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The Costume Debacle

A trap turns out to be much more than Lisa anticipated it to be.
Lisa has always trusted Adam. Never once did she have to worry about Adam cheating on her with any other female. But that didn't stop her from being curious about how he acts when she's not around. Is he like every other male who stares at everything that walks by with tits and an ass? Certainly one would think not.

Adam has always felt like he was a lucky man. Lisa is a very beautiful woman and could've done better than Adam, which is why he was grateful to be with her. He would have to be a fool to fuck that up. But Lisa had given Adam a new sense of confidence after he realized that she actually did want to be with him. Sometimes this new confidence would get dangerously close to getting him in trouble. Reality slapped him in the face each time the temptation arose.

Halloween was slowly approaching and everyone on their street began taking the liberty to decorate for the upcoming holiday. Each house had a different theme to it. One house had a scarecrow on the front porch with pumpkins set up around him. Another house had fake cob webs hanging off the porch and over all the windows with a witch that appeared to be looking out the window at night. It was pretty creepy yet cool at the same time. As for Adam and Lisa's house, well, neither of them were that creative around Halloween time. Adam decided on a life like Jason to place on their porch by the front door. Lisa wasn't too fond of the idea, but didn't have anything better to replace Jason, so she decided to go along with it. Really, what can you do?

Three houses down is having a party on Halloween. Typically the best way to prevent having the cops called on you is to invite everyone on your street. This is what this particular couple did. They wrote a note to their neighbors and dropped them in their mailboxes.

Dear Neighbor,

John and I are having a Halloween party on Halloween night.
It would be greatly appreciated if you could attend.
You need to have a costume that has a mask.
All masks will be worn until midnight when we take our masks off and reveal who we are.
Feel free to invite anyone you want and we'll be looking forward to seeing everybody!


Adam and Lisa were intent on going to this party. They weren't able to get out much with their work schedules and what not, so this seemed like an acceptable excuse to put things off for a night. Now as to what they were to wear was beyond them at the moment. Oh well, it's not like they have three weeks to decided upon that. They just need to make sure that whatever their selection is has to come with a mask.

Adam had a pretty good idea of what he was wanting to do. It was now down to Dracula, Jason or Freddy. Dracula was out of the question considering that a few others may dress the same way since vampires were a hot item ever since Twilight came out. Jason seemed more like the realistic character to portray. Freddy would've been hard to pull off, besides, he just fucking creepy. Jason it is.

Lisa didn't have a clue on what to wear. She could dress up as anything she wants. She has the frame to make anything sexy work. Her only issue was to cover her face. What would be substantial yet sexy? She could be a sexy witch, but what's sexy about a fucked up nose and warts? Then, of course, there's always the superhero, or super-heroine in her case. Either way works. Wonder Woman would definitely be enticing, yet look weird with Adam dressed as Jason. On second thought, she could be the one trying to take down Jason as he's trying to murder her. Anyways, whatever she decides to do, she needs to do it quick.


The party is now a couple weeks away and Lisa still hasn't made up her mind on what she wants to wear. Cat Woman or Wonder Woman are now the finalists, but she doesn't want to run it by Adam because she wants it to come as a surprise. He keeps bugging her about her costume, but each time she tells him it's a surprise.

What the fuck is she going to wear? Burns in his mind every time. Adam's curiosity was beginning to get the best of him, but he knew the patience would eventually pay off. Then again, he's also wondering why he's even frustrated with this minor issue. It's just a fucking costume. Either way she's going to look sexy.

Lisa began frantically searching for a costume. She went from store to store looking for something that would catch her eye and say wear me. She figured something dark would compliment Jason in some sort of way, but then again, there wasn't much of anything that complimented him besides water. Ah fuck it, I'll go with Wonder Woman! With that, she had her mind made up.


Finally the day of the party had arrived, but Lisa woke up that day not feeling so well. Not to throw out any concern, she didn't mention it to Adam because she figured it might go away. As the day drug on, so did her well being. She gradually felt better, but not enough to warrant leaving the house.

Adam returned home from work around 6:30 and immediately began bugging Lisa about her choice in costume.

"C'mon babe, you have to show me at some point, so why not now?" He asked, trying his best pouting face, but to no avail.

"No! You'll see it later. I promise." With that, she turned around and went back to their bedroom.

"Fine! I'll wait, but you better be prepared for some of Jason cock later!" He flashed her a seductive smile.

"We'll see about that." Lisa turned away from him, but not without popping her ass out at him before she rounded the corner leading into the room.

Adam went into the room to retrieve his costume, so he could get dressed. Lisa had laid back down - of course she wasn't feeling well, but didn't want him to know that - and had forgot that her costume was laying on the bed, but was mostly concealed by the thrown back comforter.

