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The Fireman’s Smoking Hot Wife

The young wife is begging for it until some heroes come to her rescue…
I know it’s a commonly held stereotype but I believe it to be true. The firefighting community contains perhaps the sexiest, fittest hard bodies you’ll find in any work place in America. They are simply hot. It’s true for the men and the women as well as the spouses and significant others who love them. It certainly is true of Britney, the fireman’s smoking hot wife.

Their passion for each other is almost historical. Justin and Brit began dating while still in their teens and soon became the envy of all of their friends. The ‘beautiful people’ had it all. They were young, athletic, popular and extremely nice in spite of all the attention. They became inseparable and their passion for each other oozed from their pores. They have been married for eight years now and they are still going strong. At least, that would be Justin’s perspective.

When they have the time their sex lives are amazing. Justin is a very skilled lover and her beautiful body responds in ways that few women have experienced. Britney loves the way he uses his tool and his lips and how easily he can bring her to multiple orgasms. When he has the time Britney is completely and utterly fulfilled. That is, when he has the time.

As for Justin, well he’s a guy and he’s married to a woman who is extremely sexual. His wife is an absolute stunner in spite of having birthed two kids. Her body rivals any teenager ten years her junior. In fact, what with breast feeding two kids - making her natural breasts even larger - and working her ass off after the pregnancies, she’s even hotter than she was ten years ago. She keeps getting better with age, both physically and sensually. She loves to experiment and play and he definitely reaps the benefit of her adventurous attitude. He couldn’t be happier. They’ve made two beautiful children together and his stunning wife obviously loves him to death. Even their finances, in this gawd-awful economic time, are going pretty well. Of course that is due in part to all of the extra shifts he puts in. He fully intends to move up the ladder quickly and hopes someday to be a Captain. He never turns down an extra assignment or shift. He’s going balls out to be as successful as he can be.

It is because of the last statement that all is not well in Britney’s world. Being the dedicated stay at home mom that she is gives her plenty of fulfillment as long as hubby keeps the dedication to his career in check. Unfortunately, that has not been the case of late. The life of a firefighter is a challenging life indeed, what with the daily risk to life and limb and working 24 hour days, sometimes several days in a row. She has a great deal of admiration and respect for her husband and what he does but she is quite aware that it’s no picnic for the spouses either at times. She seldom knows when he’ll be home or for how long he’ll stay. “Just one more shift babe,” he routinely says. “I’m making a great impression on the Captain!” Right now it would be fair to say she’s very frustrated and at her wits end.

She’s waited for him for days now. They have been long, lonely days filled with a craving for her man’s touch. The building tension between her legs has made matters quite urgent for the insatiable woman. The last three nights have been spent on the net reading erotica, mainly stories about reluctance, dominance and group sex. Her lusty reading was often interrupted with invites to connect with men and soon her urges led her to open up the chat windows. She’s never cheated and never intends to do so. But tonight, her urges were taking her to places she never planned to go. At least, she says to herself, I’m not really cheating on him.

As the conversations continued her mind was going into overdrive and she was flooded with emotion. She thoughtfully typed the filthy notes back to her admirers, completely engaged now with the men who wanted nothing more than to use her. Even as they described how they would take her and make her bend to any and every whim they could conjure up, her panties were soaked through with the juices from her steamy cunny. In a matter of minutes, while the children slept in the far corner of the house, in her mind’s eye Britney was bedded by several men one right after the other. She imagined their cocks sliding in between her needy pink flesh as they talked to her in low whispers. She was naked on the bed, her keyboard was being tapped away on as her fingers and toys joined in the action. Her body quaked several times in powerful, mind-blowing orgasms. Each night a somewhat satisfied smile would envelope her face as she drifted off to sleep, lying alone again in her bed.

All of this activity made the evenings better but it just wasn’t enough for this woman. She wanted more than a cyber-lover, she wanted her husband. Her need was so compelling that a good hard fuck was imperative. It has gotten to the point that she’d almost be willing to let somebody use her. Fortunately that won’t be necessary as she’s decided to go and see Justin at work. It won’t be the first time that she’s shown up unannounced at the station and he’s taken her into the back room where they play together until satisfied.

That brings our story to today. Britney has the day pretty well orchestrated. After dropping her kids off at the sitter’s, she drives back home to dress. She’d spent the early morning showering and shaving her body. That’s right, every part of her body is bare, just the way Justin likes it. She splashes on his favorite scent, the one that literally drives him up the wall, and now she is home to pick out the perfect outfit.

