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The Confessions of Jenny Grimm: The Art of Sin

Jenny pays Father Lucas another visit
“Forgive me father, for I have sinned. It has been two weeks since my last confession, and I’m afraid I’ve been very naughty once again….”

Her voice was a mere whisper, forcing Father Lucas to shift slightly closer to the screen to hear her, creating a sense of intimacy he’d rather have avoided. After all, soft as her words might be, her identity was unmistakably that of the she-vixen who’d been haunting his dreams ever since her last confession. Taking a deep breath, he steeled himself for her admissions, doing his best to banish the image of her bare bottom, the scarlet imprint of his hand marring her pale flesh. Somehow, this time, he would triumph over temptation.

“Go on, my child.” He managed to keep his voice steady, a small victory indeed as he took his crucifix in hand, caressing the cool metal with trembling fingers. Clearing his throat, he did his best not to listen for the tell-tale sound of the girl on the other side of the screen, knowing all too well what those noises signified. Hopefully he wouldn’t have to contend with the earthy fragrance of her desire invading his sanctuary. He offered up prayer to God in the moment of silence she gifted him with, touching the gold cross to his lips before resigning himself to saving both her soul and his.

“I have been a very wicked girl, Father. Once again, despite my best intentions, I have committed grievous sins.”

Father Lucas could only imagine what they might be after hearing her other confessions, silently ticking off her previous sins in his head, wishing he hadn’t once he’d finished. Jenny might be a lovely creature, sweet and full of goodness, but she’d given into Lucifer’s enticements more then once in the past few months since he’d taken over confessional duties. Suddenly, he was very sympathetic towards Father Gregor’s sudden resignation from the diocese.

“I am sure that, once you hear my tale, you’ll agree that I am not to blame for what happened, Father.”

He thought he detected a catch in her voice. For once, she sounded truly contrite. He wondered if perhaps, finally, she’d seen the error of her ways and was ready to turn over a new leaf. He could only hope so, for her sake as well as his. With hope in his heart, he let his eyes close, his hand unclench, his entire body release the tension that had been present since he first recognized her voice. Please God, let her see the light of Your Grace and walk with You in a place of peace.

“You’d be proud of me, Father. I’ve done my best to avoid Olivia Valentine’s presence, knowing that a mere word from her would bring me to my knees as I begged her to abuse my poor bottom once more with her crop. Oh, Father, you cannot imagine how often erotic visions of her have assailed me at night, filling me with unquenchable temptations.”

Au contraire, Miss Grimm. He kept the thought to himself, remembering his own sleepless nights as he wrestled with the image of the petite young blonde on her hands and knees, her dress hiked up revealing the absence of undergarments.

“All too often, father, I gave in to them, touching myself until I cried out in passion, knowing that I sinned. I fought it, Father, truly I did, but in the end, I surrendered myself. And so, I come to you, asking God’s forgiveness.”

He was silent for a moment, sympathy warring with desire within his soul as he reminded himself that it was his duty to save even the most wicked of sinners. In his heart, he knew that Jenny wasn’t an evil girl, simply weak when it came to the sins of the flesh. If this was God’s plan for him, to save her soul, then he would find a way to be strong. Ignoring the distracting, if pleasurable, swelling of his genitals, he concentrated instead on her words, listening for some glimmer of hope as she continued with her confession.

“I’d gone calling on a friend of my twin brother Jacob at his behest. He claimed that she’d offered him a manuscript for his collection. You do know he has a treasury of fairy tales and myths, Father? He delights in reading them to me at bedtime.”

He wondered at her giggle, curious as to its cause, putting the thought aside as she continued.

“I was surprised to discoverer that she was entertaining someone else that day, as well. Katherine Rosewood. I’m sure you know her family. As it turns out, she’d been hoping to meet me and had come calling at Miss Zelenski’s invitation. Quite discretely, might I add, a particular I later discovered….”


