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The Commuter: Day 16 The Rest of the Story

Tags: taboo, handjob
As if saying goodbye to her old lifestyle, she traced the length of my cock one more time before
During my struggle to free myself, or maintain some shred of dignity, the hanky had slipped off my leg and fallen between my legs towards the floor. As I watched it slide off in slow motion, I caught my first glimpse of the handcuff key you had tucked away inside the hanky. Since I didn't hear it clang against the floor, I could only imagine that it had landed in the crotch of my underwear or shorts that lay crumpled around my feet. Oh fucking great I thought. Who the fuck is going to reach into a man's underwear and pull out a fucking handcuff key? The obsurdity made me laugh.

I sat there livid at the fact you left me in such a compromising condition. Actually I was outraged that you had played me so masterfully. And just fucking great, now a group of Nuns were boarding the fucking train. Just wait you fucking cunt...just you fucking mother fucking wait I fumed.

The Sisters boarded the train without so much as giving me a second look. If only they knew what sight awaited them had they turned towards the back of the car instead of moving left towards the front.

"Wait for me!" a sweet young voice rang out as she raced through the closing door. "Wheeeeew, that was close!" she said smiling as her eyes met mine. "Uh-oh!" she exclaimed as she took notice of my situation. "Guess someone was a bad boy?" she laughed, covering her mouth with her hand.

She was much younger, early 30's at most,and more beautiful than the other Sisters. The ugly black dress she wore didn't do her petite frame any justice I noticed.

"Uhhhhh, I apologize Sister! This uh... well, it's like this... Ummm, well, you see..." I stammered. "I just need a ha... I-I-I mean... I'm sorry Sister, I need help."

The young Sister, upon surveying more than just my unenviable situation, offered to do just that... give me a hand. We both had a laugh at her poor choice of words. I sat stunned, as she squatted between my legs and then, looking both directions, took hold of my flaccid cock, giving it a few wiggles and caressing tugs. It immediately began to grow at her touch. Her small delicate hand wrapped around me mid-shaft and she pushed the skin up around the head as she seemed lost in the memories of old habits. She closed her eyes briefly as she stroked my hardening cock. I think she took great delight knowing she still had...the touch.

"B-b-b-but Sister...." I mildly protested.

"Shhhhhhhh", she interrupted, "I wasn't always a Nun you know." she said with a sexy soft smile.

With a bit of hesitation, she released her grip on my cock. "Lift your feet. You're standing on your clothes." she instructed in a whisper, pulling my shorts and underwear to mid thigh. As she lifted my shorts, her hands pushed at my legs, intentionally widening them. With her gaze focused on my crotch, she slowly slid her hand under my shorts and took both balls in her hand, cradling them carefully as she felt them. While her thumb tenderly traced the outline of both balls, she let out a faint moan as her nails lightly dug in at the base of my scrotum. Her eyes closed as her carnal desires waged war with her soul. Torn between the two worlds she knew oh so well, she reluctantly loosened her grip.

While she moved about helping me from her squatting position, her hemline rode up her widely opened legs, exposing her smooth silky thighs. At the end of the her legs was a beautiful patch of pubic hair. The morning sun revealed her full moist lips. She more than noticed that I was getting as much of the view as I wanted. Maybe it was one last self validation for her as a desirable woman.

She fumbled with my shorts and stopped short of covering me, as if getting one more look at a hard cock for old times sake. As she adjusted my shorts, the key, once trapped in my clothing somewhere, tumbled to the floor with a jingle as it bounced.

"Well lookie here." she said waving the key in one hand and the folded hanky in the other. "Getting in touch with your feminine side mister? Looks to me like you met your match." she said, taking a whiff of the perfumed hanky.

Then leaning forward, with tits pressed against my naked thighs, she unlocked one hand then the other. I rubbed both wrists as I thanked her profusely for her discretion and silence. Her gaze went from my eyes down my chest and ended with her taking one long last look at my cock. She leaned back, ran her hands up the insides of both my thighs, then traced the length of my cock one more time, as if to bid the old lifestyle farewell. She stared at me for a long moment, smiled as she stood up and said, "Hmmm, noooooo, let me thank YOU."

I sat there and watched her walk towards the group. She turned to look over her shoulder, then grabbed a handful of her ass cheek through the ugly black dress. Maybe that was her way of saying, if only. I laughed out loud at the thought of all the crazy fucking things that had already happened this morning. Then giving old faithful a few rewarding tugs of my own, I tucked myself in my shorts. I put the cuffs and the key in my pocket. One never knows when these might come in handy I said to myself.

Now, time to really up my game I thought.

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