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The best Sister-In Law

At hot true experience I had with my sister in law

So I met my girlfriend, now wife Kristina, in college seven years ago. My wife has a great personality and is very beautiful, and has so much natural beauty and a curvy body. Kristina has two sisters, one is two years older, Amber, and Sarah, who is four years younger. Amber is not as beautiful as Kristina but has larger tits which I would not mind seeing one day.

Now back to Sarah, when I first met her I thought she was cute, she had a well kept body andvery fit. I did not think of her sexually because she was young, she was fifteen at the time and I was twenty-one. Over the years she stayed the same young very innocent girl, she did not even like the word ass. Until she graduated high school and went to college did she start to change, physically.

When Sarah went off to college I figured she would maybe talk to a few guys, nothing serious or anything because she was so innocent. At this point there was no doubt in my mind she was still a virgin.

However, when she came back from her first year of college and she was a different girl, or women should I say. Sarah's body was amazing; she gained a little weight, good weight though. She went form a size 0 to a size 2 and her tits got a lot bigger, from an A to at least a C cup.Her ass got bigger and was to die for. Sarah was still wearing all the same clothes she did before so they fit so tight and they really made her tits and ass stand out. I was shocked when I saw her, I thought she so was just so damn hot.

Since it was now summer and my wife's parents had a pool, I got to see her in alittle string bikini, which she never wore before. It was difficult for me not to get hard around her. Her top was so small compared to her tits that it just covered above her nipple. The only way for her to show anymore skin was to be naked.

I was surprised by this because she was always an innocent looking girl and covered her body. But now she did notlook so innocent. I figured she had to be fucked a lot when she was at school because of her physical changes. But talking with her she was still had her innocent personality.

Like I said Sarah was still wearing all her clothes before she became a woman so everything was skin tight. She loves to wear yoga pants, they are so tight that they would go between her ass cheeks and separate them. Damn my cock is getting hard just thinking about her.

Sarah's shirts were tight as well and showed off her amazing breasts. This goes on for a couple of years.

Always at least once a summer the string on her bikini will get disconnected from the triangle that covers her tits and her sisters couldn't fix it. I would always be asked to help. She would be standing or sitting near me in just a small towel wrapped around her. I wanted so badly to tear that towel off andput my dickinsideofher. I at leasthoped she would move a certain way to give me a peek at her pussy, but that never happened.

Whenever Sarah would come to our house I always fantasized about fucking her, or atthe least get to see her naked. Sometime she would sleepover and I would not be able tosleep, I always had the urge to go into the guest room. I wanted towake her up with my cock in her face, but I had to control my urges because I had a feeling it would not go over well.

Also, she would come over to our house to study or to just be away from her parents when my wife isn't home. She would just walk around with her big tits, nice ass and her skin tight clothing like she wanted to drive me crazy.

One time she was wearing shorts that were so short the bottom of her ass cheeks were hanging out. We played Wii tennis that day and whenever she jumped or moved quickly her tits and ass would jiggle. It made me so hard; I had a hard time hiding it. I ended up having to excuse myself to the bathroom so I could jerk off and relieve my sperm from within. It felt so good and did not take very long. Sarah was so innocent that she did not even know what she was doing to me.

But everything changed about two month ago. Sarah, who was twenty-one at the time, was home from college for a long weekend, and had to get out of her parents' house. My wife was not home at the time since she had plans to go shopping and get lunch with few of her friends. My wife told Sarah to just go to the house that I would be there. When I heard she was coming over I instantly got semi-hard, I couldn't help myself, I just started to fantasize what I would do to her.

When she arrived she was wearing her typical clothes, black yoga pants, and a v neck t shirt. Sarah came in and said she had to study. She went to the kitchen table and got out her books and I told her I would be down stairs watching TV in the family room.

I couldn't get her out of my head, just all the things I wanted to do to her, and the things I wanted to know about her. Is she still a virgin? Is she shaved? Hairy? Does her pussy taste sweet? Is she has innocent as she seem? Does she like to suck dick? What about anal? Maybe she likes pussy? If she has sex, does she use condoms?

After about 20 minute of studying, Sarah came down and said she needed a break. So we were watching TV together and there was a show on MTV about teens and sex, that usual stuff that’s on now. She was asking all these innocent questions, like are people really like that and have sex with anything that walks, and saying how stupid it sounds. I told her that some people are like that and we started to talk about it.

I finally got the courage to ask her if she ever had sex, or has hooked up with a guy. Sarah hesitated at first but said she has not. I figured that’s all she would say, but she just kept on talking, and saying how she isn't comfortable around any guy yet to do anything with. And she doesn’t let herself get into a situation where she could hook up with a guy because she didn't want to come across as a prude since she has never done anything before.

She said she was embarrassed about it. I was somewhat surprised; a twenty-one year old girl who looks this hot should be fucked everyday.

