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The Learning Experience

19 year old Lily Lessenaw finds that getting a passing grade in school isn't as hard as she thought.

Part I

Hi, my name is Lily Lessenaw; I’m a 19 year old student at U of A- University of Arizona, for those of you who care.   I’m half way through my first year here at school, and I’d like to tell you that I am doing great, but that would be a lie.   I’m not exactly what you would call a model student; I rarely study, I stay out too late, party too hard, and don’t pay enough attention in class.

Despite all of that, I am counting on finishing this semester with straight As.  

I know that it seems strange, and you might ask how I am going to get such good grades if I don’t study or pay attention in class.  

First, I should describe myself: I’m your typical all-American fantasy girl- I have blond hair, blue eyes, firm breasts and an ass to die for.   I’m only 19, so of course my body is tight in all the right places as well.   This has occasionally caused me trouble, as I get more than my share of men trying to hit on me at the wrong time and place, but it can be a real advantage in the right situation.

About a month ago, I started a new psychology class, with Mr. Edwards teaching.   Mr. Edwards is not your typical psychology teacher- or at least he’s not what I imagined the typical psych teacher would look like when I first started his class.   Mr. Edwards, who is 36, has dark hair, stands about six feet tall, and has a slim but muscular build.   He is always wearing a sport coat when he arrives to class, but immediately takes it off and rolls up the sleeves of his white or pale blue dress shirt.   It’s a ritual that he seems to use to allow everyone in the class to settle down so he can get down to business.

The first week in his class started in pretty much the same way that all of the rest of my classes did.   I came in late every day, didn’t pay attention, and generally didn’t learn much of anything.   Having arrived late to my first day of class, I didn’t get to sit in the back, where I normally like to sit, and had to take a front row seat right in the middle of the room.

It was the second week, on Wednesday when it happened.   Sitting at my desk, I was looking down at a flyer for an off-campus party that was coming up this weekend when I looked up and found Mr. Edwards standing directly in front of me.   “Miss Lessenaw,” he said looking down at me, “I have noticed that you don’t seem to find my lectures as enthralling as some of the other students.”  

Oh shit.   Most of the other teachers I have had seem to overlook my sub-par school performance, as long as I turn in about half of my assignments and don’t make a nuisance of myself in class.   It looked like Mr. Edwards was one of those teachers who was out to make sure everyone paid attention in class, something I wasn’t willing to do quite yet.   After all, I am young and I want to enjoy these carefree college years!

“Yes, Mr. Edwards,” I said, trying to give him my best wounded-bird look, “I’ve been having trouble sleeping, and my class load makes it hard for me to concentrate while I am here.”   I could hear some of the other students giggling and whispering behind me.

“Oh, really?” he said, not looking sympathetic at all, “Then how is it that you can go out every night and party until the wee hours of the morning?”

“I… uh…“ I said, looking back down at my books and the badly placed flyer for the weekend party sitting on top of them.

“That’s what I thought; you’re just another party girl here to waste my time.” He said, shaking his head, “Well, if you don’t want to take this class seriously, then I will have no choice but to fail you at the end of the semester.”

“But I need at least a passing grade in this class!” I exclaimed, jumping up from my desk in such a rush that the books that I had stacked on my desk when the class started fell forward towards Mr. Edwards’ feet.

“Hey!” Mr. Edwards shouted in surprise, jumping backward to avoid having his feet crushed by 25 pounds of flying textbooks.   I could hear the other students burst into laughter as my books flew away from me.

“I’m sorry!   It was an accident!” I said, as I knelt down to grab my books.

As I was gathering my books, I looked up to see Mr. Edwards starting down at me with a strange expression on his face.    “What is it?” I ask.

Mr. Edwards doesn’t answer me, he just blushes a light pink, and turns around and hurries back behind his podium.  

Feeling flustered, and realizing that I probably didn’t help my chances of getting a passing grade by dumping my textbooks on my teacher’s feet, I excused myself for a bathroom break and left the classroom, avoiding eye contact with Mr. Edwards.

I quickly headed to the nearest women’s bathroom- I’ve always had a pretty small bladder, and it’s hard to sit through even one class without going pee.

