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The Janitor's Secret

The Janitor's Secret

The friendly school janitor is caught being too friendly!

José Garcia had worked for the high school as a janitor for several years. He was a good, hard worker and friendly enough on the few occasions he spoke with the staff. He had more interchanges with the students than the teachers and faculty though, preferring the younger, friendlier students than the aloof standoffishness that most of the teachers and faculty usually showed him.

One day he was called to the girl's shower for a plugged pipe. After knocking on the door and announcing himself several times, he heard no answer, so he went into the locker room continuing to call out so none of the girls would come around the corner and be surprised and embarrassed.

Fortunately, no one was in either the locker room or the showers so he put up the out of service sign at the front door and went back to work on the plugged pipe. He couldn't get the pipe cleared, so he had to disconnect one of the showers and take the section of pipe with him back to his little janitor's office.

As luck would have it, right across the hall from his office was a small utility closet where he kept mops, brooms, and other cleaning and maintenance supplies. Once the shower was marked as out of service and the valve to that particular shower shut off, he went back to his other tasks. He was sitting in his office doing some paperwork and ordering some paper supplies when one of the students knocked on the door.

"Excuse me Mr. Garcia, but there's been a spill in the cafeteria and they sent me to come tell you," the student said. 

"Okay I'll be right there," Mr. Garcia said. He went to the utility closet to get a mop and bucket. That's when he noticed the round hole in the wall. He peeked through and noticed that it was the hole from the pipe he removed in the girl's shower earlier. He decided he would have to cover that hole or the water and humidity from the shower might get into the closet and make a mess. 

He went to take care of the cafeteria spill and when he was finished, he was off to cover the hole in the closet wall. He brought some heavy duty tape to cover the hole but when he went into the closet and moved the floor buffer that was in the way, he heard girls giggling.

Curious, he peeked through the hole and saw some girls in the shower laughing and giggling as the showered. He quickly covered the hole and went back to his office.

But sitting at his desk, he couldn't help but think about the hole in the wall and the image of the girls showering that he saw through it. He tried to put the thoughts out of his mind but he couldn't shake it.

He tried concentrating on his paperwork and ordering supplies but that didn't help. He took a walk around the campus but that didn't work either. No matter what he did, he heard the giggling of the girls ringing in his ears. Finally, mercifully, the day ended soon after and he went home to his small apartment to put the day to rest.

But rest wouldn't come to José that night. As he slept, he dreamed of the hole in the closet wall. He pictured the young, wet bodies of the girls in the shower, giggling and rubbing their hands over smooth flesh. José lived alone in his small apartment. In his early 50's, he had been married once upon a time, but it didn't work out and he hadn't thought of marriage or even having a girlfriend since then. And while sometimes the nights were lonely, he was fairly satisfied with his solo existence. 

But that was before today and before the hole in the shower wall. Now his mind was filled with thoughts... some of them not so appropriate or respectable. He knew that his thoughts were wrong, that if anyone at the high school knew what he was thinking, not only would he be fired and never work in a educational setting again, he would most likely be thrown in jail! Yet he couldn't get the thoughts out of his head.

The next day, he showed up before school was to start as always and began his normal morning routine, unlocking the doors, raising the flag, and making sure the fire alarm, intercom, and class bell systems were working as they should. But he was preoccupied with the start of the girl's gym classes and more importantly, the showers afterwards. 

José knew the class schedules very well, working there as long as he had, and so when it got close to the time when the first classes would end and the girls would hit the showers, he went into the maintenance closet, making sure the door was locked and pulled up a box to sit on. Then he pulled back the tape covering the hole and waited for the show.

He didn't have to wait very long. The first of the girls stepped into the shower only minutes after he has settled into place. He held his breath as he watched one after another young girl enter the shower. He saw them rubbing and washing each other, laughing and giggling, and letting the water run over their young firm breasts and their smooth round asses.

