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The House Guest Continues to Seduce Us

The sexy beauty gives my confused wife her first lesson in sensuality…
Several firsts have just taken place. Rachel, our stunningly beautiful house guest, has just finished seducing me up in her loft bedroom. Unbeknownst to me, my wife was standing in the doorway the whole time, just watching us as the hot seduction unfolded. As she reluctantly fondled her body her glazed over eyes were staring straight into the fiery ones owned by our sexy new house guest. After sucking me off, and with a large dollop of my cum still inside her mouth, Rachel makes a slow, erotic walk over to my lust-filled wife. And now, while the women stand together joined at the hips, another seduction begins to unfold. Rachel moves her face ever closer until she begins to feed her cream covered tongue right past my wife’s hesitant lips just as I spot them together. A moment later the sexy seducer pulls her head away and stares into Kate’s eyes...

“The first thing I’m going to teach you, or better yet remind you of once again, is that there are three P’s that pertain to your sex. Your pussy was made for peeing, for pushing out babies and for pleasure. You know the first two good enough but it seems like you long ago forgot about number three. That last one, the pleasure principle, is both for you and your lover. Now slide two fingers inside your sultry little hole,” Rachel hisses. “It’s time to plunder the depths of that pussy of yours!”

Katie looks hot yet uncomfortable as her fingers reluctantly push between her folds. Her hand is hidden by the fabric that covers her sex as her fingers begin to slowly work between the lips of her moist pussy. This is something I’ve never before seen her do. In fact, she’s told me since early on in our relationship that she has never masturbated once in her whole life. I believe her. She doesn’t have a clue about how her body works. As I see her eyelids draw heavy and her fingers work in and out of her cunny, I realize that that is definitely no longer true. She looks breath taking as a trail of her juices begins to trickle down the inside of her legs.

“Are you wet girl?”

“Ohhhhh...Oh my word yes! I haven’t been this wet in forever!” the trembling woman nods.

“Hmmmmm, yes you are!” the young woman responds as she quickly drops to her knees. Soon she draws her tongue from just above the knee all the way up her inner thigh, taking in her clear nectar as she goes. Before reaching Katie’s glistening folds she pulls at her wrist and removes her fingers. The sound my wife makes as her pussy is painted by Rachel’s skilled tongue is to die for.

“Ohmygawd!!!” she hisses as she experiences another woman for the first time. It’s just an appetizer as Rachel takes Katie by the hand and forces her fingers inside again. This time, my wife knows exactly what to do and she begins to aggressively finger fuck herself. Deep sighs from both women begin to fill the room.

“Good girl! Now just relax and let yourself go with the incredible feelings as they begin to take over your sexy, needy body,” Rachel encourages. “I want you to come for me now.”

Incredulously I watch the two women. The gorgeous new found friend is on her knees as she stares lustfully up at my wife while she pleasures herself. The spell is broken when Rachel’s hands slowly slide up Katie’s smooth legs until her thumbs wedge inside the leg openings and curl around the waistband. As the riveting stares continue she slowly pulls the wet panties down Katie’s legs. The scene is incredible. With a sexy smile Rachel asks how she’s doing.

“Oh my...this feels amazing!” Katie trembles.

Rachel extends her hand outward toward me. “Come over here Mike,” she says in the sexiest voice I’ve ever heard. As I crouch down next to Rachel she pulls Katie’s dripping fingers out of her snatch and draws them towards my face.

“Do you see what she’s doing? She’s finger fucking herself,” she says as she feeds her dripping fingers past my lips. “Is that a fucking hot sight or what?” she teases. I nod while feverishly sucking them clean as she pushes them in and out of my mouth.

“Now watch her face as she comes for us,” Rachel whispers as Katie finds her pussy again. She’s looking down at me, struggling to breathe, as her orgasm quickly approaches. I’m so locked onto my wife’s eyes that our friend’s movements go unnoticed until I see her fingers curl around Katie’s waist just as my wife lunges her hips backwards just as her come begins to roll over her body.

“OH FUCK!” she screams as her fingers plunge her depths and her hips sway erratically to and fro. Rachel’s tongue is gliding up the groove of Katie’s ass, paying special attention as it slides over her sensitive puckered hole. My wife has never come so hard in all her life.

It takes several minutes for this euphoria to subside and Katie can’t seem to quit pounding her quim with her fingers. Finally, after finishing administering her long tongue bath, Rachel backs away and looks up at me.

“It’s your turn Mister,” she says with a smile. “Milk your cock then smear your sweet jizz on my lips,” she directs. Sure enough I look down and see a pool of my clear pre-cum filling up my tiny slit. I squeeze the length of my hard cock and draw the slippery cream onto my thumb and index finger and I rub it all over Rachel’s lips.