When I entered the women’s bathroom, I passed by the mirror on my way to the stall.   Glancing at myself in the mirror as I pass, I do a double take.   My brand new button down shirt has lost the top two buttons!   Looking at myself in the mirror, I can see what had Mr. Edwards so flustered- my shirt had fallen open to reveal the snow-white tops of my pert breasts, held in place by only a slim lace bra that my boyfriend gave me on my birthday.   I am practically spilling out of my bra, which doesn’t really leave much to the imagination.  

It was at this point that I realized that Mr. Edwards had probably rushed back to stand behind his podium to avoid showing off his growing erection to the entire class.

Standing there in front of the mirror in the women’s bathroom, I felt a rush like none I had ever experienced before.   My body felt hot and cold at the same time, and a tingling sensation ran from my somehow erect nipples down to my crotch, causing me to gasp in surprise.   I didn’t know that I could be so turned on by watching the effect my teenage body had on a much older man!

Turning, I entered the closest stall, sat on the closed toilet lid and shut the door.   I took several deep breaths, but the feelings of sexual arousal would not go away.   I didn’t even think about having to pee, in fact, the more I thought of what happened in the classroom, the more excited I became, until I could feel my panties starting to get wet with my juices.

Worried that I would not be comfortable sitting through the rest of my class if I had to sit there in wet panties, I quickly stood up and pulled my skirt up to the middle of my stomach, and pulled down my now soaking underwear.   I finally realized that I came into the bathroom for a reason, and I sat down to pee.   After peeing, I wiped myself hoping that I have sopped up all the wetness and I don’t drench my skirt as I sit on it.   All the while I am trying to keep my mind off of Mr. Edwards and his reaction to my partially exposed breasts.

Stepping out of the stall, I look in the mirror and realize that I am still showing my perfect tits to the world.   Thinking quickly, I pull my shirt up in the front, and down in the back, making myself a little more presentable.   I’ll have to live with the fact that I am still flashing quite a bit of cleavage, but at least it’s not as blatant as it was before.

Taking several more deep breaths to calm myself I turn and exit the bathroom, making my way back to my psychology class.


Part II

When came back into the classroom, Mr. Edwards had his back to me and the rest of the class while he wrote something on the giant blackboard in the front of the room.   I quickly made my way back to my seat, without attracting his attention.

When he finished writing on the blackboard, Mr. Edwards turned around, looking surprised that I was back in his classroom.   I watched his gaze drop to my breasts, and then snap back up to my eyes.   He started to blush again, probably remembering the up close and personal look he got at my tits just minutes earlier.

“Glad to see you could make it back, Miss Lessenaw” Mr. Edwards said, at which point he cleared his throat, walked over to his podium and resumed the lesson.  

After watching this somewhat smaller, but still noticeable reaction, I couldn’t help feeling aroused once more.   Just knowing that a 36 year old man standing in front of a class full of students could become so turned on that he had to hide his hard-on behind his podium was such a rush for me.  

As I sat there and watched Mr. Edwards speak, I start to notice that he is quite handsome, and seems much more in control and confident than any of the boys in my class, or even my school.   I started to imagine him touching me, rubbing my shoulders and my neck.   I could almost feel it.   Sighing, I unconsciously spread my legs just slightly, feeling myself becoming wet once more, only this time I didn’t have any panties to soak the wetness up.

Looking up, I could see Mr. Edwards staring at me, or more precisely, my crotch.   I suddenly realized that I had spread my legs just enough to allow Mr. Edwards to get a glimpse of my freshly waxed pussy.   Knowing just how wet I get, and the angle which he was given, I am sure that Mr. Edwards could see the glistening lips of my cunt, enflamed with arousal.

Knowing he was looking at me as he tried to maintain his composure while continuing to teach the class made me hornier than I have ever felt before.   I started thinking about how big Mr. Edwards cock was, and how it might feel sliding into my sopping wet pussy, or how it might taste in my mouth.

I stared directly at Mr. Edwards, watching him as he stole glances at me time and again.   I slowly inched my legs wider apart, giving him a better view of my now dripping cunt.   I imagined him on his knees in front of me, worshiping my pussy, licking me from the base of my hole, to the top of my slit.   I could almost feel his strong arms pulling me towards his hot mouth.   I thought of what his tongue would feel like on my clit… would he suck my clit into his mouth?   Would he lick me in fast short strokes?   Or would he tease me, licking me slowly up and down?

As these thoughts raced through my head, I surreptitiously slid my right hand down under my desk, after looking from side to side to be sure that no one was watching me.   Every student in the class had their eyes glued on the teacher, who was suddenly stuttering his way through the lesson.

