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The High Priestess of the Willow

A student learns of the mysterious rites of an ancient culture and loses her lesbian virginity
The High Priestess removed her white cotton gown, undoing the buttons one by one until her breasts and her pudenda were revealed in glorious dénouement. She was attended by her Sisters, her breasts anointed with first the lavender and then the rose oil, as she stood in the glow of the nearly full moon. Her raven hair cascaded to her waist and her stately presence brought gasps of awe from those picked to witness the event. The chosen one was brought forward, his hands bound, his eyes staring in awe at the three naked women. This was his time. His virginity would be taken.

There was a cool east wind blowing across the games fields that lay around the perimeter of Tanya's college, as she made her way to the main entrance. Tanya had turned 18 in the July and this was her last year in further education. She had got perfect grades from school and looked forward to the opportunities of the next four years. The breeze seemed to cut through Tanya's anorak and she shivered, pulling her furry hood up for extra warmth. The long, sultry days of summer seemed a long way off. There was something about the milky glow of the sun and the way the starlings were swirling round that impressed Tanya's subconscious. The autumn was almost upon them.

Tanya was studying English language, literature and geography. If she could get three A levels, her ambitions lay in the direction of one of England's great universities. Her academic achievements thus far had been at the expense of a proper social life. She had been romantically involved with one guy when she was 16 but dropped him when she thought he was too demanding of her time. Tanya, with her long, strawberry blonde hair, hour glass figure and angelic features was not the archetypal geek. Yet, her interest in Greek mythology and the legends of the Druids were not shared by anyone she knew. She had always felt a close affinity to nature, going off beach combing as a kid, rather than playing in the arcades on summer holidays.

In spite of the isolation she felt from her hobbies, Tanya was not short of friends. She was popular and though her friends thought she was a little quirky, she would be invited to all the parties. Not that she actually turned up to many of them, but her charm and wit were so infectious that people just wanted to be around her. Being gorgeous, in a self-effacing kind of way was in her favour. Maybe a plain, Jane Eyre type wouldn't have received the same degree of attention. The upshot of Tanya's restrained night life was five straight A grades and two A stars in her school results.

It was in her second week at college that an unexpected Druid devotee emerged to share her interest in the ancient philosophy. Miss Driver, her geography tutor was preparing for class one morning and Tanya had arrived early, to ask a question.

"Good morning Tanya, someone's keen," said the pretty brunette.

"Yes, I was thinking about the reindeer herders and I wanted to clarify something."

"Oh, OK. Well, fire away."

Tanya explained her query, which the tutor was able to clear up. As Tanya was about to take her seat, her attention was drawn to a book on Miss Driver's desk. Though it was upside, Tanya could see the title was 'On Rites of Ancient Druids.'

"Say, I didn't know you were interested in Druids, Miss Driver!" exclaimed Tanya.

"Yes, it's not something I share generally, I thought I'd put it away."

"It's OK, I'm really into that stuff too. As a hobby kind of thing. I’m reading a book on it just now, in fact."

"You are?!" said Miss Driver, with surprise.

Amy Driver was in her mid-twenties. In Tanya’s opinion, she was the prettiest teacher at the college. She was a well-dressed woman and liked to wear snuggly-fitting skirts, which among other things, made her popular with the guys. She was softly spoken, yet her voice was clear and had a soothing quality. Tanya would happily sit in her class all day.

“Yes,” said Tanya. “I keep it to myself really. When you mention ancient Druids people think you’re into black magic or something.”

“Yes, well people are ignorant. This is a revelation Tanya. We should get together some time.”

“Oh. Yes…”

“What’s up?” Asked Amy, detecting Tanya’s uncertainty.

“It’s just, with you being a tutor. I wasn’t sure…”

“It’s fine Tanya, don’t worry. I meant in the college library. We could just compare notes over coffee.”

“Oh yeah, sure! Sorry, I didn’t mean to suggest…”

“No, that’s OK. Anyway, we’re about to start.”

They looked towards the door as the handle turned and the next two students arrived for the class.

None of Tanya’s friends were doing geography. She sat alone two rows from the front by the window. She felt a little isolated. Her intellect was far beyond her peers and she had questions and ideas that set her apart. The other students didn’t know if she was a freak or just brilliant. Those who knew her well, her closest circle loved her for her. To others she appeared to be a little island, mysterious and obscure.