“Good afternoon, Jenny.” Sasha beamed, taking her hands and kissing her tenderly upon the cheek before ushering her into the sitting room of her family’s country house.

Furnished both modestly and tastefully with out any of the ostentatious décor that came from old money, she felt immediately at ease. After all, she was quite fond of Sasha, perhaps even somewhat taken with her, a secret she’d managed to keep from even her brother Jacob. Smiling demurely, she took a seat near the fireplace, folding her hands upon her lap as she surreptitiously studied her friend, holding back a sigh.

Sasha was a beauty. At 23, she’d long outshone every girl within a hundred mile radius. She was tall, towering over Jenny by a goodly amount, and her figure was that of a goddess, to be envied, and yet Jenny found it impossible to dislike her for it. Silky brown hair framed her lovely face upon which an ever-present smile could always be seen, mirrored by her best, in Jenny’s opinion, feature; eyes the color of brilliant sapphire. She often marveled at how nature had gifted Sasha with such orbs, often getting lost in the mere contemplation of gazing into their depths.

She had come dressed in sunflower yellow frock that laced up that back and sandals, her hair tied back with a bright red ribbon, thinking it would be but a casual visit. Therefore, it was quite a surprise to find Sasha wearing a charcoal colored skirt and matching jacket, it’s narrow waist accenting her ripe breasts and luscious hips. A string of pearls decorated her generous cleavage, disappearing from view and sheer black stockings encased her shapely legs, disappearing into a pair of patent leather black pumps.

“I hope you don’t mind, Kate Rosewood has decided to pay a visit… ah, here she is now.”

Jenny tore her gaze from Sasha’s eyes by great force of will, turning them to the entry to the study as her fellow guest stepped into the room. Although she was graced with the same figure, there the similarities ended. She was shorter, for one, and her skin was olive where the other girl’s was fair. Chocolate brown eyes and tresses so dark Jenny had a hard time deciding if they were a rich brown or, perhaps, truly black. They fell freely over her shoulders. Although she wore a smile, Jenny thought it held a hint of predatory interest, an impression strengthened by the dangerous glint in her eyes. Where Sasha might have been a swan, Kate Rosewood was of the accipitridae family, a true hawk. Jenny couldn’t help imagine her with talons, shivering at the thought, not knowing whether it was fear or delight or perhaps desire that sent its electric current rippling through her flesh.

“Miss Grimm. A pleasure to finally meet you.” Her voice was silky smooth, the hint of an exotic accent that Jenny couldn’t quite place.

She, too, was dressed somewhat formally. Crimson silk shirt, and matching trousers that brushed the tops of her carefully polished boots. She wore an underbust corset of supple black leather tightly laced, giving her an hourglass figure. Her nails were painted red and pointed more then customary.

“Sasha has told me much about you.”

Jenny took a deep breath, wondering at the hint of laugher that accompanied the statement. She wondered if it would be inappropriate to ask for a drink to quell her sudden nervousness. As if reading her mind, Sasha took a decanter of burgundy wine from the liquor cabinet and filled a trio of crystal stemware.

“I admit to you being a subject of speculation lately.” She seemed secretly amused as she handed, first Kate, and then Jenny, a glass of the dark red liquid. “Truly, you shouldn’t be surprised knowing how close Olivia Valentine and I are and how much she enjoys sharing secrets with me. Or, by the look upon your face, perhaps you didn’t know! Well, don’t be alarmed. Kate and I are quite willing to keep your secrets. Truly, no one else need know what a bad little kitten you are behind closed doors, do they? As long as you co-operate, that is.”

Jenny nodded, her hands trembling so that she was in danger of splashing the spirits upon her dress. Quickly setting it down upon the side table, she clasped her fingers together and let them fall to her lap, willing herself to answer as calmly as possible, her eyes focusing upon her bare knees, the hem of her dress having risen mid thigh, thoughts of her family finding out. Especially Jacob whose jealously was well known. He would be furious with her for keeping secrets from him.

“Please, don’t tell anyone, Sasha. I beg of you.”

