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The debt collector

He allowed her to be used
Jon’s at work, there’s nothing new there. It’s got so bad lately that the only time May gets to see him, is at the office in that little gap between finishing work and going home. The long luxurious afternoons in motel rooms are a dim and distant memory.

When she gets there, the production line is still in full swing. He’s sat at his desk looking as gorgeous as ever, but it’s obvious from the furrow in his brow that he is speaking to a really awkward client on the phone. She walks over, lifts her skirt high enough to show him the lace top of her stocking and perches on the corner of his desk.

He smiles to himself as he catches a glimpse of her shaven pussy. She sees from his eyes that he has spotted her preparation and begins to unbutton her blouse teasing him more by stroking herself, knowing that he is trying so hard to maintain a professional act for the phone customer. She feels her nipples harden inside the satin cups of her bra and the soft material reminds her of his mouth.

The moment is broken by a loud banging on the door. He covers the mouthpiece and shouts 'Come in' and a huge bearded man flings back the door and glares at him.

'You fucking ripped me off' the man shouts 'and now I want some compensation'. Jon stares at him, speechless. May slides off the desk, walks up to the stranger and offers her hand by way of introduction. 'What can we do to put a smile back on your face?' she innocently asks.

He stalls and looks from Jon who hangs up the phone, to May, mentally finishing off the buttons she hadn’t already opened and back to Jon. 'What’s on the table?' he asks and Jon, without thinking quips 'she is'. She can't believe he’s just done that. They had talked before about inviting in another man but how dare he offer her like some possession to pay off a debt, without any sort of warning.

The angry stranger looks her up and down and paws at her. She searches Jon’s face looking deeply into his clear blue eyes, silently pleading with him to stop this. The stranger reaches out grabbing roughly at her tits. He pulls her back against him and gropes between her legs through the thin material of her skirt.

Jon flashes May an apologetic look, and whispers to her that it will be ok.

She can feel the stranger growing hard against her and wonders how big he is. She hopes that he is bigger than Jon because that would serve him right. And if he is she fully intends to show Jon how much she will enjoy being filled by a bigger guy.

Without any further warning he tears her blouse completely open and buttons pop off everywhere. He pulls her breasts free and Jon watches getting very turned on at the way her eyes open wide. He thinks its because she is a little afraid but the reality is she is excited by the scene she is going to act out for Jon, to teach him a lesson.

The stranger spins her round and lowers his mouth onto one of her darkening nipples sucking harshly and biting at her tender flesh. She closes her eyes and tries to stifle the moan of pleasure. His mouth is nothing like Jon’s, whose lips are soft and gentle but the intensity of his attention is equally as pleasurable.

He pushes his hand down the waistband of her skirt and comes to a dead stop when his fingers find damp skin instead of the panties he was expecting. He leers up at her, all the time mouthing her breasts and nipples which are starting to show signs of the rough treatment he's dishing out. Purple bruises are beginning to appear around the nipples and she knows that they will remind her of this encounter for days to come.

Jon is starting to feel uncomfortable, not because he feels any sort of guilt for not stopping this, but because he is so turned on watching her being manhandled by this guy, that his cock is hard and trapped.

'She's a game bird', the stranger says. 'I'm going to enjoy this compensation'. With that he turns May over and shoves her up to the desk. Jon can see the glistening saliva all over the bruises on her skin.

She sees the bulge in Jons pants and knows that he is really turned on. She looks deep into his eyes, and flashes him a look that she hope he takes as her begging for him to stop it, knowing that he won’t. She needs him to think she doesn’t want to be fucked but that she’s letting him as a favour for Jon. She will collect his gratitude over the coming weeks and knows the more reluctant he thinks she is the more grateful he will be.

Meanwhile the stranger pushes her head down until it rests on the hard cold surface of the desk and lifts her skirt up. She feels his rough hands grip her buttocks as he pulls them apart. 'Dirty fucking bitch is wet' he tells Jon over her back. It’s hardly surprising though as she had been playing with herself just before going into the office, in readiness for Jon.

The stranger drops down and forces his face into the soft moist area between her legs. He bites and sucks at her flesh, his beard raking against the soft lips of her pussy. She has never been taken so roughly before and is feeling really slutty, which is a new edge to sex. Usually her love life revolves around sensual pleasure and sensitivity. This is so different; it’s raw and basic, almost animal like. She lifts her face and looks up to her lover, asking again for him to make it stop, but he mouths 'sorry….. just let him'. If only he knew she was loving every minute of it.

Jon meanwhile has never seen anything so erotic outside the staged porn he hides from both his wife and lover. He is feeling so guilty though at letting her be abused like this and is determined to make it up to her.

The stranger kicks the inside of Mays ankles forcing her legs far apart. She can feel the cool air across her exposed flesh as goosebumps form. He laughs 'I'll have to warm you up luv' and slaps leaving a stinging hot hand print. 'There you go, warmer eh?' He adds a couple more for good measure. May has never been spanked before, the initial pain and shock quickly subsides and she finds that she is getting very turned on. The assault on the nerve endings in her ass and thighs seems to heighten the sensitivity of the pleasure nerves in and around her pussy.

The stranger stops for a moment to survey his handy work. Her buttocks and thighs are glowing and his lecherous grin tells Jon that he is happy, but when he spreads her ass cheeks and sees the skin there is pale he frowns and moves his aim onto the centre of her sex. She cries out at the first strike, Jon assumes she is in pain but in fact she is on the verge of an orgasm.

Jon could feel the pre-cum ooze out of his engorged head and was desperate to see the mess she was in. He got up and walked round the desk to join the stranger and was transfixed at the sight of her cunt. Her pussy lips were deep red and swollen and in the middle, instead of the pink spongy flesh he was used to pushing through to get inside her, was a dark hole, open and slick with pussy juice.

He looks up to the stranger and nods and the stranger forces finger after finger into her swollen pussy. May can’t believe that this feels as good as it does. Surely there is something really deviant about enjoying being used this way. She closes her eyes and tries to disassociate herself from the harsh treatment being dished out after all if she’s not actively participating she’s not the deviant. The stranger can’t wait any more and releases a wide 10” cock from his pants. Jon is envious of his tool and can feel his own orgasm build at the prospect of it being used to fuck May.

May reaches round to touch his rock hard cock and can’t believe how big it is. She wants to be filled and guides it to the entrance to her pussy trying all the time to make it look like she is attempting to stop him from invading her. The stranger rams it deep into her dark wet hole and her eyes widen as he fills her with more meat than she has ever taken before. Jon finds himself mesmerised at the veins in her neck which are bulging, such is the force of the thrusts the man is using. As he watches the stranger pounding into her, Jons feels his balls tighten. He reaches forward grabbing a handful of Mays beautiful dark hair imagining himself buried in her up to his balls, Jon can hold back no longer and his cock throbs as spurt after spurt of cum soaks into his pants.

May is now thrusting back at the stranger, urging him to fuck harder and faster, she can feel her pussy begin to contract and screams out ‘no, no’ for Jon’s benefit, although every ounce of her is silently screaming, ‘yes, yes, I’m cumming’

The stranger is not far behind and shudders, raising his face to the ceiling. He thrusts into May hard, releasing hot sticky semen on each thrust. He withdraws, cleans the glistening head of his cock on his tee-shirt and nods to Jon. 'Cheers mate, she's one hell of a fuck. We'll call it quits shall we?' and walks out the door.

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