As she peruses her closet she decides to look just as hot as she feels. As she pulls her Daisy dukes up her tan, muscular legs she feels extra naughty. He loves these extra short denims with the strategically placed holes. He will die when he sees that she’s wearing them without any panties. Now the blouse... She removes a white, button down short-sleever from the closet. Instead of buttoning all of the way down, she skips the top three, buttons two and then ties the bottom portion. Even without the support of a bra her 38 C’s look amazing. The last item she puts on is the sandals with three inch heels. That should do it, she thought as she turns toward the full length mirror.

Staring back at her is beauty incarnate. Long, brown hair cascades over her shoulders and down her back. Big, beautiful brown eyes meet her gaze. Her gorgeous face is accentuated by her high cheek bones and her perfect teeth surround by her warm, sexy smile. Her body is very fit, athletic, tan and extremely curvy. Her 5’ 4” 105 pound frame could breathe life into a dead man.

“I’m going to seduce my man at work and, unless he’s turned gay, this most certainly should do the trick!” she says checking herself out and then turns to inspect her firm, meaty ass. Her bountiful cheeks are pouring out of the denim as she wiggles her hips and watches them shake. “Yeah, he’ll be eating out of my hand - and pussy - within the hour,” she says huskily. Even this staunchly heterosexual woman was getting turned on looking at the magnificent woman in the mirror. She reaches up and pokes a finger up the very short pant leg, immediately coming in contact with her smooth pussy. Just as she’s suspected, she is drenched. “It won’t be long kitty until you are completely patient!” she says as she pets herself one last time then brings her wet finger to her lips. With a loud smack on her ass she turns and heads out the door.

When Britney arrives at the station she immediately sees that only one of the fire trucks is present. There are normally three. As she begins to walk up the driveway she spots Captain Mike and Steve the new rookie washing the truck. It’s bewildering for her to see the Captain performing a chore like that but he’s the type of guy who instructs well and models for the men how to do their jobs right. She concludes that it really shouldn’t surprise her. Justin respects him – he thinks he’s a great leader – but often feels like Mike comes down too hard on him and rides him and the men too much at times. Britney, on the other hand, likes him as well as respects him. She perceives him as a guy who is just always trying to push the staff to be their best and is always encouraging them never to take shortcuts in their lives or work.

“Hey Captain Mike!” she yells as she nears the giant bay door, “how’s it going?” She looks over at Steve and just gives him a nod. She hasn’t really met Steve before, just heard about him from hubby.

“It’s going great Britney, and quit calling me Captain,” he says as he reaches out and gives her a big bear hug. Still holding onto both of her hands, he backs up and looks down at the beautiful hottie.

“My, my, my, what have we here now? Did you come to see me?” he says with a wink. “Damn you look hot!”

She ignores the compliment. Firefighters are notorious for hitting on women and she doesn’t want to encourage it, no matter how fit and nice looking the Captain is. “Not exactly, I came by to see my husband. Is he out on a call?”

“No he’s in the back working on a project or studying or something,” he says smiling. “You need to speak to that boy. I think he’s missing some of what life has to offer. He never takes a break!”

“Oh well, if I have my way, he’s going to have one now,” she says with a sexy smile and turns to head to the back offices. “Damn, he better respond,” she says quietly to herself. “I need it today; I so fucking need it!!!”

She walks past the offices, bunk room, bathrooms and fitness room and quietly opens the last door at the end of the hallway. She enters and slowly sneaks up behind her man. Justin is sitting with his back to her at the desk. His blond hair caps the head that rests on his tee shirt clad sculptured, muscular 6’ 1” body. Whenever she looks at his physique it never falls to turn her on. He is concentrating fully on studying the screen so when her hand touches his shoulder he jerks back in surprise.

“What are you doing here!” he says, kind of heatedly. It isn’t the kind of heat Brit’s looking for. His reaction has taken the wind out of her sails but she presses on. She puts her hands on is broad shoulders and rubs them, then moves on down his chest. His nipples harden and she assumes she has him right where she wants him. She walks around his chair, pushes the keyboard aside and sits right in front of him on his desk. Her limbs are spread and he can see right up her tiny shorts. Her smooth shaved snatch is only inches from his face. She feels it drip in anticipation as he puts his hands on the inside of each knee and spreads her even wider. Britney closes her eyes, knowing that his long, skilled tongue will soon find her button and take her over the edge.