“Don’t worry, my sweet little Jenny. As long as you do as you’re told, no one else needs to know what happens here today.”


“As you can see, Father, they had me trapped! I had little choice but to go along with whatever it was they asked of me. I am innocent of any willful wrong doing!”

Father Lucas nodded, agreeing with her to a point. What ever had happened upon that afternoon, the young woman had seemingly been coerced. So, why was it that once again he heard the sound of garments from her side of the confessional, and why was it she sounded suddenly breathless as she continued her sordid tale?

“Sasha bid me stand, taking my hand and helping me from the chesterfield in which I’d been reclining, and led me through the study and into the library beyond, Miss Rosewood following in our wake. There, she bid me be still as Kate carefully unlaced my dress and then, they undressed me…”

He held back a groan, imagining the scene, already having a vision of Jenny Grimm as she’d look fully naked locked away in his thoughts. God grant me strength. He wondered if, somewhere, Lucifer was laughing as he forced his hands together in a position of prayer, his crucifix trapped between his sweaty palms.


“Fetch my box of toys, Kate.” Sasha purred, taking charge. Her companion lifted one prefect brow, dissention clearly brewing in her dark eyes.


Apparently it was enough to appease Kate, for the dark eyed woman left them alone, but only after delivery a sharp, stinging slap upon Jenny’s buttocks. Her small hands flew protectively to her bottom as she cried out. That, however, turned out to be a mistake.

“Bad girl.” Sasha admonished her, swatting her other cheek just as sharply. “Take your hands off your ass. For the rest of the afternoon, your lovely bottom belongs to me, understand?”

“Yes, Sash…” Jenny began, earning her another sharp blow, fire radiating through her sensitive flesh.”

“You will address me as Mistress as long as you are under my roof, understand? Kate, as well. You’d best start learning quickly. I don’t really want to spend the entire afternoon punishing you, but I will if I have to. So far, you’ve earned two demerits.”

“But Sa… M-Mistress!” Jenny began to protest, earning her yet another, even crueler blow, this one bringing tears to her eyes.

“That’s three, pet. I’ll warn you now, you’ll not be able to withstand a fourth. From now on, you’d be wise to behave perfectly, understand?”

Jenny nodded, daring to glance into her new Mistress’s dazzling blue eyes, seeing no mercy within. “I understand, Mistress. I promise to be good and make you proud of me.”

Oh how easy it was to fall into this role, the one that Jacob had cultivated within her, that felt so natural to her. Submissive little Jenny Grimm. She wondered if Sasha had noticed her fleeting smile at the prospect of being used and abused under the Zelenski’s roof.

Miss Rosewood returned soon enough, carrying a flat lidded box made from oak. She lay it upon the floor at Jenny’s feet before lifting the lid. Jenny stared, wishing she could reach between her legs and still the slow trickle that was making its way down the insides of her soft thighs, her cheeks turning a bright pink. Sasha had pulled an armchair upholstered in a gold leaf pattern and taken a seat directly before her, her legs crossed demurely.

“Those are for you, Jenny. Take a good look at them. We were going to use only the smallest, but since you insisted upon misbehaving, you’ve earned the fourth in size. I hope you don’t plan on continuing to be a bad little girl. Remember how I claimed your ass? That’s where it will be going. And you’re not going to put up a fight, are you?”

Jenny shook her head slowly, her arms crossing under her breaths, hands gripping her biceps, wide eyed as she examined the ‘toys’ in the box. There were six of them, all made of steel, each with a cross bar and hilt at one end. The smallest was the size of a man’s finger, easy enough to take. After that, they grew in width, the largest of them a monster that would tear her apart, of that she had no doubt. Swallowing, she was thankful that she’d not earned another demerit, the fourth appearing to be somewhat thicker than her brother’s cock. In her cunt, it would be a tight fit. In her ass… she shuddered at the though, once again meeting Sashsa’s gaze and seeing no mercy there, nor in Kate’s, who was now standing beside her new Mistress, smiling wickedly, as if to say she hoped that Jenny might somehow earn the two larger implements.

