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The Best Sister-in-Law part 2

True experience with my hot sister-in-law

This is another hot experience I had with my sister-in-law a few days ago. We have had sex a few times since our first time. Those times were few and far in between and not as hot as the first time or this.

It was in the middle of the week and we were expecting heavy snow in my area. I had the capabilities to work from home so I did, my wife on the other hand does not and she had to go into the office. Usually when I work from home I don't get much work done, just a lot of watching TV or porn and taking care of myself. Well, today was no different, I was watching TV and my phone buzzed, my wife sent me a text:

"Sara is leaving work early going to come to our house so she doesn't have to drive all the way home in the snow, she’ll be there soon."

"K, no problem," I responded.

"They are making us work the full day as of right now so I don't know when I'll be home," my wife went on to message me.

"Aw man I'm sorry :( well be safe I'll be here waiting," I sent back.

At this point Sara and I have not had been alone like this for close to a year. It has also been at least 6 months since the last time we hooked up so I wasn't sure what to expect but I didn't want to get my hopes up. So I just went on watching TV.

I heard the door open and Sara yell, "Hello?"

"Down here," I yelled back.

I heard her take off her jacket and boots and then her coming down the stairs to the family room. I glanced over to the bottom of the stairs when I heard her get close. I instantly got semi hard, Sara still had the same amazing body and was wearing skin tight jeans with a v-neck sweater that showed just a little peak of her cleavage. As she walked over to me I could see her titties bounce with every step. We exchanged greetings and she walked up right and front of me and straddled me while I sat on the couch. She said;

"I have been waiting for us to be alone like this," as she pulled off her sweater and pushed her boobs together and put them in my face.

I did what came natural to me, I unhooked her bra and took out her breast. I grab her left breast one with my right hand and started to suck on her nipple, she moaned softly. I then took my left hand and grabbed her ass. I was so hard by this point, I couldn't believe we have all day to do whatever we wanted.

Sara said, "I have been thinking about this all day.....feel," as she grabbed my right hand and brought it to her crouch.

I could feel the wetness of her pussy through her panties and her jeans. I gave her a great big smile and I picked her up and laid her down on the couch with her legs hanging off the end. I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them off, I got down on my knees and spread her legs. I didn't want to waste anymore time so I just pushed her panties to the side instead of taking them off and I slid my eager tongue into her sweet wet pussy. It tasted so good, she was so wet and I had my tongue so deep into her that her pussy juices where all over my face.

Sara was moaning louder and louder, and said, "I was playing with myself on the way here, I am so close to cumming."

I took my left hand and started to play with her nipple and I took my right hand and spread her pussy lips and started to play with her clit. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter and she grabbed the back of my head and started to grind her pussy against my face. Suddenly I felt this rush of wetness in my mouth and heard Sara let out a loud sigh. I looked up to her and saw her beautiful face between her tits looking back down at me smiling as I continued to suck her cum out of her pussy.

I was so hard I just wanted to fuck her pussy, but I knew I wouldn't be able to stick my dick in her right after she cam, it would be too sensitive. I stood up with my hard cock being restricted by my sweat pants. She sat up on the couch and pulled down my pants and wrapped my dick in her huge tits. I started to rock my hips to make my cock move between her tits and as I thrusted forward she would put her head down and open her mouth and let the head of my dick entire her mouth. It was so hot and such a tease, I just wanted my dick down her throat.

After about two minutes of this I couldn't take it, I took my dick out from between her tits and grabbed the back of her head and slowly forced my cock down her throat. I could feel my the head of my cock hit the back of her throat and she gagged a little. Sara kept taking more and more of my cock until it went down her throat. I could see her throat get thick while my cock was down it. It felt so good but I wanted her pussy.

I backed away from her and pushed her softly to lay back down on the couch. I leaned into her and my cock slide easily into her pussy since her it so already soaking wet and my cock was covered in her saliva. I then wrapped my arms around her and stood up and I sat back down on the couch. Sara started to bounce on my cock and her tits were bouncing up and down, it was so hot.

