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The Esthetician Gives and Receives

She loves her work as well as the delicious rewards…
Damn, what a mess! I’m here in this beautiful hotel, about to wrap up a business trip. I have a few hairs on the top of my nose that are driving me nuts. I can feel them. So I’m sitting in this fancy bathroom with one of those magnified mirrors, enabling this blind man to see what in the hell he’s doing. I find the source of my frustration easy enough but then, damn, I find so much more! I never really noticed all of the open pores I had and crud in them. Excuse me for being gross but my nose looks like it’s full of moon craters. They look really bad! I guess that’s the drawback of being far sighted. I’m unsure of who else might have noticed this but, now that I see it, I’ve got to get this crap cleaned up.

When I arrive home a few days later I got on the net and began to look into what to do about it. I have a lot of female friends but was a little too self-conscious to ask them about something so personal and unbecoming. After a little bit of research it leads me to seek out an esthetician. By what I’ve read it sounds like I need a deep cleaning, an extraction and whatever else the hell the expert suggests. I decide not to go local in case I might run into someone I know. I find it a bit embarrassing to have to go to one, especially knowing it’s mainly a woman’s stomping ground.

I read several reviews about beauty shops located in a city about 40 minutes away. It’s a little more of a classy area than my town and figured I’d probably get better service there anyway. At least that is what I told myself. Frankly, I just wanted the privacy.

I decide to call Rene’s first to feel them out, ask a few questions and to see when they might have an appointment available. Christie, the woman who answers the phone, seems very professional and nice. I immediately feel pretty comfortable. I ask her questions pertaining to the two “P”s: price and privacy. The work is going to run about $65.00 and, as for privacy, when you arrive you are taken to a stand-alone room. That sounds great. I don’t want somebody extracting gawd knows what from my face and then have someone staring at me from across the room. I decide to go for it.

“That’s great Mike, you’ll like Nicki. She’s very thorough and really knows her stuff. She’s also gorgeous! See you on Tuesday at noon. Bye now!” Christie says as she hangs up.

So Tuesday rolls around and I must admit I am more than a little apprehensive. I feel fairly confident that I’ll have my privacy but I hear that there is certain amount of pain involved and...Well...I’m a wuss. Toughen up Mike, I say to myself, women do this all the time!

Christie is the first face I see as she greets me when I approach the front desk. She is a beautiful blond with bright green, rather captivating eyes. In a few minutes she walks me to the back and I find that I love following behind her. Her form is stunning! Besides being a very fit woman, the deep crevice of her ass clings to her slacks perfectly. When I pass the doorway to enter Nicki’s room and to be introduced for the first time, I’m self-conscious again. I know my hardened dick will be quite obvious if either of the women look down at my khakis. As Christie says goodbye and closes the door Nicki turns around to meet me. As she shakes my hand I realize that my cock isn’t going down anytime soon. Christie described her as gorgeous and that she is. But there is 20-something gorgeous and then there is the more mature gorgeous. I figure she is probably in her mid-thirties and everything about her is exquisite. Her hair is dark and wavy. I love it; it looks like a cross between wild and kinky. I like kinky! Her face is very appealing with high cheek bones, big brown eyes and full, glossy lips. Her five and a half foot tall body is toned and tan. Her fairly short skirt shows a good portion of her legs and they are to die for. Her breasts are perhaps her most striking feature. They are very large and firm and her nipples are poking through the thin material of her button down white blouse. Just like her associate Christie, her ass looks delicious as she turns to gather her trade tools. I love the view but hate the restrictive nature of my pants.

After the introductions and some quick small talk, Nicki meticulously examines my face and then explains in great detail the process we are about to undertake. Words like cleaning, extraction and facial go right over my head. I have nothing to draw on, this being my virgin voyage and all. What I do know is that I’m glad to be getting this over with and she is making me feel pretty comfortable, save the uncomfortable rigidity of my hard on.