“Hands and knees, Jenny.” Sasha’s voice was deceptively gentle. Still, Jenny wasted no time following her orders, not wanting to give her any reason to claim her behavior as less then perfect. She fell to her hand and knees on the plush beige carpet, trembling with trepidation.


“I’m sorry, Father. I…”

Father Lucas wondered what she’d meant to apologize for, her words cut off as she moaned softly, what he imagined as either a foot or a knee bumping into the wall that separated them. This time, it was unmistakable, her sweet fragrance seeping through the screen and teasing at his nostrils. As well, he could easily guess that the moist sound that had replaced Jenny’s voice was her pleasuring herself. He closed his eyes, unaware of his hand inching down to his severe trousers, the tips of his fingers slipping inside and brushing against the head of his cock while he imagined what she must look like at present, plunging her delicate fingers into her dripping wet orifice. Would it really be so bad to give into temptation and peer through the screen? He knew without doubt that he’d be able to see her. Just a glimpse…

It was her voice that saved him, drawing him back to his appointed task as confessor. With a startled grunt, he pulled his hand from his lap and used it to brush back hair from his sweating brow, suddenly aware of his heart pounding loudly in his chest.

“My God, Father, Even now, just thinking about what they did to me, I can’t help myself. Please forgive me, for I know not what I do.”

“Only God can grant you forgiveness, Child. As long as you truly repent your sins, Jenny, I am sure He will forgive them”

He held his breath and counted to ten, unsure if that had been the right thing to say in this situation. Truly, the monastery hadn’t trained him to deal with anything even remotely like this. He would have to trust in God to guide him. Hopefully, that would be enough to get him through Miss Grimm’s confession. In the silence, he could still hear her soft grunts, her husky voice trembling when she finally resumed her tale.

“I watched nervously as Kate uncorked a bottle of sweet smelling oil and coated the tool they’d decided to… use… with it while Sasha looked on, her gaze never leaving me. Finally, she spoke, her voice once again gentle, yet commanding…”


“Put it in her, Kate. Slowly. I want to watch her face as you violate her.”

Jenny bit her lip as Kate moved behind her, steadying herself as she felt the tip press against her tight pucker and push slowly in.

“Relax, Jenny. And breath. Slowly, that’s it. It doesn’t feel quite so bad, does it?”

“No, Mistress, not so bad.” It was a lie, of course. The further Kate pushed the tool into her tight little hole, the more her humiliation grew. Still, uncomfortable as it was, it wasn’t as painful as she’d feared. She let out her breath slowly, daring to wiggle her bottom suggestively, earning playful laughter from both Women.

“Feeling frisky, are we kitten? Good girl.” Kate punctuated her praise with a light slap on her ass.

She moaned softly, the heat of the blow, soft as it was, finding its way between her thighs, coaxing the juices from her eager cunt, her cheeks turning hot as Kate began to smear them over the surface of her tenders thighs. Eyes closed, she luxuriated in the feel, her knees slipping farther apart as if they’d a will of their own, their progress halted only by Sasha’s sharp command

“I want you to remain perfectly still, pet. Squeeze your cute little cheeks together. Don’t you dare let your plug fall out!”

“Yes, Mistress. I’m sorry, Mistress.” Jenny whispered, concentrating on keep the steel instrument inside of her, not daring to displease her tormentors.

“Now, to have a little fun with you, pet. Olivia was under the impression that you enjoyed a little pain. I’m curious to discover just how much. Kate? The collar first, to remind whom she belongs to while under this roof.”

Jenny’s eyes went wide, her mouth opening and closing soundlessly, wondering at the meaning of her Mistress’s words while concentrating on keeping the metal plug inside of her poor bottom. She felt her hair pulled aside and then her curiosity was satisfied as Kate buckled a leather collar affixed with a small silver bell around her neck.

