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The Graduation Trip

I had the time of my life...And I owe it all to both of you.

Every year, the graduating class goes on a trip. Every year, it was always to Quebec or Montreal. This year, we changed it up, entirely. We had made a vote and decided on a camping trip. Guys would be on one side of the land, the girls on the other and just so there will be no trouble, the teachers would be in the middle.

The first time I heard this, I laughed, "We're eighteen year olds! How can a few teachers that can't even run stop us from having our sexual fantasies come true?" It was crazy, especially since a few of my friends had already started planning who it was going to be with and where it was going to happen. I just kept to myself, since my boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, rather, couldn't make it. He had left already to go to his new life. Leaving me behind. I stare out the window of the bus that is taking us to 'Paradise.'

Everyone is loud, laughing about almost any and everything. The guys make dirty jokes while the girls laugh or slap them. Jane and Jack make out at the back of the bus, while Jeff touches Tanya's DD boobs.

I put in my head phones and listen to music to pass the time. Someone taps my shoulder. I turn around to see Rick smiling at me. I pull out the headphones. "What," I ask.

"After we get set up and everything, could we talk," he asks.

"Sure," I say. Rick has been my best friend for so long, but recently, he has been going out with Maria, who also couldn't make it.

I turn back around and listen to music, as I wonder what he wanted to talk about, 'Unless it wasn't about talking.' I shake my head, Nope, Rick is not a sexual person. He doesn't even have a dick.'

Even though I had already silenced the sexual questions, I still wondered what he wanted to talk to me about. By the time we arrived at the camp, I was almost excited. He'll tell me after!

I quickly rush to the cabin with a few of my friends, Becka, Liz and Leanne. "Where are you going in such a rush," Leanne asks.

"Rick needs to talk to me about something," I say. "I'll be back, I promise."

"Go, girl," they exclaim, smiling.

I quickly run out of the cabin, and smile when I see him at the opening of the forest. I run up to him, "Hey."

"Hey," I smile.

"You wanna go for a walk," he asks.

"Sure," I shrug. We walk side by side, through the forest in silence. This is not what I had in mind.

Just when I am about to tell him I want to turn back, he kisses me. He pulls me close to him and slowly his hands cup my ass cheeks. He squeezes gently, bringing me closer to him. I hold on to him tightly. Shuddering, when he squeezes.

"I want you," he whispers. 

"Now," I whisper.

"Right here, right now," he whispers. He doesn't waste anytime stripping down. He leads me up a little ways into a cave, where we are hidden by the huge thick trees and its branches of leaves. He lies me on the floor of the cave. He slips a condom on and pushes into me.

I moan my satisfaction. He pumped faster, until my climax shattered me. "Oh God," I whisper. "Do it again."

He smiles and pushes harder in. I push my ass out closer. He pushed his thick rigid cock into my ass. I was shocked for a couple of minutes and then slowly moved back on his cock. Slowly I increased the speed and pressure. A few minutes after, I heard Rick moaning softly and soon was cumming inside of me, though I only felt the rush, not the wetness.

"What's going on here," I gasp and turn to see Ryan.

"It's ok, I told him we'd be here," Rick says. Ryan laughs, making fun of me because of the look on my face. He quickly strips and slowly slides between my legs. He pushes his condom covered 10" cock up my pussy while Rick still fucks my ass. They give me a doule penetration, making me moan, gasp and wet the grounds of the cave. Ryan seems turned on about this and pushes harder up into me.

Ryan started kissing and licking my boobs, while his cock teased my pussy . He entered me and soon enough they both had a rhythm going. It was like I was in Paradise, just like the stupid brochure had said. Ryan kissed me, it was so sweet. So hot aswell as passionate and lovely. He passed his hand over my hips sliding it upper while Rick rammed harder into my ass. He gently kissed my tits , then with his tongue teased me. He sucked my nipples passing the tongue round it and biting it slightly.

"Hey you wanna switch bro," Ryan asks. Rick slowly pulls out and he slides in between my legs. He pushes into my pussy and brings me down on him. Ryan slowly shoves his cock up my ass. I gasp as they both pump hard into me. Rick put his hand on my pussy and slid down to flick my clit . I got excited and asked Ryan to fuck me doggy style. It was wonderful. I moaned as he gripped my waist while his cock banged me from behind. 

"Rick, cum in my mouth," I plead. He was more than happy to. He knelt down in front of me. He jacked off violently and finally came in my mouth. His sperm so hot and creamy. We kissed and Ryan fucked harder.  "I want both of you in me," I whisper, "Both this time, both of you on top, and me down here."i

Rick smiles as he sits on my ass, Ryan pulled out and Rick pushed down into my ass, Ryan slowly pushed into my pussy once again. We were all shaking. I moaned as they both quickened their thrusts and pressure. "Yes," I moan, "Oh God! Yes, fuck me!"

I wanted to scream, but I knew if I did, we would all get in trouble. So I soflty showed my pleasure and satisfaction with moans.

"Rick! Emily! Ryan!" We freeze, Oh no!!!

We quickly rush to get our clothes on and run through the canopy of trees. I see Leanne and a few of the other girls. Jane and Jack make out at the bottom of the hill. I laugh.

Rick and Ryan look at me like I'm crazy. "Just play along," I mutter. I laugh again, and they laugh too. Ryan even tickles me while Rick makes an impression of...actually I don't know what he was doing. I look to see Ryan's pants are wet, with my juices. Oh no! What am I supposed to say?

We stepped out of the canopy of trees and look up. "You guys," I laugh, I can't even finish my sentence.

"What's so funny," Leanne asks.

"Ryan wet himself," I laughed. They looked and laughed.

"No, I didn't, I just sat on a wet spot," Ryan says, smiling at me, relieved that I had found a reason to why my juices were on his shorts.

Everyone settles down after awhile and we all walk back to the campgrounds. We eat burgers, hot dogs and other barbeque foods. Rick, Ryan and I sit together, seperately apart from the others. "That was close," Rick whispers.

"Yea, thanks for saving me," Ryan smiles.

"For saving us all," I correct. I smile, "That was great. We should do it more often."

"Agreed," Rick and Ryan say together.

"Emily," Leanne and Liz call. I stand up, "I'll be back."

I run off to meet up with them. "So what happened," Liz smiles.

"What do you mean," I ask. "We--

"I followed Ryan up to the cave, don't lie," Leanne smiles. "How did it feel to have two guys instead of one?"

"Amazing!" We all laughed together.

"Tonight, I'm hooking up with Bruce," Liz smiles.

"Who is Bruce," I ask.

"Mr. Peters," Leanne says, rolling her eyes.

"Oh, wow," I say. "Why him, he's...old?"

"And he has money ," Liz whispers. "Lots and lots of money."

"So, what, he's gonna be your sugar daddy overnight," I retort.

"Yep," she smiles before walking away.

I smile and quickly rush back to the guys. "You know...I had the time of my life...And I owe it all to both of you."

Rick kisses me, and Ryan sits me down between them. "This is gonna be the best camping trip ever!" 

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