The Blue Room

By Dancing_Doll

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Megan and Shane's relationship takes an intense turn on the dance floor...
“I thought we’d shake things up a little.”

Megan watched her boyfriend produce the unassuming white letter-length envelope and lay it on the black laminate bar, nudging it her way. She watched his face for a telltale sign but his only response was to grin back at her and wink.

“What is this?” she asked coyly, a slow smile spreading across her face.

It had been five years to the date since they’d first met and while she’d been hoping for a small blue box from Tiffany’s with the clear-cut solitaire that she’d been eyeing for months, this clearly wasn’t it. And yet something in her stirred with excitement as her imagination took flight to other possibilities. Plane tickets, that was her immediate guess, and she thought of sun-drenched beaches or a romantic getaway to some broody European city where they’d sip wine on a warm balmy night and listen to Spanish guitar.

“I think you need to open the envelope,” he said, obviously as eager as she was.

Megan’s hands worked quickly, feeling giddy from the martinis they’d been enjoying and she prepared an obligatory ‘oh, you shouldn’t have’ expression. She felt very certain that on this precipitous occasion, he’d probably splurged on something grand.

When the tickets were finally in her hand, she read them and blinked twice, looking up at him with baffled eyes. She turned them over, seeking some inclination that this was a ruse designed to confuse her and prepare her for an even bigger surprise. But there was nothing else. Nothing but those two unassuming tickets to the last place on earth she wanted to be that night.

“Well?” he laughed. “Surprised?”

“Uhm, yeah, I guess you could say that,” Megan said finally. She looked up at him and frowned. “Tickets to a rave, Shane? Really?

She was inwardly aghast at how genuinely shocked he appeared to be by her lack of enthusiasm. Didn’t he know her at all by now?

“This is the exact party where we first met, five years ago tonight, Meg,” he said, trying to encourage some excitement. When she just stared back at him flatly, obviously not amused, he leaned against the bar, shaking his head. “You’re not very sentimental, I guess. I thought you’d be excited to get out and have some fun for a change.”

She rolled her eyes. “For a change? I thought we were having fun.”

Shane shrugged and looked down the long bar that they were standing at in the upscale boutique lounge, watching other similarly bored, disinterested couples trying to make crippling small talk with overpriced martinis in hand. The watered down ambient music seemed like a perfect backdrop to the murmur of nondescript conversations surrounding them. He felt the weight of it, as he usually did on their Saturday nights. Everything was so predictable. It was like watching a familiar reel playing over and over again, soothing after a long week of hectic work schedules and yet never offering any challenge or unexpected momentum. His heavy sigh was meant to convey more than the words he spoke.

“Don’t you ever get tired of being like this?”

Megan became unsettled by his tone, looking around them for a clue as how to respond. All she saw were swanky upscale urban couples like themselves and a mix of singles having drinks and enjoying the chill vibe of one of her favorite bars. Her gaze drifted toward the party tickets sitting between them and she remembered back to the night they’d first met at the electronic dance music festival. It was an annual industry event every labour day weekend that showcased an impressive line up of international DJs at a sprawling club complex in the city.

She’d barely been 22 years old back then, in low slung jeans with a tiny scrap of green silk tied like a scarf over her perky breasts, glow-sticks in hand on a riser, her long blonde hair clinging to her sticky sweaty skin. There, she’d danced to the deep techno house music beats of Benny Benassi that seemed to rise like a low pounding from her core and up and out through every limb. She’d felt alive; alive with the promise of youth; alive with the inherent freedom of the moment; and alive with the possibilities the night had yet to reveal. And there he’d been through the thick crowd of partygoers, staring up at her lithesome tight body, giving her a private audience of complete and utter focus and infatuation. And lust. There’d been that too.

Later, they’d merged into one hot coil of intensity on the dance floor. His hands had been everywhere, his mouth tasting her sweaty skin, the touch of his teasing fingers on her hips, sliding along the curve of her back and down into the low waistband of her jeans. They’d gone back to his loft and fucked for days on end, in his bed, on the floor, and under the hot spray of his shower, awakening everything vital and urgent within them that had made them feel like pure sexual beings. They’d bonded during those days of take-out delivery, sketched out and lounging, recovering from that night and getting to know each other in all the important intimate ways, both physically and emotionally. The connection had been undeniable.

And now, five years later, Megan felt distinctly uncomfortable. That same sweaty party of more than 10,000 strangers felt an old worn memory from a place they’d left deep in the past. They were a couple now and while they were both barely into their late twenties, she felt like her mind had moved onto other more important things.

They’d grown up after all, hadn’t they?

She watched Shane’s eyes as he glanced back at her, and saw a smear of defeat. He was disappointed in her. In them. The silence between them began to feel stagnant, like water that was no longer running freely between them. While a sense of predictability and boredom had slowly been creeping into their relationship, Megan felt it very tangibly for the first time that night. He wanted this, she realized, to return to the place of their beginning. She felt her resolve starting to weaken despite everything within her that wanted to fight against what those tickets represented.

“Well,” she said finally, sensing the obvious standoff between them. “Since you already got the tickets, I guess we can check it out for a bit.”

He smiled at her. “Are you sure?”

She shrugged. “Why not,” she said amiably. “Maybe things have gotten a little stale. We could probably use a little adventure.”

Earlier that night, Shane had surprised her with a new outfit to wear as part of their anniversary dinner plans and she realized now there had been ulterior motives to his choice. She’d originally been uncertain about the shiny white miniskirt and strappy tank top. It was far too revealing and bordering on slutty on its own, but there had been an expensive luxe knit semi-sheer sweater in the gift box as well and paired with her gladiator stilettos she’d looked upscale and chic at the lounge bar. Now it was obvious that they’d be checking her sweater and his blazer at the door, merging back into the same people that used to go out practically every weekend to trendy clubs and after hours parties, dancing until dawn with remnants of party-candy melting on their tongues.