My hand went down over the top of my skirt, which was short to begin with, and pulled it up further around my thighs.   Then, keeping my eyes locked on Mr. Edwards, I moved my hand down to my wet slit, sliding from the bottom to the top, gathering the juice that threatened to drip down onto my skirt.

Mr. Edwards, his wide eyes now firmly locked on my pussy, asked the class to turn to page 42 of their textbooks and read the chapter in silence.   As the students complied, Mr. Edwards, still standing behind the podium, reached down in front of himself.   I knew that he was touching his hard cock, while alternating long stares at my pussy, and glances at my face.

Still looking at Mr. Edwards, and not even pretending to open my book and read, I used two fingers to spread my wetness out over the lips of my cunt, making it glisten even more.    I see Mr. Edwards take a deep breath and watch as his left hand grips the podium until his knuckles turn white.

Looking into his eyes, I take a deep breath and plunge my middle finger all the way into my tight hole, biting my lower lip to stifle a moan.   I begin to slowly slide my finger in and out, feeling the ease at which it moves, due to my extreme wetness.   I pull my finger out, and move it up to my lips, watching Mr. Edwards follow it with his eyes the entire way.  

I slowly slide my finger into my mouth, savoring the tang of my juice, watching Mr. Edwards begin to tremble while gripping the podium.

After cleaning the sticky juice off of my finger, I move my hand back down to my pussy.   This time I slowly slide two fingers into myself, licking my lips and maintaining eye contact with Mr. Edwards.   I start to move my fingers back and forth in my cunt, imagining that it is Mr. Edwards inside of me, occasionally pulling them out to rub my swollen clit.  

After stroking myself this way for several minutes, I see Mr. Edwards shudder as he holds onto the podium for what seems to be dear life.   I watch, as alarmed, he looks down, and then back up at me.

“Class dismissed!” Mr. Edwards yells, “Please finish reading this chapter, and come prepared to debate the pros and the cons of diagnosing someone with an Oedipus complex tomorrow.”

Frightened, my hand slides back up, and pulls my skirt back down, while my legs snap shut.   The students start moving out around me; while I watch Mr. Edwards stand stock still behind his podium.  

I should have left the class right then, but I was not in a rational mode.   The only thing I could think of was Mr. Edwards’ cock; I had to see it, I had to touch it.   So I waited, sitting at my desk, moving my books around, trying to look like I was getting ready to leave.

As the last of the students left the room, Mr. Edwards stood still, staring at me as if he expected me to get up and run out.   Finally, he sheepishly inched out from behind his podium.   I could see the tent that his erection made in the front of his slacks, but I could also see a large wet spot spreading from the apex of that tent.

I had made my teacher orgasm simply by touching myself in front of him!

Mr. Edwards looked like he wanted to say something, but couldn’t seem to find the words.   So, I took the liberty of standing up and walking over to him, looking at his impressive bulge.   As I approached him, I thought it must be 8 inches long at least, and from the outline of his cockhead pressed against his wet pants, it looked very thick.   I could feel my pussy dripping; feel the juice threatening to run down my leg as I stepped closer and closer to Mr. Edwards.

“I don’t think…” Mr. Edwards started to say,

“Shh…” I say, stopping his protests before they can begin.  

Reaching Mr. Edwards, I slowly dropped to my knees, staring at his rather large cock outlined through his pants.   “Oh wow,” I breathed, as I slid my hand over the fabric covered penis.   Grasping the thick shaft of his manhood through his pants, I squeeze it, feeling how hard, yet soft, it is.   I squeeze harder, and watch a new, wetter, wet spot appear on his pants right at the tip of his outlined cockhead.

Taking a deep breath, I reach up to undo his belt, fumbling with desire.   I had to see this cock; I had to hold it in my hands.   Mr. Edwards makes some noise in protest, but I ignore him and continue to undo the clasp of his belt.

Finally, his belt falls open, and I make quick work of his pants button and zipper.   Grasping the waistband of his slacks, I slowly slide his pants down over his bulge.   With nothing to hold it back, his cock springs up and almost smacks me in the face… Mr. Edwards doesn’t wear underwear!