It was highly erotic and José got very excited watching them. He made sure he kept very quiet, but he could hear his own breathing increase and he could hear his heart pounding in his ears.

Their showers finished, they all left and José figured he had better get to work himself. He stood up with a raging hard-on and tried to get busy, hoping it would go away once he was concentrating on his job. He started making his rounds, emptying the trash and cleaning the empty classrooms, and at last the bulge in his trousers diminished. But the images that his eyes beheld did not.

Later that day he was getting something from the closet when once again the sounds of girls in the showers lured him like the mythological Greek sirens to take another look. He didn't intend to, but he was compelled to watch the young lovelies once again.

This then became the pattern for José; every day he would take a little break from his work and go into the maintenance closet for a little show. Through trial and error, José learned which of the girl's gym classes he liked best - the one with the prettiest girls and best show. His little peep shows went on for three months or so until one day his "hobby" expanded a bit.

José was sitting in his favorite closet watching four luscious young girls showering after their gym class. He was careful to make sure the door was closed and the closet light was off so that he would be as unnoticeable as possible. He was watching the nubile young creatures when one of the girls saw something.

She walked over and peeked into the hole where the shower pipe used to come through the wall and she saw a movement. She walked back over to one of the girls and whispered that she thought someone was watching them. The four girls went over to the hole in the wall. 

"Is there someone there?" one of the girls said. 

"Stick your finger through the hole if you are there and let us know," another girl said.

For reasons unknown even to him, José stuck a finger through the hole and showed the girls that there was indeed someone watching them. One of the girls knelt down and started sucking on the intrusive finger, which made the other girls all laugh gleefully.

After a little suckling on his finger, the girl looked up with a wicked smile on her face and then moved closer, pushing her naked pelvis up against the hole. José could feel the wet pussy with his finger and instantly began fingering the young girl. He could hear the squeals of laughter as the girls watched their friend.

Because there was only the one hole, José couldn't see which of the girls he was playing with or anything else. One of the other girls quietly slipped out of the shower, quickly got dressed and went out of the locker room. She went down the hall and around the corner to where the closet was. She saw it was the maintenance closet and knew the only one with a key to it was Mr. Garcia, the janitor.

The girl went back to the locker room where her girlfriends had finished their showers and was getting dressed. After a bit of discussion about what to do with this new-found information, they concocted a naughty little plan.

The next day the four girls got together and went downstairs to the janitor's office. They knocked on the door and after he opened it they went inside.

"Hello, Mr. Garcia, my name is Cathy. This is Donna, and Jenny, and Michelle. We wanted to talk to you about what you saw and did yesterday - you know, in the shower," she said. Instantly, José knew he was in trouble and stood up shocked.

"It's okay Mr. Garcia, you can relax. We have been talking, the four of us, about this and we have come up with a plan that will benefit all of us, including you, if you are willing to go along with it. Of course you don't have to, but if word got back to the principal about what happened yesterday and what you have been doing, it might not look so good," Cathy said. 

"W-what do you want? I don't have a lot of money - I'm just a janitor," he said nervously.

"Money is not what we want, Mr. Garcia," she said, with a wicked grin.

"No, we want something that's better than money!" Michelle piped up saying.

"That's right. We want you, Mr. Garcia. We want this big Mexican cock!" Cathy said, grabbing hold of the bulge in the front of his pants, "We are all young, hot, sex-hungry high school girls and you obviously liked what you saw that day. So you can have us all for yourself! How's that for a bargain? Of course if you'd rather not, I'm sure you can find another job someplace - once you get out of jail, that is!" 

José looked into the faces of the four girls. He knew they had him dead to rights. He had little option but to agree to their terms. Finding this job was hard enough, and even though he didn't make a whole heap of money as a janitor, trying to find another that paid anywhere near this well would be near impossible. 