"Get the hell out of here!" She shrieked at him.

"I'm just grabbing my costume! Calm down!" He replied as he grabbed his costume and walked out the door. He went down to the guest bedroom and began changing.

A few minutes later, Adam stepped out of the guest bedroom, no longer as Adam, but now as Jason. He took a look in the mirror and had to admit to himself that he looked scary. He didn't quite have the frame of Jason, but he did fill the costume nicely. To top it all off, the mask definitely looked legit. He was ready for this damn party. Now, if Lisa would hurry the hell up then they would be good to go.

"You about ready, babe?" Adam asked through the closed door.

Lisa laid there not feeling well at all, but knew that she could no longer keep this from him. "No I'm not. I don't feel good, honey. I'm sorry. Go ahead and enjoy the party without me. I'm just gonna stay home and try to sleep this off." She replied as she sat up holding her head.

Adam opened the door and began to walk in. "You sure? I don't want you to miss out on the fun." He asked as he sat on the bed next to her.

"Yeah. It's okay. Go have fun and I'll see you later." She lifted his mask and gave him a kiss.

Adam got up and walked out the door. As soon as she heard his footsteps get out of ear shot, she was out cold.


She woke up two hours later and felt much better, but she didn't want to tell Adam. Lisa decided to slip into her costume and go to the party anyways. Besides, she was curious to know how he acts when she's not around. She trusted him and everything, but of course that curiosity sometimes got to her. Now was her chance.

Lisa got up and walked the necessary distance to their friend's house. When she arrived, she walked inside and noticed people dancing in the living room to the music that was playing. This is when she spotted Adam dressed as Jason.

She spotted Jason with three girls surrounding him, all dancing and grinding on his body. This made her fume, but she kept her composure just in case this was nothing major. The more they danced, the more he began to feel up these girls as they returned the favor to him. Lisa was beyond pissed, but didn't want to cause a scene. Instead she walks up to Jason and pulled him away from the three girls. Being the attractive woman she was, she knew she could pull his attention rather quickly. She began grinding and dancing upon him much more dirtier than the previous whores had. With this being her husband, she wasn't concerned about being a slut. Jason began grinding back and grabbing her ample breasts. Once again, it's her husband, so naturally she just let him.

Lisa hadn't mentioned what her costume was, so Jason had no idea what she was wearing, let alone expecting her to show up. The touchy, feely between the two became so intense that Lisa's panties were beyond soaked. Not to mention, Jason's bulge was protruding into her ass.

"Let's go out to my car. Don't say a word and leave your mask on." Lisa seductively whispered into Jason's ear. Considering they lived three houses down, it wouldn't take long to reach her vehicle which was parked out front of their house.

She led him out into the front yard and a little ways down the street to where her car was parked. They slid into the back seat and immediately Jason pushed her on her back and climbed on top. He began fondling her breasts, pinching and pulling on her nipples. He was not gentle with his hands. He kneaded and prodded at her breasts as his dick was painfully straining against his pants. He reached down and freed his aching cock as his hands began roaming further down her body en route to her soaked pussy.

Lisa grasped his cock and began stroking. He seemed much harder than he's ever felt before. Maybe he was just very turned on with this concealed identity. Whatever it was just made her that much more wet. She desperately needed his cock.

Jason reached up under her skirt and removed her drenched underwear. He then took his cock and guided it into her dripping wet pussy and wasted no time as he began railing her in the backseat of her car. Her screams and moans increased with every violent thrust he made with his cock.

"Oh my fucking gosh! I'm cumming baby, I'm cumming! Oh you're cock feels so fucking good!" She began screaming and writhing underneath him as a huge wave of an orgasm came crashing through her petite body.

He felt the walls of her pussy violently spasm around his cock and knew his own orgasm was shortly behind hers. He increased his pace as he felt her go limp under him. He decided to slow down and prolong the inevitable from happening. He pulled out and sat up. Lisa took his cue and straddle him before sitting down on his impressive cock. She sank all the way down and began riding him for all she was worth.

Lisa took control of the situation and began bucking and bouncing on top of him, his dick hitting her deepest depth with each stroke. The feeling of being on top with his face hidden, brought on another powerful orgasm. She seized up and flooded his lap with her own cum. Falling against him, she began kissing his neck.

Jason started thrusting up into her as she lay there kissing his neck. Each kiss became longer as he increased his own pace trying to make himself cum. Suddenly, she bit his neck as another orgasm powered through his beauty. There was no holding back this time. The sensation of her spasm pussy and the clenching of her walls sent him over the edge as he unleashed a massive torrent of cum, filling her pussy while she rode him. He laid her back on the seat as the rest of his load came spilling out, making a mess on the seat. He pulled out and retrieved his pants as he watched Lisa lay there trying to catch her breath.