Tanya stared out of the window as the other students filed in and took their places. The little Rowan trees seemed to be bending under the weight of their red berries. They were plump and ripe, though the green foliage was scorched a little from the long, hot summer. In the distance the woods of the nearby park were just beginning to glow with the first colours of autumn.

During the tutorial Tanya listened intently, making her usual insightful contributions. In between times she watched Amy driver intently. She studied her movements. The way her hair moved and the slight swaying of her breasts inside her blouse, as she pointed to the map. Tanya was straight, but discovering their shared interest had awakened a certain inquisitiveness for her tutor. It crossed the boundaries, which Tanya liked to keep clearly in her mind, but even she couldn't help but indulge her fantasies now and then. Tanya's love life for over a year had been a secret between herself and her fingers. Her studies and her reading had consumed her time. She had no enthusiasm for a relationship. Not to mention the fact that the guys she knew were intellectual lightweights, who wouldn't know a conversation if one landed on them from a great height.

A week passed and Amy and Tanya had met for an hour in the college library. They resumed the conversation that they had begun in class. Amy had been studying the ancient rites of Druid folk for two years. Tanya had so many questions. The autumn equinox was approaching and Tanya was full of enthusiasm now that she had found Amy. The festival of Alban Elfed was one of the most important dates of the Druid calendar. It celebrated the balance of darkness and light and the coming harvest. On their second meeting, the discussion continued.

“What have you read of the ogham?” asked Amy.

“Only that there were twenty five trees that have a great significance to the Druids?” replied Tanya, eager to air her knowledge. “They’re all native British trees,” she continued.

“That’s right. Have you heard of the Priestess of the Willow?” asked Amy, looking at Tanya, inquisitively.

“I haven’t, I don’t think. Who’s that?”

“As you may know,” said Amy. “The role of women in the high orders of Druid life is little known, but the most favoured rose to the Order of the Willow.”

“I didn’t know that,” said Tanya, with interest. "Maybe I haven’t got to that bit in my book.”

Tanya looked at her tutor, whose almost black hair, shone in the later afternoon light. The library was in the oldest wing of the college and the leaded, mullioned windows gave that part of the building an ancient, almost spooky look. Amy brushed her fringe with her left hand and smiled kindly, acknowledging, if only subtly, the attention she was receiving. Tanya looked up to Amy in the way a student does to her tutor. Yet, there was an extra dimension to their relationship. Tanya didn’t quite know what that was, just that it was there.

“Anything you want to ask… don’t hesitate,” said the tutor.

“Are there any other followers in the college?” asked Tanya.

Amy hesitated before she answered, looking bleakly into her empty cup.

“There is one, actually,” she said, at last.

Tanya detected that the question was not entirely a welcome one, though she couldn’t imagine why.

“Oh,” said Tanya. “Sorry if I’m being nosey.”

“No, it’s fine Tanya. Miss Parker. She and I, we’re together.”

“Do you mean you’re a couple? No, sorry I shouldn’t have asked.”

“It’s OK,” said Amy. “It’s not common knowledge, but I can trust you, can’t I.”

“Of course!”

“Of course I can. Maybe I just didn’t expect the conversation to go in that direction.”

“Well, maybe I should get on anyway,” said Tanya, feeling faintly uncomfortable.

“No, you don’t have to,” said Amy.

The tutor put a hand out and stroked Tanya’s hand, urging her to remain in her seat. Tanya looked down and Amy withdrew her hand, wary of the small indiscretion. Tanya smiled awkwardly, eliciting an apology from the older woman.

“It’s OK, I really should be getting on,” said Tanya.

“OK, but if you need to talk or ask me anything, you know where I am.”

“I will thanks.”

Tanya’s blue eyes twinkled as she spoke and Amy couldn’t help but lose herself in their beauty momentarily.

That night Tanya sat on her bed running the brush through her hair. Rain mixed with hail battered her bedroom window. She thought back to her meeting with Amy and felt somehow underwhelmed. She sensed that her tutor was over wary of her responsibilities and the tiny spark she had noticed earlier had gone. Maybe the austere surroundings of the library hadn’t helped. Tanya wished she could meet up with Amy out of college but realistically she knew that wasn’t on the cards. The revelation that she and Miss Parker - her English tutor - were an item, complicated matters.