Seeing the girl's faces and the eagerness in their eyes, he began wondering if this wasn't such a bad deal after all. He was a man with a man's needs which hadn't been properly met in some time. And these girls were obviously eager to fulfill his needs as well as getting their own young lusts satisfied in the process.

"Okay girls, I don't see as I have much choice. So what do you want from me?" he asked.

"Well, each of us has a free period during the day and we are free to come down here and 'visit' with you," Cathy said, making little quotation marks with her fingers as she said visit. "You will get a chance to service each of us one day during the week and have one day extra in case one of us misses a day for some reason. That day you can also call one of us too, if you are so inclined, for a little extra fun. And you always have our shower shows to watch as well. Now that we know we have an audience, who knows what fun may happen in the shower!"

"Doesn't Ms. Johnson come into the shower to check on you?" he asked.

"The gym teacher? No, she doesn't care about what goes on in the shower! If there isn't a fight or something, she doesn't care what goes on in there. She hasn't come into the showers one time in all the time we've been going to gym class here!" Donna said.

So after the girls told him when their free periods were and they set up a quick play schedule, which José wrote down and put in his wallet for safekeeping, the girls left, each one giving him a kiss on the cheek, and headed off to class.

The next day, around fourth period, Cathy came to his office. "Come in," he said, hearing her soft knocking. Cathy entered his office and walked up to him as he sat at his desk.

"Hello, Mr. Garcia," Cathy said, cheerfully. He pushed his old, tired office chair back from the worn desk and turned to her. He let her take the lead for now as he was still a bit nervous about having a young girl alone in his office - much less what they were about to do while she was here!

Cathy wasn't so skittish, though. She knew exactly what she wanted to do and she came over and sat down on his desk right in front of him, her legs straddling him, her high heels on his chair arms. She had intentionally not worn panties that day and José could see the young girl's fully exposed and glistening love box under her almost too short skirt. He licked his lips in anticipation and Cathy smiled wickedly.

"So you like what you see then?" she purred.

He nodded, still not making a move. If someone was to walk in just then, he wanted it glaringly obvious that this was not his doing!

"Well then come and get me!" she said leaning back on the desk. She propped herself up with her hands behind her, which caused her to thrust her young pert and surprisingly well-developed tits out at him. José gave a quick glance at the door...

"Don't worry about the door, I locked it when I came in. We're all alone - you have me all to yourself!" she said.

"Well what do you want to do?" he asked. He needed her to make the first move. He knew what he was doing was so very wrong and it could mean not just losing his job, but going to jail as well. So if this was going to happen, she would have to be the initiator.

Cathy sensed this as well, and she leaned forward, taking him by the front of his dirty coveralls and pulling him to her. She met him with a kiss, putting her arms around his neck, and holding him close. This was all the "permission" he needed. José put his arms around the young girl and pulled her off the desk and down into his lap. 

"Oooh!" she giggled when she landed on his lap, and felt the bulge in his coveralls waiting there for her. She wriggled her naked pussy over the lump, feeling its hardness and size while he felt the warmth and wetness of her young, eager cunt. Cathy placed her hands on his strong shoulders as she ground her pussy on his lap. José went to work on her blouse, unbuttoning each button quickly and finally throwing open the garment. 

Cathy gasped as he opened her blouse but he paid no attention to it, immediately working on the next level in her covering - her bra. With a quick snap of his wrist, he had released the front hook fastening and her young C sized tits burst free, the nipples reaching out, begging to be licked and sucked.

José wasted no time in doing so either; he knew that these class periods only lasted an hour and he didn't have much time for foreplay if he was going to get done what so obviously needed doing. And on her side, Cathy sure didn't seem like she needed much heating up. She had been thinking about today's rendezvous since they had set up the schedule, even masturbating to her fantasy meeting with him last night while in bed.

José began chewing on one young tit and then the other, alternating so each tender nipple got its fair share of attention. Cathy mewled her delight as she held his face to her tits firmly. He stood and held the girl in his arms as he moved around the side of his desk where he would have some room to work.

