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The Coach

Sarah demonstrates her team spirit
You're not sure why you've been called to Coach's office. You recently celebrated your 18th birthday and are on the cheer leading squad. There's a game tonight but you're not the captain of the squad and usually Coach is preoccupied getting ready for the game. Tonight is a critical game too; your opponent is your school's long time rival and a win means playoffs, while a loss...well it's too terrible to even think about...but a loss means the end of the season!

You knock timidly on Coach's door and hear him bark, "Come in!"

You slip nervously into the office as the door closes behind you. "Oh, Sarah, I'll be with you in a minute." He barely glances up and then goes back to his game plans.

You've always admired coach. Your school isn't blessed with athletic talent and yet every year Coach seems to get them so close to the playoffs and yet they always fall one game short. He's such a good coach, highly respected across the state even though he has a spinal cord injury and coaches from a wheelchair.

This is your senior year and you want like anything for them to make it to at least one playoff game. Rumor has it this could be Coach's last season. As you're thinking about this, you're suddenly aware that you are fixated on Coach's cock. He's sitting there in workout shorts and a t-shirt and hasn't changed for the game. You notice the tip of his cock peeking out from the leg of the loose fitting shorts. You feel your face flush. Your boyfriend has shown you his cock but you told him to put it away, you're a good girl and want to save yourself for someone want the time to be meaningful.

As you look at Coach's cock you wonder if guys in wheelchairs even have sex and what it would be like. Could you get him hard? What would that cock taste like on your lips? Now it's not just your face that is feel your pussy moistening, starting to soak into the boy shorts you wear under your cheerleader skirt. You fidget slightly and your sneakers squeak on the floor.

"Sorry, I forgot you were here," says Coach as he lays aside his paperwork. "Sarah, you've been on the cheer leading squad for four years, right?"

"Yes sir," you say sheepishly, "I've done my best to cheer on our Mavericks."

"Well, you have certainly been a valuable asset to our program. But lately I've been concerned. I understand that you're dating our quarterback."

"Yes sir. Tommy and I started dating in September, not long after school started. "I...I hope I haven't hurt his performance."

"Well, that explains a lot. Tommy is a good quarterback. He started the season strong but starting about mid-September, his performance and stats started dropping."

"Oh, Coach, do you think I'm not good for him?" you say sadly.

"Well, this is a bit delicate, Sarah. I'm not really supposed to talk to students about these things, but, if we win tonight, we make it to the playoffs and I need Tommy at his peak performance. I know that things are much different than when I was in school and that you kids are doing things more frequently than we did," he says almost shyly, "I'll just say this...until playoffs are over, just don't give it up to Tommy any more. He needs his stamina."

"I...I...I'm not quite sure what you mean," you say confused.

"Sarah, you're a smart girl...and no doubt very pretty. All I'm, I guess there's just no delicate way around this....just don't have sex with Tommy...just for a couple of long as we're in the playoffs."

"Coach, I'd do anything...anything for this team, but I haven't had sex with Tommy...ever." A tear rolls down your cheek as you try to choke out the words. "In fact, I've...I've never had sex with anyone."

Coach looks at you for a moment, trying to determine if you're telling the truth. The tears and your hard stare at the ground show him you're not. "Sarah, I'm sorry. I assumed that a pretty, sexy girl like you was...well...damn, I'm sorry, Sarah." He hands you a tissue and you wipe your tears.

"It's ok Coach. I think the rest of the squad is giving it up but I'm not," you sniff back the last of your tears and manage a smile.

"Ok, well, I'm really sorry to have brought it up. It was inappropriate and I shouldn't have said anything. I'm just desperate to get him out of his slump. We need to do well, and not just tonight but throughout the playoffs. I really thought this was the year we'd when state, especially when Tommy started so strong this year."

A moment of awkward silence as Coach contemplates the fate of the well as his own.

"Ok, Sarah, I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable. Please don't tell anyone about this. It would end my career for sure. Go out there tonight and cheer your heart out."

"I will Coach! And don't worry, I won't say anything. I think you're the best coach ever!"

You turn to leave and your hand pauses on the door handle. Without turning around you say softly, "Coach, something needs to change for Tommy to come out of his slump, right?"

"Yep," he says thoughtfully.

"Wh...what if...if I start 'giving it up' as you say?" you ask shyly.

He's silent for a moment, thinking about your proposal. "Sarah, I couldn't tell you to do that but maybe...maybe that would help him."

You turn from the door, your face flushed red with embarrassment as you stare at your feet. "There's just one thing Coach. I...I don't know what to do...I mean...I'll do anything but, but I've never even gone down on a guy. What if I do it wrong?"

He laughs softly. "Sarah, I'm sure that nature will take over and you'll do just fine. As sexy as you are, I'm certain it won't take much to get him...relieved."

You take a few timid steps toward him and look up at him sheepishly, innocently. "Coach...would you...would you..."

"Don't worry, sweetheart, I'd never say anything to anyone," he says reassuringly.

"No, that's not..."

"And no, I would never think less of you. You've got such school spirit and have always gone..."

"Teach me!" you blurt, "Teach me what to do. How to please a man."

His mouth is open in surprise. He's obviously speechless.

You walk close to him and look at him innocently. "Coach, I want you to teach me how to suck your cock, to teach me to be the best cocksucker I can be so I can help help the Mavericks!"

