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The Away Game

The fed up husband finally looks for some strange…
I am sitting here in an upscale bar some two hours from my home. I booked a hotel not far from here. I just need a break this weekend. I’m trying to re-group. After so many years of marriage I’m sure it’s rather natural to feel this way. I’m just tired of the same old same old. I need something more. I’m tired of begging. I need some passion and a woman who is begging me for it! I don’t know what this weekend will offer but I am resigned to just go with it. If something strange comes my way, I decided long before I came here tonight that I’m just going to jump on it. No regrets, no looking back.

I see her walk in the room. I must admit that she’s rather beautiful. Shapely - I guess they call her full figured - with large breasts and a nice plump ass. She’s all made up and her eyes are gorgeous. As she leans against the bar I see that she’s just like me, toting a wedding ring on her tiny hand. Perhaps the old man is coming. By the way she is scanning the room I would guess not. “Maybe that’s good, perhaps it’s safer,” I think to myself, “to meet up with a married woman. In reality, we’re both at risk; we’re both in the same boat, having to deal with the guilt and the secrets and getting caught.”

She stands at the bar, the black, cleavage-revealing evening dress clings to her like paint. The more I look at her the more it’s confirmed. She looks stunning. I get up from my table and walk over next to her, facing the bartender, under the guise of needing to order a drink even though the waitress is serving me at my table.

“Can I buy you a drink?” I ask, trying to sound confident yet amiable.

I can tell I surprised her a little. “Oh, well that’s nice of you. Umm, I’m actually waiting for someone,” she finally says. “Thanks though, I do appreciate it!”

“No problem!” I say and wait for my drink before returning to the table.

I continue to check out the scenery, looking for someone to spend some time with. The woman with the auburn hair is pretty. So is the perky blond with the short skirt and long legs. They both seem very nice but at the same time I realize they really don’t measure up. I’ve left something better than that back at home. For some reason I’m still stuck on the woman I already spoke to, the brunette standing at the bar. Is it because I can’t have her?

I look over her way again. Now she’s sitting on one of the stools. She is rotating it back and forth as her right leg bobs on top of her left thigh. Damn is she sexy. I can feel my dick begin to swell. It’s time for another try.

“So your party hasn’t arrived yet? Would you like to join me at my table and wait?” I ask hopefully.

She looks up at me and just smiles. I’m not sure how to read her. I’ve been out of the game for much too long, way over 20 years. I have no idea if she likes the attention or if I’m just being a pain. After taking another sip of her drink she lets the cat out of the bag. “I think he’s just running late. I really do appreciate your thoughtfulness. You seem like a real sweetie. I’m fine though,” she touches my arm thoughtfully and asks me a question. “Would you mind saving my seat here? It’s getting very busy in here and nature’s calling.”

“No problem, take your time!” I sit down and watch her walk away. The hollowed wood of the seat is nice and warm and I’m reminded that it’s because her luscious ass has been filling it. It isn’t but five minutes when I see her sexy hips sway as she walks back towards me with that beautiful hourglass figure and I stand as she sits back down.

“Thanks so much, you are a real life saver! If I wasn’t waiting for Jake I would love to spend some time with you. You’re a very thoughtful man, not to mention good looking!” Her smile made my hard dick jerk a little. I can’t remember the last time I heard I was good looking. “I do have something for you though,” she says as she looks down and reaches into her purse. She turns her head left and right, kind of nervously, and pulls her fist out of the bag and puts her hand in mine and opens her fingers, letting the item drop into my palm. “Now go back over to your table and take a look. You got me very excited!”

As I hurriedly walk back and sit down I can feel the moisture in her panties. I discreetly bring them to my nose, all the while gazing at her sensuous smile, and my nostrils take in the lovely muskiness of her dew. Damn, I could come right now. I want her so bad. I look at my crotch and my khakis have a big wet spot on them. I pre-cum a lot when I’m excited.