Seconds later the mood is interrupted. No, ‘destroyed’ is a better description. Justin forces her knees closed, rolls the desk chair backwards and stands up. He takes her by the hand and escorts her to the door. Along the way a stern lecture is given. Things like “you don’t have a clue, I can’t believe you’re interrupting my work, you can’t just come down here and assume I’ll drop everything just to fuck you,” are spewing out of his nasty mouth. He hasn’t slept in 36 hours and you can tell. He’s never talked to her like that before. To say she is shocked is an understatement. Flabbergasted might be more fitting. As he pushes her from the room and closes the door, the rejected beauty slumps back against it and tries to hold the tears at bay.

It takes a few minutes but when she feels like she has regained her composure she straightens her clothing and begins the long, lonely walk down the hall. She’s hurt and most definitely pissed. At the same time she’s as horny as this needy little bitch has ever been. She can hear Mike and Steve whooping it up with the hose, playing like two little boys while washing the truck, as she enters the big bay again. Her re-entry startles Steve as he inadvertently turns to look at her and brings the nozzle with him. What follows is a quick spray of water over her torso, causing the already revealing tied shirt to become see through. The contrast of her all over tan and her hard nipples stare back at the men as the water drips off of her blouse and down her sexy, tight abs. She was breathtaking before. Now the remarkable sight might just give them heart attacks, especially the older guy.

“Are you okay honey?” Mike asks. “You dip shit Steve, look what you’ve done! Here let me get a towel. You looked like you were upset before you were so rudely interrupted.” Steve has turned the house off and is standing there speechless, just staring lustfully at Britney. Mike begins to pat her body with the towel, just dabbing at it, trying to remove some of the water. The attention and touch of this sexy man, mixed with the needy gaze of his extremely fit partner, has the young woman breathing deeply and dripping between her legs again.

“It’s okay, really Mike, it’s alright,” she says as she strokes his arm. “I’m fine. Justin is just a bit too busy for his wife these days. I was thinking about coming out and helping you guys anyway. I guess I have the time now.” She reaches into the soapy bucket, grabs a sponge and leans towards the truck to begin wiping it. The two men are mesmerized by her body as she stands on her tip toes. From this vantage point her already stunning ass cheeks meld even tighter to the denim which has risen up into her crack so high that it almost looks painful. She arches her back seductively, exacerbating the incredible lewdness as her ass sticks out. She looks like she’s modeling for them and makes Megan Fox look like a junior high boy! Mike can’t believe his eyes. He walks behind her for a closer look. His dick is hard and he is gasping for breath as her body sways left and right while attending to the vehicle. He squats down, wondering if his hunch is right. Sure enough, from this angle he clearly sees she has no panties on and can actually look up her shorts and see her rose bud and smooth-skinned pussy. He can see it is slick with moisture and he is beside himself. Before he even has a chance to think he moves forward and slides his hand around her ass cheek and in between her meaty thighs. His fingers scoot past her back hole, touching it as he passes and slides between her cunny lips. They are soaking wet as he reaches her button and begins to play with it.

“It looks like you could use some help with that Brit,” he says as he slides a long finger straight up her pussy and finds her G spot. As he slowly begins to finger fuck her, his tongue slides past the denims and paints a trail over her ass and pokes into her slit. A loud moan accompanies his fingers’ entrance.

“Would you like me to help you honey?” he says rather huskily.

At first she can only nod, her head facing down now as she concentrates on his ministrations. Finally she says, “You have no idea how badly I need to come,” and lays her head against the truck.

Mike gives a few more flicks of his tongue before he stands up and reaches for her stomach. As he draws his crotch to her ass he moves his hand up her shirt and cups her right breast. “Is Justin not taking care of his woman?” he teases, rolling her hardened nipple between his fingers.

“No, he is not!” she says emphatically. “And I so need to be taken care of Mike,” her voice trailing off as she tilts her head back and lays it on his shoulder.

“That little prick! I’ll take care of you Brit. Lets you and I go into the fitness room and get comfortable,” he whispers into her ear and then rises and barks an order to his underling. “Steve, finish cleaning up the truck. When you’re done with the exterior I want the inside completely detailed too. I’ll be back shortly.”

“If you don’t mind Captain,” she says as she looks over at Steve and, speaking in a voice so low only he can hear, says “I’d like him to join us.”