“You know what to do now,” she says as we rise together and stand beside my wife, whose fingers have slipped back inside, slowly playing with her pussy. I place my hands on the back of both women’s heads and draw them together.

“Lick my cum from her lips!” I urge Katie as their mouths join together. With eyes locked she extends her tongue, sweeping my dew off of Rachel’s lips, and then their tongues begin to dance away inside each other’s mouth.

“Do you like my cum on our lover’s lips?” I ask my wife as the two continue their passionate kiss.

“Hmmmm,” is Katie’s lone response as the heated make out session continues.

“Good!” I say as I drive her down to her knees. “You’ll like it even better from here baby!” I say as I firmly take hold of her hair and pull her head forward, sliding my cock between her lips. Katie has always resisted giving me head, has never really liked it. The same holds true when I’ve been in any way forceful. This time, however, I’m holding her so tight she can’t leave my grasp even if she tries. As I pull on her hair my thrusting begins to grow more intense. I watch as Rachel joins her on the floor. Her left hand slides to my wife’s ass. As she cups the round flesh she draws up close to her ear.

“He’s fucking your mouth now baby,” she says breathily as her right hand combs down her belly and approaches my wife’s slit. “Do you like that?” she teases. My wife just moans on my cock.

“And now I’m fucking your pussy,” she says as her fingers easily push inside her steamy sex. “I think you’re finally getting what this hot box is made for... and I’m going to make your sexy body sing!”

As Rachel pets her ass cheeks, she’s pounding Katie’s wet slit hard with two fingers. Soon Katie’s hips thrust forward to meet her, causing her clit to slap hard against her hand.

“Oh, you like that do you?” she purrs quietly before driving her tongue inside her ear. Rachel looks up at me, a wicked grin spreads across her face before she leans down and, with an extended tongue, captures Kate’s right nipple with her mouth. The gasp that fills my ears is almost heavenly. I can tell that she is just about to come again and I’m right there with her. With renewed vigor I slam into her hot, sultry mouth.

“That’s it Katie, suck it! Suck him good! Drink down every fucking drop!” Rachel commands then flicks her tongue into Katie’s ear again. My senses are on overload as my body begins to quake in one humongous come. In amazement I watch my wife eagerly latching onto my cock. Her eyes widen as the first spurt enters her mouth. She doesn’t miss a beat as she aggressively sucks my cum down her throat, moaning as each new shot of my load splatters the back of her throat. When about the fourth rope hits her mouth she looses herself on Rachel’s fingers and cries a guttural moan that could wake the dead. My cock slips out from between her lips before she can reach up and insert it again. I watch the warm, white blast squirt all over her lovely, contorted face.

“Oh my, what have we here?” Rachel teases and begins to lap the cheek, lips and chin of my bride.

“Hmmmmmm, now that’s some good, fucking cum isn’t it girl?” she asks Katie as she removes her fingers from her cunt. “Now let’s see how this compares,” she coos as her fingers go from Katie’s hot box to her own mouth.

“Hmmmmmm, this is good too; I just can’t make up my mind,” she says as she forces her fingers back inside Katie’s cunt again. Katie just groans with the insertion.

“You decide!” she says as she licks some more cum off of her cheek and feeds it into her mouth. “This is his...” she says breathily as she dips inside Katie’s pussy again then lifts her hand up and pushes her fingers past my wife’s lips. Katie’s eyes close as she nurses on her own cum. “And this is yours... Which one do you like best baby?”

Katie shakes her head and looks up at me. The ecstasy of her hard come is making the room spin. The look becomes incredulous when Rachel says playfully, “Well if you won’t choose I guess I’ll have to take my own survey!” and snakes her tongue right up Katie’s pussy.

“Ohmygawd!!! Fuck!!!” Katie screams. Back and forth Rachel moves between my wife’s twat and my hard dick, sucking the cum from both of our bodies. Each time my cock burrows into her mouth I grab her head to force it even deeper. Katie does the same to her whenever she finds a tongue inside her cunny.

After several minutes of sampling Rachel rises up and looks at us. Her face and lips are slick with the sheen of our cum. She looks stunning.

“So far, it’s a tie; I love them both. Maybe I need a little more volume!” she says as she stands and pulls on my cock, leading me over to the bed. As I stand there beside it she has Katie sit on the edge as she begins to stroke my throbbing cock towards my wife’s face.