I look at her again and she’s smiling as she stares back at me. Suddenly from her left a guy approaches. A giant smile overtakes her face as she stands up and greets him. Damn, Jake has finally arrived! I reach for the glass and begin to down my final drink. I need to get out of here and try another spot. I don’t want to see her and Jake together. As my glass hits the table top I’m dismayed as I witness Jake walk away and straight out the front door. It’s rather confusing until I look up at the beauty. A gorgeous smile overtakes her face again and she playfully shrugs her shoulders as if to say ‘I got rid of him!’ Could that be right?

Just then the waitress walks over to me and hands me a note. She points to my new friend and says, “The woman at the bar asked me to give this to you.” I open the note and it reads:

“I got rid of Jake. you want to get out of here?” followed by a lipstick kiss on the napkin.

My cock is throbbing like never before. This is the kind of thing I’ve missed in my marriage. There is rarely ever any excitement or passion or flirting between us. And the sex, well there’s only so much vanilla that you crave. Sometimes I don’t even want to do it, it seems so damn canned. And then there are other times when I want to be the aggressor and just fuck her until she can’t see straight. I want to lap up her juicy pussy and make her come until she’s delirious. I can’t remember when it was last like that at home but I sure like this scene. I quickly write her a response and send it off.

“If you want me, show me where you want me?”

It’s a bit bold, even a little risky. After all, I was a “thoughtful man” just a few short minutes ago. Now I’ve presented myself just like every other guy in here, a man who simply wants to get inside of her panties. The shock on her face and the way it is turning red is priceless. Oh well, the truth is I’m not looking for a date tonight, I’m looking for a woman to fuck! If she’s not up for it, I want to know that now. It takes nearly two full minutes to receive her response.

She places her tiny purse on top of the bar, uncrosses her legs and brings her hands down to just inside of her knees. She looks around first and then, after determining no one is watching, looks up at me and spreads her legs wide. I can plainly see her bare snatch, if only for a few seconds. Oh my god! I want to pick her up, set her on the bar and drive my cock inside her. Then comes the big surprise. She looks at me with another wicked smile and subtly lifts her arm and holds up a finger, as if to say, ‘wait just a second.’ She subtly drops her purse on the floor next to the stool and gets up to retrieve it. But it’s the way she bends that tells the story. She pivots on her heels and spins so that her dress actually flies up a little. It is very sexy. Then she slowly and seductively bends at the waist, her gorgeous ass facing in my direction. She pauses from this awkward position and looks back at me and then stands up. Fuck. I’m not sure if the message is that she wants it doggy style or if she loves anal but at this point it doesn’t matter. I just want to start ripping off her clothes.

I walk over to her, hand some cash to the keeper, and take her hand and lead her back to my table. Her hand is toasty warm and I love the feel of her body as a place my hand around her waist as we walk. She slides in ahead of me on the bench seat and as soon as I’m next to her that same warm hand is rubbing my dick through my pants. Damn she is hot! I place my right arm around her neck and onto her shoulder as we begin to talk.

We find we have much in common. I guess people everywhere are pretty much the same. She’s from Florida, in the big city for a week long business conference, while I’m just a couple hours' drive away. From there, our histories mirror each other’s in a myriad of ways. Our kids are all pretty independent now, we are within a few years of each other’s age and our long term marriages have become very stale. Like me, she has never cheated on her spouse. Like me, she is bored silly with their relationship. While she still loves the man, the last 15 years of relational and “sexual frustration” has taken its toll. She’s decided to look for an opportunity. As she says those words her attention to my hard member becomes more pronounced.

“I need something exciting between my legs for a change,” she says with a smile. Apparently, being predictable and boring can drive both women and men to stray. She’s at her wits end. I’m in pretty much the same place. My left hand has been resting on her knee, just playing with the velvety soft skin that is her inner thigh. She explains the things she wants to engage in, sharing her sexual fantasies with me, a total stranger.