I told her it is nothing to be embarrassed about, everyone is different some people have sex when they are fourteen and other wait until they are married.

I said, “It is worth you waiting for someone to be comfortable enough with to give yourself to since it will be more enjoyable.”

Sarah then said, "It's not like there are guys that I don't feel comfortable around, it’s just that they are with my sister."

She looked at me with eyes of sadness.

I was so surprised.

I said, "uuhhh r-r-really?"

I couldn't talk I was so surprised.

"Yea, I just feel so comfortable around you, and I trust you would be easy with me and not force me to do anything I didn't want to do.”

I was getting hard at this point. I just sat there for a moment taking it all in.

I got up and moved next to here and started to rub her thigh and said, "If you really want to do this just to get you passed your first time, I would be more then honored to help you with that, that’s what I am here for."

"I want to are with my sister," she replied.

I slowly moved my hand towards her inner thigh and would just barely pass over her pussy, which I could feel was moist.

"I want to do this too, so let just do it, we don't have to tell anyone and it will get you over your fears"

When I finished speaking I started to play with her pussy through her pants, she started to moan and then finally just said "ok".

As I was playing with her I could feel her pussy get wetter. I helped her take off her shirt and bra with my other hand. Damn did her breast look so much better than I could ever imagine. They were perky, had great shape and had a slight tan. I started to suck on her nipples. Her breast were so soft and smooth.

My cock was throbbing at this point and it was hurting because my pants were restricting it from becoming completely hard. I unzipped my pants to let my cock out and grabbed Sarah's hand and put in on my cock and demonstrated how to jerk me off, it felt so good. Her hand was so soft.

She said, “wow, this thing is suppose to go inside of me? How painful is this going to be?”

Now I’m not huge, but I’m about seven inches long and thick. I told her it may hurt a little but it will feel so good. I also asked her if she ever done anything sexual with a guy before beside make out.

Sarah replied, "No, I have only played with myself and I think I had an orgasm."

"Well, by the time I am done with you, you will know what it's like," I said.

She giggled and got excited and started to moan more since I was playing with her pussy.

I couldn't take it anymore; I wanted to see what her pussy was like and see how it tastes. I told her to stand up and I pulled off her pants and thong to uncover the prefect pussy. It was cleanly shaven, just the right amount of pink, and was already wet. I leaned back and just stared at it for a moment.

She nervously asked, "Is something wrong?"

"No," I repled, “your pussy is just so amazing.”

She giggled a little. I had her put one of her legs over my shoulder so I could gain access to it. I slid my tongue into her wet warm pussy as far as I could. She let out a loud "ahh" in pleasure and started to rock her hip onto my face, pushing my tongue even further into her pussy. She tasted so good.

My cock was throbbing so badly but I had to control myself. I wanted her to experience the feeling of having an orgasm with a tongue inside her pussy. She also put her hands on the back of my head and forced my head deeper between her legs. I stopped licking her for a moment and looked up to see one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. She was looking down at me between her tits with this face that looked like she was getting close to cumming.

Her leg started to twitch and she was losing her balance. Since she was petite, I picked her up and put her down on the couch with her legs handing off the side. I had her spread her legs as far as possible, which was pretty far since she was an athlete and was flexible. It was almost like she was doing a split on my face. So I went back to eating her out and I could feel her muscle tensing up and I knew she was getting really close to cumming.

With one hand I played with her clit, my tongue was inside of her and with my other hand I slowly made my way to her anus. I just let her feel that my finger was there and not really penetrating anything.

She let out a loud "AAHHH", and then said, "that feels amazing".

I slid my finger into her ass, and within 2 seconds she yelled,


I felt the rush of her cum on my lips, hmmm it was so good.

She really seemed to enjoy me putting my finger in her ass. I took my finger out of her and I spread her pussy lips with my hands. I could see her cum dripping out of her and I started to lick it all up.

I stood up and leaned into her and gave her a long passionate kiss. I slid my tongue inside her mouth and she slid hers into my mine. Sarah tasted her sweet pussy for the first time. I stood up and asked her if she could taste her pussy. She responded with a smile and a, “mhmm.”

My cock was still sticking out of my pants, and she looked at me, and asked, “it’s your turn now, right?"

I nodded and I helped her to the end of couch so she can sit while she sucked my cock.

Sarah unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my pants and they fell to the ground. She looked at my cock and then looked at me and giggled with excitement.

She said, "I don't think I'll be able to get all that in my mouth."

I told her not to worry and that we will work on it. She put my cock into her mouth and just like the rest of her body, her lips were so soft. I just looked down to see my cock in my sister-in law’s mouth and could not believe what was happening.

At first she only put in two inches out of my seven inch cock into her mouth. I think she was a little scared and unsure of herself, but she wanted to try it. So she slowly just kept taking more and more of my cock into her mouth.