Tanya went to bed down in the dumps. She wished she had never discovered Amy’s and her shared interests. Her silent admiration of the mysterious brunette was fine when everything was in its proper order. Now Tanya felt mixed up and it hurt. She would tell Amy when she had her next tutorial that she didn’t want to pursue their extra curricula meetings. Tanya realized that she was lonelier than she would openly admit. Her single-minded pursuit for learning and mental stimulation wasn’t healthy and she knew it. In the last six months, she had only been to one party and her friends were becoming strangers. Even her Facebook presence was now updated with such paucity that people were beginning to think she had withdrawn from socializing altogether. She still kept in touch with her closest friends by text but she wasn’t fun anymore. Her girly chums didn’t mind her geekiness; it was what made her Tanya.

Tanya read her latest text from her friend Marcie.

‘Come out with us baby. Call us if you want to talk.’

Tanya smiled meekly and turned her phone off. The rain was still beating against her window and it had a soothing effect as she drifted off to sleep.

The young man could feel the heat from the fire and he watched the embers spit and the wood crackle as those gathered beat drums and chanted the words of the Willow. One of the Sisters placed a little wreath of daisies on his head and he was led towards the large flat stone, which had been brought down from the hills by those employed by the Sage Elders. The breeze rustled through the branches of the great oak, under which they stood. The High Priestess approached him with a wooden bowl and he was given the mixture to drink. It would make sure his manhood was as stiff as the mighty tree itself. The onlookers were sharing a gourd of wine, passing it from hand to hand and their chanting grew louder and more fervid as the time approached.

The two sisters, their hair as yellow as corn dropped to their knees as the man’s arousal increased. The High Priestess herself, her long, dark locks flowing over her shoulders knelt before him. Together they placed their lips and tongues around his penis. His eyes widened and his mouth puckered in a grimace of pleasure and fear of the unknown.

Two days later Tanya stayed behind after her tutorial. She had plucked up the courage to broach the issue of their out of class liaison, if that’s what it was.

“You were quiet today Tanya,” said Amy, straightening the papers on her desk.

“I know,” said Tanya, looking out of the window.

“Is something on your mind?”

“Yes, it’s about the other day. I know you said we could meet up again, but I’m not sure.”

Amy looked genuinely surprised at what Tanya had to say and walked round to her side of the desk. Without consideration for tutor student protocol, she put an arm around Amy’s shoulder and hugged her warmly. Tanya looked at Amy, her heartbeat suddenly racing and butterflies skipping around her tummy.

“I’m just a bit confused, it’s probably nothing. I thought I was special somehow but then you said about Miss Parker.

“Oh Tanya darling, you are special.”

“Am I?” said Tanya, cynically.

Amy put her index finger under her student’s chin and looked into her eyes.

“Why don’t you come round later, we can sort things out and clear the air.”

“Come round?”

“Yes, it’s OK. Probably best not to spread it round though.”

“You mean to your house?”

“The three of us,” said Amy. "If you want, there’s no pressure.”

“You and Miss Parker?”

“Stacey yes. At mine. We can have a drink.”

Tanya didn’t know what to think.

“Does Miss Parker know we meet up for coffee and that?”

“Of course she does.”

“Hmmm… OK, I’m not sure I should be coming round to your house. It’s not that I’m not grateful.”

“It’s fine Tanya, relax.”

Amy stroked Tanya’s hair, brushing it away from her face. Tanya followed her tutor’s movements with her eyes without flinching.

“It’s just that I thought you would fit in,” continued Amy.

“Fit in?” asked Tanya.

“Into the group. You would be perfect for the equinox.”

“Alba Elfed?”

“Yes. If you come round, we can tell you all about it.”

Tanya wanted to gain a more in depth knowledge of the female roles of Druid tradition. Amy was cool. She and Stacey were two of the younger teachers and Tanya had a good rapport with them.

“I guess. Are you sure it’s OK?”

“Yes Tanya, you’re right to be cautious, I get that, but there’s nothing to worry about. It’s just three girls getting together. We just happen to be college tutors.”

“OK! I’ll go shower and come after dinner, if that’s all right,” said Tanya, feeling reassured by Amy’s eloquence.

“Fine, I can pick you up, it’s no trouble,” offered Amy, pleasantly.

“OK, fine.”

“That’s that then,” said Amy.

Tanya smiled, feeling both reassured and intensely inquisitive. Fortunately she had badminton training and then a free period, which meant that she could finish early. That was just as well in her present state, which was one of excited anticipation. What exactly was the group that Amy spoke of and what part would she be expected to play in the celebrations, a week later?