His cock is magnificent!   Shaved clean, his shaft is a solid bar of hot flesh twitching just inches from my face, my mouth starts watering as I think of what I am about to do.   I grab the shaft of his penis, which is still hard even after he has obviously blown a huge load in his pants, and I squeeze his cock again, watching as a pearl of cum seeps out of the spunk-covered head of his penis.

I inch my face closer to his hard cock, and then open my mouth and engulf just the head, swirling my tongue over the slit, tasting the salty remains of his explosive orgasm.

I hear Mr. Edwards sigh, as I slowly take more and more of his rock hard cock into my mouth.   Soon, I feel the tip of his penis hit the back of my throat.   I relax my jaw and throat, and push firmly forward, letting the last couple inches of Mr. Edwards slide into my throat.  

“Oh god, oh god…” I hear him moaning above me as he involuntarily thrusts his hips forward, making sure his cock is in my throat as deep as it will go; I can feel my nose pressing up against his pubic bone.   Mr. Edwards has his hands on my head, lightly touching me, stroking my hair.

I pull my head back, all the way until just the tip of his cock is still inside of my hot mouth, then I slide forward again, my throat already relaxed and prepared for his large penis, accepts it easily.   I slide all the way forward on him until I am once more swallowing his entire hard length.   I keep this going, back and forth, in and out.

“Oh, wait… don’t…” Mr. Edwards moans.   I can tell that he is close to exploding in my mouth, and I can’t wait.   I can feel my pussy juice dripping down my leg, and I can feel every breeze of air on my clit as if it were the most skilled lover, using the most gentle of touches.

I engulf his entire length again, all the way to the base.   I can feel his cockhead in my throat, beginning to grow as he gets closer and closer to orgasm.   I start making a swallowing motion with my throat muscles, encouraging him to let go and squirt his load directly into my stomach.

“Oh… oh!” Mr. Edwards exclaims, as his thrusts forward and his cockhead expands in the back of my throat.   I keep up the swallowing motions as his cock pulsates in my mouth; feeling him unload squirt after squirt of hot cum right down my throat.   Finally I feel his penis stop twitching, I keep his cock in my throat for another few seconds, thinking he might start to soften, but after a few moments there is no sign that he is going to go limp.   I start to pull back, feeling the hard ridge of his cockhead pass out of my throat and through my mouth.   When just the tip of his cock is resting in my mouth, I grab the shaft and squeeze the last couple drops out.   I taste his cum as I pull him slowly from my warm mouth, and it makes me even wetter and more aroused, if that was possible.

I look up at Mr. Edwards, and he is just staring down at me with a look of shame on his face.   I can’t imagine what was going through his head.   Here he is, in the middle of his classroom, having just received the best blowjob of his life from a 19 year old girl that he was supposed to be teaching psychology to.


Part III

“I think we’d better get-“ Mr. Edwards starts to say, as he pulls away from me.

“I’m not done yet.” I cut him off.

Standing, ignoring his shocked look, I grab his arm and pull him backwards towards my desk.   Turning around, I pull my skirt up around my waist, shove all of my books off of the desk, and hop up to sit on it, facing Mr. Edwards.

“Come here” I say, and he does, shuffling closer to me, his cock bobbing up and down, still hard as a bar of iron.  

I reach up and grab his shoulders, pulling him forwards, feeling the head of his cock brush the lips of my pussy.  

“Ahh…” I sigh in pleasure, as I reach down and grab the shaft of his cock, rubbing the head up and down my wet slit.  

I push down with my hips a little bit and feel the head of his penis come to rest at the opening of my hole.   I look up into his eyes and see a little bit of fear there, which for some perverse reason only turns me on even further.  

I slide my hips forward, straining to engulf the tip of his penis in my tight pussy.   His cock is so big, like nothing I’ve ever taken before.   I can feel the head of his penis stretching me, and I can’t wait until I can feel his entire length inside of me.  

I could see by Mr. Edwards’ expression that he wasn’t going to last very long, even having cum twice in the last few minutes.   “Fuck me” I say, leaning back slightly and wrapping my legs around his waist, urging him to push further into my wet pussy.  

As he enters me all the way for the first time, I can feel just how big he is, I can feel him stretching me open, right on the verge of being painful.   I look into his eyes, seeing the absolute lust there.   He pushes forward now, eager to bury the rest of his hard rod into my waiting teenage cunt.