Megan’s reluctance was palpable and yet she found herself shivering with anticipation as their taxi neared the club complex just after 1am. Even from the confines of the vehicle, she could hear the distant yet audible pounding of music as she saw the lights and activity of the scantily dressed crowd come into view. It was a kaleidoscope of images, long hair and glimpses of bare legs on the girls and fitted t-shirts over tanned muscle on the larger packs of guys. They flooded the street in front of the club entrance, winding a lineup to get in that seemed to go on for miles.

“Ugh, I don’t miss this at all,” she said, already feeling annoyed at the prospect of having to wait with the rest of the masses.

“Don’t worry, babe. I’ve got it all set up. We’re going VIP all the way tonight.”

“Oh yeah? I didn’t know you kept in contact with those types still.”

He laughed and grabbed her hand. “Maybe I like the idea of still being able to surprise you,” he teased, leading her past the impatient people waiting in line.

Shane confidently strode towards the shorter VIP line at the side entrance door. The hulking bouncer nodded at him, clearly familiar with the arrangement and waved them forward. Megan paused for a moment as Shane spoke to him and she took one last look toward the city, an indigo silhouette against the backdrop of night sky and water. The past was ready to absorb them again, and in moments, the mammoth entertainment club complex had pulled them into an abyss of darkness where anything seemed possible.

As Shane handed over tickets and checked their things, Megan started to feel the first stirrings of excitement as her eyes strained to adjust to the lack of light. The music flooded her ears and she could feel the vibrations through her feet, reverberating through her legs and up into her core, settling in rhythm with her heart rate. She clung to Shane’s hand as they merged into the already sticky mass of people on the dance floor, shoulder-to-shoulder, all turned toward the DJ booth where Avicii was spinning his remix of Armin van Buuren’s Drowning.

Strobe lights lit the seemingly endless expanse of space as thousands of hands pushed through the colored laser beams. Huge blasts of cool air shot out from the upper level like a dragon breathing. The building itself seemed alive, inviting those it had swallowed into its primal lair to play. Megan felt the natural humidity of the club mixed with the body heat of the crowd immediately and her tank top quickly clung to her like a second skin, the back of her neck sticky and warm in just minutes. She swore several times as people bumped into her, almost knocking her off balance if she hadn’t been holding tight to his hand. Shane maneuvered them through the crowd toward the stairwell with a sense of purpose and Megan used him as a shield, happily submitting to his choice of direction and staying close behind him.

It was that familiar funhouse environment that used to feel like a second home to her and as they began their ascent up to The Blue Room, Megan started to relax and take in the scene, feeling an unexpected rush of nostalgia. The upper VIP lounge was considerably darker and less crowded than the main floor, lit mainly by LED lights in shades of blue that gave it an otherworldly kind of vibe. Megan had only been in there once before when she’d come to the club with a bartender friend that had gotten them VIP access to the lounge. Now she waited behind Shane’s tall form, pressing up against his back, feeling his skin hot and damp beneath his shirt.

“Almost there, baby,” he promised her, leaning in and leaving a playful kiss on her neck.

She saw a tall well-built guy with short, spiky dark hair and a bit of stubble on his smooth tanned skin moving towards them. He wore dark jeans and fitted black shirt with tattoo skull designs across the back. He was all hard lean muscle and he cut an imposing figure on the floor. In the darkness she could see that his eyes were bright green and they contrasted with his otherwise more exotic features, giving him a slightly devilish appearance that was unsettling. When he saw Shane, however, his face broke into an easy grin.

“Hey Bro!”

They patted each other on the back and Shane leaned in to talk to him in a lowered voice. Megan waited patiently beside him, unable to hear the conversation, but she noticed those green eyes on her, appraising her long bare legs and glimpse of taut belly as her skirt began to ride lower on her hips because of the humidity in the air. God, he was bad news, she decided immediately, although she did feel a little thrill at the way his eyes raked over her. Clearly Shane couldn’t see his predatory stare from the way the two men were positioned and she just looked away, a smile on her lips. With the distinct air of prospective hookups and sex, these parties had never been a particularly couples-friendly environment. How ironic that they were there again, five years later, to test the waters of temptation.

Finally Shane stood back and drew her into the conversation. “Hey, this is Zach,” he shouted over the music. “He’s a club promoter. He’s going to hook us up for the night!”

Zach smiled at her and she caught an air of flirtatious energy from him, but it seemed imbued in his personality more than intentional. It was probably what made him a successful events promoter, she decided. He had a certain virile charm that seemed like a drug on it’s own, magnetic and intriguing, even to someone like Megan who had always been a deeply committed and respectful girlfriend.

Zach unclipped the metal link chain at the entrance to the room and they slipped inside before he put the symbolic divider back in place and patted the back of the bouncer that was guarding the entrance. Megan liked the idea of an exclusive corner of the club, away from the masses and her eyes scanned the upper luxe lounge appreciatively as soon as they’d entered The Blue Room. It seemed to have it’s own kind of cool vibe compared to the rest of the complex. There weren’t any club kids or techno-ravers in the crowd, it was all beautiful people, enjoying their own private rush while Deko-ze was spinning in the darker corner of the room, focused on his turn-tables as he spun deep, hard house music tracks. Megan easily acclimated to the scene as Zach walked them up to the bar, making casual small talk.

“I heard you were reluctant to come tonight,” he said to her.

She felt herself blush. “Yeah, don't get me wrong, I love to party, especially at an EDM event like this, but it’s just such a commitment with the recovery down time after these things.”