“Just for once, I want a man to take control, as if there’s nothing on the face of the earth he wants more than to ram his cock into me!” she says with conviction. As soon as I hear the word control I push her legs apart and slide my hand up until my fingers are touching her sopping wet slit. Her eyes close instinctively as I easily slide two fingers inside of her moist lips.

“Do you mean like this?” I ask as I begin to fuck her with my digits. I pull my fingers out and slide my index finger into my mouth. Her eyes open as soon as my fingers are removed and she watches me as I suck her juices down my throat. With half-opened, lust filled eyes she grabs my wrist and takes the second finger deep into her own mouth, slowly and seductively pushing it in and out while sucking it clean.

“Yeah, something like that,” she says whispers. Damn I need to get out of here.

I drop some cash on the table and help her to her feet. My arm swiftly slides down to her lower back as we walk out the door. We walk fast for a minute and then I abruptly stop her, taking both of her hands in my own.

I look down into her big brown eyes and say, “I’m so glad we’re together, if only for a weekend. I want you so bad, you’re driving me nuts!”

“Well ditto my friend,” she says as she pulls my head down to kiss her. “I’m glad you want me. I wasn’t sure what your response would be. My name is Ba...”

Just as she was about to give me her name I quickly put my fingers on top of her lips, shhhhh’d her and smiled. She smiles right back at me.

“I, I was about to say, before I was so rudely interrupted, that my name is Bambi!” and she begins to laugh out loud and within seconds I join her.

“Oh, in that case...My name is Bond...Jake Bond!” We crack up as we continue our walk.

I ask where she wants to go.

“Frankly Jake, I’d like to go straight to one of our hotel rooms. Even while we’re having sex it’s hard to tell if my husband even wants to do it. I’m tired of that crap. I want to be thrown on the bed and passionately and desperately fucked. That’s what I want!” My already throbbing cock is now raging.

We decide on her hotel because it is the more luxurious of the two. It is about a mile away but we don’t want to take a cab. We are walking hand in hand, making a beeline to her seventh story suite, chatting as we go. I stop and kiss her every few hundred feet, driving my tongue into her sultry mouth and she responds in kind. This seductive journey continues the whole way. Two blocks shy of our destination I stop her again, this time pinning her against the brick wall of a commercial building. It’s a very quiet area and relatively dark. No one is around as we passionately join our mouths and grope each others bodies.

“I am so wet!” she says as we break our kiss.

The hand that is on her ass slowly gathers her dress and pulls it up until it is on her bare flesh.

“What are you doing?” she says with a big smirk on her face.

I have very long arms and my hand reaches beyond her ass and I extend my fingers until they reach her wet lips again. Her moan is the most seductive sound I’ve ever heard. She is so wet! I haven’t felt a pussy this wet for 15 years. Her juices are flowing from her cunny on down to her rosebud and droplets are making their way down her lovely thighs. I pass my hand over her hips and move to her belly and slide it down. Just as I slip my tongue into her mouth again I slide two fingers inside her extremely wet snatch. She begins to moan wildly into my mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhh, damn!!!” she finally says. She looks left and right at the barren street and continues, “I could fuck you right here in the street.”

That’s it. I can’t take any more. I kneel down on the sidewalk as her back still leans against the wall. I duck under her dress and pull it over me.

“Jake, Jake, what are you doing? Someone’s gon..” her words are cut off.

I place her left leg over my shoulder and before she can finish the sentence my tongue is gliding along her pink folds and comes to rest on her clit. I begin to nibble. Two fingers re-enter her drenched hole and I begin to fuck her as I continue to suck on her swollen button. Within seconds her hands are on the back of my head, pulling me deeper into her groove, and she is grinding her hips forward to meet my body. Her come hits like a volcanic eruption, met with groans and moans of “oh fuck”s that cannot be adequately described. She is drowning me with her savory cream as she bucks against my face and hands. I have never known a woman so lost in the feeling, in the pure lust of it all. As her body’s trembling subsides I lick all of the delicious dew I can muster from her tasty body and with every swipe of my tongue she moans her appreciation. I finally stand up and straighten her dress as she grabs my head and pulls my mouth to hers. A very long and sultry kiss ensues as her body grinds into mine. As our mouths part she licks my cum and juice-soaked face clean. We are startled as, from across the street, two couples who had stopped are now applauding the sexy show we’ve just put on. I turn back to Bambi and she’s tilting her head back towards the sky with hand over her mouth in embarrassment. I tell her, “its okay girl, they loved it!” then nibble and kiss her neck as we again break out in laughter. I take her by the hand and we begin to walk at a crisp pace, hoping that any less satisfied voyeurs haven’t called the cops.  