"Wow, that was amazing!" Lisa moaned out. She just stared at him with a sexy smile on her face. Jason just shook his head yes as to agree with her statement.

They walked back to the party together, but Adam had yet to say a word to her. She felt it was better this way. They would just talk about it later after they fuck again in the privacy of their home.

Lisa hung around for a little bit, but slipped out shortly before midnight and the unmasking of the guests. She arrived home and changed back into her pajamas and waited for Adam to get home so she could confront him about what he had done with Wonder Woman. Luckily for her, she had on a blue mask that covered her eyes and cheeks with holes, so she could obviously see. The only way he would've recognized her was by her voice, but then again it was loud in the party and Adam could've been drinking and not caught on. Only time will tell.


Adam arrived home around 1 a.m. smelling of alcohol and without being dressed as Jason. He wasn't drunk, but he definitely had a nice buzz going on. He walked into the bedroom to see Lisa awake and watching T.V.

"How are you feeling baby?" He asked her as he sat on the edge of the bed.

"A lot better. How was the party?" She replied, sitting up a bit to talk to him.

"It was alright. Sure wish you were there though." He looked into her eyes before laying down. "I sure am horny."

"Me too. I've been waiting for you to get back so you can rail me again." She slipped the 'rail me again' in there to see his reaction.

He rolled over and immediately went to remove her shirt. At first she was taken off guard, but then realized his intentions. She lifted her hands above her head as the shirt quickly followed, revealing her ample tits. Adam went straight for her right breast and began kneading and prodding it as they had been earlier this evening. Lisa was convinced that this would play out just like round 1 had.

"Fuck the foreplay and fuck me right now." She demanded as she removed her bottoms lay spread eagle for her husband.

"Okay." Adam replied as he scrambled to undo his pants.

He let them drop to the floor before he positioned himself between his wife's legs. She grabbed his cock and lined it up with the opening of her cunt. As soon as his cock made contact with her pussy, Adam dove straight in. She let out a yelp mixed with pain and pleasure. He began forcefully pounding her cunt as she locked her legs around his ass. She rolled her hips up under him, so he could fully penetrate her needy cunt.

Lisa lay underneath him, reveling in the sensation of being full again. She typically had a high sex drive, but tonight it was ridiculously high. She was going to make sure she got off again before the night is up.

Adam drove into her pussy with everything he had. He loved the way she was writhing underneath him. He increased his pace and luckily for him, the alcohol was going to make him last longer than he normally would've. Not that he was complaining or anything. He wanted to make sure he'd deliver her request. Then it hit him. When did he rail her before? Anytime that had sex, it was usually making love or just normal sex. Never had he pounded the hell out of her cunt. Oh well, that can wait until after he blows his load inside his sexy wife.

She had her ankles locked around his ass, trying to match his furious pumps, but to no avail. He was really laying it to her and nothing like earlier. She felt an orgasm quickly approach and held on for dear life as she felt it tear through her body once again. Adam had no signs of slowing down, so she braced herself as two more ripped through her frame. She was beyond exhausted, but wanted him to continue pounding her.

Adam was amazed with the number of orgasms she had. Normally she gets off once and that's it. Tonight was a different story. The pulsing in his cock became greater as he realized the end was near. He kept up his frantic pace and felt her walls squeeze his cock very hard. Finally the end came as he unleashed rope after rope of cum into her well fucked pussy. He collapsed on top of her before pulling out.

"Wow, that was crazy.." Adam was out of breath.

"I know! So, what did you do at the party?" She sat up and asked.

"Nothing really. Just played some poker and drank beer in one of the back rooms with some of the guys."

"Really? No dancing or mingling with anyone?"

"Nope. I didn't really want to be there without you, so I went off to play poker, but apparently the guy I let borrow my costume had a lot of fun. The pants are covered in some girls' cum. I threw them away. That's why I'm not dressed up anymore."

Lisa was stunned. She couldn't believe that wasn't Adam. If it wasn't, then who was that? She began to feel sick and ashamed. "Oh really? Did he say he fucked some girl?"

"Yeah he said some girl in a Wonder Woman costume came up to him and began dancing with him then took him out to her car. Apparently she came on him like three times. Why you ask anyways?"

"Oh nothing. Just wondering how you would've know it was female cum. Oh well, let's get some sleep. I'm tired." She was in shock.

Lisa's conscious weighed on her all night. She couldn't believe that she fucked some stranger thinking it was her own husband. How could she have been so stupid not to tell the difference. The two felt just alike. Maybe Adam was just lying and trying to cover up his own mistake. Then again, maybe not..

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