He laughed. “Don’t worry, I’m going to hook you up good tonight. Besides, it’s different up in VIP. You’ve got space to dance, space to chill, and some guaranteed good times ahead.”

“Well, I guess it's a good thing I got talked into it then,” she said with a wry smile.

He leaned into her with a conspiratorial grin. “Fuck this getting talked into shit,” he said into her ear. “Make your own choices, Blondie. Live by your own rules. All that matters is what you think. I mean who says what’s really right or wrong. If you wanna do it, do it. If you wanna take it, take it.”

His words seemed leaden with hidden meaning, but Megan shrugged it off, nodding agreeably. Shane offered her a welcome escape from the conversation as he handed her a vodka redbull from the bar, and put his arm around her waist.

“I’ve got to depart, my friends,” Zach said, eyeing the lineup forming at the door. “But have fun and enjoy. The night is yours. Anything you need, you know who to come to.” He pressed a small pill into each of their palms, playfully grabbing Megan’s hand and leaving a kiss on the back of her knuckles as he did this. “I’ll catch you later, Blondie,” he whispered into her ear. He smiled at both of them and disappeared into the darker recesses of the room, going back to attending to the crowd near the entrance that were pressing to find inventive last-minute ways to get in and escape the furnace of heat on the main floor.

Megan turned her attention to the pill nestled ominously in her palm.

“So, what are they?” she asked Shane.

“Pure MDMA capsules,” he shouted over the music. “Don’t worry, Zach only gets the best.”

She nodded, feeling her legs starting to tingle at the prospect. They hadn’t partied in a long time. The first year of their relationship had been a wild ride but they’d settled into a quieter pace very quickly after that. No more crazy times or little party pills. No more Saturday nights that lasted until dawn. There was just the warm safe space of commitment and monotony. Megan smiled to herself, realizing that while she’d been thinking of monogamy, the wrong word had come to her mind. The play on words lingered in her thoughts. She started contemplating the idea that she missed this. Not the scene or the party, but the idea of the unexpected.

“Ready to drop?” he whispered into her ear.

She smiled back at him. “Ready!”

They both swallowed the capsules in their hand, eager for a trip down the rabbit hole. As they waited for the high to kick in they found a secluded booth in the corner of the room, just off the main dance floor and settled in to do some people watching. Shane put an arm around her and she leaned into his chest, letting her eyes explore their private playground for the night.

The room was filled with deep blue shadows, fit bodies moving in the darkness, occasionally lit with a neon flash or the fluorescent hue of a short white skirt or top that stood out under the UV lights on the dance floor. Megan’s tank top clung to her in the humidity of the club and her nipples began to poke through the damp fabric. Her breasts were perky but she hadn’t been expecting to take the first layer off and now she felt more exposed. It gave her a little thrill, feeling the heat getting in under her skin, making her feel flushed and extremely aware of her body. Shane’s hand was on her thigh, stroking back and forth and seemingly innocently pushing her skirt up higher and higher on her leg.

“If you move that up any higher…” she warned him teasingly.

He let out a low laugh. “I like you looking a little slutty sometimes. You should dress like this more often.”

“Is that why you chose this outfit?”

He shrugged. “Maybe. I like seeing the way guys respond to you. It’s kind of a turn on knowing what they’re thinking.”

“Oh? And you know that they’re thinking?”

“I’m a guy, sure,” he said before leaning into her, his lips against her ear. “They’re thinking that they want to bend you over and fuck that tight little pussy of yours and feel it drool around their cock while they slide a finger into your ass, feeling it clench with every long, deep thrust…”

Shane’s lips near her neck, his hard body contoured against hers combined with the dirty descriptions he’d just whispered into her ear had Megan breathing faster.

“You want guys to be thinking things like that about me?” she asked uncertainly.

“Maybe,” he teased.

“You’re not jealous?”

“They’re just thoughts. Why… you’ve never have thoughts like that about me?”

Megan considered the reverse scenario for a moment. She had always had a distinct jealous streak in her going back to the beginning of their relationship. Her friends had teased her about committing to a guy that was as hot as Shane was because he seemed to draw female attention very easily, something that occasionally unnerved her. While certain men had certain things about them that made them better looking or more appealing, Shane had the kind of features and physique that appealed to all women, making him universally desirable. He was every girl’s type, and his outgoing, flirtatious nature didn’t help Megan feel very secure. Not that he’d ever given her any real reason to doubt him, but she’d always felt a kind of anxiety over other girls’ aggressive tactics possibly proving to be too much temptation for even the most outwardly committed of men.

She’d had a tendency to date more conservative college guy types in her previous relationships so the last five years had offered new challenges and Megan had been surprisingly territorial despite her efforts to always play things off as the ‘cool girlfriend.’ While she had made it a policy not to restrict him or make him realize just how unnerved she could be when a strange girl began to focus on him with obvious sexual interest, it didn’t change the fact that it still affected her.

She turned to him now in the darkness, seeing the smooth damp skin of his profile as his eyes swept the room, lingering occasionally on the silhouette of the obviously sexier party girls. Relax, Megan, she reminded herself. Let him look. Who cares. It doesn’t mean anything. We’re all high, we’re all hot, we’re all here for the same reason. Don’t be that girl.

She took a deep breath. “I know what girls probably think when they look at you,” she said finally, nudging him playfully, trying to lighten the conversation. “And it doesn’t bother me in the least.”

“No?” he said with a grin, clearly not buying her attempts to appear confident.

She shook her head, partly trying to convince herself as well. “They can fantasize about you all they want. Because I know you wouldn’t do anything.” She paused, realizing that his attention was again distracted by a group of girls provocatively dancing together on the floor, their hips bumping against each other as they moved.


He laughed, squeezing her thigh again. “Not unless you want me to.”