I must say that her nearly hour long effort is fairly painful at times. Having a grown woman squeezing your face with all of her strength has never been nor will ever be on my bucket list. Having a woman as beautiful as Nicki makes it a hell of a lot more tolerable though. Even as she works me over I can’t help but lust over her tight, athletic body. My cock is hard the whole time. In fact, the tan pants I’m wearing, because of their light color, reveals a spot of pre-cum that has leaked from my tool. I sure hope she doesn’t notice it. She’ll think I’m a perv.

As our time comes to a close she informs me that we will need at least one more appointment. She has me look in a special mirror so I can see her handy work. Though the skin is still red in several spots - she assures me that it won’t take long for that to fade - I must admit that it does look markedly improved. As I continue to look intently in the mirror, I look beyond my face to Nicki as she stands behind me. Her tight blouse is peaked over her large breasts and there’s a gap between the buttons. This horn dog is going nuts lusting after this woman. She breaks my trance when she suggests a one day rest and then a return visit on Thursday.

“You can just pay me then Mike. Go and see Christie at the front desk and she’ll schedule the appointment. I’ll see you Thursday. It’s been a pleasure!” she says as I walk out her door. I can’t help but notice that in the midst of our final exchange she is staring straight at my crotch. In fact, I notice her gaze when she used the word ‘pleasure.’ She must have seen at least the spot if not my long shaft as it extended down my pant leg. Damn am I hot.

Christie seems a little surprised that Nicki wants a 5:30 appointment.

“She actually said 5:30 Mike? That’s odd, she normally doesn’t work past five,” she says. My time at Rene’s concludes when Christie stands and shakes my hand. “It’s been a pleasure Mike! We’ll’ see you again on Thursday!”

I don’t mean to be crude, but those two women really made me horny. I drive straight to a nearby park and find a secluded parking place in the shade. I find it impossible to wait until I get back to the office and take the issue up in the men’s room. I need relief and I need it now. Looking all around to ensure I’m alone, I unbutton my pants and slide them and my briefs down to my ankles. I commence with stroking my raging hard on right there in the driver’s seat, such is the urgency. The inside of my underwear is coated with my cream and my slit continues to feed its natural lube down my vertical shaft. My hand and dick are a mess as I stroke it, dreaming that Nicki is attending to me with every pump. I’m so far gone that I raise my hips and fuck my hand back, bucking them heard into the air to meet my thrusts. It isn’t long before the bottled up pain is released as shot after shot flies into the air and onto my steering wheel and dashboard, eventually dripping down onto my legs and carpet below. Damn I needed that but what a fucking mess! I reach for the tissues and, as luck would have it, pull the last one from the box. WTF! Oh well, if I had my choice to do it now or wait 40 minutes to get back to work I would have chosen now despite the inconvenience. After ruining the lone helpmate available, I gather as much of my cum into my fingers and flick my hand out the window, causing the big white load to fly all over the asphalt and even a bit on the side of my car. When I’ve done all that I can with my seed I’m left with no other option. I begin the painstaking process of ridding the car and my personals of man juice as I feed my slimy fingers down my throat, eventually sucking them dry.


I have no idea what, if anything, Nicki thinks of me but I’m so glad it’s Thursday. I haven’t been able to get her out of my mind since I left her shop. I’ve jacked off three times since the park incident and with each fantasy Nicki became hotter and sluttier. Fortunately there was no need to drink my own cum in the latter three explosions. I changed into shorts, tee shirt and athletic shoes before leaving from work. When I walk in the door I am greeted once again by the lovely Christie.

“How’s it going Mike? It’s good to see you!” she says enthusiastically, smile beaming.

“I’m good girl, how about you?” I inquire as I take her hand in mine.

It isn’t long before I’m following Christie’s gorgeous ass back to Nicki’s room again. I only wish the journey was 35 minutes instead of 35 feet. I would love the opportunity of watching the lovely motion of her juicy ass as it sways back and forth in her tight jeans for a very, very long time. When we get to Nicki’s door she doesn’t go in but just motions for me to enter. Nicki’s beauty once again takes my breath away. She turns toward me wearing a colorful short skirt, sexy boots and a tank top blouse that hangs just past her midriff. I can tell as soon as she turns that she is not wearing a bra. Her nipples are not hard but they are definitely visible. As soon as I see her my already growing tool becomes fully inflated. Christie interrupts the tension as she begins to close the door.