You run your fingers softly up his arm and back down, tracing your way to his lap. Your fingers brush across the soft fabric of his shorts. Well, at least now you know he can get hard as his cock begins to grow under the thin fabric.

"Sarah, are...are you sure?" he stammers.

You bite your lower lip and look at him with doe eyes, "You're the best coach in the state...probably the whole world. I know you can teach me."

Subconsciously he reaches out and softly strokes your thigh. You spread your legs as he finds the edge of your short skirt and lifts it to reveal your now soaking panties. You stroke his stiffening cock through his shorts, grasping it in your little fist. "Please Coach, please teach me," you whine softly, almost coyly.

"You've got a pretty good start," he growls as his fingers find your wet pussy and stroke it through the sheer cotton fabric. "Keep stroking it just like that...nice and firm."

You tug and pull at the hard rod encased in the workout shorts. He shifts in his chair. "Reach inside," he instructs and you pull aside the hem of his shorts as his cock pops out. You pull his shorts down as he lifts himself and they drop to his ankles. He scoots his ass to the edge of the seat as you drop to your knees in front of him, looking into his eyes with expectation and eager to learn.

"Keep stroking it firmly and lick between my legs."

You lower your head and smell the musky odor of a man. You lick softly beneath his balls. "Harder, remember, guys are tough and you have to give them what they need." You moan that you understand as you lick and suck harder.

"Now, work your way up to my balls and lick and suck on them," he orders.

You suck on his nuts as you look up for approval. He smiles lustfuly at you. "That's a good, nasty little girl."

You rub your cheek against his balls and smile. "Thank you, Coach."

"Now work your way up the shaft with your tongue."

You lick and slurp slowly up his rock hard shaft as your hand takes the place of your mouth on his balls. You reach the tip of his cock and lick at it hungrily as you look up for instruction. "That's a good girl," he smiles down, "now take it into your mouth."

You take the tip in and begin sucking on it. This does feel natural, you think. It's not as difficult as I thought. Your head bobs up and down slowly as you take a little more each time. He grabs your ponytail and guides your speed which encourages you even more. "Get it real good and wet. I want to see your slobber dripping out of your mouth," he instructs.

You slobber on his cock, getting it soaking wet as his hands force it deeper and deeper into your mouth. You gag a little as the tip hits the back of your throat but his firm grasp doesn't allow you to stop. You recover quickly and soon he is forcing you all the way down, the tip of his cock burying into your throat. You're embarrassed by the choking sounds you make but he seems even more turned on.

"Yes, you dirty little slut, swallow that cock...see if you can lick my balls with my cock in your filthy mouth."

Normally this language would hurt your feelings, but right now it makes your pussy start dripping...proud to be the nasty little slut to this man you respect so much. You push his balls up with your hand and take his cock deeper than ever and just get your tongue to tickle his balls before you gag and have to come back up. He continues fucking your mouth for a few minutes as your spit drips and spurts from your mouth and soaks his cock and balls.

"Now I want to see that sexy body of yours. Stand up and turn around," he orders.

You stand and do as he says. "Drop those panties and bend over the desk."

You drop your soaked panties and bend over. You stifle a squeal of surprise and ecstasy as he plunges his fingers into your dripping pussy. He fingers you hard and deep while his thumb massages your clit. Quickly you are bucking back against his thrusts, humping your hips against his hand. Just as you're about to cum, he grabs your hips and pulls you backwards.

You fall clumsily but are caught by his cock sliding quickly and deeply into your dripping snatch. You grind your pussy on his cock quickly reaching orgasm. They crash wave upon wave as your sexy little body shudders and writhes against his cock.

One of his hands strongly grasps your breasts as the other grabs your throat and pulls him back against him. He bites your back and neck as you continue grinding hard against him. He shudders and moans as he orgasms along with you and you collapse back against him, sweaty from the exertion.

After a moment to recover he says, "Ok, baby girl. Now you have to clean your pussy off of me, I have a game to get ready for."

You climb off his softening cock and kneel again, gently licking your pussy juice off of his cock and balls. He grabs your disheveled pony tail and pulls you up. He kisses you deeply, licking your juices from inside your mouth.

"Now, hit the showers, you have a game to get ready for." He winks and slaps you on your ass as you grab your panties. "Hey, Sarah, nice job today...good first practice."

"Thanks, Coach!" You giggle as you bound out the door for the showers.


The Mavericks eked out a three point win that Friday night. Monday morning Sarah bounced into Coach's office and sat on his desk, her white cotton panties visible under her skirt. "Good game Friday night Coach." You giggle.

"Thanks, I owe a lot of inspiration to my star player." He grins and winks.

"Yeah, Tommy played a good game but what I did for him after the game should get his stats up in the playoffs!" you giggle.

"We'll, maybe we'll have a good playoffs, but that's not the star player I was talking about." He smiles.

"Well, Coach, I'm ready to learn some new positions and moves...when's the next practice?" you say innocently.

"Come back after football practice tonight," he instructs.


The Mavericks won state that year; Coach received Coach of the Year from the state athletic association; Tommy got a full ride scholarship to a top school but after he and Sarah split up ended up having a mediocre career.

Sara graduated with honors and went to a second tier college where she excelled in her grades. Funny enough, the quarterback of that team had a Heisman trophy year and led his team to its first ever NCAA National Championship with Sarah proudly at his side.

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