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The Intruder

What happens when a sexy stranger breaks in... thks to waitingslave for the idea help writing it
Creak! Jay’s eyes jumped open. Sleepily, he turned over to examine the bright red letters on the alarm clock. Just after one in the morning on a Monday. God, what was the door doing creaking at this time of the morning? His heart started pounding. He sat up, listening harder. Just barely, he could make out quick, shallow breathing and soft footsteps in the living room. Grabbing the handy-dandy, state-of-the-art baseball bat from beneath the bed, he softly padded into the hallway.

“Shit!” he heard someone quietly murmur. He froze on the balls of his feet, making almost no sound on the thick carpet. There was light coming from the kitchen, soft and faint. A candle, perhaps? He tensed as a shadow moved on the wall. The shadow was small and had... breasts? What the hell?

He blinked hard, just to make sure. Still there – breasts. In fact, a pair of perky breasts. He set the bat down, confident in his ability to overpower the much smaller person. He backed into the alcove outside his bedroom door. She crept past him, a pert woman, dressed head to toe in black. Quickly, while her back was turned, he pounced, grabbed her and put her into a headlock.

“Move and I’m calling the police. They will find a dead body with a broken neck, and it will be self-defense.” He gritted the words through clenched teeth, feeling a curvy body suddenly pressed against his own.

“Please,” a husky voice whispers, “don’t hurt me. I’ll do what you want, just don’t hurt me. I didn’t mean to-” He gripped harder on her neck, a warning. She shut up abruptly. The sultry voice excited him and he incredulously felt himself harden against her soft, pliant flesh.

“If you value your life, you’ll do exactly as I say and take tiny steps in sync with mine. One wrong move and your head becomes my new centerpiece. Understood?” Her body started to tremble, but she nodded. He searched her and ran his hands slowly down her sides, ankles, wrists and hips. The little intruder only had a knife on her. What an imbecile. Running his hands over her increased his arousal even more. “What the hell am I doing?” he thought “I should call the cops”.

“No one in the house but me” another voice in his head offers…. “A hard-on from hell. Not a bad mix with a woman pressed against me” He pressed his pelvis against her ass and heard her sharp gasp. “That’s it” he thought, and pressed his face into her thick mane of hair. She smelled like strawberry shampoo. He pushed her towards the bedroom where the kingsize bed shone ominously in the moonlight.

He pushed her hard onto the bed and she flipped agilely over. A ski mask covered her face. Her long sleeve shirt was fitted to her form, showing off a flat stomach and large breasts. Her black jeans were tight, encasing long, slim legs and what he knew to be a sexy ass. His eyes raked her from top to bottom and he liked what he saw.

Quickly, he approached the bed and reached for her. He knelt and grabbed a firm hold of her jeans brushing her hands away easily and seized the waistband to rip them open. He gasped as he yanked them down her thighs. “She isn’t wearing panties. Jesus” he thought. Suddenly, his hard-on grew and he moaned like an animal, his cock thickening to painful levels. He stared down at the jeans and saw that the crotch of them was damp. At the same moment, the scent of her arousal wafted to his nose. Instantly, the heady smell hardened him that much more. Their eyes met and they both realized there was no going back.

Her trembling increased as he ran a hand casually up her calf and inner thigh, barely grazing her core before moving down her other leg. Parting her thighs slightly, she gave a light groan.

She shrank away from him on the bed and shifted her knees upwards and pushed herself back. This only succeeded in exposing her glistening mound to him even more. She watched his eyes being magnetically drawn to the damp hair at her center. Her sex gleamed in the moonlight and his nostrils flared as he breathed heavily.

Hesitantly, he skimmed his calloused hand up, up her body and curled it around the nape of her neck. His thumb traced a pattern, right behind her ear. Jackpot. Goosebumps broke out over her skin and she shuddered with sudden and obvious pleasure.

“Can you feel that, princess? Can you feel every rough edge of my hands on your sensitive spots?” She nodded and he gave her a reassuring smile, deciding in that moment to leave her ski mask on.

She was more than a little apprehensive of his next move. She could see his erection straining against his pants and her breath came in short pants.