As the three enter the fitness room Britney gets a little bit nervous. The only man she has ever been with is Justin and now, she’s about to get fucked by two men she marginally knows. All of this is going to take place while hubby is working on his book report or whatever just a few feet down the hall from her. As soon as Mike touches her again all hesitancy flies out the window as her lust takes over. Mike pulls her to himself as his mouth covers hers. Her response is immediate and passionate. The built up longing, her emotional and physical deep seeded need, will have its way today. She is freely giving herself to Mike as Steve watches intently while slowly removing his clothes. As his naked body catches her eye she gasps her approval right inside Mike’s mouth. He is cut and he is lean. And his long, shaved cock is simply enormous. As her tongue explores the captain’s mouth her hand reaches out and strokes the length of her new friend and his heavy balls. She can’t remember ever being this excited before.

Mike breaks the kiss and he takes her by the hand over to a long padded table that is used for stretching and massage. He has her lean her ass against it while he slowly unties her blouse, allowing her marvelous breasts to be unveiled. He has never seen a more beautiful woman in all his life. As she reaches for Steve again Mike has lowered his head and is nibbling and sucking on her tan, full mounds. His hand slides inside her shorts and his fingers play with her slit, teasing it as his fingers pass back and forth her deep, wet valley. As he captures a nipple in his mouth he unbuttons her Daisy dukes and pushes them down her legs. Britney steps out of them and Mike lifts her body onto the table.

“Are you sure you want to do this Brit?” he asks as his hand creeps up her legs again.

“Yes I’m sure,” she says breathily. “I need it so bad. Do to me whatever you want. Take my body and make it your own!” and she grabs the back of his head and kisses him deeply until he forces her head away.

“Okay girl, but I’m warning you right here and now that once I start I’m not stopping. There’s not going to be any timeouts called. Last chance. Do you want us to fuck you?” he says eagerly.

Britney’s beautiful eyes glaze over at the thought of being taken by these two hunks. She’s longed for Justin to be that man, the guy who would take control and dominate her and fuck her into submission. And now, not one but two firefighters are readying for the task. Her answer is pure and simple and animal-like in response. She looks down and watches Mike’s hand powering its way inside her steaming cunt. She grabs his wrist and helps him to quicken the pistoning motion, pulling him even harder and deeper into her snatch. Even as she strokes Steve’s cock her body begins to quake and lose control in her first come of the day. As her hips thrust forward to meet her intruders she closes her eyes and just takes it all in.

“Ohhh, ohhhh, ohhhh,” she repeats again and again, trying carefully to be quiet while she releases her body into the men’s care, riding out her seemingly endless come before taking Mike’s mouth again to her own. Damn, this is exactly what this girl has dreamt of for years. Now she wants more!

Mike removes his hand from her pussy and raises his wet fingers towards his lips.

“Do you mind?” he asks as he pauses at the entrance.

Britney grabs his hand, her lust not even close to being quenched. She pulls his digits to her lips, licking her own dew off, and then feeds the rest to Mike. The scene is so hot, so damn nasty that her hand job finally sends Steve over the edge. His ropes of cum spit out onto her arm and thigh, finally streaming on down her hand. Mike loves watching this amazing woman lick her own cum but when she begins to lick her other hand and stuck Steve’s cum into her hungry mouth he finds it’s just too much.

“Steve, you get over to that end,” he points and says as he lays her on her stomach cross ways on the bench. From her waist to her armpits her body meets the cushion. Her ass and legs dangle over on one side as she stands on her tip toes. On the other end her head angles down towards the floor. Mike stands next to Steve and pulls her hair, effectively lifting her head to just the right angle.

“Feed her your cock!” he barks at Steve as the large slimy tip passes between her lips. “Okay, now fuck her face!” He leans down next to Brit’s head and watches the action closely. “You like that don’t you baby?” he whispers. She closes her eyes and tries to nod in response as her lips envelop the hard piece of meat and she deep throats the man. “Good! I hope you like monster cocks in your pussy too!” Mike takes his shirt off and lowers his pants and stands next to her naked. She opens her eyes and takes a peek. Her already big brown eyes grow enormous now. It’s obvious she’s shocked by his size but loves what she’s seeing. “I’m glad you like it. I’m going to love taking over for your pussy of a husband. Get ready, because here it comes!”