“Mary is about finished with her appointment so I am taking off. You’ll need to lock up Christie. I’ll see you later. Have a good night Mike!” she says with her toothy smile.

We both say good bye as Nicki invites me to take a seat. On this day I am much more at ease. I pretty much know what she’s going to do and I’ve embraced the pain, so to speak. As she works on me I’m no longer diverted by the process and so my full attention is focused on the beauty before me. I thought Tuesday was difficult. Every time she takes a step or does any of her work her breasts seductively sway back and forth. When she lifts her arms up to my face, her tight blouse creeps up her torso so high that I can see her flat abs and pierced belly button. She looks amazing. Something this hot demands a reaction and now my cock is swelling to the point of causing the shorts I’m wearing to stick up about three inches. The way my cock has filled my shorts has made it gather up my leg a little. If that isn’t bad enough, I can sense that the tip is dangerously close to escaping the confines of my briefs. If that happens, what with my shorts already being kind of gathered up towards my crotch, it is quite conceivable that the head of my cock might poke out from the base of my pants.

Nicki seems much more relaxed today. She is animated and talking profusely, perhaps she’s a bit giddy or nervous. She tells me all about her life, her hobbies, shares that she is recently married, etc. Her language is a little less professional too. I find that ‘shit’ is one of her favorite words, second only to ‘fuck’. That’s good; I kind of like that word too. It kind of surprises me, based on the persona she put off just two days prior. So here she is being a little chatter box, up until I ask an innocent question. She is just about finished and I am inspecting her work with the mirror again.

“So Christie says you never work this late, so how come you scheduled me at 5:30?” I ask.

Almost immediately, my smooth talking friend begins to stumble upon her words and acting rather nervous. The hardening of her nipples does not go undetected.

“Well I, I thought that would be the best fit for your schedule. I figured at this time of day it wouldn’t interfere with your work,” she said somewhat convincingly. The only thing is she never asked me about my needs, preferences or work schedule. I begin to get more excited, if that is possible. Could it be that she has an interest in me? I decide to press a little bit more.

“Really, I don’t remember us talking about my schedule,” I say as I use my legs to turn the swiveling chair to face her. “Are you sure it isn’t something more Nicki?” I ask with a broad smile on my face. Damn, I can’t believe how ballsy I’m being. She looks directly in my eyes and seems resigned to fess up.

“Well I guess you caught me,” she starts out slowly. She looks down at the floor, seemingly to gather her thoughts, and then smiles a heart-grabbing seductive smile. “I normally don’t do this. You see, as I’ve already mentioned, I’m a married woman,” she begins. “In fact, I’ve never been with a client before. I don’t know what it is, what makes you and today so different, but I want you. When you were here on Tuesday I sensed you wanted me too. Was I right?” she asks.

Now I am the one caught off guard but recover fairly seamlessly. “Well who wouldn’t want a beautiful woman like you Nicki?” I counter. “What made you think that I wanted you?” I say with all the sincerity of a used car salesman.

“This is why...” she says as she leans down and pets my throbbing cock. “So my friend, am I you want me?”

My answer comes as I stand up, take a hold of the sides of her face and pull her into a long, lusty kiss. My hands begin to travel down the length of her back and finally come to rest on the bubble butt she was hiding beneath her skirt. As our tongues continue to slither between each other’s parted lips I sense the urgency we both share. As we break from the kiss I just stare at her and wonder what comes next.

“What exactly do you have in mind?” I ask her.

