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The House Guest Is Here to Please

And the amazing beauty is the perfect fit in our home…
My wife spotted her standing in the back of our church. She’s a lovely girl who has just moved to our community and is just looking for a place to belong. It’s a friendly town we live in and there’s even a greater sense of community within the confines of these walls. The folks here really enjoy being together. She is surrounded by several of them, both young and old. We tend to welcome newcomers pretty well and it’s even more seamless than usual for she’s quite an outgoing and friendly girl. It doesn’t hurt that she’s also breathtakingly beautiful. I’m just looking at her when Katie approaches and extends a warm greeting her way. It seems in no time flat they are fast becoming good friends.

We often grab some friends and go to lunch after the service and today is no different, it’s just that this time Rachel is the lone person. When the wife introduces me to her and we’re shaking hands for the first time I find an unexpected fire that smolders inside of me. As I begrudgingly release her hand I don’t know what she’s feeling but there’s a warmth, something quite different than simple lust, which has filled me to the brim. I can’t quite place my finger on what it is about her that makes her so special, but special she is. This old man is feeling like a teenager again.

The food is good as usual and the conversation is lively and filled with laughter as we enjoy our lunch buffet together. You know how it is with some people who are real easy to be with. Even after you haven’t seen them for years, when you finally are reunited, it’s as if you haven’t missed a beat. They never deplete you; their very presence is always energizing. This is the way it is with Rachel. Though she is for all intents and purposes a stranger to us she seems like home, like an old friend, like the sweet smell of a distant yet alluring memory. And yet this is a woman we’ve known for all of two hours. As our time together draws to a close the conversation becomes a little more serious.

“So, what are your plans? Have you found work yet, a place to stay?” Katie inquires compassionately.

“Well, I just arrived in town this morning. I plan on beginning my search for work tomorrow and, as for a place to stay, I think I’ll head to The Inn for tonight. I have enough money to last me at least a week, between food and lodging,” Rachel responds with a broad and confident smile. Damn, she is utterly beautiful.

“A week?” my wife asks. “Why, in this economy it could take you months to find a job and you only have enough funds for a week? Well that won’t do honey,” she says as she looks over to me for approval. Before I can say a word or even smile or nod she’s made the decision for us. “You’re coming home with us tonight. Tomorrow you can look for work, but tonight it’ll be the comfort of our house for you. We’ll just figure it out from there. Isn’t that right Mike?” she asks as she is actually including me into the conversation.

“That’s right!” I say, “We’ll just have to figure it out as we go. But for now however, our home is your home!”

Rachel’s eyes begin to moisten at our heartfelt gesture. She’s such a sweet and genuine person and our graciousness has melted her heart. Next thing we know she stands up and walks first to Katie and then to me, hugging us passionately and kissing us on our respective cheeks. What a tender, loving woman. I have a feeling we are going to get along just fine.

Later that night, after finishing our dinner, we are all sitting comfortably in the family room watching the movie The Return to Snowy River on our over-sized screen. The handsome male lead, after a long, hard day’s work, tells his lovely brunette lover how proud and impressed he was by her work ethic. She comments on how nice it must have been for him, working hard all his life, to always know the satisfaction of a job well done and to earn the respect of all those around him. Being a bit of a pampered girl, she tells him she wished she didn’t have an upbringing that was quite so isolated and indulgent. I look over at the girls, and their grins and syrupy eyes reveal just how much they are eating up the romantic scene.

“Well you know what it’s like now, honey!” the man tells her. “You should feel good, be proud. You’ve earned it!”

She looks up at him with her sexy ass smile, and says in a very seductive voice, “And I’ll keep on earning it!” The sexual tension is thick as I glance at the girls again. Katie is fawning over the screen but Rachel has a different look. She’s staring right at me and, as our eyes meet, she flashes a brilliant smile and licks her lips. Without saying a word I can read her thoughts. I sense that she knows of the deep longing within me, that the wife and I just aren’t clicking like we should, at least not sexually. I can tell she senses the lack of intimacy and distance between us. An hour later, my mind is still racing as I crawl into bed next to Katie and drift off to sleep.

A couple hours later I arise, feeling a bit restless. I’m unsure of why I feel this way but I immediately remember our beautiful house guest. I close our bedroom door behind me and head down the hall and into the kitchen. The wooden stairs to the loft where Rachel is sleeping are just a few feet beyond the kitchen’s entry. So I’m standing here at the sink in a T shirt and silk boxers drinking a glass of water when I hear something behind me. I turn and there stands the sleepy-eyed yet stunning Rachel.

“What’s up honey?” I ask her. The play on words doesn’t even occur to me but before I know it the beauty is giggling and pointing at my growing member. I look down and see that I have a stiffy tenting my shorts. Damn it!

“Sorry girl, that just happens sometimes,” is the lame excuse I give her. She’s not a kid anymore and she’s no dummy. She knows full well the effect a beautiful woman like herself - especially one dressed in such a sumptuous and revealing piece of see through lingerie - has on a man like me.