Mike is soon at the other end of the table. He can see her shaved pussy dripping from excitement and her previous come and takes a long swipe at it with his tongue. There is no need for posturing now. He simply grabs her by the hips and thrusts his tool inside her cunt. He is a bit longer and much wider than Justin is. Brit has never felt anything like this before. The feelings are indescribable as he pounds away into her tight, needy snatch. Within a dozen strokes her body begins to quiver and spasm as her come builds. As she always does, she tightens her muscles around her lover’s tool. As she releases herself and rides out her climax she pulls Steve’s cock from her mouth and really lets herself go.

“That’s it, fuck my pussy, pound my cunt you bastard!” she screams at the top of her lungs and stuffs the prick back inside her mouth as Steve begins to unleash his hot relish. Steve’s pulling her hair now as he drives his cock hard into the back of her throat. Britney sucks down every drop that is spurting into her mouth. She loves the feel and taste of cum and moans aloud with every gush she takes in.

“Wow, you really love cum don’t you? You’re the perfect woman!” Steve opines thankfully as he fucks her mouth until his hard on is nothing more than a wet noodle. Mike watches the whole erotic show while he plows in and out of her pussy. It’s more than he can take as he feels his seed boiling up, surging towards his cock head. Just as he feels it erupt he pulls out and gives a series of guttural grunts. He screams, “Oh fuck!” as his stroking spray her body with his cum. Rope after rope lands from her shoulder blades down to her glorious ass and dribbles down her crack onto her wet slit. Mike is still panting big time, just trying to re-group before he re-directs the action.

“We’re not done with you yet Britney!” he says commandingly. He watches for her reaction and she just smiles a wicked, little smile. Gawd, he thinks, this woman is absolutely amazing.

As instructed, Steve is sitting on the floor facing her wet snatch. His fingers are inside her and he is fucking her good while his lips are attached to her clit. The little bitch is close to coming again. Meanwhile, at the other end of the table, Mike is wanting to experience what Steve just had. He tenderly lifts her head and slides his soft dick in. He has seen her skill-set and knows he’ll be hard in no time. In less than a minute, after feeling the swirls of her tongue on the underside of his shaft, he is a rock and fucking her again. It’s at this point that there arose the prospect of all hell breaking loose.

Justin had been working away about 20 feet down the hall. The fact that the walls inside the fire station are made of brick has helped to insulate the orgasmic sounds coming from the fitness room. But when Mike yelled out as he came Justin’s concentration was diverted from his studies and he got up to investigate the noise. As he walked undetected into the room his jaw literally dropped. There was his sweet, somewhat innocent wife - who not an hour before was trying to seduce him - lying on her belly with a tongue up her slit and the captain’s cock in her mouth, sucking it furiously. He took note of the pure, unadulterated pleasure that has overtaken her face and the way her hips are bucking to meet Steve’s fingers and tongue. He is filled with emotion, from anger to regret to jealousy to lust, but the two he is most conscious of are betrayal and just plain old being pissed off.

Mike finally opens his eyes and sees her husband walking towards the table. The confident man just nods at him and grins as he grabs the back of her lovely head and pushes his dick even deeper down his wife’s throat. Britney just moans in response. Justin gives no reaction. As he reaches his wife’s dangling legs he sees nothing but clear liquid flowing from her cunt. He takes some hint of satisfaction knowing that the men haven’t violated that opening, or at least didn’t spill their seed inside of her. As he watches Mike fucking her mouth he pulls his clothes off and throws them to the floor. Britney is unaware of her husband’s presence until he slides his cock past Steve’s fingers, which are quickly being removed, and bottoms out into her cunt. He watches first the shocked look and then a smile overtake Britney’s face.

“It’s about time you showed up!” she says friskily.

“And it’s about time that my slut wife got punished!” Justin retorts as he grabs some of the cum that has spewed across her back. After his fingers gather some of the man-milk he slides the slippery film in between her crack and over her brown hole. He retreats to gather more as he continues to fuck her cunt very, very hard. It’s as if he thinks he’s punishing her as he pounds her pussy. The last bit of cum is coating her rose bud as he pushes first one then two fingers into her virgin hole. The only thing Justin and Britney have experienced up to this point is rimming each other a little. Today, Justin has no intention of licking his wife’s ass. Today he’s going to fuck it!

