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The Game - Part 2

The game continues.
Today was the day. Today, she would knock on his door. Today would be the day that she’d invite him over, and not wait for him to ask her again. She was determined. She woke up excited, having dreamed about how it would feel with him inside her. Holding her, and fucking her.

She opened her eyes to look at the clock, before she rolled out of bed. It was six-thirty am; time to get up, and get the older kids ready for school. In a few hours, she would have the house to herself again. She had to get everyone off to their various daily activities first though, and this meant ushering kids to the buses, and driving her husband to work.

Then she’d come home, and get ready for her day; her big day. She was almost shaking she was so excited to finally get it started. She woke the kids, got them breakfast, and sent them off to the bus. She had about forty minutes to relax, and then go through it again with the younger kids. She used that time to check emails, get dishes in the washer, and tidy the main rooms of the house. The chores she would normally wait to do until the house was quiet, and she was by herself.

As the younger kids got off to school, she glanced at the clock again, almost eight-fifteen; time to wake her husband. They had been up late last night, and she’d let him sleep, probably longer than she should have. He would need to be at work by eight-forty-five, to ensure he was on time; the roads were crap again. It had been warmer yesterday, then it dipped below freezing again last night and snowed. Between the slush freezing, and the new snow, it was going to be rough driving.

She woke him with a kiss, and lay down beside him, snuggling in to press her breasts against his back. He sighed happily, and tossed his arm back behind him in an awkward hug. Her hand traveled under the covers to find his cock. She massaged it gently, hoping to wake it up, as she woke him. She thought about doing this with her neighbor, and it turned her on something fierce. She kissed her husbands’ neck, and whispered in his ear, “Want to…?”

He grinned, and squeezed her ass. He pressed himself against her tighter for a second, and then he rolled away from her. He had a smile on his face, but she knew the answer was no. It was almost always no. She had gotten used to it, after seven years of marriage. But still, it felt like a rejection, and it stung.

She used to tell him it made her feel that way, but then she noticed that after his apology, he never really changed. So she stopped telling him how she felt disappointed; like he was rejecting her when he acted this way. She bit her lower lip, and instead of thinking about how she felt in that moment, she thought of how she’d feel later on today. Her eyes sparkled, and she smiled up at her husband as he dressed for the day.

She got up and straightened her clothes. A part of her felt that he’d just sealed the package, so to speak. If he wouldn’t touch her and kiss her like she needed, she should be able to find someone else who would, right? She left the room and got her coat and gloves from the hallway closet. She had to get the car dusted off, and warmed for the drive. He wouldn’t have time to do that, and get ready for work. Not even if that was something he would have done, which, it wasn’t.

He met her outside, as she was finishing up. As she drove him to work, she was careful and mindful of the traffic and roads. But in the back of her mind, her thoughts were driving her mad with anticipation for the rest of her day. She had things planned out, and her pussy grew wet, just thinking about it.

She would knock on his door about half an hour after she got back from dropping her husband off. She’d ask him to come upstairs and visit, in her apartment. Once they were upstairs, she would kiss him, and then clothes would be shed, and they’d fuck on the couch. She could almost feel his cock inside her, even now, as she drove her husband to work.

She knew that it would feel great; the touch of his hands as he groped her breasts and ass. He would show her something that she hadn’t experienced since before her wedding night; enthusiasm. Her body tingled as a thrill swept through her. Her nipples became hard, breasts more sensitive in anticipation.

She pulled up to the door of her husbands’ workplace, and they said their goodbyes. She gave him a kiss, and when the door was shut, she closed her eyes for a second to calm her nerves. She was nervous, though not because she was afraid she’d get caught. Not because she doubted that she wanted this. She was nervous because this was the day it was going to happen. She felt it with every breath she took, every beat her heart pumped. She knew what she was going to do.

And after they’d fucked, she would invite him to take a shower with her, and they might fuck again, or they might just part ways and each go back to their own apartment. She wasn’t certain what would happen afterward, but it didn’t matter. She’d been edgy for weeks, waiting for him to make another move toward her. It was time to stop waiting, and just make the move herself.

She stopped at a red light, and realized that her pussy was so ready, that it was throbbing under her jeans. She slipped her hand down to tease it a little more. The light turned green, and she drove on, her hand still inside her pants. Her pussy was so slippery, and warm. It felt good to slide her finger between its folds.

She wondered if there would be foreplay. She missed that part of sex. Her husband, lately, had been telling her to get herself primed, and he’d join her for the main event. She felt more and more rejected and lonely, as this marriage went on. She wondered if he really even enjoyed having relations with her anymore, or if it was just a duty he felt he needed to fulfill. Kind of like a chore: put oil in the car, change the burnt out light bulb, have sex with wife.

It was becoming more and more one sided; her sex life. And although her husband didn’t seem to know what to do to please her, sexually; it would have been nice if he’d put some kind of effort into playing the part of wanting to please her. She sighed to herself. She was just going to have to get it elsewhere. And she knew where she wanted to get it.

She parked in her assigned space in the apartments’ lot. Her heartbeat quickened as she noted that his truck was in the space near hers. He was home! Yay, she thought to herself, as she opened the front door to the complex. As she pushed it open and stepped inside though, she saw him standing outside his door, locking it. She knew she had to say something, before it was too late.

“Oh, hey,” she said, smiling up at him from the entry landing, half a flight of steps below him. “How you been?” She continued, hoping to stall him until she could slip in her invitation without sounding pushy.

“Hey,” he grinned down at her. “Been doing alright, thanks. How have you been lately? I haven’t seen you a lot recently.” He took two steps down the stairs toward her.

“Yeah, you know. I’ve been keeping busy.” She knew she was going to have to do better than that, but it wasn’t easy, trying to drop and invite for sex into short conversation. “What do you think about this weather?”

“I’ve been snow-machining, so I’m glad it’s finally here,” he said as he took another step down the stairs. Four more steps, and he’d be at the doorway, and she’d be out of luck; again. She thought quick, seeing that this time, she may not get to fulfill her fantasy.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it at least,” she responded. “Guess I’ll let you go. See you later?” He heard the hopeful note in her question, and his eyes traveled her body, from the knees up, until finally meeting her gaze.

“You bet,” he said, a grin once again spreading across his face. As he hurried past her, he let his body touch hers, although there was plenty of room in the hallway that they didn’t have to make contact. She turned, watching him slip out of the door. He popped his head back inside, caught her eye and waved back at her. His head disappearing again, just as the door came shut.

She grinned to herself as she climbed the steps to her own apartment. Today is still the day, she told herself. Today is the day that I’m going to ask him over. I’m going to make the move this time. I’m going to fuck my neighbor.

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