Grabbing my waist with his strong hands, his penis slides forward into me for what seems like an hour, as he struggles to push further and further inside of my tight hole, until he finally bottoms out.   I can feel the swollen head of his cock pushing up against my cervix and the back of my vagina as I lean my head back in ecstasy.   He stays there for a couple moments, not moving, buried in my tightness, while I can feel his cock expand and contract with his rapid heartbeat.

Then, he starts to pull out, slowly, so I can feel every ridge on his cock as it passed backwards through my cunt.   He stops when just the tip of his monstrous cock remains inside of me.   Then, looking directly into my eyes, he moves one hand up to the back of my neck, keeping the other hand on my waist.   I feel him grasp me tightly with both hands, controlling my body; holding me still, he thrusts back into me in one smooth stroke.  

Now that we’ve started fucking, Mr. Edwards seems to have lost some of his reluctance, and starts to become more aggressive.   Pulling all the way out of me, then slamming back into me as hard as he can, making the desk screech across the floor till it buts up against the one behind it.

Over and over I feel him pull out of me, and slam back in, while his strong hands keep my body in place.   Sometimes he pulls all the way out, and I look down to see his fat cockhead slippery with my juices for a second before he thrusts forward again, pushing his hard meat all the way to the back of my vagina.  

I can feel his thrusting in my stomach as he slams into me over and over again.   Pulling out, sliding in.   At times he becomes merciless, and fucks me like an animal in heat; grabbing my waist with both hands and pounding me with fierce, long strokes.   Other times he uses his deceptively soft fingers to rub my clit as he slows his thrusts to the point where I could barely feel him moving, yet he still filled me to where I thought I might burst.

After what seemed like an eternity, I can feel myself on the verge of a huge climax.   I hold my breath, knowing that the longer I hold it, the more intense my orgasm will be.  

Mr. Edwards must have sensed that I was close, for he started pounding into me with renewed ferocity, pushing harder and deeper than I’ve ever felt.   Every thrust he made now elicited a grunt of pleasure from me as I try to hold my breath and concentrate on feeling his giant cock spreading my tight pussy open again and again.

Soon, I can feel my soaked pussy clenching down on his cock, my orgasm inevitable, as he continues to thrust into me.   Suddenly it hits me- wave after wave of pleasure surges through my body, focused on my dripping cunt and the hard cock it is squeezing so tightly inside of it.   I feel waves of pleasure rebounding inside of me like ripples on a pond which has had a stone thrown into it.   Mr. Edwards is sliding in and out of me at a rapid pace, keeping time with the contractions of my orgasm.   I feel myself get wetter and wetter, my juices dripping down my crack and all over my desk, making it slippery underneath my ass.

“Ohhhhh yesss, fuck me!” I screamed, throwing my head back and closing my eyes, as Mr. Edwards grabs both my hips, grunts with pleasure and pushes further into me, unleashing his third climax with his cock pressed against the back of my vagina.

I can feel his cock pulsing within me, unleashing another load of hot cum, and urging me to new heights of pleasure.   My pussy gripping and releasing Mr. Edwards pulsating cock is the most wonderful feeling in the world.   I can feel the hard cock inside of me jerking as Mr. Edwards seems to cum for an eternity.

Finally, I open my eyes and look at Mr. Edwards, who is staring back at me, sweat beading on his forehead.  

“So, how about a passing grade?” I ask.

“Anything you want.” he says breathlessly.

I lean forward and plant a soft kiss on his lips, lingering for just a moment before pulling away.   Looking down, I examine the union of our bodies.   I can see the slippery mess that my wetness has made on both my thighs and Mr. Edwards’.   I can also see the white sheen of Mr. Edwards cum leaking out of my abused pussy, coating the base of his cock and balls.

“Ohh…” I exclaim, as I pull away from him, letting his cock slide out of me with a wet plopping sound.   Our combined juices flow out of me onto my desk, making a sticky puddle that is threatening to run off onto the floor.

Satisfied at last, I stand up, knowing that I am going to be extremely sore the next day, and wondering how I am going to explain this all to my boyfriend.   Maybe I’ll let him fuck one of his ex girlfriends or something.

Ignoring the stunned looking Mr. Edwards, standing there with his dripping cock, I bend down, pick up my books and walk out of the class feeling his cum rolling down my leg, knowing that my passing grade in this class is assured.



The next week, I am sitting in Mrs. Marshall’s economics class in the front row, center seat, not wearing any panties.

This is going to be an interesting remainder of the school year.


The End… for now.

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