“Damn, that was so fucking hot Jake!” she says as we continue booking it down the street. “I can’t wait to get you into my mouth!” I look over at her and just grin.

It’s a weird thing being watched as I walk into a hotel with a strange woman. I wonder what would happen if someone who knew me saw me with her. The risk actually makes it that much more exciting. Even before we get into the elevator we can’t keep our hands off of each other. As the last two hours have unfolded the tension has grown exponentially, anticipating what we’ve both longed for all these years.

As we get into the elevator our tongues intertwine and her hot, bare ass is in my hands once again. Her hand begins to rub my cock through my pants before she breaks from me and drops her purse to the floor. She bends and reaches into her bag, pulling out her lipstick and grins at me.

“What are you doing?” I ask as she moves into a corner and gets on her tip toes.

She can’t quite reach her target so she turns and says, “Can you give me a boost?” I have no idea what she’s doing. The view up her panty-less dress is to die for as I lift her up the rest of the way. I can see her juices as they continue to flow from her needy cunt. I look up and watch as she smears her makeup onto the security camera lens, giving her the privacy she wants. Soon after hitting the stop button she’s on her knees and starts to unbuckle my pants.

“One show a night is all I can do sir!” she says with a smirk. “Besides, it might be best if the cameras aren’t rolling if we have any intention of keeping ‘us’ our little secret.” She quickly unbuckles my pants and pulls my fly and boxer briefs down and takes my shaved cock into her mouth. She is furiously bobbing up and down my swollen rod. I can feel my pre-cum secrete into her mouth. I’m hardly able to breathe.

“I knew it would be big but it’s also the most gorgeous cock I’ve ever seen. I love it when a cock and balls are shaved!” she coos. She swallows my swollen member again and aggressively licks and sucks while holding onto my ass.

Oh my god, she is an expert cock sucker. I have one request as she works me over with her moist lips and wild tongue. “Damn you are good. My wife rarely sucks me off and has never swallowed.” I’m panting now as I speak. “Would you mind swallowing for me?”

She looks up at me with the sexiest look I’ve ever seen. She moves back as my knob pops out of her mouth. “I’d love to Jake, flood my mouth with your sweet cum,” she says as she strokes my cock. “I’ll swallow every damn drop!” she says with great enthusiasm as she stuffs me back into her mouth.

Her words and the tone in which she says them put me over the edge as I feel the first of many squirts begin to shoot inside her. Her mouth feels incredible. I inadvertently grab the back of her head and am really fucking her mouth hard and she is indeed taking all of it. I watch as she swallows my cum right down her sexy throat. Her look is one of pure ecstasy. You can tell she loves what she’s doing and her fingers are pleasuring herself beneath her dress. After ensuring that my cock is completely drained she pats it and stands up. As I finish buckling my pants she slides her tongue into my mouth.

“Since you were so gracious to give me a sample of mine, I thought you’d like to taste your cum as well,” she says as she pulls the button. “It’s utterly delicious. Your wife doesn’t know what she’s been missing!” I immediately think how I wish Bambi was my wife.

We collect ourselves and I pick up her purse and escort her by the arm out the door. I’m standing behind this rare beauty as she looks in her purse for her room key. I realize that this is just the beginning of what may prove to be the greatest sexual experience of my life.

There’s so much more of this story to be told. I had no idea just how much…

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