She knew he was kidding around with her, but it still settled into the back of her thoughts uncomfortably.

She took another sip of her drink, feeling the ice dripping around her warm hands, leaving droplets on her thighs that added to the light sheen of sweat on her skin. Her heart rate pounded in rhythm to the dark dirty beats and she felt that familiar light-headed feeling begin to rush through her in waves. It seemed to radiate out into her limbs, making all her anxieties disappear, and flooding her with that inexplicable sense of well-being and sensory pleasure. The touch of Shane’s hands on her wet thighs felt intense and electric and she tilted her head back looking upward at the dark industrial ceiling as she felt her body begin to respond to the music in a different way.

Fuck. She had missed this. It had been too long.

She let Shane pull her to her feet, knowing he was feeling the rush as well, and they joined the pack of people on the dance floor. The music crashed into them, igniting all their senses and her body felt almost weightless, possessed by the blissful euphoria of feeling alive, her sexuality coming into instant awareness. She moved against Shane, half-closing her eyes and breathing deeply. This was liquid; this was love. What had she been so afraid of?

Several hours surged forward in what seemed like just a few minutes. They danced, they talked to other rapturous partygoers, they moved their hands over each other’s skin, reconnecting. She felt him cupping her bare apple bottom under her short white skirt that was riding dangerously low over her hips, a sheen of sweat over her taut tanned belly that dampened his shirt as she pressed against him.

As the night continued, Megan momentarily lost sight of Shane after returning from the bathroom and she moved towards the bar to get another bottle of cold water. She ran it over her damp neck and over her breasts, feeling her nipples rise up hard despite the heat. Fuck yeah, she thought, everything feels so good.

Megan stayed along the fringes of the main floor, happily dancing alone for a while before she caught a glimpse of herself in the long mirrored wall near the back booth. Her eyes followed the dark silhouette of her tight body under the blue lighting, the delicate curve of her sweaty back, her tanned shoulders and the way the dampness shone off her collarbone. Her long blonde hair had been pulled up into a messy ponytail to alleviate the heat, and she felt sexy and uninhibited. Enjoying the rush of her euphoric state, she’d hardly noticed the reflection in the mirror behind her. She refocused her eyes and realized that the good looking guy getting all the attention behind her was Shane.

Two girls were talking to him, giggling, standing close together, trying to entice him to dance. Megan felt the first stirrings of conflict within her. Her usual response would have been to turn and immediately move towards them, wanting to insert herself into the conversation and stake claim on her territory, but something about the scene made her pause. She continued moving to the music, keeping her back to them as she watched the reflection in the mirror.

Her pulse quickened as she saw Shane lean in to the exotic brunette and whisper something in her ear that made her laugh. Her hand was on his forearm and she sensed she was paying him a compliment because the girl ran her hand over his shoulder and then playfully pushed up his t-shirt, exaggerating her appreciative response to his cut abs. He shook his head as though under mock protest. Megan felt disassociated in a way, watching the flirtatious interaction, again surprising herself by not intercepting. A dull throb had begun in her pussy, a mixture of jealousy and titillation as she continued observing them.

The brunette was definitely sexy. It was too dark to clearly make out her features, but it was obvious that she was what any guy would consider a ‘hot girl’. Her long dark hair spilled down her back and she had the kind of curvy body that Megan often envied. The girl was softer, with larger, full breasts and rounder hips and a surprisingly tiny waist that she was showing off in black pleated schoolgirl style miniskirt and graffiti print tank top that left her belly exposed. This was the kind of girl to typically get Megan’s insecurities running wild, and yet she made no obvious movements, still caught up in the scene and secretly wondering how far Shane would let things go. The mirror seemed like a portal to some of her worst relationship anxieties and yet she couldn’t deny that she was strangely turned on by watching them.

The other girl became distracted by someone in the crowd and the rest of the background began to fade from her focus into a blur of moving bodies as the brunette began dancing closer to Shane. He didn’t seem in a hurry to move away or point Megan out as his girlfriend, which seemed out of character for him. Megan wondered if he was too high to fully realize what was happening. Maybe he thought the same of her and sensed an illicit opportunity. The throbbing in her core continued, a heady combination of jealousy and arousal. She was uncertain as how to respond.

When the club-girl offered Shane her back, she tilted her head over his shoulder, teasing him by pushing against him so that her ass brushed against his cock. Megan drew in her breath sharply. When he took hold of her hips in both hands and moved teasingly against her, he turned toward the mirror and caught Megan’s eye, obviously aware that he was being watched. Megan waited for his shocked reaction and for him to change the course of his actions, but instead, he did none of those things. Even in the darkness, Megan caught his challenging smile. He winked at her.

The dull thud of her pulse began to pound in her ears like a symphonic surge with the music and before she could contemplate her thoughts or calculate a response, she realized she was walking away from the scene, pushing past sweaty dancing bodies, reactive in the only way she knew how. As a fight or flight response, her first instinct was to escape.

Fuck him, she thought to herself angrily.

Moving through the resistant crowd, she was almost near the girl’s bathrooms when she collided with a hard body that had stepped directly into her path.

“Hey, where are you running off to, Blondie?”

Megan's lower lip was in a full pout and she was ready to deliver an infuriated response to the stranger that had intercepted her and clearly wasn't intending on letting her get away. She looked up into a pair of bright green eyes watching hers intently, and realized very quickly that it was the club promoter she’d met earlier, Zach.

She didn’t know what to say, so instead Megan blurted out the first words that came into her head. “Your buddy is a douchebag.”

He laughed heartily. “Who? Shane? Your boyfriend?”

Megan rolled her eyes. “Oh, I’m pretty sure at the moment he’s forgotten that he’s my boyfriend.”

