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The Family Reunion

 I have been married 2 1/2 years, and believed my wife to be conservative. She comes from a big family with 8 aunts & uncles and lots of cousins. There is this one cousin named Shannon, she is a year older than my wife and I. My wife and Shannon are best friends they are constantly talking on the phone, texting, emailing, and doing the facebook thing. Shannon lives 2 hours away from us and about every 6 weeks or so my wife will go visit her for the weekend. I don't go with her because I can't stand Shannon's husband. He is one of those loud mouth, full of himself type.
 Every summer in August this family has a reunion, they camp by this lake and bring boats, wave runners. There is usually 80 to 90 of her cousins, aunts, uncles, and family.  This last summer we were at the reunion and the wild part starts on Thursday night. I was in Uncle Mike's trailer playing poker with a few of the cousins. I was losing and Bart ( Shannon's husband ) was being is usual self so I decided to go out and sit by the fire with my wife. There was about 8 people sitting around the fire when Shannon suggests we go skinny dipping. So we sneak down to the lake, and strip. There is only a partial moon so you barley make out who people are, and my wife and Shannon look alot alike. They actually look more like sisters then cousins. Anyway we are out swimming and I see my wife and I swim up behind her and grab her butt. Shannon turns around, " I'm sorry." I reply. " Thats OK, I love when people grab my ass." she says. " here I like this even better" she grabs my hand and sticks it between her legs and my fingers begin to explore her pussy. My penis is instantly hard as I'm fingering Shannon. I look over and I see my wife swimming towards me so I quickly pull my fingers and hand away from her pussy. " Whats going on?" my wife asks. " nothing, your husband grabbed my ass. He thought I was you." shannon replyed. My wife and Shannon both laugh.
 After skinny dipping my wife and I go to our tent and I get to do what I love best, which also my wife loves and is for me to lick and suck her pussy and clit. She loves to sit on my face and let me lick and suck her to orgasm. I know she enjoys this more then fucking it self, becuase very rarely do I get to fuck her with out first having my tongue bring her to an orgasm. 
Friday morning
 I am an early riser, due to the fact I have get up early for work. So friday morning I got up early and left my wife sleeping in our tent and went out and started a fire. I had only been sitting there about 15 minutes when Shannon said, " Good morning how are you?" " Fine, you are up early." I replied. " Yeah I like to get up early, I love mornings when I'm camping." We sat there for a few minutes and I noticed how gorgeous she looked and I felt my penis begin to grow thinking about last night. She asked, " want to go for a walk?" " sure" I said. We started walking out of camp and she grabbed my hand. I again felt my penis begin grow. We had been walking for about ten minutes when she asked," Did you enjoy touching my pussy last night?" I didn't reply. " I know you did, but you know what I really love. When someone licks my pussy!" she continues, " My husband doesn't really care to lick pussy, he just wants to fuck." I'm not sure at this point where she is going with this, and we come to this big rock on the side of the trail. She stops and sits on the rock and pulls me to her and says, " Janet ( my wife) brags that you love to lick pussy and that you are damn good at it."  By now I have a raging hard on and all I can think about is this woman's pussy. " why don't you lick my pussy right now." she purrs. " I can't you are my wife's cousin and that would be wrong." I reply. " PULL DOWN MY SWEATS AND PANTIES RIGHT NOW AND GET BUSY!!" she demands So I drop to my knees and pull down her sweat pants and her purple thong and I start by sucking on her clit and I stick a finger in her pussy. WOW!!! she tastes so good. I then remove my finger from her pussy and replace it with my tongue. " Fuck my pussy with your tongue, Damn that feels sooo good." So I began to alternate between sucking her clit and sticking my tongue in her pussy and finger fucking her in between. She begins moan and move her hips and grind on my face and than she explodes with an orgasm. " Fuck me with that cock of yours" she demands. So I stand up and pull down my shorts and boxers and she lays back on the rock and I slide my penis into her wet, juicy pussy and begin to fuck as hard as I can, She reaches down and begins to touch her clit while I'm fucking the hell out her. I'm getting really excited and explode inside of her, and I keep pumping until I go soft and slip out of her hot pussy. " That was nice, thank you." she wispers.

We head back to camp. I walk over to our tent to see what my wife is doing. Just as I reach the tent my wife steps out all dressed and asks, " How was Shannon?" I play dumb " What are you talking about." Does her pussy taste as good as mine?" she asks. I...I... she says "you better get changed and cleaned-up it is our family's turn to cook this morning" and then she walks off and I'm still standing there with my jaw hanging wide open and not knowing what to say or do.
 I change clean-up and go help with breakfast. I end up cooking pancakes with my father-in-law. My wife is over by her mom and sister serving people so I can't ask her how she knew, or why she isn't super mad at me for fucking her cousin. By the time we are done cooking and cleaning for 90 people and I go looking for my wife. She is nowhere to be found. It turns out that her and Shannon, and couple of other cousins went out on the boat to go water skiing.  So I head down to the lake and ride the wave runners and go swimming, but I'm not really enjoying because all I can think about is Shannon's pussy and good it tastes and how good it felt to have my cock inside her and if my wife is mad or not mad and how she knew.
Finally later that day I caught up to my wife in our tent while she was changing. " I don't understand why aren't you mad at me for umm...umm" I can't even say it in front of her. She finally said it for me " For fucking Shannon." I couldn't believe it my wife never says fuck and she said it so casual. She stood up kissed me and said' " How can I get mad you for something I have doing since I was 15, Shannon and I have licking, sucking, and fucking each other for 9 years and it all started here at this reunion. It was my idea because her husband is so lousy at sex!" I stood there dumb founded my conservative wife had been fooling around with her cousin for 9 years. She kissed me again and said," I'm going to town with mom and aunt Cami, for supplys" She patted me on my rock hard penis, and I don't even remember it getting hard. she said," you should go find Shannon to take care of that for you."
 After she left I just layed there and could not believe that my wife would do such a thing, I mean yeah we have a good sex life, but she gets mad at me even if I talk about our sex life with our friends and here she was fucking her cousin and letting me do the same.
 The next thing I new Shannon unzips our tent and comes in. " Janet said you had a rock hard penis that needed to be taken care of!!" she purrs. She pulls down her bikini and sits right on my face I have no choice but to start licking this fantasic pussy. " Did she tell you how I make her lick my pussy, you are almost as good as she is!" with that statement I really start sucking her clit and she starts moaning and grinding on my face, and then reaches back and starts stroking my cock. She quickly turns around and we engage in 69 posistion and I'm sucking her clit and fucking her pussy with my tongue and fingers. I even stick a finger in her ass. Oooh " I like that" as she continues to suck my penis until it explodes in her mouth and she drinks and sucks every last drop of cum and then she explodes with another orgasm. As she gets up and puts on her bikini and kisses me and she says," we have the rest of the weekend to enjoy each other."
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