“Well there is one stipulation Mike,” she says as she pulls my shirt over my head and begins to rub my chest. “Since I’m married, I won’t allow anyone to fuck me. Don’t worry, we’re going to have a good time. But the only way I will ever fuck someone is if my spouse gives me the green light to do so. Are you okay with that?” she asks as she unzips her boots and walks out of them. Next, while looking me straight in the eyes, her hand slowly pulls the zipper on her skirt and I watch as it falls to the floor. Her blouse soon follows.

“Sure Nicki, you make the call. We will only go as far as you want to go,” I say as I remove my shorts, pull down my briefs and walk naked towards her. Another long, zesty kiss ensues and I lead her over to the chair I was sitting in earlier. As I fuck her mouth with my tongue I finally have the beautiful globes in my hands that I have dreamt about for over two days. They are so firm and warm. I move my lips down to her nipples and bath them with my tongue. Meanwhile, my right hand has been making the slow trek down her belly and is nearly to her mons. Before I reach it I back up from her and look down into her disappointed eyes.

“So tell me,” I say while looking down at the beauty as she gasps for air. She is already getting very hot. “What exactly do you want from me Nicki?”

“I simply want what I’ve given you!” she says.

I’m a little confused. “You want what you’ve given me?” is my puzzled response.

“Yes! On Tuesday, and then again today, I gave you a facial. Now it’s my turn! I’d like to order two facials please!” she says showing her wonderful smile. “I’m pleased to inform you Mike, I’m a cum-slut!”

With that she reaches for my cock, my drooling, throbbing cock, and pulls me closer until I’m walked straight into her mouth.

“Hmmmmmmm,” is all she says as she devours my tool, expertly sucking it down her throat. She is so aggressive that I’m not going to last long. The fact that I was thrusting my hips and fucking her face didn’t slow things down in the least. As she senses I’m about to blow she removes all but the tip from her mouth and simultaneously works her hand and tongue up and down the shaft. As the first shot is about to fly she moves my dick a few inches from her face and opens her mouth wide. Stream after stream of hot juice goes air-born and lands all over her face, a little of it finding a place between her willing lips. She immediately swallows her treat and pulls my softening pole to her lips and goes to town. She is an expert cock sucker. In the midst of watching this sensuous, eyes-closed beauty milk every last drop, I begin to think what a lucky dude her husband is. As she finishes draining my cock she opens her eyes and smiles at me from ear to ear.

“Damn, you taste amazing. That is the best cum I’ve ever had!” she claims.

“Well good, I’m glad you like it,” I say, my broad smile nearly matching hers. “I’ll have to be sure to get you another order of the white stuff before I go!” There is an awful lot of cum on her face, hair and neck. It’s a gigantic load. I take two fingers and scoop up some of it and feed it into her mouth. Another “hmmm” follows.

When she sees me walk towards her feet, and I motion her to lie back in the chair, she looks disappointed. That soon fades.

“For two days you’ve been meticulously working on my body babe. Now it’s my turn,” I say as I begin to lick my way up her smooth as silk legs. She raises her legs and places them over my shoulders as my tongue slowly passes up the interior of her thigh. I can hear her and see her heavy breathing as I roam the warm confines of her limbs, drawing ever closer to her soaking wet panties. I slide my hands into the waistband at her hips but I’m met with some resistance.

“You can’t fuck me Mike, remember what I said?”

“I know babe, trust me I know. My cock will never go near your pussy unless you give your go ahead. Now help me out by raising your ass!” I say.

She hesitantly complies. I lower my face once again and soon her shaved slit is just inches from my mouth. As I nibble, lick and bitingly tease down her flesh, I can smell the wonderful aroma of a woman in heat. My eyes are fixed on her labia, the pink moist flesh whose rolling hills are enveloped in her warm juices. Her tight, puckered hole is now within reach as I extend my tongue and lick the love juice from it. She arches her back at the sensation of getting rimmed. I move up a few more inches and sink my tongue between her musky lips, drawing it up until I find her bell. As I begin to work her clit over with my tongue I slide two fingers inside of her dripping pussy and work them in and out.

“How does that feel babe? Are we good?” I ask without any need of a response.