She pointed back to the dance floor and Zach followed her gaze as they both saw Shane shamelessly dancing with the brunette, her ass grinding into his crotch as she leaned back against him. The girl's arm was raised and hooked around his neck, her eyes half-closed, clearly enjoying the moment. He was enjoying the moment too. There was no doubt about that.

Zach let out a low whistle. “Your man’s having a little too much fun, hey? Sorry, maybe those pills were a little stronger than he’s used to.”

“I took the same pill. That’s a lame excuse,” Megan said with a bitter laugh.

“Oh yeah, and how are you feeling then? You don’t have any overwhelming desire to play with a stranger?”

Megan paused for a moment.

“Come on,” he said, taking her hand. “You don’t want to let him have all the fun, do you?”

He led her back into the thick of the dance floor, toward the darkened corner she’d just run from, adjacent to the long mirrored wall. Her delayed reaction had left her little choice in the matter but to follow where he led her. His firm grip acting like a vise on her small diminutive hand, not giving her any other options.

Despite her instinctive anger towards Shane’s actions, an unexpected thrill ran through her when Zach pulled her body roughly up against his. She hesitated looking in Shane’s direction, suddenly feeling overwhelmed. All she could concentrate on was Zach’s hard unyielding form as he pulled the small of her back toward him, forcing her damp sweaty body to contour against his muscular chest. This was a no-nonsense kind of guy, she thought to herself, and decided not to fight the moment. Given Shane’s behaviour, she couldn’t really think of any reason to resist either. She let herself lean into him, inhaling the light spicy scent of his cologne on the damp skin of his neck, before letting her eyes flicker uncertainly toward the couple in the shadows, still on the fringes of the dance floor.

She noticed Shane’s head turn their way and Megan looked back at him defiantly as their eyes met. She was prepared to see his shock and outrage, and anticipated him pushing the brunette aside to definitively cut across the space between them to reclaim his girlfriend and set things right. His eyes narrowed briefly and she caught an undeniable sense of arousal from him that had nothing to do with the girl that was grinding against him. He was contemplating her, his little doll of a girlfriend in the grips of someone else, just as she was contemplating him.

The music was pounding in her ears, and the throbbing in her pussy was undeniable when she saw him distinctly mouth the words she wasn’t expecting. I love you. And then he smiled again, his eyes urging her on. There was something raw and primal between them, despite the space separating their bodies, that was pulling them into a darker kind of place that their relationship had yet to explore. The boundaries began to melt away and Megan’s pulse quickened, her mind quickly processing everything that was happening. The unexpected possibilities began to perversely intrigue her and she found herself willfully submitting to the adventure. She smiled back at Shane, challenging him rather than reassuring him, and she raised an eyebrow teasingly. It was an invitation to play a game and he grinned back in mute acceptance of the terms. ‘Let’s see what you’ve got,’ his eyes seemed to communicate.

Zach’s hand against her sweaty back continued pressing her into him and as it dipped lower she could feel her white miniskirt sliding lower on her hips, gliding along her damp skin until his finger grazed the cleft of her ass. Megan knew the scene was reflecting back at Shane through the mirror and she began to move against him in rhythm to the beats, nudging his finger further down the band of her skirt. His finger hooked into the cleavage of her buttocks as his lips found her neck. She felt the warmth of his mouth sucking her skin, his tongue undulating over the curve of her collar bone as his hand roughly pulled her against his pelvis. Megan noticed the distinct bulge in his jeans pushing against her hip and a responsive kind throbbing began in her pussy. She began to grind against his hard-on, the fabric of her skirt starting to ride up on her thighs, even as the band of the mini hung precariously off her hips.

She glanced over his shoulder toward Shane, trying to catch her breath, almost in disbelief that she was acting this way in his presence. She had never even flirted with another man in front of him and now his eyes watched her hungrily, obviously turned on by her shameless display. A wry little smile was on his lips as his hands moved around the sexy brunette’s body, one hand sliding over her stomach and up towards the curves of her lower breasts. His hand stayed there, rubbing, allowing for a quick daring fondle, while his other hand moved temptingly in the direction of her little black kilt. He let his palm squeeze the triangle of her pussy through the fabric before diverting to a more innocent course, letting it ride along her tanned thigh before disappearing behind her and between their bodies. Megan watched breathlessly, her heart pounding. Very quickly he’d upped the ante. She saw the girl’s unexpected smile of pleasure and it was obvious that he was exploring her intimately as she moved against him.

The other dancers on the floor were rushing on their own individual high, lost in the dark beats and they seemed either oblivious or unconcerned about what was happening. They didn’t care, but did she? Megan’s shallow breathing continued, half caught between watching Shane fingering this sexy little stranger and her own growing desires as Zach’s hard-on throbbed against her.

Still keeping her gaze on Shane, she leaned into Zach’s ear. “Put your fingers inside me,” she urged him.

“Mmm… you sure, Blondie? You want your boyfriend to watch that?”

She nodded confidently. “Uh huh… yeah, I want him to see everything.”

Zach needed no further coaxing and he unhooked his fingers from the band of her skirt and slid them down over her thighs. Megan gripped the back of his neck, keeping her back arched and her legs just slightly spread apart. She imagined the view from the rear and knew that Shane would be watching that mirror, seeing her long tanned legs, the light sheen of sweat reflecting off the curves of her calves in those high strappy heels as she tilted her ass back, inviting Zach’s hands to slide further up the back of her thighs.

She smothered a moan as they went under her skirt, squeezing her firm ass, and hearing him hiss his appreciation, “mmm… very nice,” into her ear before two fingers wedged into the diamond gap between her thighs. They pressed against her soaking wet panties and easily pushed them aside. She exhaled deeply as two digits began to penetrate her wetness.