She would bounce on me really fast and hard and then would go really really slow, I hated this but loved it at the same time. I just wanted to shoot my load of cum into her but I also wanted to make it last as long as possible. When she would go slow she would lean into me and I would suck and slightly nibble on her nipple. After five or six minutes of her doing this I couldn't take it, I again picked her up while I was still inside her and laid her back down on the couch.

I looked at Sara and said, "Thats it! Now I'm going to fuck you hard."

Sara just giggled and said, "Go ahead!"

I started to fuck her pussy fast and hard, you could hear my balls slap Sara in the ass and she lets out a loud yell in pleasure. Sara's tits were hitting her in the face ever time I rammed my cock into her pussy. Her pussy was so wet it was easy for me to fuck her hard. I was pounding her as hard as I could, I could feel myself get winded and start to sweat. I felt myself coming close to cumming but I didn't want this to end. I slowed down and I would take my cock all the way out of her and I would slowly slide it all the way into her. The first time I did this I watched Sara closely and as my cock got deeper and deeper into her I could see the pleasure on her face as she began to moan. Then I looked down and watched my dick slide into her pink wet pussy, it so hot.

I couldn't take it, I needed to cum. I started to fuck her pussy fast and hard as I could. I was about to cum and since I was fucking her so violently my cock slide out of her pussy at the exact moment I shot a load of my cum. I quickly grabbed my cock and put it back into her pussy and shot another large load into her body.

I started to slowly move my cock in and out of Sara and I looked down at her body, my cum was around her belly button and was between her tits and some even was on the side of her face. This was the first time I have covered her with my cum, she look so hot. As I continued slowing rocking in and out of her I was catching my breath and Sara was giggling as she took her hands and started to rub my cum over her skin. She then took the cum that was on the side of her face and slide it into her month.

She gave me a great smile and said, "I want more."

And she pushed me back and my dick out of her and she sat up on the on the end of the couch. She took her left hand and rubbed her pussy for a few moments and lift it up to her face and showed me how much of my cum was coming out of her and she then licked her hand. Then she grabbed my cock down at the base and started to jerk me off slowly. More cum started to come out of the tip of my dick and she stuck out her tongue and licked up my cum. I never knew she liked cum this much, it was so hot. Then she slid my cock into her mouth and got even more cum out of my dick. My dick was still so hard and I just wanted to cum again. I asked her;

"Wanna go again?"

"Yes sir!" she said as she leaned back and spread her legs.

I leaned into her and slide my cum covered cock back into her pussy. I then grabbed her left leg and moved it over to the right to make her body in the shape of and L and every time I rammed my dick into her I could see her ass cheeks shake. Sara then reached one of her hand down between her legs and I could feel it on my cock as I was going into her.

Sara said, "Feeling your cock going into my body is so hot, it’s going to make me cum!"

She started to play with her clit at the same time and started to let out loud moans, and I could tell she was getting close to cumming. Sara told me to fuck her hard, I was fucking her as hard as I could. Then Sara let out a loud scream and I could feel a rush of wetness on my cock, she cam for a second time and I slowed down and she asked me to take my cock out because her pussy hurt so bad from me fucking it so hard. I apologized but she said she was more upset that I didn't cum again.

She then told me to stick my dick in her ass. With her body still in the L shape, I spread her ass cheek and slowly started to slide my dick into her ass. My dick was so wet with her and my cum that we didn't need to use any lube. I got the head of my dick in her ass pretty easily and I just had to slowly slide my dick in and out. She slowly started to loosen up. 

I had about quarter of my dick in her when she grabbed me at my hips and pulled me deeper into her ass. I had about three quarters of my dick into her ass and it felt so good, it was so tight. I kept going deeper and deeper into her until I finally shot another large load of cum into her ass. We both stayed still for a few moments with my cock still in her ass as we both caught our breaths.

"Well this was fun," Sara said with a giggle, "we have to have time by ourselves like this more often."

I was still catching my breath and all I could do was nod in agreement and smile. I took my dick out of her ass of her and we slowly got dressed.

About an hour later my wife came home. We were all hangout and sitting on the couch where I just fucked my wife's sister. It was funny as Sara kept excusing herself to go to the bathroom to wipe up my cum that was coming out of her ass and pussy she later told me. This is the hottest encounter I have had with my sister-in-law since the first time we fucked.

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