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The Hard-On Surprise

Tracey moved her hand up and down the shaft of her new found cock in a rapid motion

Tracey was a twenty-year-old young woman still living at home with parents whilst going to college three times a week doing an Art class. She was straight but was bi-curious. She loved guys and loved having their hard cocks in her mouth tasting the saltiness from their semen. But Tracey did occasionally wonder what it would be like to be a guy; to have a constant dick and balls between the legs.

She'd watch she-male hentai animation on the net and she-male porn and it would make her so horny. So horny that she'd stuff socks down her panties and imagine what it would be like to have a dick. Tracey even bought a soft and realistic strap on dildo that she'd wear around her bedroom and run her right hand up and down the shaft of the rubber dildo. Sometimes Tracey would be so damn horny that she would insert two fingers into a left out pie and then start to hump it with the strap on dildo around her waist.

Sometimes she wished she was a guy instead of a girl. 


One bright sunny morning in mid-September, Tracey woke to a shock as something was sticking out through her duvet cover like a rocket. She lifted up her duvet and her eyes widened in sheer shock horror as she'd grown a man's cock and balls. How on earth did this happen? But the shock turned to delight as she smiled. There really is a God, Tracey thought to herself, happily. She threw back her duvet cover and stared down at her new found cock standing upright like a rocket. Her right hand reached out and touched the tip of it and it made her body tremble with pleasure. 

An image of the extremely beautiful and sexy blonde pornstars came to mind, so Tracey wrapped her right hand around the shaft of her new cock and began moving it up and down. It felt so good. As the image came more vivid, the motion became more rapid making a smacking sound. Tracey moaned with pleasure.

"Tracey, honey, are you awake?" Tracey's step-mum opened the door and gasped with utter shock at seeing her step- daughter with a cock and masturbating.

"Mum!" Tracey cried, and quickly jumped up from the bed and her nightdress fell down over her still rock hard cock that stuck out through it.She began to walk towards her. 

"I was just coming in to see if you were awake and wanted pancakes for breakfast," she replied. Her eyes were riveted to the bulge on her step-daughter. "Got to get ready, things to do." Tracey's step- mum began to walk away.

"Mum," she called.

Her mum turned back round. "Yes, honey?" she asked.

"What should I do?"

"About what?"

"This," Tracey replied, pointing down to her huge erection. Her eyes lowered down to her step-mum's breasts, bursting out of her low cut purple top and then quickly turned away but made her cock harder. She gulped nervously as it grew larger straining through the material of her nightdress.

"The doctors said there was a fifty percent chance that this may happen," her step-mum began to explain.

"What do you mean?"  Tracey asked.

She sighed heavily. "When you were growing in your mother's womb, a gynecologist told her that her unborn child had more male chromosomes than female. So, when you were born, you were a girl, and he told her that her daughter's vagina would change shape and develop into a penis, and testicles will develop as well. When you were in your teens, she dreaded that it would happen as you never developed big breasts, and so I didn't want you to be teased at school."

"Why didn't you tell me any of this sooner?" Tracey demanded angrily with her arms across her chest. 

"I was scared, honey. I didn't want to think that it could happen," she stepped closer and put her arms around her step-daughter. She grimaced in pain and then took a step back gazing down at her daughter's hard on. "We need to get going, but we need to do something about that."

Tracey looked down at the bulge sticking out of her nightie. "What should I do?"

Her step- mum took a breath in and took off her top to her huge breasts bursting out from her bra.

She felt hornier and gulped nervously. Her dick throbbed excitedly. Tracey wanted to rub her cock in between her step-mother's luscious breasts and cum. Tracey surprised herself. She was thinking like a guy would. She liked. Tracey lifted up nightie and wrapped her right hand around the shaft of her hard pulsating cock and began to move it up and down.

"No, honey, not like that," her step-mum said. She got down on her knees and wrapped her mouth around her step-daughter's cock and moved her mouth up and down.

Tracey threw back her head as she moaned, pleasurably. Her hands went to the back of her step-mum's blonde head and gently pushed it down onto her cock to go deeper. She moaned louder as her breathing increased and felt her cheeks become hot. Tracey knew what was happening she was about to orgasm for the first time using her man's cock. Within minutes, she couldn't hold it back any longer, she came long and deep in her step- mother's mouth. 

"Okay, honey, shake a leg, let's get a move on," her step-mum, April, said. She stood up and pulled her top back down.

"Thank you for helping me, mum," she told her with a smile.

April placed her hand on hers. "Of course, honey. I may not be your biological mum, but I'm glad I am close," she smiled. She turned and walked out of the room. 


When Tracey returned home from college late afternoon that same day, no one was home. 

"Mum? Dad?" she called out.


She walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge door and looked inside. Her eyes widened when she spotted a boxed up steak and kidney pie, and a really dirty thought came to mind, which made a stirring of arousal grow in her groin awakening her floppy dick in her jean skirt forming a very small bulge in her panties. Tracey took the steak and kidney pie out of the fridge and unboxed it placing it on the long and rectangular wooden table.

Tracey inserted her index and middle finger of her left hand into the centre of the pie. It felt so nice around her fingers. She lifted up skirt and took off her panties and stared down at her big erect cock. She lifted up her balls quickly making her dick grow a bit more. Mental images of her sexy step-mum came to mind making her cock grow bigger and bigger until she had a massive erection. Tracey climbed up onto the table and hovered over the pie and then lowered herself down on it when her dick was in the right position as where she'd made the hole in the pie. 

The pie felt so good around her cock as she thrust her body up and down on it, gently at first and then moved faster and faster the more she thought of her sexy step-mum and her big, luscious breasts, and giving her a blowjob. Tracey groaned and moaned out loudly with pleasure. 

"Oh, April, I want to fuck you good," she said lustfully. She humped the pie faster and faster. "Oh, April, baby, you like that, don't you?"

"Tracey!" her step-mum cried with shock from behind. 

Tracey stopped and glanced back over her shoulder and her eyes widened with horror. But her eyes lowered down to her step-mum's breasts and her body continued to hump the pie harder and faster.

"Stop! Wait!" April called out. She took her bag down and took off her top and pulled down panties and lifted up short red dress. "Have the real thing."

She lifted herself off the pie with gravy dripping down from her still very hard cock and walked over to her step-mum. Tracey's glanced down at her wet pussy and her cock throbbed. She followed her to the sitting room where she watched her step-mum lay down on her back on the sofa with her dress still up.

"Come to me," her step-mum called.

Tracey walked over and got in between her step mother's legs. She watched as her step-mother leaned up and sucked off the gravy from her cock making her cry out with pleasure. She thrust herself deep inside her step-mother and they both gasped out with pleasure. She moved her body up and down fast on top of her mother's and then cried out as she orgasmed long and hard. Her body went into spasms for a few seconds.


That was the best ever sex Tracey ever had. She couldn't wait to have more fun adventures with her new best friends. Her cock and balls.


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