His penis was throbbing, the warmth of their breath and the cool night air a wonderful combination. Their lips met as they twirled their tongues around his twitching manhood and then joined together in a three way kiss as he looked on. The High Priestess stood up and the younger girl poured a little oil into her palm. It was pressed from the olives, which had been brought by the traders from the south and she massaged it into his swollen pink phallus. She looked into his deep blue eyes as she led him to the stone, untying the flax, which bound his wrists. The gathering of villagers began to sing louder, the drum beat changing tempo, reaching a crescendo.

She climbed onto the stone, and brushed his penis with her breasts as the other two girls danced around the fire. They were joined by more girls, some eighteen, others older. They began to disrobe as they danced. He watched from his position on the granite slab, his erection now rigid and inflamed as the High Priestess took her position. Her hair swayed, flowing, tickling his face and his chest as she lowered her body, her wet velvet beginning to slide onto his penis. His body was tense and fraught with nervous, sexual energy. The heady aroma of her fragrant oils filled his nostrils and he prepared himself for the act of penetration.

It was a nice evening and the sun was an orange ball on the horizon when Amy pulled up outside Tanya’s house. Amy had told her folks that she was getting a little extra tuition and hadn’t divulged the real reason. She had put on a pair of flesh-coloured tights along with her short cream skirt and orange sweater. She normally wore leggings at college and she wanted to feel nicely chic for her tutor.

“Hi Tanya, jump in,” said Amy, as she left the engine running on her little car.

“Hi! You look nice!”

“Likewise,” said Amy.

Amy was in a semi see-through white blouse, short grey skirt and smoky grey tights. Tanya thought she looked really sexy in a modern, girlie way.

“You had a good day then?” asked Amy.

“Yeah, great. I played badminton after I saw you, so…”

“I didn’t know you played sport.”

“Well, it’s quite gentle but it keeps me on my toes.”

“Well, here we are,” said Amy, turning into a small cul-de-sac.

“You live round the corner! I could have walked,” observed Tanya.

“It’s no trouble darling.”

Amy showed her student into her house after she had ‘ker-chinked’ her car with the remote lock. Tanya did that idle gazing, eye wandering thing that people do in a strange house. Amy’s place was comfortably furnished, with the hallway and living area knocked into one. Tanya was relieved to find no pentacles or other symbols that might mean Amy was into anything more sinister than Druidism.

“Make yourself at home, I don’t know where Stacey is, she’ll be down in a second, I expect.”

Tanya plonked herself down on the green leather sofa and was conscious of the squeaky, scrunchy sound it made as she fidgeted on the cushion. She studied the room again. In the doorway to the next room there was a wooden wind chime that sounded like rain falling as Amy walked past it. Tanya thought it had a Native American look. The wooden floor was adorned with a huge Persian rug, which Tanya imagined must be worth a fortune.

“Is white wine OK?” asked Amy, tilting her head to one side, in expectation.

“Oh yeah, great thanks.”

Amy put on a CD of Irish folk music and Tanya was left alone briefly, before she was joined by Stacey Parker. Stacey was sporting cut off denim shorts and black tights. Her top was a tight patterned blouse, which hugged her boobs. Stacey was the hottest tutor at Tanya’s college, admired by the girls and perved over by the guys.

“Hey Tanya!”

“Oh, hi Miss Parker.”

The blonde tutor looked at Tanya and smirked.

“It’s Stacey while I’m here.”

“Oh OK. Amy said that too.”

“I know, we’re all friends out of college.”

Tanya smiled uncertainly as Stacey sat by her and Amy brought the drinks through, handing one to the student. Amy returned and sat on Tanya’s other side. Tanya looked down sheepishly, gazing over Stacey’s shapely legs. Tanya was trying to relax but the situation felt slightly odd.

“Here’s to life, love and great grades!” said Amy toasting her student.

She was acutely aware that she was staring through Amy’s blouse as the tutor spoke. It was thin enough to see the lacy nature of her bra and maybe a hint of nipple. She wasn’t in the habit of looking at other girls, but she found Amy fascinating. Being here though with her lesbian lover and fellow tutor was way too weird. Amy sensed that Tanya was ill at ease.

“I’ll drink to that!” Stacey agreed.

“Yeah, I hope so!” said Tanya, feeling instantly better.

“I know this must feel a bit strange, but you really are a special girl,” said Amy.

“Yeah, she doesn’t invite just anyone round,” added Stacey.