“Something woke me up and I saw the light so I just thought I’d get up and get a drink,” she says as she takes the half full glass from my hand and downs it in one big gulp. I’m watching her and, even in the way she drinks down the water, she just makes it so hard to even breathe. She looks so damn sexy.

“I guess I’m not the only one who has gotten up, huh?” she says laughing again as she looks down at my shorts. I say nothing, I’m just standing there silently recoiling in embarrassment.

“Okay, time for bed,” she says as she puts the glass down and grabs my hand, pulling me out of the kitchen playfully. I must admit I love the touch and attention this lovely woman gives to me. She’s so vibrant, so full of life and so damn beautiful. I figure the evening’s excitement is over until, as I start to turn left towards my room, she pulls me in the opposite direction towards the wooden stairs. I look at her kind of shocked asking her, “What gives?”

“Shhhhh, I heard something in my room. That’s what woke me up. Would you mind coming up and checking on it for me. I think it might be a mouse. I’m deathly afraid of them!”

I motion for her to lead the way and quietly follow her up the stairs. I’m not thinking too clearly because soon I have her ass, one of the most amazingly juicy backsides I’ve ever had the pleasure of feasting my eyes upon, not more than a foot from my face as I follow her up. It looks so mouth-wateringly delicious I want to just grab it and bury my face between her cheeks. And her aroma...damn she smells so fucking good! My cock is ready to split the skin as I enter the room. She points over to the far side of the bed, draws close and whispers in my ear, “I heard it over there.” The hair on my arms and neck rises up in excitement at the alluring sound of her voice and the feel of her warm breath on my skin.

I quietly kneel on the bed and slowly crawl across it. I’m soon aware that, if she’s looking in my direction at all, my massive boner is definitely evident. I camp on the hope that the noisy mouse has her preoccupied. I stop in the middle of the bed, pausing in the hope of hearing the critter’s movement. All I can think is holy fuck when I feel her hand slide between my legs, first touching my balls then gliding across the soft material to the underside of my shaft! I’m utterly shocked. It’s very rare that I get paid much sexual attention at all and here I am with this stone cold fox rubbing my cock.

“”I think I’ve found it!” she purrs as she rubs my dick more intently. “Yes, this definitely is what woke me up. What shall I do with it?”

I flip over as quick as I can, stunned as I sit on the bed, resting back on my arms as my throbbing cock points straight up at her from beneath my shorts. I know what I’d like to do but I’m perplexed on what I should do. All I can think of is how I love this feeling. I haven’t been sexually pursued by Kate in years.

“What are you doing Rachel?” I plead.

She climbs up on the bed and kind of chases me around it as the married man in me keeps dutifully backing away from her. I don’t know what to do. When she finally stops the ridiculous pursuit, I find myself lying back in the middle of the bed facing away from the door. We are both breathing hard as she faces me, sitting at my feet now. She smiles that cock-busting smile of hers and slowly leans forward.

“Sit up,” she instructs. I do what she asks. “Nice!” she says as she reaches her hand for my chest and tenderly glides it across. I numbly comply when she asks that I remove my shirt. Next her hands slowly follow my sides down until she reaches the band of my boxers and pulls them down and off. She’s sitting on my legs now as she takes hold of my throbbing cock.

“Very nice!” she coos as she slowly and loosely slides her hand up and down the already slick shaft. I can’t believe this is happening to me.

“I want to thank you for taking me into your home,” she murmurs as she holds me in her eyes.

“No…no problem Rachel. It’s our pleasu…” I say before being cut off.

“Now what do you say you come into mine!” she says. Without breaking eye contact she slowly lowers her head, expertly drawing my cock into her gorgeous mouth. Soon she is sliding up and down my shaft, her supremely soft lips encircling my needy dick. Much later in the evening I find out that just a moment into her wonderful sucking, my wife is standing in the shadows of the doorway watching the whole scene unfold. She had climbed part-way up the stairs and whenever I thought Rachel was looking into my eyes she was actually looking onto Katie’s as well. It seems that the way we are positioned is just the right angle. Katie’s line of sight is just over my head and Rachel’s eyes are actually dancing back and forth between us as she sucks on my cock and talks to me. All of this to say that in my ignorant bliss Rachel spots her immediately and doesn’t miss a beat. She simply locks eyes with Katie and proceeds to seduce me. It doesn’t derail her for a second from bobbing her head up and down on my cock. Normally a vocal woman, Rachel decides not to change a thing in spite of her audience.

“Hmmmm, you taste so damn good! Your per-cum is amazing. Your wife must do this to you every fucking day!” and down she goes again.

I’m too lost in the sensations she’s giving to respond. I wouldn’t know what to say about her comments regarding Katie anyway.

“I can picture it now,” she says as she pulls up from the tip with a pop, stroking my throbbing shaft up and down in her hand. “She’s sucking on your stiff cock, enjoying the wonderful flow of your love juice, as she begins to play with herself. Soon she is finger fucks herself to a nice, hard come. I can only imagine the two of you!” she says suggestively while once again looking straight into Katie’s eyes.