“Push them all the way inside,” she whispered hotly into his ear.

Zach’s fingers slid into her, conforming to her warm wet curves and he began to boldly finger-fuck her on the dance floor. Megan felt lightheaded, absorbed by the heat and by the rhythm of the dark tribal beats. The music was so loud she didn’t have to worry about anyone hearing a gasp or a moan. She shamelessly began to grind against his fingers, letting them stir her tight wet pussy as she kept her eyes on her boyfriend and the slutty girl that was grinding back against him in almost exactly the same way. Shane was watching her with an indescribable expression. Was he shocked by her? Aroused?

When Zach’s lips found hers, she let him push his tongue into her mouth, keeping one eye fixed on Shane as she kissed him back. Her hands gripped the back of his neck, drawing him to her, as she felt her pussy pulsing around his fingers. A million thoughts of doubt that should have been racing through her mind seemed to melt away in favor of total abandonment to the moment as Zach’s tongue explored her. They were both breathing hot and heavy when his lips left hers.

“You want me to fuck you on this dance floor, Blondie? Right in front of your boyfriend?”

“Fuck me…?” she echoed. “But other people will see…” her voice trailed off uncertainly as she noticed Shane and the girl had left their spot on the dance floor and had repositioned themselves in one of the darker booths on the fringes of the floor. The brunette was sitting in his lap, both of them facing the same direction. Her heart was pounding as she watched their discreet shuffle of hands moving her little black kilt and she could have sworn she saw the motion of Shane undoing the zipper on his pants. She was in disbelief, the game progressing at a pace that her mind had to race to catch up to.

“You forget who I am, who I work for…” Zach reminded her. “And where we are. This is VIP. I can fuck that tight little pussy right here and right now, and nobody’s going to say a fucking word about it. But is that what you want? You want your boyfriend to see you be the little whore of the dance floor?

She was overwhelmed with a flood of emotions, and those unmistakable feelings of both jealousy and sexual excitement that seemed to make her pussy throb and ache in an unfamiliar way.

“Fuck me,” she heard herself telling him in a voice she barely recognized.

“You sure…?” he teased.

She turned to Zach, leaning in to kiss his full sensuous lips, sliding her tongue into his mouth shamelessly and grinding down onto his hand. “You heard me,” she gasped. “If you want it, fuck it. And make sure you fuck it good. I want him to see everything.”

The next few minutes seemed to take on a kind of urgent momentum as Megan danced in front of him, concealing his hand between them as he unzipped his jeans and drew out his cock. She felt the slippery smooth head of his cut cock brush against her lower belly and even though they were dancing in the darker indigo shadows of the room, she knew Shane had to be watching every subtle movement between them, knowing exactly what was about to happen. Instead of uncertainty, she felt a euphoric kind of exhilaration at the idea of becoming a spectacle on the dirty dance floor in front of her boyfriend. Always being ‘agreeable and respectable Megan,’ she suddenly relished the sense of power that came with seizing the moment and doing what she really wanted.

When Zach grabbed both of her ass cheeks in his hands and started a rhythmic grinding, she tilted her pelvis upward, feeling a surprisingly long, thick cock snake between her thighs and nestle against the flushed lips of her pussy. Her wet thong had been pushed aside and she wrapped both hands around his neck for leverage and moved in rhythm to the beats until she was able to hook a leg over his hip. She could feel the hard muscles of his chest against her body and was pleased that with his imposing physical size, he was able to cup her slender body against him rather effortlessly. She felt like she was on a ride, fuelled by the music as they moved together, the knob of his cock slowly pushing up into her pussy. She felt a low guttural moan escape her throat.

“Fuck,” she exhaled slowly.

She felt his shaft sliding inside her until she was effectively impaled on it, the smoothness of his balls finally flush with the wet lips of her vulva. She looked toward Shane with half-lidded eyes, feeling a rush of arousal as she saw him staring back at her intensely. The sheen of sweat was visible on his forehead as the brunette on his lap discreetly rode his cock as he clutched her hips. She imagined him throbbing inside her, not just from the sheer pleasure of fucking someone new but also from watching his beautiful girlfriend being defiled on a public dance floor by his own friend. She wondered, momentarily, what turned him on more.

If anyone else tripping in The Blue Room had noticed that their dancing had merged into full fucking, none of the other partygoers around them seemed particularly concerned. The floor was exceptionally dark. There were glimpses of faces in the deep indigo lights, a crowd of sweaty fit bodies clutching bottles of water or sucking on long brightly colored freezies, eyes half-closed or hidden behind the subtle tint of sunglasses, moving to the beats in their own private world. A glance at the club promoter clutching a lithesome blonde seemed innocuous or irrelevant, even as his cock continued to pulse inside her, sliding back and forth in short, tight thrusts.

Finally he started a slow grind as Megan bit on her lower lip to keep from crying out. The thickness of his cock had filled her completely. She could feel her pussy stretched tightly around him, her clit rubbing against the denim near his zipper. She pushed shamelessly against him, keeping her leg hooked over his hip to ease their movement as the wetness of juices along the inside of her thighs continued to spread.

“You like it like this, Blondie?” he hissed into her ear, biting her warm flesh of her neck. “You like him watching you?”

“Yes,” she gasped, unable to deny it. “It feels so fucking dirty… so wrong.”

"Yeah,” he said, grinning at her, his green eyes flashing. “It feels damn good to be bad sometimes, doesn’t it? I’ll bet you’re gonna like a little of this too…”

She felt his hand move under her skirt and his finger began to push against the tight outer ring of her asshole, already lightly wet with juices that had dripped back from her pussy. She swore under her breath as she felt two digits penetrate her, sliding into her resisting hole.