“OK. Well thanks!” said Tanya with a giggle.

“I suppose you’ve got a party lined up for the weekend?” asked Stacey.

“Not really. I’ll be reading, probably.”

“Reading! You need to get out there and enjoy yourself!”

“Tanya is studying the history of Druid lore,” said Amy.

“Oh I know you said, sorry, I’m just kidding Tanya, you do what you think is right for you,” said Stacey.

“That’s OK,” said Tanya and took a drink of her wine.

“I suppose you don’t have time for a boyfriend then?” asked Stacey.

“Oh, I’m sorry Tanya,” said Amy. "Stacey is being a bit mischievous today.”

Amy shook her head, but Tanya was enjoying the attention and the wine was giving her a nice warm feeling.

“No, that’s OK. I’m a single girl,” said Tanya.

“Don’t blame you,” said Amy.

Stacey stood up and skipped the track on the CD and a slower ballad came on.

“I like this one,” she said, perching on the edge of the sofa.

“Can I ask you, was it a surprise when you found me and Amy were dating?”

“Oh… I guess it was a bit. I don’t know.”

Amy lay back into the leather and crossed her legs, which made her skirt ride up, at the same time revealing a long expanse of thigh.

“Have you ever been with a girl?” asked Stacey, tracing a finger down Tanya’s arm.

Tanya was suddenly covered in prickly heat and her heart bumped in rapid palpitation.

“With a girl?! No, not really…”

“Not really?” said Stacey, quizzically.

“I…umm, I kissed a girl once. Sorry, why are you asking me this?”

“I was just wondering,” said Stacey. "You’re a pretty girl. No boyfriend. We thought maybe you were into.”

“No, I just…”

Amy sat up and turned to Tanya.

“I know it’s not a question we could ask at college Tanya, but we can be a bit more open here.”

“I know, it’s just, I didn’t…”

“Stacey and I want you to have a good time. You can relax Tanya, we’re your friends.”

“Yeah, I know, that’s cool,” said Tanya, trembling slightly.

“I think we would make a hot trio,” added Stacey, twirling her hair round one finger.

“A threesome?!”

“Yes. Is that something that you might consider?”

“I don’t know,” said Tanya, nervously.

Stacey ran her fingers through Tanya’s hair, which was almost as long as her own. Her green eyes sparkled. There was something very persuasive about her, and even Tanya, who hitherto had thought herself straight, found her suggestion irresistible. Amy put her hand on Tanya’s knee and the two tutors pampered her gently. There were only five or six years between Tanya and Amy and another year with Stacey. They had both gone through university and then shone in their teacher training. Amy aspired to be head of her department in two years. Tanya’s mind was doing overtime, frantically running through the ramifications. In hindsight Tanya might have suspected there was some ulterior motive in being invited to Amy’s house. She was normally so shrewd but like Stacey, Amy was gorgeous and her voice seductive. She didn’t feel threatened but she needed to at least make a small protest, she thought.

“You’re my tutor, we…I mean wouldn’t you get nicked?”

“You’re eighteen,” said Amy. "You can do what you want.”

“I’m not sure. Maybe this was a mistake. I’ll go… I mean maybe some other time.”

“Don’t go,” said Amy, with genuine affection.

“I thought we were going to talk about the equinox and stuff. All this lesbian stuff, it’s come as a shock!”

“Oh, we’re not lesbians,” said Stacey.

“You’re not?”

“We’re bisexual,” added Amy. “We just enjoy the girl-girl thing just now." 

“I don’t get it,” said Tanya, confused.

Amy disappeared briefly and re-filled Tanya’s glass.

“At least finish your wine. We want to celebrate Alban Elfed, but we want to make it special. We need to be three.”

“Where do I come in?” asked Tanya.

“You would assist me, in a special way.”

“What does that mean?” asked Tanya, dissatisfied with Amy’s cryptic reply.

“I was going to talk to you about it, but as you ask. You would be one of my Sisters. You and Stacey. On the equinox. I will take the role of the High Priestess. We will perform the ceremony of the Willow.”

Tanya had read of this now and it made the hairs on her neck prickle. The Willow was the tree representing love and fertility in Ancient Druid lore. Legend held that on the night of the equinox the High Priestess would take the virginity of a male of her choosing, provided he was eighteen and healthy. Healthy was taken to mean well-endowed and full of the vigour of youth. He was given a mixture of berries, pulped in a hollowed out piece of Ash tree. This would make his arousal ‘full and sturdy’ and ensure he would maintain an erection, in order to fulfill his role.