He stripped off his shirt. She breathed in - his chest was smooth and hairless and rippled in the soft light. She unconsciously licked her lips at the sight, only realizing it as he smiled at the movement of her tongue. He loosened his jeans and now slid his hand over her knee and up her inner thigh. She half-heartedly tried to move it away and he casually slapped it down.

His hand caressed her skin – neither softly nor roughly but lingering as a lover would. She realized that she was very turned on even though she had no idea what this man was capable of. The thought excited her in an unfamiliar way as did the sight of the fluid covering the head of his cock.

Without warning his hand shot to her core as he pushed it in between her legs. His hand cupped her mound, finding it damp and wanting. “Don’t fight it….” he said softly. His voice was firm but not threatening. “I’ll get what I want anyway and I can easily take you down”. She didn’t doubt it and seemed frozen as his hands now grasped her thin sweater and ripped it asunder in one strong move. “Fuck” she thought.

His eyes drank in the sight of her firm breasts, the nipples hard as stones at their center. Her belly was soft and rounded and fell beautifully towards her glistening pussy. The oddness of this now naked woman spread below him leaning on her elbows in a torn sweater with a ski-mask on was not lost on him. Weirdly, he found it an incredible turn on and the blackness of the mask made her huge brown eyes all the more prominent.

Her nipples poked into his chest and her breasts mashed together against him as he lowered himself onto her. He ran his hands over her upper arms and was close enough to nearly taste the mint toothpaste and spearmint gum he inhaled. She spread her legs wide, and with a shock he felt her wet core pressed up against his stomach.

His hardness ached and he gripped her upper arms more firmly as he pushed himself to her. She shrank back but did not fight it, seemingly paralyzed. His erection rubbed at her swollen clitoris and found it deliciously wet. He let it graze lower to her puffed outer lips. He looked her directly in the eyes seeing his own want reflected and plunged his straining cock straight in. She gasped in shock and threw her head back as he drove forward, his mouth thrown open in a fierce grimace.

He could not believe the heat emanating from her mons as he penetrated her. Her pussy was wet and slick with the juices of her arousal. After the initial shock of penetration her tight hole seemed to surround his engorged cock and she pushed back and matched him stroke for stroke as he fucked her. Their eyes met again and he saw clearly the dilation of her pupils. “Jesus” he thought, “She wants this as much as me”. The realization aroused him even further and he penetrated her harder again causing her to moan aloud in pleasure. He released her left arm and grasped her hip as he quickened his pace, her tight cunt gripping his rigid cock in it’s slippery embrace. Her free hand moved quickly to his ass and sought to pull him in as she fiercely returned his thrusts. Their eyes met and hers silently urged him on.

His intense thrusts moved into another tempo as she let her hips rise into his and thrust her pussy desperately at him. Their hips met and clashed again and again. She clenched hard and felt the perspiration pool in her navel and realized she had surrendered to lust. She arched against him and pushed her lips to his craving his kiss and knowing she was approaching a powerful orgasm.

He released her other hand and pulled the mask upwards, pressing his lips hard against hers, crushing them with his intensity. She groaned into his mouth…. “Keep fucking me… don’t you dare stop” in an urgent whisper.

He pulled back sharply leaving her moaning in abandonment only to thrust forward in a primitive burst, moving his hands to her ass and pulling her upwards to him. She cried out in ecstasy as his engorged cock slammed into her soaking pussy. She clung to him as he fucked her and drove her over the edge. She arched against him in delight.

“Yes, Yes, OH FUCK, YES…” she cried as her hands gripped his shoulder and her nails raked his sweat-sheened back. This tipped him over the edge and he released himself deep in her, howling as he drove himself into her. He collapsed on her, bathed in sweat. They lay silently for a moment, spent.

“Jesus, Emma, a ski mask? Really?” Jay asked as he recovered his breath.

She laughed. “Well, it’s nearly Hallowe’en” she whispered. “And you said you wanted to spice it up Jay….”

He looked down at her and laughed in answer and wondered would he ever really understand her. He kissed her and ceased to really care if he did or not. “So was that trick or treat?” he asked….

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