“You’re a dirty little girl, aren’t you Blondie,” he teased, as he moved his fingers back and forth, beginning a sawing motion in tandem with the thrusts of his cock. He continued filling both holes as she struggled to catch her breathe.

“Fuck, yeah,” she cried, but instead of looking into Zach’s green eyes, she continued to fix her gaze on Shane. She saw the brunette’s ass discreetly pumping on his lap and while she felt a wave of jealous desire, her only reaction was to smile back at her boyfriend. It was a wicked grin that flirted with him and acknowledged the filthy depravity of what they were both doing. Their relationship felt liberated from all the rules. It defied everything she had thought they were about, and in some ironic way, it made her feel more connected to him at the same time.

She leaned into Zach and put her lips to his ear. “I love being your dirty little slut right now,” she moaned.

“Oh, I think you can be even dirtier, Blondie,” he assured her.

She didn’t have time to respond because Zach’s fingers slid out of her ass and in moments he had pushed them to her lips. Instinctively her mouth opened and she eagerly sucked his fingers inside, her tongue swirling around them, delighting in Shane’s shocked expression.

“That’s it,” Zach urged her, his deep voice like a growl in her ear. “Suck those fingers, Blondie. You love being my whore right now, don’t you.”

“Yes,” she gasped, "you're gonna make me come so hard."

Her hand was on the back of his neck and she pulled his face toward hers and kissed him hotly. The salty sweetness of their tongues coming together seemed like exactly the right kind of wrong in that moment. As her eyes strayed over Zach’s shoulder again, she saw Shane’s heady lust at seeing her initiate that kind of wet, intimate kiss and he responded with his own move. His hand slid up to the brunette’s throat and he pulled her back against him, tilting her face to the side as his lips found hers. She imagined his tongue pushing into her mouth, his cock pulsing inside her tight pussy.

Smothering a moan, Megan began to grind harder on Zach’s cock. Her eyelids fluttered as she felt herself getting closer, her clit rubbing rhythmically against the fabric of his jeans. He seemed to sense it too because Zach grabbed her ass, holding her tightly as his thrusts became harder, more unabashed, not caring who might be noticing them. Glancing around, she’d realized that a few eyes were on them, amused, turned-on, unable to look away once it had become obvious that the club promoter was fucking some slutty little blonde right in front of them. The idea of people staring as this stranger’s cock throbbed inside her on the dance floor while her boyfriend watched from the sidelines propelled her into an intense orgasm. The illicit taboo nature of it had made her wild with lust. She was breathing hard, still clutched in his arms, feeling the heavy beats pounding in her head as the blood rushed through her body.

“That’s it, Blondie,” Zach urged. “Fucking come all over my cock. I’m gonna fill you up so good it’s gonna be dripping out of you for days.”

She bit her lip to keep a strangled moan from erupting from her throat as she felt him push deep inside her pussy before the warm thickness of his cum filled her in several long bursts. He moaned into her damp neck, his body heaving with the force of his orgasm.

She heard his low laugh in her ear as the rhythm of their dancing slowed. “Damn, girl… that was hot.”

Very hot.”

She could feel the creamy wetness deep inside her as he withdrew slowly. They stayed close together as he zipped up and she moved the flimsy fabric of her hot pink thong back into place. She hoped it was enough to keep his cum from dripping out of her as they stood on the dance floor, still breathing hard from the encounter.

By the time Megan looked across the room to Shane, she saw that he was sitting on his own, the brunette nowhere in sight. Had he already cum and sent her on her way? He was grinning at her and leaning back against the booth, shaking his head, partly in disbelief, partly with amazement as he mouthed a single word. ‘Wow.'

She smiled at him. Everything had changed between them, and yet something indefinable and unexpected had come alive. Ironically, she had never wanted him more than she did in that one moment that seemed to defy the logic of their relationship. And she knew instantly that he was in the same headspace. It was written all over his face as he stood and wagged a finger to teasingly beckon her toward him.

Megan didn’t have to say anything to her dance floor paramour. Zach just winked at her and grabbed her hand, kissing the back of it. “I think it’s been a mutual pleasure, Blondie, in more ways than one,” he said, nodding toward Shane with a wink.

As Megan moved away from Zach, she could feel the beginning trickles of cum spreading over her slick wet pussy lips. As she lightly pressed her thighs together it only seemed to further free the liquid pooling in her panties. It began to glaze the inside of her legs just below the hem of her white skirt like a thin sheen of sweat. Shane watched her, his eyes filled with lust as she neared him on the dance floor.

Her face was flushed as he leaned in and murmured hotly into her ear. “Let’s get the fuck out of here.”

They left The Blue Room and the dark playground of the club and stepped outside into the cool night air just as dawn was beginning to break over the waterfront horizon. The cab ride did nothing to diminish the sense of urgency between them. Neither were concerned about what the driver could or couldn’t see as Shane’s hand moved under her skirt, pressing against the wet fabric of her panties. Megan felt the gush of warm cum flood over his fingers as he pushed them urgently inside her and began breathing hard. His teeth found the sweaty skin of her neck as he bit her and sucked her flesh, burying his fingers deeply inside her until she felt the palm of his hand cupped against her swollen pussy.

“You were such a fucking little slut tonight,” he whispered into her ear and she moaned softly in response, bucking against his fingers.

“You like me like that?” she gasped.

“I love you like that,” he assured her.

He withdrew his hand and moved two wet fingers up to her lips, smearing them with cum before pushing them into her mouth. She watched his eyes, eagerly sucking on them. The energy between them seemed to flow in an undeniably electric way, like a hot blue flame.