“Perfect, now you are truly my pet, kitten. In the future, whenever you are under my roof, you will make sure you’re wearing your collar if you wish to please me. And you do want to please your Mistress, don’t you.”

Jenny nodded, her shoulder drooping as she stared at the box on the floor, her gaze drawn by the largest of the metal rods.

“Yes, Mistress. I want to please you more then anything.”

“Good girl. Kate? Please continue.”

Obviously, Jenny thought, they’d worked this out ahead of time. They’d known, even before she’d knocked on the door, what would happen today. Shivering, she wondered what it was that Kate was about to do to her. She didn’t have long to wait. Kate was suddenly beside her, squatting down so that she could take her nipple between her clawed fingers. She began twisting and pulling, causing Jenny to gasp, her protests quelled by the sight of the massive steel dildos in the oak box, stifling her cry as a dull toothed spring clasp was affixed to her right nipple. Sharp pain radiated through her small breast, turning quickly to a sharp ache.

“It will hurt even worse when, finally, I yank it off, Slut.” Kate’s whispers was warm against her ear. Her only response was a lust filled moan as her pussy seemed to overflow with desire, her juices literally dripping onto the carpet.

“I see that Olivia’s assumptions were correct. Don’t worry, pet. Before we’re done with you, you’ll get all the pain you can handle. Perhaps even more. The other nipple, Kate. We don’t want to keep our new plaything in suspense.”


“It hurt, Father. The ache just got worse and worse until it was all I could do to beg them to take them off, and yet, I didn’t dare, not after Mistress Sasha’s warning.”

He heard her move about again, his imagination taking over as she cried out softly. Unable to stand not knowing anymore, he pressed his face to the screen. His view was shadowy, but he could see well enough to tell she’d bared her breasts and was busy twisting her nipples. He even suspected she’s dug her nails into them, recalling the scene she’d just described to him. Shocked, he pulled away, his face hot with shame, his manhood swollen painfully. Carefully, he reached into his trousers and adjusted it so that it was less uncomfortable not, he tried to convince himself, merely for the pleasure of touching himself. Oh, but it felt good.

“What happened then, Jenny? Don’t leave anything out.” He was shocked by his words, knowing that he’d crossed a line, yet unable to take them back. Her response, however, shocked him even more.

“I’ll try, Father. I wish you were here with me, your cock in my mouth.”

“Jenny!” he gasped, his heart about to burst, his pushing himself away from the wall that separated them, the cross in his tight fist digging into his flesh, restoring his sanity for the moment.

“I told you was I was a naughty girl, Father. Don’t you wish you could punish me?”

Speechless, he listened as Jenny cried out sharply, somehow managing to do it quietly enough so that he was fairly confident the sound of her climax was for his ears only. Silence reigned within the confessional. Only the sound of his beating heart, coupled with her deep breaths could be heard. Time stretched out, the moment lasting forever. He was about to break the silence, would have if he’d been able to think of something to say. That’s when she resumed, both her tale and her touching of herself. He knew, both recognizing the sound and being appraised of it by the perpetrator herself. He groaned, praying that her confession would soon come to an end. Either that, or he would be swallowed up by the earth once and for all.

“Father, forgive me, but I can’t help myself. I’m playing with my wicked little cunt and all I can think of is cumming again. That, and what my Mistresses did next…”


The chain that hung from her nipples had been weighted, pulling them painfully earthward, the sharp ache spreading through her the soft pink rings of her areola, her flesh, like molasses. Slowly but surely creating a wonderful hurt in her firm breasts. She did her best to remain silent, but it was too much to bear. She began to whimper, wordlessly begging for relief of some sort, unsure, or perhaps unwilling, to admit to what it was she truly wished for. Drawn by the sound of mocking laughter, she found herself gazing up, transfixed by Sasha’s knowing smile.

“I wonder, Jenny, if Katherine and I keep delving, what we’ll find? Perhaps we’ll discover layer after layer, each one more savory then the one before it. Where do they stop, I wonder? How deep do your depravities run? I wonder if even you know, hmm? Wouldn’t you like to find out?”