"Do you have someone in mind?” asked Tanya.

“We do. A guy called Jake. He’s the cousin of a friend. He has read some Druid lore. He will acquiesce when the time comes.”

Stacey turned to Tanya.

“Tanya, we’re sorry if this seems a bit full on. You must think we’re like sexual deviants or something.”

“No! I…”

“It’s fine. If you want to go, there’s no harm done. “

“It’s just a bit of a shock. I mean you’re both hot and everything.”

“Well we didn’t mean to freak you out,” said Amy. “You can’t serve everything with a lump of sugar.”

“It’s OK. So this Jake. How do you know he’s a virgin?” asked Tanya, now eager to learn about Amy’s plans.

“Because I’ve done my homework Tanya. Jake is a fit young guy that’s remained pure until now.”

Tanya raised her eyebrows.

“I know, in this day and age, at eighteen and all.”

“How would I fit in?”

“You and Stacey would be part of the buildup. We would take turns to pleasure him with our mouths until the moment was right to take his virginity.”

“Wow! It sounds amazing.”

“Yes, it is my intention to recreate the ancient rite of the Willow.”

Tanya’s mind was a whirl of images. In her naïve way, she had never considered that someone might reconstruct the ancient rite, which would have been so symbolic all those thousands of years ago. It was a time before the Romans, when the early Celts were practicing their white magic and honouring Mother Nature.

“Let me take your glass,” said Amy, putting the vessel on the floor.

Tanya turned to Amy and then to Stacey and smiled. Her inhibitions had been lowered by the alcohol and the conversation had given her a naughty, sexy feeling. She would go with the flow and see where it led. At worst she thought the girls were slightly eccentric and highly sexed.

"Would you like to kiss me?” asked Amy, stroking Tanya’s cheek.

In a strange way, Tanya had harboured dark fantasies about her tutor. They weren’t entirely sexual; in fact she didn’t quite know what they were. In a way, she thought she loved her. The thought of kissing her never really entered her head. Now though, it was a proposition that appealed to her.

“I think you should kiss us both,” said Stacey, stroking Tanya’s hair.

Tanya’s body was covered in tiny goose bumps.

Amy leaned towards Tanya and pecked her on the lips. Amy ran her fingers across Tanya’s lips, rolling her index finger inside her lower lip until she had put two fingers inside Tanya’s mouth. Stacey did the same and the tutors encouraged their student to suck their fingers. Thus occupied, Tanya barely noticed Stacey’s hand drift inside her skirt and brush the gusset of her tights. Tanya’s mouth was open, moist and welcoming and she responded to Amy’s kiss as Stacey began to massage her pussy lips through the fine hosiery. Stacey stood up and unbuttoned her shorts as the other two girls continued to kiss, softly but passionately. She unzipped Amy’s skirt, sliding it off, over her legs and a few moments later, all three girls were sitting, fondling and kissing in their pantyhose. Tanya broke off her clinch with Amy and turned to Stacey. She smiled briefly and kissed the other tutor. Their tongues flicked together, like a little wet sword fight before their lips closed together and they enjoyed a deep sensuous kiss. Amy stroked her lover’s legs, planting kisses on Tanya’s neck. The girls continued to kiss and they urged Tanya to stroke their legs through their sheer tights. The student’s former reservations had frittered away, so absorbed in the three-way kissing and fondling, as she was.

“Lift up your arms Tanya,” said Amy, almost in a whisper.

Tanya did as she was asked and the older girls rolled her pullover over her head and Tanya sat in her bra, her soft but ample cleavage nestling deliciously between the cups of her bra. Stacey kissed her student’s shoulder and stroked her belly with the back of her hand. Amy ran her finger along the inside of Tanya’s thigh. Tanya felt Stacey unclip her bra as she kissed Amy tenderly. Her tongue was diving into Amy’s mouth, sharing the passion of the moment. Her bra fell away and her body was a mass of tingles as Stacey cupped Tanya’s breasts, caressing her nipples at the same time. Amy encouraged her to lay back and Tanya made herself comfortable between the two women.

“You have perfect breasts Tanya,” said Amy, circling one finger around her right nipple. 

Tanya nodded and smiled gratefully at the compliment.

“Let me see you pleasure yourself,” said Amy, coolly.

