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The Girl Who Cried Yes - Part One

How can it be wrong when it feels so right?
"You're going on another date?" Lace asked her mother as she looked through the shirts that had been carelessly thrown onto the four-poster bed in the 'no' pile. "I like this one." She offered more kindly and held up the blue blouse.

"No offense mother, but you really are somewhat of a dating loser." Adrianna agreed with her younger sister of three years. "That one doesn't fit tight enough, and cleavage! You need cleavage!" She told Lace and swatted the shirt from her hands. "You should really borrow something of mine, that way when he sees you he thinks you're just a mother and not a grandmother."

"I'm going to dress the way I always do, respectively." Their mother said gently as she slipped a silk yellow cami over her head and then putting on a matching yellow sweater effectively covering the last remains of skin. "There. How do I look?" She asked her girls as she studied herself in the full length mirror and then turning to them.

"Perfect!" Lace gushed as she tucked an unruly curl behind her ear and folded her arms.

"Like a nun. And those are disgusting mom jeans." Adrianna said as she turned sharply on her heels and walked out of the room. She sometimes, actually most of the time, resented her mother and sister and felt distanced from them. She never knew her father but she imagined she must be a whole shit load like him because she was nothing like her mother.

"I hope she has better luck this time around." Lace said quietly as she came up behind Adrianna on the stairs. "I think she's lonely."

"She won't and she has no one to blame but herself."

"What do you mean?" Lace continued to follow Adrianna into the livingroom and curled her lip as Adrianna turned the TV to a music station and some foriegn girl rolled around in the sand.

She's too reserved. She needs to loosen up a little bit. You know, dress a little sexier, flirt, tease..."

"We can't all be you, Ade."

Adrianna looked at Lace and smirked. Lace was a lot like their mother. They had the same golden curly hair, the same deep penetrating brown eyes and the same porcelain skin. On top of all that they also had the same values, the same morals, the same fashion sense, the same mannerisms and the list went on.

Just then the doorbell rang out and Lace was already on her feet before it's echo had travelled all through the house. "I'll get it." She called out and darted out of the room.

Adrianna tried to contain herself but her curiosity got the best of her. She turned the TV off, sighed and slowly lifted herself from the couch and walking even more slowly into the foyer. She could hear Lace excitedly chatting up, what was his name, Johnny? Adrianna rolled her eyes.

"Well, you're cuter than the others." She said simply as she entered the open foyer and stopped. He was, in fact, gorgeous. He stood at least six feet and his brown, almond shaped eyes had a certain softness to them. After that though, everything else said bad boy. His brown shaggy hair was a mess and his skin was perfectly sun kissed. He was wearing combat boots, jeans, a white wife beater and a dress jacket. When he spoke he had a faded Southern drawl and when he smiled, like he was now as he eyed Adrianna, it was with one side of his mouth and barely noticeable.

"And you are much prettier than your mother described you as." He offered back to her. He wasn't lying, he meant the compliment. He was surprised to see little resemblance between her and her mother. She had small blue eyes that seemed to always be in a contant state of accusal, straight brown hair that hung in layers just past her shoulders and her skin, while not considered tanned, was darker than her mothers or sisters. But the three did share the same hour glass shape and full lips. There was no mistaking Lace for Susan's daughter, but Adrianna was a different kind of beauty. The dangerous kind, with a hint of carelessness.

Adrianna rested her head on the wall and smiled coyly.

"I'll go get mom." Lace said and then disappeared upstairs.

Adrianna removed herself from the wall and sauntered over to him, stopping just a few feet away from him. She eyed him up and down, not sure herself if she was sizing him up or checking him out.

"You don't look anything like the kind of guys my mom usually goes out with." She told him as she rested her perfectly shaped bottom on the edge of a table, sticking one leg out perfectly straight so that the incredibly short skirt she was wearing showed even more leg, if that was possible. Johnny found himself wondering about her panties. Were they white cotton? Maybe a sexy thong or something crotchless. And on that happy note, perhaps nothing at all...

Adrianna noticed him surveying her legs and smiled seductively, lifting only her eyes to look at him. "I just shaved today. I bought a new four blade razor so my legs are mega smooth. Care to feel?" She giggled to herself and sucked in the corner of her bottom lip. She could feel her skin start to get hot and tingly the way it always did when she was in full flirt mode. She wasn't the shy, play it safe girl her mother and sister each were. She liked being careless with boys, they were the one thing she was good at.

Johnny eyed her suspiciously for a moment and swallowed, but bravely reached a hand out and stroked the top of her thigh. Smooth didn't even begin to explain how silky perfect her legs felt.

Adrianna released her lip and exhaled deeply but quietly and gave him an intense look. She didn't want him to stop there. Sensing this, he never removed his hand from her thight; instead he moved it further up, underneath the fabric of her skirt trying to seize every bit of this moment he could. She wasn't resisting him making it incredibly easy. He slowly, cautiously moved his hand over to her vagina and could feel the heat coming from it and it immediately made his heart race and his dick hard.

Adrianna let a small satisfactory moan form in her throat as she let her legs fall open a bit and he stroked the slit softly with his index finger and for a moment he forgot where he was; all he could think about was bending his dates nineteen year old daughter over this table and pounding the shit out of her until she begged him to stop, but he was quickly brought back by the sound of voices from the upstairs hall and the pitter-patter of feet hurrying down the stairs.

He quickly removed his hand from between Adrianna's legs and stood up straight, turning his look to the stairs. Adrianna reluctantly stood up and followed his gaze just as her mother and sister reached the bottom.

"Sorry I'm late, Johnny. I had a minor fashion emergency." She smiled nervously and gave Adrianna a look.

"It's quite alright, Susan, Adrianna was doing a wonderul job at keeping me entertained.

Her mother sighed in relief and giggled girlishly, "I hope she took it easy on you. She can be..."

"Not at all."

"A little faitth, mother."

"Okay, girls, you know the rules. Lace, it's a school night so in bed by eleven. Adrianna, no company after midnight. And be nice to your sister." She added as an afterthought. "I'm not sure how late I'll be so don't wait up and don't worry. I love you girls."

"Love you." Lace said as she hugged her mother and Adrianna took the opportunity to wink at Johnny and run the tip of her tongue along her upper lip.

"You kids have fun." She said playfully as she ushered them out the door. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do, and if you do name it after me." She called after them.

Johnny opened the door for Susan, waiting patiently as she situated herself and then closed the door for her. He trotted over to his side of the car, giving one ast look at the house where Adrianna and Lace were still standing. He gave them a quick wave and then disappeared from their view into the car.

As he started the car he smiled to himself, with one thought in his head, she wasn't wearing anything underneath her skirt and he was very sorry he had to stop when he did.

"I like him" Lace said as she watched the car disappear around the corner.

Adrianna smiled at Lace, "Me too."
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