José lay the girl on her back on his desk, her legs held up and spread wide, her tight ass resting right on the edge of the desk. He stepped back for a moment, unzipping the front of his coveralls and slipping them off his shoulders to fall down to his ankles. His boxers went next, and then he stepped forward again.

He picked her legs up, placing her ankles on his shoulders and holding her legs with one arm. With his other hand he took hold of his hard erect, and very eager cock and placed the tip at her pussy entrance; not going in yet, but just letting her know he was there.

"Fuck me, José! Please, fuck me, dammit!" she said, impatiently.

José gathered himself and then thrust forward, entering the tight, young cunt and pushing slowly, yet inexorably, deeper into her. Cathy reached out to grip the edges of his desk and hang on tightly as she felt her pussy stretched wider and filled more than she had ever felt before. His cock seemed so much larger than the lump she felt in his coveralls and she was a bit worried she may not be able to take it all. He kept pushing deeper and stretching her more - his cock seemed to have no end to it!

Just as she was about to tell him to stop and call the whole thing off, she felt his hips make contact with her ass and she knew he was fully inside her. He paused there for a moment to let her young channel get accustomed to his man-sized cock, and then he began going to work. 

He knew that these girls had been with the boys in school; there were no virgins in this group of tawdry teens! But they weren't dealing with some bumbling, pubescent, high school boy who still got embarrassed when he asked for a hall pass to go to the bathroom! If these girls wanted to play with a man, then they had better be ready to handle it!

Starting slowly at first, it didn't take but a few strokes until he was going full speed with deep, hard strokes, fucking her like she had never been fucked by any high school boy. Cathy was absolutely beside herself, twisting and writhing on the desk like a snake on a hot plate, moaning and babbling incoherently.

She had never felt anything so intense and so incredibly erotic; it was as if every nerve ending in her body was firing at once and flooding her young mind with their inputs. In her wildest, most erotic wet dreams, she couldn't have imagined this!

Cathy didn't know how long he had been fucking her, time seemed irrelevant in this erotic realm she had entered. It could have been days or it could have been minutes. But somewhere along the way, she had reached the pinnacle of her mountain and now she stood looking into the inky black depths, not knowing how far she would fall or what would happen when she landed. Nor did she care - she already felt like she had died a happy death and was now floating blissfully in glory and peace.

With one last thrust, José sent her tumbling headlong into that blackness.

"OH MY GOD! I'M CUUUMMMINNGGG!!" she screamed and her floodgates opened, allowing a gush of her juices to bathe his still madly pistoning cock in their sweetness. Cathy arched her back and froze in place, her only movement was the slight tremble from the strain of every muscle locking in place, and her eye which had rolled back into her head as the force of the greatest orgasm ever completely overtook her.

She stayed, bent like some perverted bow, for several long seconds before she finally collapsed on the desk, still thrashing and convulsing as her orgasm swirled around her. She felt like she was having a near-death experience, hovering over her own body and watching as she tried desperately to assimilate all the sensory inputs.

After an eternity spent in this ethereal world, her orgasm finally passed and she slowly came back to reality. When she opened her eyes and was able to focus, José was standing over her watching her until she was completely back.

"Are you all right, Cathy?" he asked.

"Yes, thank you for watching over me. Most of my past boyfriends just let me come to when I came to," she said, "It was very sweet of you."

"Well I wanted to make sure you were all right," he said. 

Cathy sat up and gave José a kiss, putting her arms around his neck. "That was incredible. I've never felt anything so amazing. None of my past boyfriends ever made me feel anything like what you showed me today! I'm going to tell all the other girls what they have in store for them!" 

José looked at the clock on the wall. "Well for now you'd better get dressed, this period is almost over and you need to finish the day. You can wash your face and get cleaned up in the restroom across the hall," he said.

"Okay," Cathy said, sad that her time had been so short. She got dressed and giving him one last kiss, she gathered her things and went across the hall to get herself presentable for the rest of her day.