Tanya looked at the other tutor, hesitating.

“Put your hands inside your tights and touch yourself,” said Stacey.

Tanya’s hands were trembling as she slipped her left hand past the waistband of her flesh-coloured pantyhose. Despite her nerves, she was majorly turned on and her fingers would slip in easily. The two tutors watched and then kissed each other briefly, before shuffling down the sofa to kiss Tanya’s breasts.

Tanya closed her eyes as her two longest fingers entered her pussy. She masturbated most nights, if only because it helped her sleep. The sensation of fingering herself, seated between two other women was a new, wholly more intense experience. No one had kissed her breasts like this before; with such tender appreciation. They were making her nipples erect and soon they were glistening with the girls’ saliva. Her handwork grew a little quicker as she gained in confidence, pleasuring herself and savouring the superb treat of having both breasts sucked at the same time.

She took a deep breath and began to rub her clitoris. Suddenly there was another hand on hers. It was following the momentum of her vibrating fingers. Slowly but surely the other hand crept nearer her pussy, until they nudged her pubic hair, almost touching her clitty hood. Her own fingers were glazed with her juices and then she felt the other fingers slip under hers and drill into her pussy. Now, they replaced her fingers. Tanya now had two hands free to explore. Somehow her hands wandered at her sides, stroking the other girls, until they found the top of their tights and then down. She could feel their short cropped pubes and then the heat of their wet pussies.

The three girls were a criss cross of arms as they sat masturbating each other. Tanya’s movements were tentative, but the two sexy tutors made allowances for her first time. Tanya’s orgasm was closing and she breathed deeply, moaning into Stacey’s mouth, unable to control her emotions. Her pussy aching with her approaching orgasm. Both girls kissed her in turn. Tanya’s lips now accepted their lips with feverish abandon, devouring their mouths as her pussy began to melt and her body jittered with pleasure. Amy’s fingers were so deep, fingering and thrusting over and over until they hit Tanya’s little G spot. Her back arched and her hips and groin started to jolt rapidly as her body responded to the moment. Amy lifted her fingers, pressing them into the roof of Tanya’s vagina and the young blonde came, her orgasm ejaculating in a squirt of fine translucent fluid.

“Oooooow! Ooooh fuck! Aaaaaaaaaah….aaaaaah…..ooooooh! Yes! Shit! Yesss!!!”

“Go with it darling!”

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Oooooooh fuck that’s soooo good! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaawwww!”

Tanya relaxed, panting, her heart pounding and her body still alive with the tingles of the orgasm of her life.

“Ooh Tanya darling, how good was that?!” exclaimed Amy.

“Phew! It was different!”

“I hope that’s good?” asked Stacey.

“Yeah, just… Wow!”


Tanya opened her eyes the morning after her first lesbian threesome. She felt more contented than she had for a long time. The events of the previous night seemed dream-like. When she closed her eyes she could taste Amy’s lips on her tongue. It wasn’t just the kissing that she found so amazing. Amy’s and Stacey’s bodies were so soft, their touch so sensual. Replaying each moment in her mind began to turn her on. She so wanted to meet them again; to go further and try out new things. Then when she had gained their trust, she could enter into their inner circle. She picked up the library book at the side of her bed. She continued to read about the Ceremony of the Willow. It was reaching its climax.

More girls continued to join the dancing circle, their gyrations in tune to the drum beats, which were now beating out a strange, ethereal rhythm. Midnight approached and with it the Equinox. The young man was prone on the cold granite, his arousal complete, pumping uncontrollably as the High Priestess rode him. Her hands gripped his wrists tightly as her breasts swayed in front of his face. Her vagina enrobed his manhood, drawing his hardness into her. She lurched with her groin, her thighs holding him securely. His body was a tumult of pre-orgasm as his virginity was taken and the exquisite sensations pulsed around his body. He was in the first flush of adulthood, chosen for his exceptional endowment and the broadness of his shoulders. The High Priestess could feel every throb of his organ deep inside her body. It was the moment she had been waiting for, the climax of her performance.

She held his face, running her hands over his jaw and around his cheek bones as her body tingled with pleasure. She moaned from the intensity of her orgasm, her face revealing the elation that she felt. The young man’s breathing was deep and his groans powerful. The drums were now tapping out a slow, gentle thud as the couple’s screams of ecstasy filled the night air. She sat up, as she bit her fingers and he ejaculated, pumping his seed into her belly. Her task was complete.

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