“Fuck yeah, fuck yeah we’re good...real good” she says as she raises her ass off the chair to meet my tongue and fingers half way.

“Come for me baby,” I say as I finger fuck her. “Spoil me with your hot juices!”

Merely seconds pass and her grinding body and contorted face rides the tide of a world class come. She grabs the back of my head so that my tongue cannot vacate her love button and I feel her release as her fluids begin to flood my mouth and attempt to drown my hand. Her illicit screams accentuate just how much she needs it as her body convulses erratically beneath me. There is nothing quite like the sensation of a woman coming!

It takes Nicki several minutes to recover. I probably didn’t help matters much as I continue to work her body over. Her pussy tastes delicious and I love the way her body tenses when I lightly flick my tongue ever so lightly over her asshole. By her moans I think she just fell in love with something new. When her recovery is complete I climb up on the chair and straddle her stomach while facing her. I begin to prepare for her second order of spunk.

“How are you babe? Are you having a good time?” I ask as I remove some cum from her hair and spread it in between her perfectly shaped tits. She looks up at me wearily with a very satisfied grin on her lips.

“Yes I am; that was amazing,” she beams.

My cock is hard again and ready for round two. I begin to stroke it while she watches. It isn’t long before my pre-cum is flowing from the tip and onto my fingers. She raises her head a little so she can see me and smiles seductively as I slide it between her luscious, slippery globes. She takes her queue and places her hands alongside her breasts, drawing them firmly around my shaft as I begin to thrust my hips towards her face. You can tell by her face that she loves to be titty-fucked. She closes her eyes and is enjoying the friction on her chest, just waiting to be splattered by my cum again. She looks so fucking hot. I decide she needs a little more pleasure of her own. As I continue pounding her tits I reach again for some of the cum on her cheeks. Soon I’ve scooped a healthy share of my cream and, as I continue riding her, turn and slip my two cream-filled fingers right up her cunt.

“Oh, yeahhh,” she says breathily as I pound her tight, juicy slit. That only encourages me to go faster. I love watching her face grimace as I fuck her body hard in both places. I can tell she is close and I’m not far behind.

“I want you to come for me again Nicki, can you do that?” I ask teasingly.

Her answer is a very loud scream that accompanies her raised hips grinding into my hand. She is fucking me hard now and I’m almost there. I love the way she is panting and moaning beneath me, the way she keeps saying “oh fuck” over and over again. It’s an incredible sight as I watch her face while fucking her tits. I finally let go of her snatch and concentrate fully on the task at hand: to shoot another load onto the face of my gorgeous cum slut.

“Come for me Mike,” she pants. “Come all over my face!”

Just as the words escape her mouth the door over to my left opens. There stands the beautiful Christie. Her arms are folded and it’s hard to tell what her reaction is. Nicki turns to sees her work associate watching us. A broad smile takes over her face.

“Come on me damn it! I want you to show Christie what you’ve got!” she yells.

That was all I need as my cock unleashes a torrent of cum onto her face, neck and tits. Nicki once again has her mouth open and has caught a shot or two of the thick, white cream. She smiles lustily as she drinks it down and then grabs my cock to stroke the remaining jism out. I’m gazing at her wedding band with each stoke, wondering what would happen if we ever got caught. I begin to scoop up my cum and force it down her throat. ‘Force it’ is probably a bit too strong of a statement. This woman can’t get enough of it.

My orgasm felt so powerful I almost forgot Christie was there. I turn to look at her again and find she’s walking silently towards us. She reaches down and scoops a little of my cream onto her fingers and brings them to her mouth.

“Damn, that is tasty!” she says. She brings her fingers back down to Nicki’s face and scoops some more. This time she puts it in Nicki’s mouth and smiles. She backs up a few steps and, taking her blouse in hand, begins to slowly unbutton it. I’m shocked at what I see and do a double take. I look at Christie first and then back again to Nicki. Their hands, their hands, I think to myself.

Holy fuck, they’re wearing matching wedding rings.

Well I guess that means I’ve just gotten the green light!

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