So it went with all four of the girls; each day, one of the girls in rotation would spend their free period being serviced by José. For Cathy it was fourth period; for Donna, it was her second period class that was free; for Jenny, it was her fifth period; and for Michelle it was sixth period.

It really was a good system and all the participants enjoyed the way things were working. The girls got to enjoy the janitor's remarkable cock, and José got to enjoy their fresh young bodies as well as getting an eyeful of them as they showered each day after gym.

This system went on for a few months until one day Donna wanted to try a new twist on the shower idea.

"José," she said on one of her free period visits, "Today when you are watching us in the shower, I want you to put your cock through the shower hole. I want to do a gloryhole with you," she said.

"A gloryhole?" he asked. "What is a gloryhole?"

"A gloryhole is where a man sticks his cock through a hole in the wall and a woman on the other side sucks it or fucks it without knowing who is one the other side. Neither party knows who is on the other side of the wall and that makes it all the sexier," she said.

"But you will know it's me and I will know it's you," he said.

"True but we can't do it any other way without ruining everything. We can pretend we don't know."

"Okay, if you want I will do it," he said. That day as gym let out the four girls made their way into the shower. Once they were the only ones left in there and the coast was clear, Donna signaled José and he slid his cock through the opening in the wall. He heard the girl's giggling and laughter as he waited there for someone to take his "bait".

José quickly felt a hand close around his cock and begin softly stroking it. He could hear muffled voices and then he felt warm soft lips surround his cock and begin to suck. It felt wonderful and he began to really enjoy this new game. Then suddenly the lips were gone, only to be replaced with another mouth. Then another. Each was slightly different and José didn't know for certain who was doing what when to him. 

José was thoroughly enjoying himself and he felt that he was getting very close. He pulled out of the "gloryhole" for a moment to let the girls know he was ready to cum and they crowded around the hole as he shoved his cock back in. A mouth took up sucking again, while two other tongues licked his cock around the edge of the hole.

That was all he needed and José exploded, his cock jetting his hot cum into the shower. The girl's quickly gobbled up what they could and when he had finished, they made sure they rinsed off what didn't make it into their cum-hungry mouths, so no evidence of their playing remained.

This arrangement went on for the rest of the school year and as the year drew to a close and the girl's faced a whole summer without their hunky janitor, they started discussing options. One day a few days before summer vacation was to begin, Jenny came to see José.

"José, my parents are going on vacation to Acapulco in a couple weeks. They will be gone for two weeks. I was wondering if you could come over for some fun? If you don't have any summer plans, that is," she said.

"You aren't going to Acapulco with them?" he asked.

"No I don't like going on vacation with them to places like that - they want to see museums and art galleries and all that old people tourist stuff. I would just be sitting on the beach or in the hotel room bored. Besides, it's going to be a long summer not seeing you!" she said, kissing his cheek.

"Well, I don't have any plans. I don't make enough money to take summers off - I usually just go work at one of the hotels as janitor for the summer. So I suppose I could come over if you like," he said.

"Oh good! she said breathing a sigh of relief. She gave him her address and they exchanged phone numbers.

"Let me know when your parents have left and we will see about my coming over," he said. Truth was José was kind of used to getting serviced regularly too and he would miss his four young tarts too. Maybe this was a way to keep in touch with at least one of them.

On the last day of school, all four girls made a point to stop by and say goodbye to Mr. Garcia. While they were there, Jenny told the other girls that her parents were going away and that José was going to come over. Right there the four girls decided to make it a summer blowout party with José the guest of honor. 

"You have been so good to us girls all school year, giving us all wonderful orgasms every time we were with you - now it's our turn to pleasure you!" they said. So it was decided that when he came over to Jenny's house, he would have four eager, horny, and very willing young sluts to do with what he chose! 

It was going to be a hell of a hot summer this year!

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