Once she put in about four inches she started to gag and choke on my cock. So she kept only putting 4 inches of my cock into her mouth as she bobbed her head on my cock until she was not gagging anymore. It felt so good.

Once she stopped gagging, she was able to take all seven inches of my cock in her mouth and down her throat. It felt so good to feel her throat on the head of my dick. Since I was so hard from before it only took a few minutes to get the feeling I was going to cum.

"I’m going to be coming soon. Where do you want me to cum?"

She took my dick out of her mouth and looked up at me and said "What does my sister do?"

“She swallows my cum."

Sarah just looked at me and said, "Ok I’ll do that".

I grabbed her head and started to rock my dick in and out of her mouth, it felt so good. I started to go faster and faster until I was fucking her face fast and hard. I could hear her gag on my cock which just made me go faster.

Within another few moments I exploded one rope of sperm inside her mouth and then another that she choked on and some came out of her mouth. And then one last strong rope of sperm shot out of my cock and into her mouth. She was able to swallow all of it. My dick was dripping cum onto her face and tits. I just love that. I told her to gather thecum that was on her face and tits and to swallow that as well, which she did.

I asked her if she liked it and she replied, "I really did, it was different, I could swallow your sperm anytime," and then she giggled a little.

I slid my cock back into her mouth so she could lick the rest of my cum off me and suck me dry.

I told Sarah to sit on the couch with her legs spread. I started to play with her pussy again to make sure it was wet and loose enough for me to put my cock in. I slid one finger into her pussy and she started to moan again. I told her I need to loosen her up a little before I try sliding my cock into her. I then slid 2 fingers into her and she moaned louder.

Once her pussy was loose enough for my 2 fingers to go in and out of her I stood up between her legs and lifted them into the air and I guided my dick into her pussy. It was so warm and wet and so tight. It was extra tight since she was a virgin. I never had sex with a virgin before so this was very new to me. It felt amazing, and I only had the tip of my dick in her because she was so tight. I could not imagine what it would feel like to have my whole dick in her.

I slowly would move my dick in and out of her to loosen her up and I would slowly get deeper and deeper until my whole dick was inside of her. She was moaning and twitching like crazy. Her pussy felt amazing as it swallowed my cock.

I asked her if she was okay.

Sarah replied, “It hurts but, it feels sooo good."

I just kept on sliding my hard cock in and out of her and I started to go faster and faster, and my balls started to slap her ass. She asked what was hitting her in her ass between her moans, and I told it was my balls.

She said, "That’s hot".

By now I was fucking her fast and her pussy was loose enough for my cock. I started to fuck her harder and harder. Her tits were bouncing around and almost hitting her in her face. I grabbed on to them and started to suck on them one at a time.

I then thought to myself, I wondering if she knows I’m fucking her raw, or if she even cares that I don't have a condom on. I knew she was on birth control so I did not care if I came inside of her. I wanted to cum inside of her. There is nothing sexier then shooting your cum insides a girl's pussy.

After a few minutes of fucking her on her back, I had her stand up and turn around. I bent her over the couch and entered her from behind. I grabbed her hips and started to move her back and forth on my cock, and she was moaning once again.

Sarah said, "mhm I think I like this better".

I then slid my right hand in front of her and started to play with her clit. This drove her wild and she started to bounce harder on my cock. I felt her body start to get tense and twitch a little, I knew she was close to cumming again, and so was I.

I started to fucker her harder and faster. I was fucking her so hard she couldn't support herself anymore, so she had to turn her head to one side and support herself with her shoulder on the back of the couch. It actually looked really hot because she was looking at me with one eye and I could see the faces she was making while my cock was in her pussy. Then all of a sudden I felt a rush of wetness on my cock and she pushed hard back into me so my cock was deep in her. Sarah came all over my dick and within a minute I shot my cum deep into her pussy. There was so much of our cum that it was dripping out of her pussy and on to me.

I left my cock inside of her pussy as we both regained our breath. Then she said, "I can't believe I waited this long, this was amazing.”

I slowly rocked my cock in and out of her to milk the rest of my cum out of my cock and into her pussy.

I said, "I know I wish we did this a long time ago, imagine all the times we could have done this."

"Mmm, I loved how I could feel you cum inside of me, it was such a rush."

I slowly took my cock soaked in her cum, out of her pussy and we slowly got dressed. I still could not believe that I just fucked my young hot sister in law. It was a dream I had for a few years. Once we were dressed we sat back down on the couch.

Sarah said, "You know, my sister has to go out more often this summer so we can do this whenever we want.”

“ I agree this was great,” I replied, “we just can’t tell anyone about it.”

“I won’t. It will be hard not to tell though. It was so good,” she said laughing.

My wife came home shortly after that and we acted normal.

To this day no one knows about what happened between Sarah and I. Every now and then we get to relive our experience from that day. However, her pussy is no longer as tight since she has been having sex with quite a few other guys, but she does say I am the only guy she does not make use a condom.

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