The sound that passed her lips was almost animal in nature, and full of pleasure as Kate slowly slid the plug from her ass, her muscles clenching at it, as if not yet ready to give it up. Blessedly sweet relief was short as her tormentor twisted it slowly into her again, stretching the ring of her tight little anus uncomfortable wide. She let slip a soft grunt as it filled her once again, all to aware of the twin ribbons of nectar flowing from her swollen lips and down the insides of her thighs, sure her newly minted Mistresses must be aware of it as well. Chancing a glance upwards into Sasha’s captivating face, she watched her tongue make a slow circle, wetting her plump lips, a motion simple, yet erotic beyond belief. A whimper escaped her lips, one that spoke of want and need.

“Oh, so my darling little pet does enjoy being used. I had guessed as much. Good.”

Sasha began to casually unbutton her skirt, letting it pool at her feet, then stepping out of it. Jenny’s hungry gaze was drawn downwards, focusing on her stocking tops, held up with dainty garters, her beautiful naked pussy on full display. Her lips were puffy with eros, and spread open like a waiting flower.

“We’re going to play a little game now, my sweet. I think you’ll enjoy it. The rules are very simple. You do your best to make me climax and, until I do, Miss Rosewood does terrible things to you. She’s very cruel, I should mention, but then, I think you already have guessed that, Jenny. Now stay put. I so enjoy doing certain things correctly….”


“Father Lucas… I… I am so close… I promise not to, not unless you give me permission, please? May I, Father?”

The priest took a deep breath, lost in a world soft moans, and the slippery wet sound of his parishioner’s fingers performing acts he tried unsuccessfully not to dwell upon. He found himself wondering when he’d began gripping the screen that separated them, his fingers pushed through the narrow cross hatches cut in the varnished wood. Better there, he supposed, then fumbling with the closure of his trousers.

“I want to cum for you. Please let me?”

Her soft words drew him closer, until his eye was pressed to the grill as well, peering into the dimly lit box, gazing upon her sweet young face. Her mouth was so beautiful, a work of erotic art, lips drinking in the air, returning it as soft moans of suppressed pleasure. Her eyes were open, yet unseeing. Or perhaps it was that they were looking into the past as she paused in her tale, remembering what had taken place at the house in the country.

“No, Jenny. You must not give in.”

His voice was thick with lust. It was the right thing to say, and yet, it was so hard. It would be so easy to be weak and give in to her needs. He tore his eyes from her face, he gaze following her slender figure down. Her small breasts rose and fell with each breath, drawing his eye to them, wondering what they might look like beneath the fabric of her dress. Surely, her nipples were stiff and swollen. Gripping the screen harder, he glanced downward, thankful that the space between her thighs was shadowed. It was as he’d imagined. She’d hiked the hem of her dress up and spread her legs wide while she…

“I didn’t have a choice, you know.”

Her words startled him after a long pause where the only sounds had been drawn from between her legs where her dainty hand coaxed her closer and closer to Satan.

“Sasha put a leash on me, leading me across the room on my hands and knees. Each time I moved, the clamps on my nipples seemed to bite deeper, the weighted chain swaying back and forth until tears were running down my cheeks. Mistress Kate had to remind me more then once not to let the plug she’d violated my bottom with to slip out, warning me that there it wasn’t the largest of the metal monsters. It seemed like eternity before Mistress Sasha took a seat upon a leather Ottoman upon the far side of the room, her stocking clad legs spread wide as she drew me in, tapping one beautiful, slim finger against her smooth mound, pointing downwards. I knew what she expected, Father. God save me, I was even eager to give into her demands.”


Jenny buried her face between Sasha’s thighs, her tongue pressing against her puckered rose, then slowly parting velvet smooth labia in an upwards motion, finally teasing her swollen nubbin. She was rewards with a soft inhalation of breath, and the sensations of fingers tangling tightly in her hair, forcing her against her Mistress’s sweet tasting pussy.