“Where would you like this?” she teases Katie, whose half closed eyes are clenched in a lustful gaze. Before Katie can respond she interjects, “Oh I know what we’ll do. If you’ll indulge me just a bit, would you mind if I decide where this goes?” she says while wiggling my cock back and forth in front of her. My wife’s index finger is busy curling through her slit and playing with her thimble as she stares at my dripping tool. She looks like she’s close to her third come. She sits there speechless and simply nods.

“Get up and face the bed, hands on the mattress girl. I’m going to feed you his cock!” she hisses. Soon my engorged tool is being toyed with, sliding through the soaking wet slit of my wife as I stand behind her. The silky smooth skin is making me delirious. Kate groans as Rachel powers it through her even faster.

“Hmmmm, you like that now do you?” Rachel purrs. “You’re really going to like this!” and seconds later she wedges her body between the bed and my wife’s legs. Just before her mouth latches onto her rigid clit she barks at me.

“Fill her up Mike. Pound her pussy hard!” and I slide in and begin to fuck her on demand. I can barely hear Rachel’s slurping at my wife’s sex over Katie’s moans but the sounds are something to behold. Her body is going absolutely nuts now when Rachel removes her lips long enough to say, “And this, my friend, is how you please a woman!” Immediately Rachel is attached to Katie’s sex once again.

I can tell my wife is close to another come when I hear a different sound; it’s the sound of utter desperation. It seems Rachel has removed her tongue just before Katie got off and is now scurrying out from underneath her.

I give Rachel the once over as she stands beside Katie’s bent over body. Her breasts are heaving with excitement. It occurs to me that this lovely girl has been so good to us, such a wonderful servant, but she has yet to feel the wonder of an orgasm. I touch her on the shoulder and lean in, kissing her hard on the mouth as my stand up fuck continues. As my lips release her I whisper into her ear. Rachel’s beautiful eyes light up and she mumbles, “Are you sure?” I just gently push her towards the bed.

The sight before me is one that elicits erotic dreams and tales. Rachel, our dark haired beauty, has just done as I’ve asked, laying her perfect body down on the bed in front of us, just below my wife. Once she’s in position she can’t help but tweak a nipple as her other hand plays with her clit. Both my wife and I are about to come. But that will have to wait. I take hold of Katie’s hips as I slowly ease out of the depths of her hot, tight folds.

“No!!!! Don’t stop! I’m just about to come!!!” she says erratically. She turns back to look at me when my words shock her.

“Don’t worry babe, I’m going to finish fucking you in a second!” I tell her as my hands forcefully turn her head forward. Soon I’ve grabbed a handful of her hair and am pushing her head right into the dripping slit beneath her. “But first, you need to get Rachel off. I want you to devour her pussy. Lap up every drop of her sweet tasting honey. That’s it, bend down baby, and tongue fuck that hot little snatch!”

Katie groans as her face plants into Rachel’s sex and I force it to grind up and down through her groove. It doesn’t take long before she owns what she’s doing and I release her head. Good! I’d rather concentrate on fucking her anyway as I slide back into my wife’s sultry box and pound it hard.

I look down and watch Rachel holding Katie’s mouth firmly against her sex and they are both moaning in pre-come bliss. At about the same time we all begin to fly over the edge, each of us experiencing long, hard comes that will not soon be forgotten. I am panting and screaming as rope after rope explodes deep into my wife’s honey well. Moments later the three of us lie panting on the bed, our sweat dampened bodies struggling to find our next breath.

It is sweet to watch Katie and Rachel. After calming a bit our friend motions for my wife to climb up higher until they are breast to breast, lips locked on each other. This scene is so fucking hot. Over the next several minutes hands and lips are exploring every inch of the other’s tantalizing body. In spite of the obvious pleasure, it seems that Katie is exhausted and has had enough, at least for this night. I look over to the night stand and the clock reads 4:30. I’ve been up here in Rachel’s room since 1:00.

As Katie says good night to Rachel and kisses us both on the lips I tell her I’ll be down in a few minutes. As soon as the she’s out of sight I take the beauty in my arms and kiss her passionately, burying my tongue between her lips. My hand is on her juicy ass, petting the muscular flesh while a finger slowly strokes between her cheeks. This night has been incredible and I tell her so.

As dawn is threatening to peak through the curtains s he asks me what my schedule for the day is like. I confirm that I’ll be leaving in a couple hours for work but that Katie will be home all day.

“Incredible?” she asks. “You think this evening was incredible? This was nothing. Just wait ‘til you get home; you’re not going to recognize your wife… and you’re going to love the show we give you. Your once prudish little woman and I will show you what Sapphoric love is all about!”

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