Seconds later, as if in a trance, Katie climbs the remaining steps and is standing in the middle of the doorway. She plants her back against the door jamb, just leaning against it. Her right hand is atop her nightshirt, circling one of her hardened nipples. The other one is trembling, tentatively resting on her hip. Rachel smiles at her as another moan passes from my lips.

“That’s it baby, I love it when you moan,” she says while looking down at me. “I bet that sound drives your wife absolutely nuts. It’s time now baby; I want you to come for your Rachel!” she says and swallows me again while tenderly fondling my balls.

“Look out,” I holler a couple minutes later, “I’m going to come!” I had no idea where she wanted it but I knew she’d want to take her mouth off of me before I blew my load.

“Yes you are honey, right into my hungry mouth!” she purrs and then takes me inside her steamy mouth again while continuing to stare at Kate. Watching the scene unfold has brought Katie to a place she hasn’t been to in literally many years: she wants to come. Rachel keeps on sucking, drawing my cum towards the tip. I watch her intently and find it all to be so incredible. It’s been so damn long; how I’ve missed having Katie suck my cock. A moment later I’ve taken all I can stand as shot after shot flies out of my prick and flows into her mouth. Rachel seems to be savoring it all as she enthusiastically swallows my cream. It is so damn sexy to watch her face as I come. She allows my jizz to dribble down the back of her throat while looking up at me with those stunningly sexy eyes. While I haven’t been blown in many years, this is my first experience of knowing the amazing pleasure of watching someone swallow my load. Whenever Kate has blown me in the past she always spit it out as if it were something utterly vulgar and disgusting. This is quite the contrast. When it seems she has thoroughly drained my man-tube she sits up and gives me the sexiest grin ever. As she does some of my milk escapes out of the corner of her barely parted lips. When Rachel gets up I assume she’s going to use the bathroom so I just lay my head back down on the bed in satisfied bliss.

It’s here that I must interject a little color to the story. After our time together was over and Rachel and I had some time alone, it was then that she shared with me how and why this all unfolded. I was right when I wrote earlier that she saw something missing in my marriage. She confided in me that she had witnessed Katie’s apparent indifference towards me and came to understand that she was a woman who had shut down sexually. She said it appeared that she loved me but it was just as clear that she didn’t get me or understand the man I was or what my needs were. As for me, she saw a man who loved his wife but at the same time was completely frustrated with the lack of intimate interaction. As she put it, “I could sense the passionate river that flows inside of you and saw how it was being hemmed in, suppressed and ignored by the dam of Katie’s fears or indifference.” It sickened her to watch me like this. She knew I needed the charms of a woman’s touch, to feel her desire for me, to experience the appreciation of a woman, to know both “love making and the thrill of balls-out fucking.” She had quickly grown to love Katie and me and set her resolve to bring me relief and to model or even mentor my wife in what a healthy sexual relationship looked like. That is why she joined me in the kitchen tonight, to set her plan in motion...

Suddenly I hear the smacking of lips and a low, extremely sexy moan. I turn around, propping myself up on an elbow, and nearly faint at the sight. My beautiful, new-found lover has her hands on my breathless wife’s hips there in the doorway. I’m utterly speechless as Rachel slides her cum filled tongue inside my shocked wife’s mouth and kisses her deeply. With the intrusion, Katie’s eyes are blankly staring forward and they’re as wide as saucers.

Soon their clench is broken and I hear Rachel sensuously whisper into her ear, “That my friend is how you please a man!”

Immediately Rachel drives her tongue right back into Katie’s mouth. I’m flabbergasted as Katie’s hand leaves her own breast and moves it around Rachel’s body. It is shaking in mid-air, a sign of the internal debate as to whether she should push her away or pull her closer. Closer wins out as her hand touches the middle of Rachel’s back and pulls her tight as they continue their passionate kiss. As another moan escapes my wife’s lips Rachel pulls away and backs up. It’s obvious that Katie is extremely hot as she stares at our gorgeous house guest. Without saying a word, Rachel holds onto Katie’s stare and reaches for her hand. With eyes still riveted together she removes her hand from the top of her nightwear and slides it beneath the nightshirt. Now Katie is touching her nipple skin to skin. I’m mesmerized as Rachel takes the other hand and guides it down to my wife’s waistband, pushing it past and then inside the top of Katie’s panties. Even from my angle I can see Rachel trying to maneuver Katie’s fingers so that they are in contact with her dripping pussy.

“That’s it girl; it’s time to get reacquainted with this body of yours,” she says as she continually tries to direct my wife’s hand as it probes at the entrance of her pussy.

“I’m here to help you,” she adds while smiling wickedly. Katie just gives another lust filled nod.

“Now,” Rachel says as she draws close and whispers in her ear... “Now I want you to come for me!”

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