“That’s a good girl.” Sasha cooed, her silky smooth thighs trapping Jenny’s head against her intoxicating cunt. “Show your Mistress what you can do with that tongue of yours, pet.”

As Jenny did her best to please Sasha, lapping eagerly, her face smeared with her slick juices, feeling the pulse of her life’s blood in her swollen sex, Kate tormented her with the steel plug, working it slowly in and out of her tight ass, fucking her ruthlessly until her moans filled her Mistress’s sopping went hole.

“Fuck me with your tongue, Jenny. Good God, you are doing magnificently!” Sasha managed to get the words out as her hips began to buck, her legs strong thighs squeezing painfully as she suddenly let out a loud cry, her orgasm shaking her entire body while Jenny’s tongue pushed deeply into her drenched entrance like and eager dog seeking to please its Mistress.

“Yes, yes, Yes!” Sasha cried, coming hard, her grip like a vice, forcing Jenny’s deeper into her quivering pussy, making it hard for the girl to breath as she climaxed, her entire body shaking violently, her warm juices dripping from her pet’s lips and chin as she finally relaxed her fingers in her soft, golden locks.

“Amazing.” She whispered, gazing down fondly at the girl between her thighs, tilting her head back until their eyes met, enjoying her whimper and the pleading look in her baby blue eyes as her partner in crime continued slowly twisting the metal cock slowly in and out of her abused bottom.

“You did very well, Jenny. I think you deserve a reward now. What would you like, I wonder?”

Jenny’s entire body shook with anticipation. She could still taste Sasha’s wonderful pussy, her fragrance and warm juices smearing her mouth and cheeks, her chin brushing against her mound.

“I want, I need…”

Her words were stolen by a sultry moan left her shivering, the plug suddenly slipping from her bottom. She felt able fingers parting her lips as her juices ran sweet and sticky down the insides of her quivering thighs and then, as if in answer to a prayer, the metal cock entered her, pushing deep inside of her.

“Oh, Jenny dear.” Sasha’s laugh was rich and somewhat shaking. “You’ll have to do better than that. What is it that you desire? I want to hear the words from your slutty little mouth.”

“I want to… cum, Mistress Sasha.” She whispered, her cheeks turning crimson at the words.

“You want to cum for me, pet?” Sasha’s voice was teasing as she gently stroked the submissive girl’s hair.

Jenny groaned, the torment of the steel plug driving her closer and closer to the edge. Biting her lip, she did her best to stem the tide, her cunt on fire, her thighs parting of their own volition as intense pleasure spread throughout her body. She let out a soft cry as she shook, the clamps digging into her impossibly swollen nipples sending tendrils of pain through her breasts as the weight chain swung back and forth in time Kate’s thrusts.

“Yes, Mistress. Please let me cum for you?” Tears began rolling down her cheeks, hot against her flesh as a sudden sharp tug tore at her tender nipples, followed by playful laughter from behind.

“I’m not sure she’s earned that right, Sasha.” Kate’s sensuous voice teased past her ears as she gave another sharp tug on the thin silver chain.

Jenny gasped, pain mixing delightfully with pleasure as the other woman continued to violate her pussy, deeper and deeper, the handle pushing roughly in between her parted lips.

“Perhaps you’re correct, Kate. Besides, I don’t think we’ve entirely tamed our little lap kitty. We need to make sure she returns to us again.”

“But Mistress, I…”

Jenny never finished her thought, a cry of pain interrupting her words as the clips were suddenly yanked from her tender nipples, filling her with pain so intense she was unable to breathe. Worse, it drove her right to the edge of climax. She found herself unable to hold back, despite the knowledge that she’d been forbidden that particular, pleasure. With a wrenching cry, her entire body shook, her back arching as her petite bottom pushed rearward, driving the steel cock deep inside of her, over and over and over as her orgasm ripped through her being. Until she collapsed, spent and drained, her face stained with tears and perspiration and the sticky sweet nectar of Sasha’s cunt, her ears filled with the laugher of her tormentors.