Soon they were stumbling inside their loft building. Shane chased her up the short stairwell to their suite, watching the rivulets of cum dripping down the back of her legs. Once inside, he pinned her against the wall until her cheek was pressed against the smooth exposed brick. He pushed the material of her skirt up over her ass, groaning as he smacked each cheek. The sound of his hand hitting her flesh filled the silence of the open space.

He pinned her wrists above her head, restraining her and breathing hotly into her ear calling her dirty names that fuelled the intensity between them. She cried out as he spanked her again hard, leaving red angry prints on her skin. Defiantly she arched her back and pushed her ass out for him, spreading her legs and feeling the warm cum continuing to drip from her.

“Did you like watching him fuck me like that?” she teased.

“Fucking this slutty little pussy?” he asked, thrusting two fingers roughly inside her, finger fucking her and releasing the last stream of cum all over his hand. “Mmm... look at that. Look how hard he came inside you.”

She could hear him unzipping his jeans, and his cock pressed firmly against her ass as his fingers moved up to push into her mouth again. “Suck on those dirty fingers,” he urged her. She could taste the warm salty mix of cum and sweat and she sucked them obediently as his cock sank into her dripping pussy in a series of long deep thrusts. His shaft was slick with Zach’s cum when she felt the cut mushroom head pushing against her asshole. She moaned and squirmed but he held her tight.

“I think you wanna get fucked in every hole tonight, don’t you?” he teased her.

“Yes,” she sobbed. Her skin was still hot and sticky, and her long blonde ponytail clung to the dampness of her back as he slowly sank into her ass. Soon he had bottomed out and she felt his balls nestled against her swollen pussy. She wanted him in her ass that night. Zach’s fingers had prepared her tight hole for his cock and all she felt was pleasure as he began the long strokes in and out.

“Is this how deep you got when you fucked that girl?” she gasped. “Show me how you fucked her.”

Shane pressed her hard against the wall, his hands on her shoulders for leverage. Megan let out a long moan and pushed her ass out further, feeling his cock disappearing into the depths of her ass. Her entire body shuddered with the impact of his thrust.

“I fucked her just like this,” Shane told her as he began to move in and out. His hands slid upward to grip the sweaty skin of her neck, roughly grabbing the back of her ponytail as he continued. “Just like this, baby. I fucked her just like this.”

Megan shamelessly reached behind her and pulled her ass cheeks apart for him. The relentless thrusts reverberated through her body, coating Shane's balls with cum and juices from her dripping pussy with each wet smack. She imagined the way his cock had pumped in and out of the club girl's wet folds and felt another wave of arousal.

“I wanna taste her pussy on your cock,” she gasped finally.

Shane pulled her deeper into their apartment, up the stairwell toward their bedroom, throwing her down onto the clean white sheets that they’d left behind, before their night of dirty debauchery. He pulled down his pants, kicking them away, and slid off the sweaty t-shirt he wore, tossing it into a corner before settling down on top of her in a 69-position. Megan felt the remains of her intense high and sleep deprivation combine into an uninhibited state of mind as her mouth opened and she sucked the head of his cock into her mouth. It was wet, still salty with cum and the distinctly sweeter taste of unfamiliar pussy. His shaft slowly sank into her mouth and she moaned around it as she felt his tongue settle over her freshly fucked pussy, licking her wet folds before pushing inside her to suck out the last drops of Zach’s load.

His tongue slid back over her ass, pressing against her knot as his hips began to thrust down over her mouth, his cock pumping back and forth past her wet lips. With sweaty skin pressed against each other, they settled into a long session of filthy pleasure that went on until the sun rose and streamed light through the long paneled windows of their loft. It lingered over their worn, exhausted bodies on the soiled sheets of their bed, feeling like the dawn of a new threshold of exploration in their relationship. The dam had been broken and the boundaries had been blissfully and irrevocably breached.

Megan and Shane spent the next several days re-exploring each other, fucking lustily under the hot cleansing stream of the shower, letting the water wash away any uncertainties or hesitations they’d had about each other prior to that night.

In the hazy afterglow of their awakening, several days later, Megan lay in bed with her eyes closed, drifting in and out of sleep in a kind of satiated exhaustion. It was nearing twilight when she heard the sound of Shane’s voice coming from the office space next to their bedroom. She was curious at first as she heard the low laughter, realizing he was on the phone. She slipped out of bed, her bare feet quietly moving over the shiny hardwood floor as she stealthily snuck into the hallway for a better listening vantage point just outside the doorway to his study. She could hear his voice clearly.

“Yeah, it was fucking perfect, Zach,” she could hear him saying softly. “You definitely know how to make it a true VIP experience.” Then there was a pause. “Nah, she didn’t suspect a thing. Our plan worked perfectly. And thank your girlfriend for me too. You’re a lucky guy, she was a lot of fun, but I guess you already know that, don’t you. You guys really set the standard for us. Five years later and it feels the night we first met all over again. We can’t keep our hands off each other. I guess sometimes you just need that little kick-start to a relationship to set things right again.”

There was another pause and more low laughter and Megan couldn't resist taking another step forward and quickly glancing into the room. Shane was sitting in his swivel chair with his back towards her, talking on his cell phone. His hand rested lightly on his office desk, absently turning a small blue Tiffany’s box over and over again as he continued to chat quietly.

A smile crept across Megan’s face as she snuck back to their room and slipped into bed. She thought about what Shane had done and his devious little attempt to lead them into a new adventure and reawaken something that had missing between them for a long time. Now she knew it had been nothing of blind chance, and yet while he had led her to the cliff, taking that initial risk, she had been the one to willfully jump off and set the turn of events in motion.

Megan stared out the glass paneled walls of their loft as the sun began to sink into the horizon. But instead of darkness, all she saw were the infinite possibilities that lay ahead for them, in the indigo shadows of their own private Blue Room.

* The End *

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