Would you like that? You could be a professor and I could be your student. How does that sound bad boy?” she asks.

“That sounds terrific babe, great idea!” I say as I close the door to my wife’s car. “I’ll race you home babe!”

This weekend was just what we needed to fall in love all over again!