“She’s not very good at following commands, Sasha.”

Kate’s rich voice was filled with humor as she fondled Jenny’s raised bottom absently. “I think we’ve got our work cut out for us, if we’re going to teach her true obedience.”

“And yet, she has promise. As well as truly talented tongue. Next time, I am sure, she will do better….


“What happened then?” Father Lucas asked, unable to stop himself, tangled in her tale like a butterfly in a net.

“Oh, Father, it was so humiliating. They talked about me as if I wasn’t there, about things that I’d never even imagined… or perhaps I had, and yet would never dare share those thoughts with anyone else.”

He thought he detected a catch in her voice, as if she was truly ashamed. At least he hoped it was shame that made her stumble upon her next words.

“They spoke of putting me in a cage, of leading me around the grounds upon a leash, of taking me out to the orchards and suspending me from a tree branch and using a riding crop upon my naked flesh. And, worst of all, Father, the more debased their suggestions grew, the more excited I grew. Before I could stop myself, I had my hands between my thighs, my fingers curving inside of my drenched hole, my soft whimpers drawing their attention. I couldn’t help myself and…”

He heard a soft from behind the screen. It sounded muffled, as she had one hand over her mouth to hold the sound of her pleasure in. How long it lasted, he was unsure. Several ticks of the second hand, perhaps, and yet it felt like an eternity. He found himself focused on the sound of her climax, imagining the look upon her youthful face, the shape of her mouth, her wide open eyes, framed by delicate lashes. Biting his lip hard enough to draw blood, he pulled his thoughts away, even as he pulled his hand from between his thighs, his fingers curled into fists of sheer frustration until, finally, she was done.

“I am such a wicked creature, Father.”

He could hear her voice shaking from the other side of the screen. Licking his lips, his mouth dry, he searched for an answer, beseeching God to help him out. Finally, he found the words, even the proper tone, his voice soft yet firm.

“You are not wicked, Jenny, merely easily led astray. God forgives all who come to him for absolution. As long as you sincerely regret your sins, Jenny, he will forgive you. He sees into your heart. I know there is not evil within you. However, you must try harder to resist the whisperings of Lucifer, my child.”

“Yes, Father, I know. I do try, I just can’t resist the temptations he offer. I don’t know what comes over me sometimes.”

With a heartfelt sigh, he gave a sympathetic nod, followed by a deep breath.

“You must try harder, Jenny. Remember that He will lend you strength if you but call on Him. As an act of contrition I recommend you return home and pray to our Lord in Heaven for guidance and forgiveness. Pray on your hands and knees, dear child…”

As he said the words, the image of Jenny on hands and knees, naked but for a leather collar around her swanlike neck teased its way

into his head. It was only with great effort that he pushed it from his thoughts.

“I want you to return home and repeat ‘Hail Mary, full of grace, Our Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen’ for a full hour, thinking about your sins. Perhaps, next time, you will find the strength to resist the Devil’s temptations.”

“Thank you, Father. I will do my best.”

He breathed a sigh of relief, pulling his handkerchief from his pocket to mop at his brow, her torments finally over as he heard her presumably straighten her garments and prepare to leave the confessional. He felt, more then heard her pause, before she exited the box, her voice soft and sensual, almost teasing.

“I will think on what you said on my way to Mistress Sasha’s home. With everything that happened, I completely forgot about Jacob’s manuscripts and he was most insist ant that I retrieve them today.”

With that, she was gone, leaving him to suffer in silence, wondering what punishments she would suffer this afternoon, and if he would be hearing about them next Sunday? Maybe, if he was lucky, he would be struck down between now and then by lightning. The thought of being forced to listen to yet another of Jenny’s confessions was almost more than he could bear. How much longer, we wondered, would he be able to wage the war against temptation when its champion was Jenny Grimm.

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