Steve is now standing next to the table, stroking his cock as he watches Mike fuck her mouth and Justin pull his long cock out of her snatch. Britney moans and a pop is heard by all the men when her hot, tight slit is vacated. Justin immediately pulls his fingers out of her and points his stiff prick at her asshole. Britney’s body tenses as he slowly inches his way inside of her, trying to be careful not to hurt her too much. When his thighs have met her hamstrings and his balls begin to swing up and slap her clit, he decides it’s time to really take her cherry. He watches her hand slide under the table to diddle herself as he thrusts ferociously into her. He loves how hot and tight her hole is and immediately plans on adding it to their sexual repertoire. He hears his bride on the verge of coming, as she slurps up Mike’s big cock. Within a minute of each other the three of them orgasm. Mike’s seed is being sucked down Brit’s hungry throat as the sensations of her ass being pounded and her clit being flicked is doing her in. If her 210 pound husband wasn’t nailing her body down to the table it would be flailing around uncontrollably. She deduces that this is her favorite come of the day, unsure exactly if it’s Justin’s presence or simply the sensations coming from her ass being taken for the first time. Justin loves shooting his cum up his wife’s once virgin ass. The exhilaration of the scene has taken its toll. Justin is done but the others aren’t quite there yet.

Britney, the insatiable fireman’s wife, still wants more. She has loved getting her ass reamed but her multiple orgasms have just fueled the fire instead of quenching it. She is licking Mike’s cock and it is already coming back to life. He wants one more shot at her hot pussy, and to fuck her while her husband watches.

“Roll over Brit so your hubby can see you take a big cock while sucking another one!” Mike says. As she rolls over Mike leans down and whispers something in her ear and she just nods, confirming that she understands. Incredibly he is hard again. His cock bobs up and down as he walks from her head down to her waist. Justin is a few feet from the bench watching the men have their way with his wife yet again. His cock is growing in his hand as Mike motions over to Steve.

“Put that monster back inside her, only this time, before she can suck you dry, I want you to pull out and shoot your cum all over the face and tits of our beautiful new lover!” Mike commands. Steve smiles as he feeds her hungry mouth once again. As she moans her approval Mike crams his long shaft inside her extremely wet hole and fucks her while standing up. Brit’s body is writhing once again and so he takes his thumb and rubs her, assisting the gorgeous woman towards yet another come. As Mike’s orgasm approaches he catches Britney’s eye and winks at her.

After pulling the cock from her mouth and stroking it instead she turns to her husband and purrs, “Hey baby, can you lick my clit while he fucks me?” She pulls his cock back into her mouth as her husband walks to the bench, bends over and begins flicking his tongue over her sensitive little nub as Mike’s cock slides in and out of her hole. As if being orchestrated by the gods, the three of them are quickly approaching their respective orgasms. The first to scream out is Steve as he pulls his cock from her mouth and jet streams from the Milky Way go airborne, flying towards Britney’s beautiful body. As Justin licks her clit and Mike fucks her cunt, she opens her mouth, desperately trying to both catch her breath and at least some of his tangy sauce between her lips. Her tits, neck, face and hair are covered in his jism as a lone shot reaches her lips. She smiles as she swallows her favorite treat.

Next to find her satisfaction is Brit. The pounding and licking have captured every sensual fiber in her tiny frame. She begins to buck against the men as her body spasms. The sight is amazing as Mike and Steve take it all in. Justin is still sucking her pearl when Mike realizes he’s going to blow his last load of the day. He taps Brit’s leg so she’ll open her eyes and look on. Once he’s got her attention, the leader of this motley bunch takes the lead one last time.

“I’m almost there, I’m going to come!” Mike yells out. As soon as he says that Justin raises his head up to get out of the way.

Justin is shocked as Mike forcefully pushes his head back down while he pulls his cock from her snatch and strokes the long dick as it points directly at him.

“If you ever deny your wife again when she needs to be fucked,” he says as the first shot of cum flies into the air, “I’m going to fuck her myself!” No matter how hard Justin tries to break free of Mike’s death grip, shot after shot of his cum lands on the poor husband’s face.

“And it won’t just be me either; I’ll get four or five guys from the hot shot crew and give her what she really needs. You have no idea how lucky you are. Take care of your wife you fucking little pussy!” he yells as he shakes Justin’s head violently and then slides his cock into the mouth of the humiliated man. It was only inside for a matter of seconds, but it was enough to make a very strong statement. As he throws Justin’s head onto her belly and smacks it several times, she can see a little bit of cum pass Justin’s lips and drip onto her stomach.

Britney just smiles at that last statement. As much as she loves her husband, this events of this day have been just too damn good, by far the best experience of her life. Mike and the hot shot crew? She’s not so sure she wants Justin to man up.

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