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The Interview

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A girl desperate for a job does what she is best at.
The Interview

I was a bit of a geek in High School. Sure, I was a cheerleader, but I loved my classes too. Especially math. When it was time to go to college, I decided I wanted to teach math. In spite of my roommate and her turning me into a slut in college, I still graduated with decent grades. Now it was time to put my college life as a slut behind me. The problem was, in Texas funding for schools had been cut the month before I graduated. Teachers were being laid off all across the state. I applied at school districts all across the state but never even got an interview.

After two months, I knew it was time to try something different. I started looking for a job as a secretary or receptionist. Since I wasn’t going to be a teacher and enjoy my summers off, I wanted something that would be easy and not be too stressful. I searched on-line for jobs in Houston, Dallas and Austin. I sent out lots of resumes but wasn’t getting much response. I did have a few interviews but with so much competition, I didn’t have any luck. August rolled around and I still didn’t have a job. I got called for another interview at a job one hundred miles east of Houston and decided I would do whatever it took to get this job.

I had dressed conservatively (for me anyway) when I went to the other interviews; always a nice business suit with a skirt that within a couple of inches of my knee. I decided I needed to use all my assets to get this job. The skirt I chose only reached halfway down my thigh. My red lacy bra could be seen through my tight white button-up shirt. When I got out of my car to go into the office for the interview, I decided that three buttons undone would be perfect.

I walked into the office and was told to sit in the reception area until I was called. There were two other girls waiting ahead of me. One girl came out of the office and the next one was called in. The three other girls I had seen were all beautiful. Two were blonds and one had dark hair. As the other three girls came out of their interview they were all smiling. I needed this job. As I was walking from the reception area to the office I reached up and undid one more button.

The questions he asked were all pretty generic. My answers were okay but I could tell that I was just one more girl and nothing was really standing out to him. I started getting a little nervous and was playing with a button on my shirt. Then I undid the next button. Five were now undone and I only had seven. Then came the fateful question.

“You are the fifth girl I have interview for this job. It’s not a hard job. Y’all are all overqualified. Why should I pick you over the other girls?”

I hesitated for a second while thinking about how much I needed this job. I stood up and undid the last two buttons and said, “I really need this job and if I’m hired I’ll do anything you need me to do.” I looked into his green eyes and repeated, “I mean anything.” As I said that I slipped my shirt off and let it fall to the ground.

He sat staring at me as I walked around his desk. I reached behind my back, unfastened my bra and let it slide down my arms onto his desk. Then I asked if he would like a blow job. I unfastened his pants and found his growing cock trying to make its way out of his boxers. I helped it out and reached my tongue down to lick the precum off the tip. He pushed my head down and forced me to take him deep in my throat. After he let up I set to work giving the best blow job I could. I was bobbing up and down on his cock while working the base and his balls with my hands. It didn’t take long before he exploded in my mouth. Like a good girl I kept sucking until he was dry then swallowed it all down.

I stood up and asked if he had any more questions for me. He asked if the skirt ever came off so I unzipped it and let it slide to the floor. I turned so he could see my ass in the red thong. As I stood almost naked in front of him, he asked how often he could expect a blow job. I told him if that was part of the job description then he could have one whenever he asked for it.

He had me to take off my thong and hand it to him then told me I could get dressed. As I buttoned up my shirt he said he wanted me to be dressed like that every day. When I asked if that meant I got the job he said I started the next Monday.

The next week I walked into the office wearing a micro-mini with no underwear and a tight pullover shirt. He called me into his office and told me to strip and give him a blow job. After swallowing his cum he told me to leave off the bra when I got dressed. He had decided that every morning the first week would start the same way except that he wanted me naked in his office when he got there in the morning.

As I walked out of his office he said, “By the way, I have a thing for red heads. The job was yours even without the added duties.”

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